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TMW Systems Leverages 8x8's Virtual PBX

April 17, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

8x8, a provider of cloud-based communications solutions including virtual PBX and unified communications (UC), revealed that TMW Systems, which supplies technology solutions for the transportation services sector, has chosen 8x8’s Virtual Office to support its communications services.

The partnership will help TMW provide cloud-based PBX services, as well as other unified communications services to its 500+ employees in seven U.S. and Canadian locations.

8x8’s Virtual Office enables businesses to access their core communications services from any location using an IP phone, PC and Web browser or smartphone. The enterprise class phone service comes with unlimited calling and a wide array of robust calling features.

Virtual Office also offers unlimited Web conferencing with video, call recording and archiving, chat, Internet fax, presence and voicemail management and a Virtual Office mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices for less than $50 per user.

TMW serves the transportation industry by offering technology solutions to address concerns such as logistics management, fuel efficiency, truck profitability, and fleet maintenance.  The company realized that their existing on-premise PBX system didn't meet its ever-expanding communications requirements. And after careful analysis of the market, the company chose 8x8.

8x8's Virtual Office solution offered greater flexibility and freedom while also giving the company the redundancy and reliability it required, according to Ron Godine, director of IT for TMW.  

Initially, the company deployed 425-extensions which quickly grew to over 500 extensions and soon after, they added unified communications capabilities such as Web conferencing, Internet fax and call recording.

"One of the primary reasons we chose the 8x8 solution was the built-in disaster recovery capabilities it offered," Godine commented in a press release. "There is no longer one single point of failure in our phone system because the 8x8 service architecture offers multiple redundancy and re-routing capabilities. Plus, if there is a power failure or Internet outage, our employees can simply unplug their phones, plug them into their home network and continue interacting with customers as if they were still in the office."

TMW currently serves more than 2,000 customers who manage over 500,000 power units and maintain more than 1.7 million assets worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The virtual PBX also frees companies like TMW from expensive hardware costs. "We expect to see significant six figure cost savings using the 8x8 solution on both a capex and opex basis," Godine added. "Not having to purchase PBX hardware for each location and pay traditional local and long distance calling rates cuts this line item expense in half."

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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