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Pop VoIP Offers Long Distance Phone Service for Low Prices

April 19, 2011

By Deepika Mala - Virtual PBX Contributor

In an effort to minimize and restrict long distance charges, Pop VoIP, a digital telephone provider, is offering affordable long distance telephone service and VoIP telephone features.

Long distance phone service for low prices will help small businesses compete in a global market.

"Pop VoIP is committed to helping small businesses grow and thrive,” said Levi Halberstam, CEO of Pop VoIP, in a statement. “With our long distance calling they are able to participate in the global market without draining their funds. Affordable long distance calling plans even the playing field for small companies.” Thanks to VoIP telephone services, local and long distance calls will now cost about the same because the calls are fed through the Internet. A number of hosted VoIP telephone plans for small businesses that eliminate the high cost of traditional telecommunication services are offered by Pop VoIP.  

Pop VoiP’s hosted PBX system does not require any large, expensive equipment and multiple phone lines to function and offers a cleaner, more efficient alternative, according to company officials.   There is no need for multiple phone lines because the hosted PBX system operates through the Internet. With online access, employees may log in and communicate through the hosted PBX system on any computer.

Employers stay connected to their VoIP networks as long as they have access to the Internet. This service benefits companies with traveling employees or multiple branches. With convenient features like online faxing, a VoIP hosted PBX system can also streamline digital communication. Business owners using Pop VoIP can select 1-800, -866, -877 or -888 toll free numbers, including vanity numbers, to go with their VoIP telephone plans. It is also easy for companies, already having business toll free numbers to easily transfer their numbers to their Pop VoIP accounts.

A toll free number helps to expand a company's credibility and geographic reach, delivering toll free access to callers in all area codes. With Pop VoIP, it becomes easy for clients to design vanity telephone numbers, great for branding and leaving a lasting impression with customers. In addition to these, Pop VoIP also offers virtual phone numbers to hosted phone system clients, helping business owners to have phone numbers the area or country codes of their choosing. Now, businesses, are able to market to clients throughout the country and abroad without worrying about long distance charges.

In related news, market research site IBISWorld has placed Pop VoIP in its "Best Industry of the Decade" overview of the VoIP telephone industry.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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