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Study: Call Center Fraud Takes an Alarming, Costly Jump
Those who work in call centers have quite enough to worry about, what with tough working conditions, abusive customers and high staff-turnover rates. Now comes word of an even more-worrying trend: Rising fraud.
Finding: Robocalls on the Rise This Spring
Mention the term robocall and you are likely to elicit a less-than-friendly response. That's because most folks consider these automated calls an annoyance that interrupts them when they are in the middle of doing something else.
Call-Rule Crackdowns Are Happening Everywhere
Much like here in the states, the Do Not Call Register Act applies to those who engage others to make calls for them as well as those who actually make the calls, and members of the public can opt out of receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls and faxes.
How to Tell Your Call Center Doesn't Care About Customers
Dismissing customer insight outright can be a dangerous thing, and so both call centers and call center customers should be paying attention to some key signs that the call center just doesn't much care about its customers.
UK Consumers Chalk up a Win Against Hidden Telemarketing
According to a recent report, companies in the UK that cold call their customers are now required to display their telephone numbers.
Lawmaker Proposes Holding Telcos' Feet to the Fire over Robocalls
When the federal do-not-call list was launched in 2003, delighted Americans added their phone numbers to the list en masse. For a while, while the FTC and FCC were hot on a crusade to stop unwanted telemarketing calls. Now, not so much.
Mass Dialing: Not Just for Call Centers Any More
According to the company, it's a fairly simple process: To initiate a group call, you simply have to tap on the phone icon in a group conversation. After initiating the group call, you can manage the individual participants. If you miss the group call and it is still in progress, then you can tap on the Phone icon within the group chat to join.
How a Motto Might Have Saved One Debt Collector a Fortune
For anyone using the phone for business: be always sure you're right-don't target a cell phone for robocalls, especially when the cell phone in question doesn't even belong to the right target.
ConnectLeader's 'Adaptilytics' Gives Sales Efforts Extra Push
Most phone-based selling operations suffer from a standard slate of issues. ConnectLeader may have something that could help with its new 'Adaptilytics' system.
Saved by the Rules: Court Rules Dialing Company Followed TCPA
With all the bad news coming out about companies not following the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines and suffering the financial penalties, it's always good to hear about one that did what it was supposed to, and things turning out in their favor.
Australians Keep Busy Chasing Telemarketing Violators
Today, thanks to a globalized business culture and easy-to-use computer telephony equipment, telemarketing calls are likely to originate from anywhere on Earth.
How and Why HR & WFM Teams Should Work Together for Best Results
The goals of the human resources and call center workforce management teams at many companies are at odds, according to a recent story, so there's a need to balance the priorities of both sides for best results.
Wyoming Warns Consumers about Non-Compliant ACA Product Calls
As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare continues to grow, the program is being targeted by questionable organizations promising more than they can deliver.
TCPA Plaintiffs Land a Surprising Victory in Court
Robocalls and unwanted physical callers have been a part of the landscape for some time now, but recent changes in the law have given those who'd rather not be called a lot of relief.
Cloud-based Call Center Analytics Debuts for Better Data
Cloud call center software maker Talkdesk has announced the launch of its new Talkdesk Live analytics system.
How are Sales like March Madness? The Parallels are Striking
The sales process has gotten more complex as the point of contact between potential customers and sales reps keeps getting more technical.
Customer Obligation Doesn't End Once They Pick up Your Call
It's easy to try and determine the customer experience from the start of your operation. You have to define the customer service offerings that you're going to put in place and you have to establish expectations for those responsible for interacting with the customer base.
Contact Centers Can Benefit from Boosting 'Social' Efforts
A sales rep is responsible for making the personal connections and supporting customers even after the sale. The problem is that once the sale is final, the rep no longer returns calls.
Telemarketer Sued Following 1.3 Million Robocalls into California
While telemarketing has never exactly been a great job, it's almost gotten worse thanks to the influx of robots used to do the calling.
Equifax Wants to Help Reduce TCPA Fines with PhoneReveal
There are ways to use an auto-dialer in the U.S. while maintaining TCPA compliance and Equifax, a global information solutions company, believes it has the best way to do this with PhoneReveal.
Alpha IT Services to Use TCN as Outbound Dialer
TCN, a developer of cloud-based call center software, recently announced that Alpha IT Services, an accounts receivable software developer, has chosen the TCN call center platform to act as its primary dialer.
Leading Edge Delivers Leads to Relocation Companies
A new service, Leading Edge, has been launched in the United Kingdom to allow companies to target businesses about to relocate, according to Great Reporter.
UK's Information Commissioner's Office Fines Illegal Telemarketer $117,000
While the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plays "whack-a-mole" with illegal telemarketing operatives, handing out stiffer and stiffer fines in the hopes of discouraging companies from taking the risk of violating the federal Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), the rest of the world struggles with the very same issues.
How 'Relevance' Makes the Contact Center a World-Class Operation
The contact center delivers the primary connection between users and a company, whether it's calling into it or calling out from it.
Konecta Brazil Achieves Success with Altitude Solutions
Global provider of omnichannel solutions Altitude Software recently helped Konecta Brazil, a provider of contact center outsourcing solutions, attain excellent performance in debt collection campaigns.
Seven Rules to Consider When Starting a Calling Campaign
Any business using a predictive dialer will want to be up on the laws that govern automated and telemarketing efforts. Chief among these is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
California Contractor Fined in Kansas for Violating Do No Call Laws
Companies operating in the United States need to stay on top of all the latest consumer protection laws, not just TCPA rules. That's because some states have their own consumer protection acts. Take the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), for example.
Needed: Predictive Dialer Technology in Student Debt Recovery
It's a fascinating argument, whether or not a company that I owe money to should be allowed to call me or not.
California Hospital Group Faces Robo-Call Lawsuit
Santa Ana, Calif.-based hospital chain Prospect Medical Group is facing a class-action lawsuit over robo-calling.
Battle Over Definition of Autodialer Continues for Yahoo
It was back in 2011 when an incident occurred that to this date has yet to be resolved. The incident goes way beyond the original scope of the issue and has led to multiple discussions on what is considered to be an autodialer.
NewVoiceMedia Secures Another $30 Million in Funding
It's no secret that trust in the cloud, due in large part to improved cloud security, is at an all-time high. As a result, more businesses are moving away from on-premises solutions to cloud-based equivalents than ever before.
Cellphone Surveys to Become the Norm
The land line phone is something a certain demographic can't see themselves without, but for an increasing number of people, it is no longer the preferred telephony solution for their home.
Hostcomm Launches an Affordable, Flexible CRM Solution
Hostcomm, a company that normally specializes in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products, recently announced that it has expanded with the launch of Hostcomm ContactFlow CRM.
FCC Stands Firm Behind TCPA Interpretation in ACA International Case
While charges of 'auto-dialing' often lead to fines against the company accused of the act, some companies are emerging victorious in court. It all comes down to interpretation of the TCPA.
How to Warm Up That Cold Call
Sales reps the world over are familiar with the notion of a cold call, the basic idea of calling someone without a previous relationship with the company and attempting to sell same something. It seldom goes well.
Another Brush with The TCPA, This Time Emerging Victorious
While it may be out of the eyes of the public, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, is one of the most frequently litigated-about pieces of legislation in the business world.
Debt Recovery Challenges Can be Overcome as Experian Launches Phone Number ID
According to Experian, Phone Number ID delivers a batch phone verification product that supports compliance with the FCC's latest TCPA rulings.
Predictive Dialers and Making Sales in the Call Center
Any contact center has the potential to generate sales for your company, whether selling is its dedicated function or not.
Debt Collectors Drive Huge Spike in Recent Robocalls
For those out there who recently got a call from a wholly automated source-a so-called "robocall"-it's a field that's on the rise.
The ED Can Use the Predictive Dialer to Make a Collection Call, But Not All Agree
How much control should consumers have over the type of calls they receive to their mobile phones? If you're the mobile phone user, you may say you want complete control. If you're a company trying to collect on a debt, you may want some freedom to reach those who owe you money. Congress is trying to lay the foundation for what should be allowed and the predictive dialer is often involved.
Charges of 'Auto-Dialing' Claim Another Possible Victim
Ever since the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) became law, those who use the phone to prospect for customers have been on edge, and on alert. The law is a complicated one, but the gist of it is this: Companies can't use an auto-dialer in an attempt to reach customers.
Yahoo May Have Violated the TCPA with SMS Welcome Message
For businesses that operate in the United States, especially those with contact centers, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a serious consideration.
Court Rules Desk Phone is not an Automated Telephone Dialing System
There are many regulations in the books that have been designed to protect consumers, and violating them can be a very costly mistake, whether it was simple human error or intentional.
Court: Text Messages Also Regulated by the TCPA
The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently has shown that businesses need to pay attention the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) even if they are sending text messages or trying to reach someone else in the household.
TLC Associates' SecureRep Wins TMC 2015 Customer Experience Award
TMC has named TLC Associates' SecureRep a winner of the 2015 Customer Experience Innovation Award.
AOL Lays off 100 Redundant Positions Months After Verizon Purchase
According to TechCrunch, AOL confirmed earlier this week that it had laid off 100 employees, many of them in its call center.
Collection Professionals Seek Tweak to TCPA Rules
As the FCC continues its crackdown on violators of the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), some are starting to push back.
Court Rules Roommates are Covered by TCPA Restrictions, Too
A recent ruling by the Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals clarifies that businesses are on the hook regarding the TCPA even if they don't reach the intended recipient.
Technology Plays Rising Role in Call Centers
One way to better handle calls (and staffers) in the call center is by more effectively utilizing the technology available.
School District Learns Value of a Reliable Auto Dial Solution
Auto dialers are useful for announcements and notifications of all kinds, but having a quality system in place matters a lot.
Spitfire: Predictive Dialer Makes all the Difference
In the world of telemarketing, even the slightest edge can make a huge difference in the bottom line. With everyone competing for the same select audience, no matter what the product, it helps to have a leg up. And that's why OPC Marketing, manufacturers and distributors of Spitfire predictive dialers, are doing so well in the industry.
Four Tips for Better Telemarketing Calling Campaigns
Auto dialers are as necessary for outbound telemarketers as wrenches are for plumbers; the automated dialer is an essential tool for anyone who makes more than a handful of calls per day.
Visual IVR Platform Gets Multi-Language Support
A new enhancement benefits businesses that build apps using the platform as well as the customers they serve while preserving regional identity and facilitating optimal communication.
'Scrubbers' Can Help Avoid Cell Phones in Calling Campaigns
The penalty for unsolicited calls to a cell phone can reach as high as $16,000 per violation, highlighting the seriousness of avoiding cell phones during calling campaigns.
Hosted Solutions Make it Easy to Discover the Auto Dialer Value Proposition
Auto dialers are for more than just telemarketing firms, but how can a business know if an auto dialer is right for them?
Technology Can Help With New TCPA Consent Order
It wasn't all that long ago that cases were flooding courtroom chambers and made the FCC update what "implied consent" and "expressed consent" meant.
Google Targets SEO Firm in Lawsuit, Offers Complaint Center to Users
Google has filed suit against a scammer, and set up a complaint center to let those users who fell victim to such scams let Google proper know about the event in question.
WhisperText Case Shows Sanity Prevails Regarding TCPA Violations
The courts have been getting active regarding automated calling since the technology is so powerful and can become quite a problem when used improperly.
Once the Call Connects, the REAL Service Begins
If customer satisfaction is the goal, it may be time to start measuring 'smiley faces.'
Hosted Solutions Don't Make Sense for Auto-Dialer Software
Software delivery is moving to a cloud model, but there are times when on-premise makes more sense.
Court Gives Indication of How New TCPA Guidelines Might be Interpreted
With all the concern about the recent Federal Communications Commission declaratory ruling on what constitutes an auto dialer and what is acceptable business practices, it is nice to see how the courts are interpreting the new ruling. Early signs: Things are looking good.
For Telecom Marketers: FCC Readies Blocking-Technology Workshop
While the FCC's most recent declaratory ruling clarifying points in the TCPA may seem largely a matter of technology definitions and hair-splitting, it contains an ominous message for outbound telemarketers.
Predatory Robocalling: The No.1 Consumer Complaint to the FCC, FTC
Each month, more than 150,000 consumers file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about robocalls alone.
Opposition Mounts against TCPA Rules Clarification
The July 10 rules clarification of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by the FCC sent shockwaves through the telemarketing world.
Dialers Getting Ready for Political Season
As evidenced by the seemingly 24/7 coverage of presidential hopeful Donald Trump and others, it would seem the 2016 election campaign cycle is well underway in the U.S. As such, campaign pollsters are gearing up for what looks to be a "busy time," to say the least.
Misuse of Dialer Leads Florida Company to Largest FCC Fine
It really wasn't long ago that companies could be as annoying as they wanted to be in the quest for the 'yes' on the phone. That meant they could call you any time of day or night, using any type of technology.
Polling Industry: New TCPA Regulations are Unfair
Polling industry groups are joining the customer service industry in arguing that the recent FCC clarification of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is too broad and could hurt legitimate telemarketing practices.
FCC Chairman: Random Polling over Wireless Not Advisable
The recent clarification by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the legal use of auto dialers has left many pollsters worried.
'Dialers' Beware: Courts Eye an Inference of Automatic Dialing
Following recent pronouncements from the FCC concerning who can and can't be called under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, local court rulings are driving home a warning to callers: Be careful.
Auto Dialers Have Evolved to be More Than Just Technology
Most businesses don't think about auto dialers, or if they do then they wrongly assume it is just meant for large telemarketing organizations. The truth is that auto dialers can benefit businesses of many types and sizes.
IVR Lead Generation: Follow Guidelines, Profit Follows
No matter what field you are in, if you have to make a sale you need to generate leads that will hopefully result in closing the deal successfully.
Time to Adjust Your Telemarketing Practices
With the broader definition of what constitutes an auto dialer that the new ruling defined, a much larger percentage of business communications now will require consent.
How Will the FCC's TCPA Order Affect Businesses?
The TCPA limits the use of automatic dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages and fax machines. It also specifies several technical requirements for fax machines, autodialers and voice messaging systems.
Need To Justify an Auto Dialer? Here Are Four Good Reasons
With all the negative publicity, some business owners might be wondering why they would want to use an auto dialer. Is it worth it?
And Now, a Word from the Lawyers
The FCC has at last released a much-anticipated declaratory ruling on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA. That much we know.
TWC Ordered to Pay After Autodialing a Customer 163 Times
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has awarded one of Time Warner Cables' customers $229,500 in damages after the cable MSO placed 163 autodialed calls to her cell phone over a 13-month period.
Implications of the New TCPA Ruling on Autodialers
Businesses and the press have been poring over the press release from the FCC that outlines some of the highlights of the recent TCPA declaratory ruling.
Surprise: The Cloud is NOT the Solution to Everything
With all the talk in the tech world in recent months about "cloud this" and "cloud that", you'd think it was the be-all and end-all of everything. Yet someone with an insider's knowledge has a different point of view, and she makes a good case.
FCC Told: You're Killing Polling as We Know It
The regulatory clarification two weeks ago by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) on robo-call and auto-dial technology use has sent ripples through not just the telemarketing industry, but also the polling community.
Outbound Marketing Rules: More Complex, Risky When Improperly Managed
When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cooperated over a decade ago to create the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) legislation, it was a relief for homeowners. That may be changing.
FCC Ruling on TCPA Muddies the Water for Call Centers
A recent ruling from the Federal Communications Commission in regard to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act could have damaging effects on the nature of how businesses reach consumers.
App Makes it Easy To Report Telemarketing Violations
There are upwards of 150 million calls made every day by a legion of roughly 140,000 U.S. telemarketing operations. Unfortunately, about 20 percent of those calls are illegal.
TCPA Rules May Impact New PayPal Efforts
The FCC recently notified PayPal that it its revised user agreement may be in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protect Act.
FCC Passes New Ruling on Automated Dialing
The Federal Communications Commission has passed a proposed Declaratory Ruling and Order that will further define and limit how businesses can use automated calling.
New Cloud Call Center Offering Tackles Major Issues
A new Web-based call center has an interface that supports all of the major features in modern call center systems, including holding, call routing, transfers and recording.
Proposed FCC Rules Threaten Polling Data, Insiders Fear
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced on May 27 that a proposal had been circulated to other FCC commissioners that would address numerous issues around the TCPA.
FCC Chair: Telecoms Should Block Political Robocalls
While American politicians ensured that they themselves would be exempt from the rules prohibiting unsolicited outbound calling, the FCC hopes to give Americans sick and tired of political robocalls some relief.
FCC: New Proposal Will Clarify Auto-Dialing Rules
A new FCC blog post notes that FCC commissioners will address numerous issues under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in an upcoming meeting.
CirTech Gets a Boost from Noble Systems for Its Contact Center Solution
We've come a long way in the contact center space. Gone are the days of working off paper lead sheets while adhering to the latest rules and regulations.
Illinois Court Case Further Clarifies Auto Dialer Rules
With great power comes great responsibility, and this certainly applies to auto dialers. They enable businesses to easily reach out to customers by phone, but there also is much room for abuse.
Auto Dialers Good for Pushing Announcements, Too
Phone calls continue to draw our attention above and beyond other communication technologies, which makes them quite useful for emergency notifications and other announcements.
Dark Days Over? Research Sees Dialer Market Bracing for Growth
In these days of Do Not Call legislation and the enforcement of the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), those in the business of Direct- and Automated Dialers have been taking a beating. As federal officials crack down on those trying to flout the law, it's been tough on others who are just trying to make an honest living. But in what might be the proverbial light at the end of a tunnel, it would appear things are finally turning around in their favor.
New Spam-Blocking Dialer App Unveiled
Cyanogen Inc., parent of CyanogenMod, a free, community-built distribution of Android which greatly extends the capabilities of your device, has signed a partnership with Truecaller that will allow the two companies to block unidentified numbers by Caller ID screening, and stopping unwanted telemarketing calls.
Effective Dialing Can Make a Huge Difference in Call Success
Predictive dialers are ever-present in the contact center, and with good reason-they cut the fat from the calling process, making sure that agents spend their time working with actual customers.
New App Could Spell Trouble for Telemarketers
Does crowdsourcing pose a threat to telemarketers? It might. Case in point is a recent move by Facebook to roll out a dedicated calling app, named Hello.
TCPA Compliance Violation App Makes it Easy to Report Poor Telemarketing Practices
A pair of new apps looks to protect consumers against predictive dialer abuse.
'Facebook Hello' Brings Social Media to Call Screening
Proving 'Hello' to be a top name in recently-released communications apps, Facebook has made good on rumors that it would be developing a dialer app capable of pairing phone numbers with social media profiles.
Four Reasons Your Business Should Use an Auto Dialer
Auto dialers certainly have a place in that environment, but many people are surprised to learn that small and medium-sized businesses also use auto dialers to good effect.
Call Center Solutions Report Unveiled
Recently, a large cloud-based business apps marketplace released its inaugural ranking of call center solutions - specifically cloud-based solutions.
Making the Connection: Auto Dialers for Political Campaigns
Auto dialers help political volunteers reach voters by phone far more easily than when handed a calling list and asked to manually dial, because auto dialers eliminate the time-consuming task of wading through wrong numbers.
Balancing Scripting with the Human Touch
One of the most important interactions that businesses have is the interaction between their contact center agent and the customer. Often this is the only one-on-one contact that the customer has with the business.
Tech Helps Generate New Sales Leads a Smarter Way
A steady flow of leads is essential for any sales team, but often businesses take a simplistic approach to generating qualified leads.
Dialing for Your Dollars? Be Mindful of TCPA Rules
Last year, organizations in North Carolina paid $200 million to consumers who had complained to the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division about such issues as telemarketing fraud and unwanted sales calls.
FTC: Use Auto Dialers, but Don't Abuse Them
Automated calling can make a huge and positive impact in terms of sales and marketing, but it is important to keep the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other applicable regulations in mind.
Recent Lawsuit Serves as a Warning to Treat Customers Right
A recent class action lawsuit against GroupMe, Inc. highlights the need to take care when it comes to auto dialer use.
Debt Collection with TCN and ClickDebt Software
A combination of features from ClickDebt and TCN can extend the number of parties which can interact at once.
When to Consider Using an Auto-Dialer
While contact centers know they need auto-dial software, however, many smaller businesses do not realize that they can benefit from it, too.
'All About That Bass'? No, All About Those Leads for Tech Content Marketers
Content marketers are a curious lot. They usually have a great product, and they're heavily invested in seeing it succeed, but sometimes they're so deeply involved they have trouble getting others to 'see the light.' That might be one reason new research shows they're most focused on lead generation as a goal for content marketing.
Saudi Arabia Hands Control of Contact Center Software to Vocalcom
Vocalcom is implanting a complete overhaul of the customer service experience in Saudi Arabia - internal and external - for anyone using services provided by the state, so basically everyone in the country.
The Big Hang-up: Dealing Properly with Problem Calls
Stuff happens and some calls are confrontational and negative. That's just the reality of the contact center. But how businesses deal with these problem conversations can make a huge difference,
Four Ways Predictive Dialers Deliver the Goods
Not only are they good for the contact center, where they are a natural fit for keeping agents productive without down time, but businesses of all types can use predictive dialers to better connect with customers.
How to Deal Appropriately with Problem Calls
Stuff happens and some calls are confrontational and negative. That's just the reality of the contact center.
Predictive Dialing Tech is for Small Businesses, Too
Predictive dialing is for most businesses. Don't let enterprise predictive dialers scare you off.
Taking Command: Why You Should Host Your Own Dialers
It used to be that just about everyone outsourced their needs to an offsite center or company, and let them handle it all. But with new security concerns popping up daily, costs that seem to rise just as frequently, and a serious lack of control over what is a critical part of your business, it makes sense to re-visit this scenario and re-think your position.
Five Ways to Maximize Your Outbound Calling
Many times, the difference between success and failure in the contact center can be measured by the little things.
'Dialers' Face New Challenges with Area-Code Additions
On the old "Seinfeld" TV sitcom, there was a classic episode where Elaine got a new home phone number and, in the process, lost her cherished "212" area code. The bit was played for a lot of laughs, but for some folks in the San Francisco area, the same event is no laughing matter.
Senators Call Up FCC about TCPA
It seems like in Washington DC, it's open season on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA. Court decisions ruling one way or another on the nuances of the law seem never-ending, and now lawmakers are jumping into the fray.
When is a Dialer Not a Dialer? When the Court Says So
In a ruling that may well have far-reaching implications in the ongoing Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) debate between callers and those they call, a court has sided - at least in one case - with a defendant.
Dialer Use Cited in Purported TCPA Violation
A predictive dialer can be a useful tool for any business or entity that needs to make a number of focused calls to prospective clients. The technology allows for fast and correct connections, enabling agents using it to be more effective and return a higher ROI for their employer.
Why Do On-Premise Predictive Dialers Still Have the Edge?
Should your business choose a cloud-based predictive dialer or go with an on-premise solution?
Cloud IVR Here, Predictive Dialer Coming for Indian Startup
A New Delhi-based startup will feature a cloud-based offering targeted to different industries, including hospitality, healthcare, finance and education.
Lawmakers Pressure FCC to Reject Phone Rule Changes
In a move that some say will have far-reaching implications, a number of Democratic lawmakers -and one Independent - are putting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission to reject proposals that could provide exemptions for businesses to use auto-dialers to reach consumers' mobile devices.
When Predictive Dialers Go Bad: Dish Network in Hot Water
You can say it until you're blue in the face, but some people just don't get the message: You can't call people and pitch your business if they've specifically asked not to be called. Yet that appears to be exactly what Dish network did, according to a filing by the Federal Trade Commission.
Mr. Foss (AKA 'NoMoRobo') Goes to Washington
Telemarketing has been regarded by many as a necessary evil in the past, a frequently maligned marketing tactic has both employed many and annoyed many more.
Predictive Dialers Offer New Help for the Publishing Industry
When we think of predictive dialers, we think of massive call centers or large fundraising campaigns. But the truth is that predictive dialers have much wider applications.
Law Firm Sees Call Center Boost with Software, Predictive Dialing
When it comes to properly running a call center, there are many variables to consider that aren't exclusive to agent availability and accurately predicting call volume.
Careful Who You Dial: FCC Hears All
Trying to keep abreast of all the changes and permutations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is like playing chess with the FCC: Just when you think you have it figured out, you discover they're three steps ahead of you.
Call Center Workers Bring Valued Skills Wherever They Go
Those who work in call centers learn skills of diplomacy that are applicable to any job.
About Time: Predictive Dialers are Moving to the Cloud
Many contact centers recently have been moving to cloud-based dialing solutions. This broadly follows the trend toward the cloud - software of all types is moving to the cloud.
Why Choose a Hosted Predictive Dialer? Reasons Abound
The value of predictive dialers is well known. They save massive amounts of agent time; They can help prompt agents; They deliver automated messages; The list goes on.
Dialer: A Critical Component of a Successful Sales Solution
While telemarketing can be intrusive or invasive to some prospects, it can still be a highly successful marketing tool.
Improving Transaction Monitoring Fraud Detection with Voice Biometrics
Over the past 12 months, we have seen more corporations that are considered to be giants in the business, getting hacked with tens of thousands of accounts being accessed.
Microsoft Builds JumpStart as Outbound Call Engine
Microsoft is taking JumpStart to the next level by incorporating technologies that will let users leverage it as an outbound call engine for business lead generation.
Predictive Dialers Need To Tread Carefully When Calling about Rx Refills
HIPAA Privacy Rules some types of prerecorded reminder calls by a healthcare provider without a patient's prior authorization, including calls made by a pharmacy to provide prescription refill reminders. But do so carefully.
Cloud-Based Predictive Dialers: Sensible for Today's Business
Predictive dialing enables businesses to make employees more efficient by improving call ratios. It also can be used for automated messages, handy for businesses of any size that want to reach out to customers.
FCC Still Mulling Definition of 'Dialer'
The question of what is or is not an "autodialer' in the call center industry is one that has been debated for a number of years.
What to Expect from an Enterprise Predictive Dialer
Contact centers already know the value of predictive dialers; they can keep agents productive by cutting down-time, deliver automated messages, and help with managing agents.
NJ Man Sues Chase for 'Willful' Disregard of the TCPA
Businesses that use predictive dialers need to be mindful of applicable laws. This is especially true when it comes to the TCPA, which limits how and under what circumstances businesses can use auto dialers.
Predictive Dialers Offer More Than Meets the Ear
When considering making the leap to purchasing a predictive dialing system, there's more to think about than just cost. While it makes sense to try to get the best value for your money, there are other important considerations that must be factored in.
Twitter Joins the 'Auto-Dialer' Fray
Anyone who's in the business of calling prospects to make a sale is aware of the current kerfuffle surrounding auto-dialers. Simply put, the Telephone Consumer Protect Act, or TCPA, has imposed strict limits on what kinds of calls can be made to private phones, especially if the phone-owners have not agreed to receive such calls.
Court: Current Capability Decides if a Device is an Auto Dialer
The United States District Court for the Southern District of California dismissed a putative class action filed against Crunch San Diego recently, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
Making the Case for a Premises-based Predictive Dialer
Even though the cloud is seemingly everywhere these days - with a growing number of voices singing its praises - it might not be the perfect solution for every technology challenge. So it was with that in mind that SpitFire Dialers, manufacturers of flexible, easy to use call center products using the latest technology, recently issued a "pros and cons" listing of why a premises-based system is the better alternative to going to the cloud, for your predictive dialer needs.
Predictive Dialers Can Help More Than Just the Call Center
When most of us think about predictive dialers, we think of telemarketing done from giant contact centers. But predictive dialers make sense for more than just the contact center.
Indian Firm Helps Spread the Benefits of Predictive Dialing Software
Open source software makes a lot of sense for technology firms based in India, where capital is dear but manpower and IT are relatively cheap and plentiful.
Keeping Agents Efficient is a Key Task for Every Contact Center
The most important resource in any contact center is the agent who actually communicates with the customer. Don't forget to support these agents properly.
Make Good Friends Better with a Predictive Dialer
Sales pros or anyone who takes a lot of meetings can leverage software to "remind" people of their upcoming appointments and make sure they are actually planning to show up.
Marketing Firm Helps Politicos Get Savvy About Campaign Calling
All else being equal, better use of data is one key way that political candidates can differentiate themselves from their competition.
Massachusetts Politico Shows the Utility of Using All Available Data
Most enterprises fail to properly use customer data, and the spoils go to those businesses that know how to use this new landscape of available info.
Regarding TCPA: Should Certain VoIP Services Be Treated Like Mobile Phone Service?
Businesses that use autodialers already know that they must ensure that their calls conform to TCPA regulations.
The Role of Text-to-Speech in a Predictive Dialer
When we think of dialers, we think of a little beep in our headset and a voice on the other end. We think of predictive dialers as saving us the time and hassle of having to dial a bunch of numbers until we reach a live person.
Automation: The Secret Ingredient to Better Cold Calls
There are tricks that can make cold calling easier, however, and help on those days when it is hard just to say that next hello.
Uncertainty Around the TCPA and Autodialers Should Make Businesses Cautious
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) takes great pains to ensure that predictive dialers do not cross the line and harass the general public. Unfortunately, however, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has yet to clarify exactly what constitutes an autodialer. This has led many firms to legal uncertainty about how and when they can place calls.
The Hidden Cost of the Cloud
The cloud has revolutionized the way software is purchased and used by businesses, and rightly so. It enables firms to pay for software on a per-month, per-user basis and avoid having to upgrade and maintain hardware.
Should the Contact Center Operate in the Cloud?
On-premise or the cloud? This is a question businesses of all types are asking now that Web services have made it viable to offer cloud-based software instead of the traditional model.
Dialers Offer More Than Just Predictive Calling
While predictive dialing makes sense in the majority of contact center situations, there are times when one of the other available modes might be more appropriate for the campaign.
How to Make an Old Message Fresh When it Comes to Auto-Dialing
Using the same message twice can become an annoyance to those who have already seen it; hence, the need to record a new and slightly different message.
Same Recorded Message + Different Versions = Reaching More Customers
A company may have already set up a predictive dialer and already broadcast an important pre-recorded message to a qualified list, but just because the message has gone out already does not mean it has been received.
States Call for FCC Clarification on Telemarketer Blocking
The FCC has concluded that call blocking is an unjust and unreasonable practice under section 201(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, according to the testimony of US Telecom last year.
Success in Social Media Lead Generation Will Require Trial and Error
About two-thirds of B-to-B organizations consider generating leads their highest priority. Unfortunately, for many organizations, it's a complex process that is becoming increasingly harder to manage.
Mortgage Lead Management Just Became Easier With Mortech's Dialer
Keeping track of clients in the digital world and then turning over to a phone to call a number may not seem like a big deal, but why shouldn't we make it easier to contact clients without having to manually enter their numbers?
Avaya Loses Appeal to Set Aside Verdict over Antitrust Activity in Dialer Sales
It hasn't been a great summer for telecom giant Avaya on the legal front. Back in April, the company was the losing part in an antitrust suit against Telecom Labs, and the company's bid to have the $20 million verdict set aside was also rejected.
Capital One Sets a Record for TCPA Dialer Violation Fines
When it comes to obeying the rules set down by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, many companies appear to be having trouble translating its dictates to more modern technologies such as text messaging and mobile phones.
Massachusetts Court Ruling Holds that ATD Definition Is Based on Capability, Not Use
Automated Telephone Dialing Systems (ATDS) are banned by the FCC, but the definition of what exactly qualifies as an ATDS is often disputed.
TCN Updates Call Center Suite
The influx of calls to any given call center on an hourly basis is astronomical, and as such, these entities must be set up and administered in a way that is both efficient and orderly.
Healthcare Group Applies Data Analytics, Outbound Technologies for Better Results
For data-heavy industries, it has always been more than a little bit of a headache to keep track of, store, quantify, organize and retrieve this data. The healthcare industry in particular has been struggling with this problem.
Upcoming New Dialer from Integrated Reporting Is Simple
There's a new product coming for phone center dialers that might make everyone's job easier.
Salesgenie Upgrades Its Dialing Platform
Salesgenie has announced important upgrades to its platform to include new features like lead management, dialer, and email marketing capabilities.
The Bane of all Call Centers: Scripts
Even if you have the best predictive dialing system out there, you're always in danger of losing the client if your rep says the wrong thing.
How to Drive Efficiency and Profitability with a Predictive Dialer
When revenue depends on an effective outbound campaign, the predictive dialer makes a significant impact on the cost per call, productivity and overall outcomes.
Starfleet Media: Content Marketing is in, Use it Wisely
Today, B2B marketers are veering away from thrusting information on customers, and are making an effort to attract targeted prospects by providing quality content and value. Starfleet Media's new benchmark report demonstrates how B2B marketers are using content marketing to improve brands and generate leads.
Should You Outsource Lead Generation?
The most successful marketers know how to generate and nurture their leads, and they know the importance of keeping those processes going and the ramifications of them becoming unsuccessful.
Case Study Shows Hosted Dialers Mean Low Operating Cost, High ROI
Since its establishment in 2004, Hostcomm, a hosted call center market contender, has many times over proven the worth of its telephony and contact center services.
Outbound Sales Campaigns Join the Twenty-First Century
Many outbound sales departments are making do with outdated solutions that reduce efficiency and effectiveness, especially when it comes to improving outbound results by tying dialers to customer relationship management.
High Quality Leads Can Lead to More Sales
Lead generation is an integral part of the sales process because it increases the productivity and efficiency of the sales force by identifying future buyers and providing the tools needed to close a sale.
Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Threatens Some Lead Generation
When it comes to effective lead generation and sales, getting to the inbox is the first step in a successful email campaign. Staying in the inbox is equally important.
Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Threatens Some Lead Generation
When it comes to effective lead generation and sales, getting to the inbox is the first step in a successful email campaign. Staying in the inbox is equally important.
Content Marketing, Predictive Dialing Means Better Leads
Content marketing's purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of enhancing consumer behavior.
Lead Generation Rises When You Turn the 'Ordinary' into More
While salespeople like to tell stories of the times they were responsible for selling the hottest thing on the market, the truth is that the vast majority of salespeople are trying to sell items that are largely unremarkable.
Lattice Engines Named a Finalist in 2014 American Business Awards
Lattice Engines, a company that provides marketing and sales applications, has been named a finalist in three categories in the 2014 American Business Awards, part of the 12th annual Stevie Awards.
What Are You Doing with the Predictive Dialer?
The best way to qualify leads is to get the individual on the phone to verify his or her interest. The most effective method for qualifying those leads over time is the predictive dialer.
The Human Touch: Still Important Despite Using Technology for Sales-Lead Generation
The need for marketing automation technology will increase from the $3.2 billion seen in 2010 to $4.8 billion predicted for 2015, based on International Data Corp projections.
Fonality Unveils New Marketing Program for Channel Partners
Fonality, the innovative provider of business phone systems and integrated communications solutions, recently launched a new marketing program for channel partners.
ReviMedia: Don't Sit on Your Data - Use It
A new business report indicates that many company executives are missing out on a gold mine - big data -- that will help predict customer behavior and strengthen brand loyalty.
Outbound Dialer Systems Are Expected to See Resurgence
In a recent white paper, it was explained how outbound dialer systems are either software-based or a combination of software and hardware, making it easier to automate outbound telephone calls from contact centers.
Is it Cost-Effective to Deal with Unready Leads?
If you are a telemarketer and you make an average of about 50 calls per day and only five accept what you have to offer, you have a 10 percent efficiency rating.
When It Comes to Email Marketing, Quantity Is No Substitute for Quality
When it comes to email marketing, some marketers believe the quantity will trump quality. The thought goes that if you send enough emails, sooner or later, your message will be relevant to the recipient. This couldn't be further from the truth.
NetLine Announces Release of New Product, ContentFlow
NetLine Corporation, the premier online B2B multi-channel content marketing service, recently launched its new, free B2B content syndication tool, ContentFlow.
Social Media Plays a Role in Lead Generation for Outbound Sales
Social media has spread like an algae bloom to nearly all parts of our lives. It's the place where we go for news or follow our favorite brands or shop for products.
Best Practices for Prospecting to Marketers
Many tech companies are focusing their efforts in creating the right software platforms that would help marketing professionals to understand different customer segments.
What is ReviMedia's LXP Platform?
The Internet has changed the way people buy and sell goods. As a result, sellers have to come up with innovative ways to reach out to customers using different digital channels.
Doublespeak and Semantics: The Importance of Clarity in a Connected World
Marketers today have many resources at their disposal to entice consumers with the products and services they sell, but that was not always the case in the past.
Predictive Dialing Can Be an Effective Lead-Generation Tool
Lead generation has come a long way since the days of telemarketing. The Internet has opened up new ways to obtain contacts that can very well lead to promising business relationships.
Consider Supplementing Online Marketing with Telemarketing
While cold telephone calling may have gone the way of door-to-door and direct mail, targeted telemarketing with the use of complementary technologies is still an extremely viable way to engage in business-to-business marketing.
How the Predictive Dialer Protects Against TCPA Challenges
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act ensures that unsolicited calls won't happen unless the consumer grants permission in writing - do they need additional clarification? One commissioner thinks so.
ICTBroadcast Version 3.4 Adds Android Support
ICTBroadcast has announced that it is supporting Android with the release of its new voice broadcasting product, ICTBroadcast Version 3.4.
Should Analytics Take the Place of Experienced Human Intelligence?
For a number of customer service departments, the use of the predictive dialer helps to make the calling floor much more efficient. But does it set the pace for a heavier reliance on analytics?
TelexFREE Selects Tradition of Direct Selling Phone Service
With recent development and innovation in communication technologies, the landline telephony industry has evolved considerably. Telephones have been considered a preferred medium for basic voice communications. The calling services commonly increases mass market penetration, falling prices, and improving the quality of enterprise users.
MDLsolutions Provides the Republicans a Dialing Fix
Realizing the need for effective communication in its campaign success, the Republican Party recently overhauled its call center systems by utilizing MDLsolutions, a provider of turnkey Call Center VoIP Solutions.
What to Consider When Selecting an Outbound Call Center Service Provider
Modern call centers can be focused on outbound calls, inbound calls or a combination of the two. In the case of outbound call centers, organizations may be looking to reach out to the public for telemarketing, taking of surveys, requesting donations, collecting old bills or debts, or similar tasks. The idea is that calls are heading out to contact specific people who are often part of some pre-defined group. Such calls may also be made on behalf of a specific business or client. This is in contract to inbound call centers, where organizations themselves receive calls from the public for support issues or to answer any variety of questions from consumers.
Vizolution Appoints Scanes Bentley as Non-Executive Chairman
Vizolution, a provider of visual sales solutions, recently announced that is has appointed industry veteran Scanes Bentley as Non-Executive Chairman.
Vyopta Partners with Polycom to Develop Video Customer Engagement Solution
A partnership between cloud video company Vyopta and unified communications provider Polycom holds interesting possibilities for the contact center industry as the two companies attempt to merge their areas of expertise to create a video-based customer engagement solution.
Crafting a Smart Telemarketing Script
When was the last time you wanted to hang up on a telemarketing call because the agent was following the script a little too closely? It's one thing to try to squeeze all points into a conversation; it's quite another when the agent is ignoring your comments in order to get through everything on the list.
Teradata Launches Customer Interaction Manager 7 with Embedded Predictive Analytics
Teradata Corp., a provider of analytical data platforms for customer engagement and marketing campaigns, announced the launch of the latest version of its highly popular data-driven campaign management tool. The newly launched tool, Teradata Customer Interaction Manager 7, is a cloud-based application with embedded predictive analytics capabilities and is available for mass deployment immediately across worldwide markets.
Why Proactive Customer Care Is a Must
When engaging with your favorite company, how often do you hear from them? Do you get a call checking in on your experience whether you've made a purchase or not? Do they send you a coupon for no reason other than as a thank you for the purchases you've made in the past? Do they instead ignore you until an issue arises and they're essentially obligated to take your call?
SpitFire Dialers Running February Call Recording Promotion
When it comes to marketing and sales campaigns, efficiency is the name of the game. Quality conversion rates cannot be guaranteed, and so to get the most out of any single initiative, time cannot be wasted. Fortunately, technologies like the predictive dialer exist to streamline the campaign process, eliminating downtime by quickly and automatically placing outbound calls and connecting those that are answered to available agents. In this way, call center productivity is optimized and money is saved.
Qualfon to Create New Job Opportunities in Dumaguete, Philippines
Qualfon, a global provider of contact center, back-office, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, recently announced that it is expanding its relationship with a major telecommunications company, which will enable the company to create 400 new jobs in Dumaguete, Philippines.
Intelliverse Looks to Help Organizations Leverage Social Media for Lead Generation
Social media has become essential for the success of any marketing campaign. Organizations looking to enhance sales turn to social media tools to spread the message to a larger group of customers and to generate leads through effective interactions.
Study Finds UK Consumers Have Mixed Opinions on Social Local Mobile Marketing
The smartphone is a potent marketing tool. Not only does it allow people to send and receive multichannel communications, but - thanks to its GPS function - it allows the location of the phone's owners to be known. For marketers, this is something of a Holy Grail: It means customers can be sent marketing messages tailored to their physical location. If they come near a retail store, they can be tempted in with a coupon. If they pass by a pharmacy, they can be reminded about a prescription refill. The problem is, it's the kind of marketing tool that can be easily abused to the point of criminality.
Outbounders.com Launches Marketplace for Outbound Telemarketing Services
Accessing a targeted group of potential customers is the first step to sales and marketing success. The next step is establishing communication with these customers. However, it is not always easy to build up an efficient telemarketing team that can handle all aspects of marketing starting with lead generation all the way through to actual sales.
UK Telecom Regulator Reports Decrease in Abandoned Call Complaints
While they may not be in the Top 10 list of things that can ruin one's life, abandoned telemarketing calls - those calls placed with an autodialer that have no agent ready to take them, resulting in silence after the called party picks up - can be exceedingly annoying. For this reason, there are rules, both in the U.S. and Europe, about what percentage of calls can be abandoned before telecommunications regulators step in and start issuing fines.
Raiffeisen Bank Belgrade Uses SAS Solutions to Increase Profits
Recently, Serbia-based Raiffeisen Bank Belgrade has turned to SAS Customer Intelligence solutions to offer improved and personalized communications to its customers. The new deployment has helped the bank to automate and integrate marketing processes and workflows across its business.
Lead Scoring Shows Impressive Results in Conjunction with Lead Management and Marketing Automation
Business people have been trying to improve the selling process for millennia. No doubt Roman olive oil sellers and Viking animal pelt peddlers had methods to improve sales leads, perfect their pitch, overcome customer objections and upsell an existing customer.
The "Do's and Don'ts" of Outbound Telemarketing
In an era of multichannel customer support, many companies forget that customer support works two ways: both inbound and outbound. With profit margins narrowing and companies jostling to get ahead of their competitors, many have turned to outbound methods to both sell and engage in proactive customer outreach in order to cement the customer relationship into a loyal one.
PCMS Consulting Looks to Advance Lead Generation for Real Estate Vertical
PCMS Consulting, a real estate solutions provider, has reasons to be optimistic about 2014 and beyond. Indeed, the company has reported a successful 2013 and looks to continue this trend in the coming months. The company offers technology solutions and real estate consulting to brokerages.
5 Telemarketing Practices to Help Generate Successful Campaigns
While most of us don't appreciate a call during dinner offering us a service we don't really want or need, the value in telemarketing calls still exists. The key is to make the right connection with the right person ready to make the right purchase. It's a delicate dance that requires a focused approach to ensure a win.
Anam's SMS Gateway Solution Selected by Latin American Mobile Messaging Aggregator
Anam Technologies, a provider of mobile messaging software solutions, has been selected by a leading mobile messaging aggregator in South America to upgrade that company's high-volume SMS messaging gateway.
SPLICE Software to Unveil Dialog Dashboard
SPLICE Software, a provider of automated data-driven dialogs for customer experience management, plans to unveil its Dialog Dashboard solution at the National Retail Federation's annual convention and expo scheduled to take place this month.
Why the Telemarketing Campaign Needs More Data
Knowing who you're calling is an important step to complete before making the call. While this seems like common sense, it's not always part of the telemarketing mix. The outbound telemarketing campaign has proven to be more effective if the telemarketer knows who they are calling. A little bit of knowledge can make the difference between a failed attempt and a successful close.
Automated Outbound Sales Go High-Tech
As anyone who has ever worked in sales knows, there are many different tiers of sales people. There are the most valuable - the closers - who take hot leads identified by others and turn them into sales in the sales pipeline. Then there are the people whose job it is to use the telephone or other communications media to farm through reams of stone-cold contacts and see if they can't warm them a bit by finding individuals whose buying needs and interests match what the company is selling. There may even be a layer of sales personnel in between, whose job it is to convert warm leads into hot leads.
A Win Under the TCPA for Third Party Debt Collectors Calling Mobile Phones
If you do any kind of outbound telephone marketing, you may believe you know the rules quite well. Those rules are mostly put in place by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which governs the practice of outbound telemarketing, both in person or using automated outbound telephone calls.
Castel Connects 4.0 Dialer to be Rolled Out in Q1 2014
Castel Communications will roll out Castel Connects 4.0 dialer in the first quarter of 2014. Beta-testing of the solution is almost complete at Northstar Location Services and the latest version is set to hit the market.
CRMnext Releases Automated Marketing Functionality
Customer relationship management solution provider CRMnext has announced the release of new advanced marketing resource management functionality for streamlining and automating marketing campaign execution. Marketers will now be able to leverage the smart marketing resource management tool to manage increasing volumes of marketing programs, materials and assets.
Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Indiana Auto Dialer Ruling
Using an auto dialer today is a tricky prospect. While automatic dialing solutions are primarily addressed by federal law in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), a number of states have their own rules. In cases where these rules conflict, trouble has arisen and often resulted in legal tussles.
Is an Outbound Dialer Covered by the TCPA If It Doesn't Dial "Randomly or Sequentially"?
Companies that engage in outbound telephone marketing understand that there are rules they have to follow. Most significantly, they must follow the rules of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which guards consumers against nuisance calls, among other things. But as with any legislation that covers technology issues, the TCPA is beginning to show its age.
CRMnext Releases New HTML5 Mobile Sales Platform
Sales teams across nearly every industry have always found it hard to coordinate smoothly and be on the same page at all times, but CRMnext, a private cloud CRM software provider, hopes to change that with the release of its advanced HTML5 mobile sales platform.
Vehicle Protection Association Applauds Attorney General's Lawsuit Against Illegal Robocalls
Robocalls are machine-generated calls that use an automatic dialer system to deliver recorded or artificial messages to large numbers of people. Robocalls are increasingly used in political and telemarketing campaigns.
The Pros and Cons of Hosted and Premises-based Dialers
The predictive dialer, often thought of as the domain of large, faceless outbound contact centers that plague dinner-eating Americans with unwanted offers of aluminum siding, is one of those technologies that gets a bad rap. While horror stories aplenty exist in the realm of bad experiences, far more companies use dialers successfully to remind customers of refill orders or healthcare appointments, communicate vital information to the parents of schoolchildren, make public service announcements, qualify leads for sales professionals and many more uses.
How Successful will Insightera's Re-targeted Advertising Campaigns be?
In today's digital age, operators, service providers, advertisers and even marketers are finding it tough to propel themselves ahead of others. Hence words like customization and personalization are being bandied about by almost everyone who has something to sell. Companies are no different as they too are talking of personalized ads based on industry, company-size or named accounts, and Insightera's company-targeted advertising is a good example of this.
Using CRM and the Predictive Dialer to Empower Your Sales Team
For a number of companies across the global marketplace, the outbound sales department is the lifeblood of the organization. Their bottom lines depend entirely on talented individuals able to make the right connections and convert leads into customers. The predictive dialer is an excellent tool often used to assist in this process. When leveraged along with robust customer relationship management (CRM) software, the results can be impressive.
SMS-based Marketing Brings Messages to Customers with Maximum Visibility
Back in December 1992, when engineer Neil Papworth sent a message - "Merry Christmas" from his personal computer to the mobile phone of Vodafone's Richard Jarvis, few people could have imagined the impact that SMS, or text messaging, would have on global communications.
Nuiku Launches Virtual Assistant App for Sales Professionals
Nuiku, a Redmond-based start-up offering virtual assistant technology for sales professionals, has announced the release of Nuiku for Sales, an app designed to make sales professionals more efficient and effective while working from a mobile device.
Unsettled Issues Still Haunt TCPA
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates the use of auto/predictive dialers, which are used to initiate prerecorded voice messages, faxes, and SMS text messages.
Rostrvm Partners with Aquira
Companies these days look for all-inclusive solutions under one roof. This saves them the headache of searching for various services while also bringing down the cost.
Bad Outbound Telemarketers Risk "Tarnishing" Entire Outbound Industry
While outbound telemarketing using dialers has been and remains one of the best ways to identify and qualify sales leads, it's not a technology that should be used by just anyone. Outbound telemarketing can be lucrative when done properly, thanks to the efficiency dialers bring to the process. The use of dialers - or any outbound technologies at all - comes with great responsibility.
Enghouse Systems Announces Acquisition of Information Access Technology
Enghouse Systems Limited, a global provider of enterprise software solutions serving a variety of vertical markets, has acquired Information Access Technology, Inc. (IAT).
What the Revised TCPA Means for Outbound Telemarketers
While outbound telemarketing using dialers has been and remains one of the best ways to identify and qualify sales leads, it just got a little bit harder, thanks to amendments to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) implemented in mid-October.
CRMnext Touts the Ability of CRM to Improve Sales Productivity
According to CRMnext, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help revolutionize a company's sales processes by providing salesmen with access to pretty much everything they need. Be it leads, opportunities, offers, product information or customer information, CRM ensures that users can access all relevant information with ease.
85 Percent of Webpages Not Compliant with New TCPA Regulations
A newly released study from PerformLine, a company dedicated to helping marketers protect their brands by using verifiable compliance monitoring and discovery technologies, indicates that 85 percent of webpages are not compliant with new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations that took effect on October 16, 2013.
How to Follow New Rules with the Predictive Dialer
In a business where revenue is generated through direct contact with potential and current customers, it can be harder to hit specific targets when the government limits your tools. Outbound marketers, sales teams and other call center services relying on the predictive dialer and auto dialing technology to streamline their processes will have to make a few adjustments in light of recent TCPA changes.
CRM + Outbound Dialing = Better Automation and More Time for Inbound Support
Blended contact centers - those that do both inbound and outbound calling - face challenges far beyond what contact centers that do one or the other experience. Determining the right balance of inbound and outbound to maximize productivity is one of them. As is determining the skills of the agent for either (or both) and scheduling for these skills.
Changes to the TCPA May Bring Big Fines for Missteps in Automated Outbound Marketing
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that was designed to protect consumers from harassment from telemarketers was originally passed in 1991. Needless to say, technology has changed quite a bit in the last 22 years. For starters, when the TCPA was originally authored, few people carried cell phones, and the cell phones that existed were about the same size as a toaster.
ClickPoint Helps Marketers Comply with New TCPA Updates
ClickPoint Software, a provider of lead management software, has announced the release of its solution to provide Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) best practices for marketers, call centers and sales teams in response to the newest update to existing requirements.
The Date Approaches: New FCC Telemarketing Rules Take Effect October 16
The Federal Communications Commission has set a deadline for companies engaged in telemarketing, requiring them to get permission from consumers before calling them using robocalls.
Study Challenges Belief About Automated Calls with Predictive Dialer
November will bring once again the opportunity for Americans to get out and vote. While not all regions have hot topics on the ballot, there are still others who are asking community members to support levy increases, bonds, tax reductions and other important measures. If there's enough money and support behind an issue, a predictive dialer may be used to promote a concept.
Lenders Implement Improved Dialer Technology to Enhance Compliance Management
In a bid to facilitate an enhanced level of compliance management, lenders are deploying improved predictive dialer platforms in addition to using new and optimized technology. Compliance management is increasing in significance as state and federal laws become more stringent. The Dodd-Frank Act introduced a number of new legal requirements, which in turn changed federal preemption and expanded states' lawmaking and enforcement authority. This has resulted in financial institutions stepping up their efforts to better manage compliance while keeping up with civil actions initiated by state Attorneys General.
Customer-Focused CRM Combined with Outbound Dialing Technology Becomes a Sales Powerhouse
While sales organizations have used dialing solutions for making outbound calls for years, some have been more effective at it than others. Solutions such as SpitFire Enterprise Predictive (SEP) offer the ability to begin a sales campaign with a pre-loaded list of numbers, quickly and automatically placing outbound calls and connecting the answered calls to available sales personnel. SEP monitors the call volume and time per call, intelligently adjusting its dial rate to minimize the time sales personnel spend waiting between conversations.
Predictive Dialing Can Help IVR in Collections
Collections centers are tricky places to manage and maintain when it comes down to the call center nature of the business. The ultimate goal of a collection center is to, naturally, obtain debts for clients, and that is usually done through a series of technologies and operational processes. These types of call centers also need to stay up to date on the latest laws and regulations in collection efforts, so yes, there is a lot to stay up on.
Two Robocall Telemarketing Scams Shut Down
Scambook has recently notified the public about the closure of two telemarketing scam organizations by the Federal Trade Commission. The two organizations had been autodialing customers with a pre-recorded message offering decreased credit card rates. The message explained that the intended victims had been accepted for reduction in credit card rates.
How to Manage the Telemarketing Call
The telemarketing campaign is a powerful tool to promote a message, gather information and even make a sale. The predictive dialer is often used in the process to eliminate wasted time and manual processes. It allows the agent to focus solely on the call and the ultimate goal. After all, he who controls the call controls the outcome of that call.
FBI Indicts Three Vegas Residents in Telemarketing Scheme
During tough economic times individuals and businesses take chances that they would otherwise not consider if things were better. Small businesses are a specially hit hard when the economy is not doing so well because usually it is the only source of income for the owners of the establishment. In times like these, small businesses start looking for alternative sources of funding. Professional white-collar criminals know this, and establish fake businesses pretending to provide access to grants and other types of funding from public and private entities.
IAT Releases Compliant Cell Phone Dialing Technology
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has many regulations in place to ensure that the privacy of consumers is protected when they are using landline or mobile phones. These regulations are designed to limit how public and private organizations access consumers without their consent. With so many regulations in place companies have to make sure they are not breaking any laws when they call someone on their phone, whether it is a mobile phone or not.
Customer Doesn't Want to be Called About Her Outstanding Debt, Sues Caller
When someone owes you money and is overdue on a payment, you normally want to get a hold of that person without encountering any legal barriers to this process, especially when the client signs a contract saying that you can dial their phone number in the case that they've been irresponsible with payments. The environment for debt collection is starting to change with the help of several lawsuits, including Gager v. Dell Financial Services, LLC.
Getting Outbound Right Takes Preplanning
Outbound telephone marketing is and always has been a tricky prospect. While the pay-off is high - if outbound didn't work, no one would engage in it anymore - the tactic requires a great deal of thought, preparation and advance planning. There is a striking difference between the results of an effectively planned outbound campaign and a poorly planned one. Properly planned outbound campaigns identify hot leads that can lead directly to sales, and poorly planned outbound campaigns do little but annoy customers and prospects. They may even bring the law down on the company engaging in the outbound telemarketing.
Illinois Toughens Its Telemarketing Rules
While the number of laws written at both the state and federal level to stop telemarketing abuses has risen in recent years, the telemarketing abuses also seem be rising at the same rate. States have had to get even tougher to protect consumers, and many states are choosing to take action before federal punitive measures are put in place.
Telemarketing vs. Teleprospecting - Which is the Best Choice?
Using the telephone to make connections, identify leads and close sales has been a common business practice since the dawn of the switchboard. This technology provided companies with a way to reach more prospects in less time, thereby improving their margins and growing in terms of revenue and profitability.
Australia Opens its Doors to TCN's Predictive Dialer
Busy signals, no answers, answering machines, and bad connections can all be rather frustrating for call center agents, especially when they need to deliver high returns and increase productivity. The predictive dialer is designed to solve these exact issues.
Assurity Life Deploys iPipeline's iGO Direct-to-Consumer Selling and Processing Solution
Assurity Life, a provider of protection-based financial solutions, recently deployed iPipeline's iGO Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) solution in order to initiate the buying experience online for disability insurance.
Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Predictive Dialer
The predictive dialer is a necessary tool in the outbound call center environment as it keeps agents working as efficiently as possible. When the dialer is robust enough to anticipate call length, it can also minimize time waiting between calls.
Outbound Dialing Helps Sales Organizations Hit Goals
The lifeblood of any sales organization is leads: without them, sales dry up quickly and bottom lines fall. How companies get leads is usually a secret sauce for every organization in question. Social media is in its nascent stages in sales organizations, but many companies are finding increasing success with a more old-fashioned method: outbound telemarketing. Many sales organizations call the process "automated lead nurturing."
Advantly Partners with Salesforce for Lead Integration
Lead delivery platform, Advantly, has partnered with Salesforce for seamless CRM integration.
Voice2Phone Announces Automated Calling Service
Voice2Phone is enabling users to send a personalized recorded voice message to their phone list with the release of a new multi-platform Group Calling Online Service.
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and What It Means for Predictive Dialers
While the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been around since 1991, recent cases have led to the FCC going back to the drawing board to better define some of the misunderstood rulings under its jurisdiction.
The Pedowitz Group Launches Marketing Packages to Optimize Marketing Campaigns
The Pedowitz Group, a specialist in revenue marketing, unveiled three new integrated, marketing packages that will enable clients to make profits from inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.
Telemarketing Better than Social Media Marketing According to Study
Seeing past the hype and judging business decisions by their actual fundamentals has served superstar investors well. Many businesses could learn from this habit, at least according to a new study by InsideSales.com.
SDL Announces Upgrades to SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite
SDL has announced upgrades to the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite, which features improvements to the SDL Email Manager solution, in a bid to ensure that marketers can fully leverage the power of email.
How Call Center Agents Can Avoid Stress
The agent working in the call center environment has a number of things to juggle in one shift. He or she is responsible for handling customer interactions, delivering satisfaction for the customer, keeping the time spent on these interactions to a minimum and ensuring all customer account information is up to date. If technology like the predictive dialer can reduce the stress level for the agent, the call center as a whole can benefit.
Automation is Key to Efficient Collection Process
Whether the economy is good or bad, collection is a tough business. It must continue to evolve with time to be cost effective and efficient. For instance, with advances in telecommunication technologies, manual calling is no longer practical for outbound contact centers, especially those working for collection agencies. To dramatically improve contact rates, and thereby collection revenues, they must adopt automated dialers and contact management solutions.
Relevate's Service Helps Telemarketers in Complying with New FCC Regulations
Telemarketing calls are required to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Identifying and flagging wireless telephone numbers is an essential part of following FCC's regulations.
Can You Enjoy the Benefits of the Predictive Dialer with New TCPA Rules?
The arrival of the predictive dialer in the call center industry was a game changer, as it eliminated a number of manual activities for the agent base and ensured right contact connections when an agent ended one call and was available to take the next. The challenge with this technology, however, is that it comes under scrutiny by governing bodies trying to protect the rights of the consumer base. As such, the call center has to pay close attention to the technologies they are allowed to use and the proper methods in which to use them.
New Jersey Takes Steps to Legislate Against Malicious Political Outbound Robocalling
Outbound automated telephone calls, or "robocalls," are a useful tool for many industries. They allow doctors to remind patients of appointments, pharmacies to prompt customers to place refill orders, and public institutions like schools to warn of closings or weather delays.
New App Predicts Who You're Gonna Call
Your smartphone may be getting even smarter in the near future, at least if app developer Dexetra has anything to do about it.
The Importance of Skills-based Routing
A predictive dialer is an indispensible resource for large enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses alike. Making sure your call center agents maximize their time in the office is extremely important for a company's bottom line. Intelligent skills-based routing is a critical component of that.
Predictive Dialer Benefits Make an Impact When Delivered via the Cloud
The predictive dialer is a key asset for any call center environment as agents save a considerable amount of time and managers maximize productivity when intelligent, automated solutions are put in place. In a world where cloud-based solutions are gaining ground in terms of adoption, is it possible to extract the desired benefits from web-based or hosted predictive dialers?
Cloud-based Dialers Bring Outbound Dialing Technology Out of the Call Center
Dialers are not new technology, particularly to call centers. Large organizations that make lots of outbound calls have used dialers for decades to improve the contact rates and make their agents more efficient. While they were effective, they were expensive and cumbersome to install, manage and update. For this reason, they were used by only the largest call center organizations.
To Create the Satisfied Employee, Consider the Predictive Dialer
The life of the call center employee is not always as glamorous as it sounds. Yes, they have the opportunity to talk with a variety of people on a daily basis, traveling the world by way of the communication line. And, yes they have the opportunity to make people happy by solving their problems and selling them products. But, let's face it, when the agent has to make calls to a person who doesn't want to receive them - it can be a tough gig.
Missouri Company Faces Indiana Attorney General Over Robo-Caller Use
430 Indiana residents that allegedly found themselves on the bad end of some business calls from a Missouri air duct cleaning business may be seeing some relief soon, as Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller filed suit against the company, saying that the company called several individuals who were on Indiana's Do Not Call list.
In Light of Recent Rulings, FCC Moves to Clarify TCPA
Generally speaking, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, enacted in 1991, prohibits artificial or pre-recorded telephone calls and automated text messages to consumer residential phones and cell phones, unless the consumer has given "prior express consent." What exactly "prior express consent" means is a subject of debate. Several recent court rulings have obfuscated the accepted meaning, leaving many outbound marketing and sales teams in the dark.
Predictive Dialers Help Outbound Sales Organizations Reduce Cost per Call Metrics
If you engage in outbound marketing via telephone, you're a member of a brave and elite group. While the pitfalls of outbound telemarketing are many - regulation and fear of fines have driven off many outbound telephone marketers - the rewards are high, as many organizations have known for some time.
How Proactive Customer Engagement Leads to Happier Customers
In many cases, it's not enough to simply wait for unhappy customers to come calling before addressing their problems and concerns. In fact, some businesses have found that a more proactive, rather than reactive, approach to customer service brings about a better, more fulfilling customer experience.
Avaya Unveils Outbound Contact Express for Proactive Management of the Customer Experience
Avaya has developed its new Outbound Contact Express that leverages call detection capabilities as well as Avaya's advanced patented preview and predictive dialer algorithm for effective use of agent time in call centers.
Contradictory Rulings Leave Some Outbound Telemarketers Confused About TCPA Rules
While no one doubts the value of outbound calling, whether it's outbound telemarketing or debt collection, thanks to legislation, specifically the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and its more recent Declaratory Rulings, it has become something of a minefield that companies must tip-toe through in order not to break any rules.
Snap Back to Reality with a Predictive Dialer
Recently, InsideSales.com released a study indicating that companies grossly underestimate the time in which they respond to sales leads. Moreover, companies also overestimate the number of times they attempt to reach these leads. As a result, the study suggests, companies are simply throwing away potential customers.
SpitFire Unveils New FlexPay Predictive Program
Predicitve Dialers are a powerful way to maximize call center production. Intelligent autodialing, lead management, and campaign control all contribute to more productive agents and increased sales. Many companies have thus opted for hosted dialer services, which offer efficient cloud access to predictive dialer technology that is run entirely on a remote dedicated server for a monthly fee.
How Predictive Dialers Can Help Win Back Customers
Customer satisfaction surveys can go a long way toward obtaining actionable feedback for your business. Effective surveying tools can efficiently identify unhappy customers, which can then be specifically targeted for enhanced service, and point out highly satisfied customers, which can serve to highlight effective marketing, product development, and/or customer service techniques.
Sytel's Dialer Integrated into Confirmit's Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Solution
In the contact center industry, talk time is crucial, as it allows an organization to capitalize more from a caller's input in a timely and strategic manner.
Recent Court Cases Expand TCPA Restrictions
Cell phones are a big problem for predictive dialers. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), automatic telephone dialing systems or prerecorded voice calls cannot be used for paging services, cellular telephone service, specialized mobile radio service or other radio common carrier service, or any service for which the called party is charged for the call.
The Expanded Role of Auto and Predictive Dialers
Automatic and predictive dialers can play an important role in more than just business settings. Auto dialers have proven effective in a variety of other sectors as well, including law enforcement, public administration and activism. Looking at the news from the past seven days alone, we find perfect examples of automatic dialers performing in these additional spaces.
Manually Dialled Calls Can Now Also Fall Under TCPA Regulations
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was enacted to regulate the use of auto and predictive dialers. Its reach has been further extended by a federal court in the Western District of Wisconsin.
Top Four Benefits of a Predictive Dialer
The primary purpose of the call center is to benefit the organization though customer service and outreach. As the day-to-day voice of the organization, agents must be used to their maximum effect, and that means speaking to the right customers when they need it most. Predictive dialers support this effort by automatically dialing groups of telephone numbers and passing live calls to available agents. Complex algorithms determine who to call and at what rate, ensuring maximum efficiency for call center agents.
How the Predictive Dialer Leads to Happier Customers
Customer surveys are often an important tool used to capture customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, enabling a company to make changes based on the feedback. For the customer-centric organization focused on ensuring a positive experience for all customers, the predictive dialer can be an effective tool in gathering this data.
Auto Dialers Turned into Scamming Machines
Since auto dialers have the ability to reach a mass audience, scam companies have been using it to increase their pool of victims to thousands at a time. Data brokers are part of this group that tries to not only manipulate the caller into believing the call is related to a certain cause or company, but also to get both personal and financial information from them on false pretenses.
Iconic Partners Grows Fivefold in a Year with SafeSoft Predictive Dialer Solutions
Iconic Partners, a strategic marketing firm serving the commercial insurance industry, is one such company that has made significant gains from predictive dialer solutions. It has been experiencing rapid growth for the past eleven months, which the company attributes this growth to the predictive dialer and inbound call center software from SafeSoft Solutions. SafeSoft's technology has enabled Iconic to grow fivefold since implementation and productivity levels improve dramatically.
ViryaNet Intros Voice-Enabled Field Application
Field technicians can now rely on the newly released new ViryaNet G4 Field Application that enables processing of work via an intelligent mobile application. The new ViryaNet G4 Field Application, a latest release by ViryaNet Limited supports voice activation, enables field technicians to get voice guidance, and also automate reminders and status updates through geo-location and movement sensors.
Mojo Selling Solutions Unveils New Dialing Application, Mojo on the Go!
Mojo Sellling Solutions, which offers lead management, dialing and data services, has launched a new dialing application that allows sales professionals to manage and close leads in more efficient manner. The Mojo on the Go! Application is ideal for professionals like real estate agents, insurance agents, and mortgage brokers.
Predictive Dialer Company Invites Partners in the U.K
Predictive dialer and auto dialer services are designed to increase the efficiency of call centers. Products like SpitFire Enterprise Predictive Dialer have the ability to quickly and automatically place outbound calls and connect the answered calls to available agents.
How the Cloud Benefits the Call Center
The cloud also introduced a way for the larger players to make efficiency changes when legacy investments were no longer viable. The predictive dialer is one example where companies of all sizes are leveraging a proven technology platform to efficiently and effectively reach prospects and drive revenues. Today, organizations can get more done in less time and with fewer investments than ever before by utilizing a predictive dialer.
Hosted PBX Phone Systems Are Becoming a Business Choice
A hosted private branch exchange (PBX) uses the Internet to place and receive calls through hardware that is located off-site and managed by a VoIP provider and is a service is supplied by a telecommunications provider in the form of a hosted phone. Recently, these services have begun making headway in the business, and more specifically in the call center, along with marketing world, and have become a lead replacement for traditional phone systems.
Auto Dialers and the Cloud
The development of cloud-based auto dialers has completely transformed costs of and operations in IT infrastructure, making this solution even more attractive for call centers. To continue adding to this newfound revelation in the industry, Speed-to-Contact's cloud-based auto dialer solutions will now be available as part of LeadiD Marketplace, a source of select marketing solutions.
The Call Center and its Cloud-Based Auto Dialers
Not only do auto and predictive dialers eliminate wasted time and effort; they also help call centers have successful customer service experiences and lower the number of calls that are dropped. Now, with cloud-based auto dialer solutions, these organizations can reap even more benefits. Consider below the perks of the cloud, in auto and predictive dialers.
Predicative Dialer: A Key Aspect of Alcatel-Lucent's new OpenTouch Solution
The most important aspect for call centers is making sure that their customers are satisfied - seeing how their experience is the most vital part of having a successful business - which is why customer service solutions are so highly valuable to an organization.
Nexogy and Sytel Enhance Outbound Call Center Solution
Nexogy, a hosted communications solutions provider, and Sytel Limited, a vendor of contact center software with predictive dialing, have entered entered into a partnership to offer enhanced features and functionality with a new outbound call center solution.
Why Should Every Business Use Predictive Dialer Software?
The predictive dialer is one of the best solutions for contact centers that don't want to waste time making calls that could be considered "dead-ends" or go unanswered. Agents can make better use of their time and complete other tasks that need to be attended to, like their live customer service calls.
Patient Prompt's New Mobile Auto Dialer
The auto dialer is one of the best solutions for contact centers that don't want to waste time making calls that can be made automatically. However, in light of the mobile revolution, auto dialer solutions can be considered outdated as they only meet the needs of landline phones. Until now.
Indosoft Adds NICE to its Resume
Workforce Management (WFM) technologies enable contact centers to produce an optimized work schedule, forecasted schedules, shift bidding, intra-day management, data capture, real-time agent adherence, virtual agent swap board and detailed cost of schedules.
The Cloud Reinvented for Predictive Dialers
The predictive dialer is one of the best solutions for contact centers that don't want to waste time making calls that could be done automatically. This allows agents to make better use of their time as well as complete other tasks that need to be attended to, such as attending to customer service calls. Recently the induction of the cloud into the predictive dialer system has completely transformed the cost and IT infrastructure, making this solution even more attractive for call centers.
Voice2Phone's New Auto Dialer for Appointment Reminder Calls
Voice2Phone, a provider of predictive and auto dialer software, has introduced an enhanced version of its auto dialer software and appointment reminder system for the healthcare industry.
Nexology Jumps Head First in the Predictive Dialer Pool
Just a few days back, hosted communications provider Nexogy joined hands with Sytel Limited, a contact center software provider, to unveil a seamlessly integrated call center solution designed from the ground up specifically for outbound campaigns.
Predictive Dialer, ACD and Now Call Interceptor to Improve Call Center Efficiency
Robust technologies like a predictive dialer and automatic call distribution (ACD) have dramatically simplified the tasks of call center agents. They help organizations reduce call center costs by eliminating agent idle time and improving efficiency.
Predictive Dialer Provider Thinks Out of the Box
In most situations, when something says, "one size fits all," it's usually not the case. And for call center environments, which typically see a rapid peak and then decrease in calls at specific times - like during the holiday season - a predictive dialer that doesn't come complete with a high level of flexibility simply won't measure up to its individual business needs.
Predictive Dialers Key to Political and Non-Profit Groups
Quick, ready for a pop quiz? What is one thing that both political and non-profit groups need to stay alive? Think you know the answer? It is fundraising of course-a major way that both of these organizations are able to remain afloat by raising money to support their specific causes. Without access to a predictive dialer however, it is likely that these campaigns won't be able to reach as many individuals at such an efficient rate of speed.
Storacall Integrates Call Recording Systems with Rostrvm Predictive Dialer
Storacall Voice Systems, a provider of call recording and agent performance systems, has just inked a partnership with Rostrvm Solutions to integrate Storacall call recording systems with Rostrvm predictive dialers.
Inventor Unveils New Product to Fight Against the Misuse of Predictive Dialers
There is absolutely nothing more annoying (well ok maybe a few things), than sitting down after a never ending day with your family to enjoy a home cooked meal only to be interrupted before your first bite can even hit your lips by a robocall from a telemarketer likely using a predictive or auto dialer. While these calls can be useful to inform the public about newly launched promotions, without any garnered interest from the intended person picking up the inbound call, it can be nothing more than frustrating.
What to Look for When Implementing a Predictive Dialer and Other Call Center Software
CallFire specializes in cloud telephony solutions including an auto dialer and a hosted PBX that are ideal for call center environments. According to the company, powering a successful call center requires a thorough understanding of the complex software technologies supporting it including a predictive dialer.
Global Connect Unveils Enhancements to GC1 Peak Predictive Dialer
Global Connect, a provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, has just released yet another added capability to its predictive dialer solution.
CallFire Powers Webinar Series to Discuss the Benefits of Auto/ Predictive Dialers in Sales
CallFire, a provider of cloud telephony solutions including SMS gateway, voice broadcasts and auto dialers, will be holding a number of webinars to help sales agents improve lead generation and sales. The webinars will focus on three aspects of lead generation: cold calling, lead management, and day-to-day management tasks, all of which can be significantly improved with the use of dialer technology no matter if it is an auto dialer or a predictive dialer.
Regulations Reshaping the Predictive Dialer Space
Predictive and auto dialers are increasingly being put under the microscope for their lack of respecting consumers and laws governing such calls. Although these calls are helpful to industries and companies trying to contact a large amount of people right way, it has proven to breach certain rights of the consumer and is being put under intense scrutiny by the courts.
Is Dialer Technology to Blame in Recent Caribbean Cruise Line Case?
Both predictive and auto dialers are commonly used in campaigns looking to contact a large amount of people in a very short period of time. While these technological innovations can slash costs while simultaneously drive efficiency, there are numerous laws governing the use of these products that must be adhered to at all times. In certain cases, companies disregard these strict mandates only to find themselves facing harsh fines or even worse, having to deal with a lawsuit.
Q-Suite Debuts Load Balancing Capability for Contact Centers Leveraging Predictive Dialers
Indosoft develops a variety of call center software solutions. Q-Suite, the company's flagship product for Asterisk telephony, is a contact center solution featuring an array of automatic call distribution (ACD) and predictive dialer capabilities.
InsideSales.com Wins U.S Patent for Web-Based Phone Services Technology
InsideSales.com, a provider of cloud-based, sales automation and predictive dialer analytics solutions like PowerDialer for Salesforce, has just been issued a new patent from the United States Patent Office for its Web-based phone services technology.
Dialtel Unveils Premise-based Dialer for Wholesale Voice Broadcasting
The Dialer Cloud is a new premise-based predictive dialer service recently released by Dialtel, a voice broadcasting provider.
Predictive Dialer Compliance Remains Key in the New Year
Can you believe yet another year has passed and it is now 2013? I remember sitting in school as a little girl and thinking about what 2013 would look like, imagining flying cars and robots that could complete virtually any task. While I was a little off, something that was important way back then and still is just as relevant now is compliance. While this word is typically associated with the healthcare industry, every vertical most follow certain mandates and the predictive dialer space is one of them.
Illegal Use of Predictive Dialers Anger Animal Lovers
Have you ever sat down to enjoy your favorite comedy on television only to be interrupted by that extremely sad, Sarah McLachlan music filled commercial that displays abused animals to promote donations to the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals? While I would pay money just to never have to see the sad faces of these felines and dogs ever again, some people out there who have a soft spot for furry creatures are rethinking handing over funds after receiving an abundance of predictive dialer calls.
Eliminate Headaches when Using a Compliant Ready Predictive Dialer
Technology such as a predictive dialer goes together with a modern day call center just like peanut butter and jelly or spaghetti and marinara sauce-one without the other just isn't as good. However, with an overwhelming amount of rules governing the contact center space that are continuously being altered, how can you be sure your dialer isn't violating any of these newly enacted laws that could tarnish your company's reputation? The first step would be to purchase a predictive dialer that boasts campaigns settings that is designed to comply with state and federal regulations.
Ensure Your Predictive Dialers Don't Break the Law
A New Year allows us to wash our hands clean of any past misdoings in order to get a fresh start, rectifying mistakes we made and learning from them in 2013. One of those wrongs could have been leveraging a predictive dialer in a way in which it wasn't following strict mandates, a costly mishap that could lead to fines and other adverse consequences that any business will then be forced to deal with.
Jabong Selects Ameyo Customer Information Management and Predictive Dialer Solution
Drishti-Soft, a provider of call center solutions including predictive dialer, has revealed that Jabong.Com, a renowned fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal, has selected its customer information management (CIM) solution Ameyo for increased business development.
Telemarketers Using Predictive Dialers Should Adhere to Do Not Call Rules or Else
Predictive dialers are ideal to a variety of businesses; however the service is bound by several regulations such as the Do Not Call register that strictly prohibits telemarketers from making unsolicited calls to those who have joined this growing list.
Predictive Dialers Drive Success in Collections Space in the New Year
Touted as a next-generation offering that uses statistical algorithms to greatly cut down the amount of time agents spend waiting between conversations while almost completely eliminating the chance of someone answering when no agent is available to speak to them, predictive dialers are a key element to nearly every industry. Within the collections vertical particularly, the ability to adjust the dial rate to reduce the amount of time agents spend waiting between conversations and the hold time for callers is vital to retrieving past due funds in an efficient manner.
Predictive Dialer Provider SpitFire Fires Up Crystal Ball, Offers Predictions for New Year
As predictive dialers are now being leveraged by call centers throughout the world, it is likely that in the New Year we will only see further adoption of this next generation technology as well as new entrants into the rapidly growing space.
Responda Powers Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer Modes with New Indosoft ACD Integration
Predictive dialers and automatic call distributors (ACD) are two vital technologies contact centers currently leverage to drive efficiency. Considering the benefits of these call center solutions, Responda, a provider of customer and answering services, has introduced its new Customer Interaction Platform powered by Q-Suite ACD, Indosoft's contact center suite.
Sytel Completes Rollout of Predictive Dialer Software in Europe
A predictive dialer is an integral component of a call center. It helps agents automate the outbound dialing process and eliminate the dead time between calls. As the popularity of hosted call centers grow, predictive dialer software solutions are in huge demand.
Predictive Dialer Provider SpitFire Dials Up the Excitement as New Year Approaches
Call centers throughout the world rely on one key element for success: predictive dialers. While there are many different variations of this dialer technology currently on the market including cloud-based and on-premises, SpitFire, an Addison, Texas-based business that is deeply rooted in the call center products market, continuously strives to power the most reliable, scalable and easy to use offerings on the market.
TCN Introduces New Licensing Arrangement for Hosted Predictive Dialer
TCN, a provider of hosted call center technologies including a predictive dialer, recently unveiled a new bring your own minutes (BYOM) service that allows clients to continue using the same telco service while on a new hosted dialer service.
Predictive Dialers Serving as Early Holiday Presents for Collection Agencies Worldwide
Efficiency is a key element that can mean the difference between a successful call center environment and one that continues to bear poor results. That is why these companies are increasingly turning to predictive dialers, innovations that use statistical algorithms to greatly cut the amount of time agents spend waiting between conversations while almost completely eliminating the chance of someone answering when no agent is available to speak to them.
Case Study Outlines Sheer Vitality of a Predictive Dialer within the Contact Center Environment
The findings highlight how Convergent began to leverage a predictive dialer and ultimately saw an array of benefits including raising the bar on the overall patient satisfaction and significantly reducing patient call wait times to a mere 30 seconds, 70 percent of the time. Additionally, through the strategic alliance formed between Wheaton and Convergent, patient payments increased and Wheaton's self-pay collections rate nearly tripled.
MSCRM-ADDONS.COM Unveils Predictive Dialer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
A predictive dialer is a highly useful tool for the marketing community as it allows automatic call processing to take place simultaneously by various agents.
Clear Permissions Required to Enjoy the Benefits of a Predictive Dialer
In the traditional days of the outbound call center, agents had to manually call numbers on a given list in an attempt to make a connection with the right individual on the phone. If wrong numbers, answering machines or no answer were the result of these calls, time was wasted and the number of completed calls per agent tended to be low. With the introduction of the predictive dialer, however, automation was introduced and changed the speed in which right contacts could be made.
The Key to Running an Effective Call Center is a Predictive Dialer
In recent years, telemarketing has steadily increased in all types of organizations. Touted as a highly lucrative direct marketing method, it wouldn't be possible for these companies to promote their services and drive sales without the use of a predictive dialer.
Varolii Improves Customer Interaction Management with New Predictive Dialer Technology
Predictive dialers are integral to today's call centers as they improve customer interactions while reducing agent idle time. These solutions not only enhance call center efficiency and help to improve a company's bottom line, but because these capabilities are delivered via the cloud call centers are able to cut costs on hardware and software.
The Call Center Corporation Offers Lowest Costs for Predictive Dialing Hosted Seats in the World
The Call Center Corporation's CEO Steve Bederman has announced the overwhelming success in offering the lowest costs for predictive dialing hosted seats in the world. The Call Center Corporation offers call center technology solutions.
Confirmit Seamlessly Integrates InVADE Predictive Dialer into Open Dialer API
A predictive dialer reduces the idle time wasted between calls in a call center. The solution is ideal within outbound call centers and marketing or political campaigns.
PCCC Staffers Continue to Leverage Predictive Dialers in Preparation for Tomorrow's Election Day
For anyone and everyone involved in election season, today marks the Monday before the day decisions are made, which equates to crunch time. Looking to remain as cost efficient as possible while driving American citizens to the polls in masses, predictive dialers are proving to be the vital connection between candidates and constituents, ultimately showing that one vote could enable newly appointed individuals to pull out a win over their competitor.
Predictive Dialer InVADE Fully Integrated with Confirmit Horizons CATI
Confirmit, a global software provider for customer experience, employee engagement and market research, has revealed that InVADE, a robust predictive dialer, is now fully integrated with the Confirmit Horizons CATI.
Romney/Obama Agree on at Least Something: The Importance of Predictive Dialers
As here on the East Coast we are currently getting pounded by hurricane Sandy, Election Day isn't slowing down or even stopping as it now is full steam ahead. Even though our opinions may differ on who is the best fit individual to run this country, one thing we can all be in unison about is the fact that without technology including predictive dialers in place, it is likely voter turnout would significantly decrease.
Noojee Telephony Solutions Releases Innovative Predictive Dialer
Noojee Telephony Solutions, a telephony solutions company in Australia, has recently introduced an innovative product called the Noojee Cloud Predictive Dialer.
As Judgment Day, aka Election Day, is Almost Here, Candidates are Heavily Relying on Predictive Dialers
Political campaigns -- and in particular presidential campaigns -- cost millions and millions of dollars. Organizers, no matter which party they represent, are forced to continuously come up with fresh and creative ideas in regards to how to appeal to constituents at a price that won't break the bank. Enter a predictive dialer, a technological solution that is enabling candidates to get their opinions of various matters heard before the vital day in which our new leader will be appointed occurs.
Judges Tells Debt Collector to Stop Misusing a Predictive Dialer
Even though predictive dialers can improve efficiency and reduce costs, there are many strict mandates that govern this space, including the Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011, which only allows dialers to contact consumers for solely informational purposes on wireless phones, explain what "prior express consent" allows for, and continues to make it illegal to use innovative technologies including predicative dialers for telemarketing reasons.
Noble Systems Acquires Predictive Dialer Provider TelStar Hosted Services
Unified contact center technology solutions provider Noble Systems has successfully completed the acquisition of TelStar Hosted Services, a cloud-based provider of blended services, predictive dialers, automated voice messaging, and more.
Sytel's Predictive Dialer Now Available as Part of SAP's Management Software
Recently, it was revealed that the predictive dialer powered by Sytel Limited is now available as part of the newest version of SAP's Business Communications Management software.
Where is the Collections Industry Headed in Regard to Predictive Dialers and Regulations?
Almost any industry can benefit from utilizing a predictive dialer, a technological innovation that drives efficiency by reaching a much larger number of people than when compared to manual dialing. Some of these verticals include: telemarketing / call centers, customer service, financial services, automotive industries, home improvement, insurance, publishing / subscriptions, healthcare, education, political, utility companies and last but not least, collections.
Just When You Thought the Predictive Dialar Market Couldn't Get Any Better, SpitFire Unveils New Capabilities
As the temperature outside continues to drop, SpitFire has incorporated some robust new functionality into its enterprise predictive dialer that is guaranteed to warm our hearts. This dialer from the Addison, TX-based provider was already an amazing product, available for a cost-effective price.
TalkTalk Tops List of Firms Unlawfully Using a Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialers can make the lives of virtually anyone who uses them much easier - that is, unless you're using this dialing technology for reasons other than that for which they were originally intended. With the constant revisions and introductions of new laws governing dialers, it is vital to remain compliant with the rules put together by the FTC.
Indosoft's Predictive Dialer Receives Exceptional Welcome from Contact Centers
Indosoft, a global provider of contact center solutions including a predictive dialer, has just debuted the latest version of its flagship product Q-Suite which has been very well received by hosted and managed service providers within call centers all over the world.
Predictive Dialer Provider Indosoft Reports Record Growth During the First Half of 2012
Indosoft, a provider of managed call center solutions including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and predictive dialer solutions, has achieved record growth through the first half of 2012, thanks to its flagship product Q-Suite.
Predictive Dialer Users Beware, Fines will Find You if You Don't Follow the Rules
Predictive dialers are used by many technology savvy companies to spread the word about their brand and continuously expand their customer base. However, when this dialer technology is not used in line with the many rules set forth by the Federal Trade Commission and those who have banded together and signed the Do Not Call Registry, it can negatively affect any organization and cause customers to run to a competitor.
Global Connect's Predictive Dialer Seamlessly Integrates with Castel's Voice Analysis Application
With voice continuing to lead as the main channel of communications in call centers, technologies like predictive dialers and automated call dialers (ACD) are only gaining more relevance as they help to minimize agent idle time.
Predictive Dialers Help Voice Reign as Most Popular Interaction Channel in Call Centers
Contact center communications have evolved from traditional landline calls to unified communications technologies such as ACD, predictive dialer, call recording, interactive voice recording, and more. Of late, contact centers have also started leveraging the power of online chat and social media-based communications technologies.
Predictive Dialer to the Rescue: Schools Leverage Technology to Get the Word Out on Illness
Predictive dialers can be used in many ways, from political candidates targeting voters and informing them about their views on an array of subjects and retailers advertising a new sale to schools delivering important messages that parents must be informed of.
Office Gurus Selected as a Certified Cloud Routing Destination for Predictive Dialer Provider Connect First
Connect First, a provider of cloud routing and hosted contact center solutions such as a predictive dialer and automatic call recording (ACD), has formed a partnership with The Office Gurus, a provider of cost-effective multilingual call center and business process office solutions.
Oh Dish, What's Your 'Ish?' - Being Sued by FTC for Unlawful Predictive Dialer Use
Even though predictive dialers were created with the sole intention of actually helping companies in any industry connect with consumers by getting out an important message right away, sometimes this technology falls into the wrong hands. And it looks like that may be exactly what happened when Dish Network powered some unwanted sales calls.
Kavanaugh Call Center Group Partners with Predictive Dialer Provider Connect First
Connect First, a provider of cloud routing, inbound ACD, outbound dialing, call tracking, IVR, predictive dialer, live agent chat and more, has recently entered into a partnership with Kavanaugh Call Center Group, a business process outsourcer that serves large-scale companies who do business throughout the U.S. and around the world.
Attorney General in Indiana Fights Back Against Unlawful Predictive Dialer Use
It was recently revealed that Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller has granted a temporary restraining order against a Florida company that leveraged a predictive dialer to power more 660 illegal calls that were meant to provide Indiana residents with information about medical alert devices.
DYL.com Unveils New Solution with Predictive Dialer Functionality
DYL, a provider of lead management software and business phone solutions, has just unveiled a new offering that synchronizes Google and Microsoft Outlook Calendars with the DYL appointment system. In addition, it also boasts a Campaign Dialer that works similar to a predictive dialer.
Connect First Releases Certified Cloud Routing Destination Program Featuring a Predictive Dialer
A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that enables call center agents to dramatically increase the number of live connections. Recently, Connect First, a hosted call center software company that provides cloud routing solutions like a predictive dialer, introduced its Certified Cloud Routing Destination program.
What is a Predictive Dialer?
A Predictive Dialer is a computer-based dialing system that has the ability to quickly make multiple outbound calls, pulling from a database of phone numbers that connect to a variety of communication and telephone lines. The configuration and the amount of agents using this system will affect how many calls the Predictive Dialer places per hour.
Predictive Dialer Provider Receives New Round of Funding
InsideSales.com is touted as being the first company to seamlessly integrate predictive dialer technology with a hosted CRM, which helps to significantly raise the bar on efficiency and productivity within both sales departments and outbound call centers alike. Its PowerDialer platform boasts Predictive 2.0 functionality and stands apart from other dialers, as it doesn't abandon calls; this technology can be leveraged by any business looking to reach a large amount of people right away.
Predictive Dialer Provider Remains at Forefront of All Next-Generation Technology, Unveils New Site
Created with the goal of creating highly flexible, easy-to-use and maintain call center products that leverage the most up-to-date technology with an constant emphasis on improving both customer service and technical support alike, Texas-based predictive dialer provider SpitFire continues to expand and enhance its customer relationships. Just recently, it launched its completely revamped website that makes it easier for both current and prospective customers to find the information they are seeking in a shorter period of time.
Predictive Dialer Users Beware of Newly Instituted Law
Although predictive dialers are highly beneficial to multiple industries as this technology has the capabilities to deliver important, time-sensitive messages to a wide, diversified audience without delay, they can sometimes get a bad rap when these solutions are used in ways other than what they were originally intended for.
Tele Express Releases New Predicative Dialer Solution
Tele Express Business Systems, Inc., a provider of VoIP phone systems, voice and data services and network cabling, has recently introduced a TelxDialer, a new predictive dialer solution that can be seamlessly integrated the ShoreTel Phone System.
Predictive Dialer Provider Noble Systems Unveils Two Key Appointments
Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions such as ACD and a predictive dialer, recently has restructured its senior client management team with two new appointments.
RedPhone App with Predictive Dialer Capability Now Open Source on Android Devices
Predictive dialers are extremely useful in communicating an important message to a large group of people in a short period of time and more applications are continuing to be unveiled that boast this robust dialer functionality. Just recently, it was revealed that the RedPhone app for Android will now be open source, meaning that end-to-end encryption is possible for any calls made within the solution.
Global Connect Enhances Predictive Dialer Solution with Account Call Escalation Feature
Global Connect, a provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, announced it has enhanced its cloud-based predictive dialer solution, GC1 Peak Dialer. The new GC1 Peak Dialer adds new Account Call Escalation functionality along with its robust Call Transfer feature, allowing ARM clients to maximize productivity while minimizing agency costs.
Momentum Unveils Hosted Contact Center Featuring ACD and Predictive Dialer
Hosted contact center solutions offer a number of features like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), free predictive dialer, call recording and more, helping increase productivity and bring efficiency in call centers.
The Strong ROI of the Predictive Dialer
The use of any additional technology in the call center must be able to demonstrate its value to the organization, or risk being thrown out. For the predictive dialer, proving its worth is never much of a challenge if you consider an average of doubled sales per hour per agent.
Digerati Expands Portfolio to Encompass Predictive Dialer and VoIP
Digerati Technologies, Inc., a provider of cloud communication services, recently has extended its product suite by adding an enhanced VoIP solution that will help improve quality of calls delivered by the company's predictive dialer.
Optimize Your Business Operations with Only a Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialers are useful tools for companies all over the world who want to leverage statistical algorithms to greatly cut down the amount of time agents spend waiting between conversations, helping to significantly increase productivity within any environment it's placed in.
LeadMaster Unveils New Predictive Dialer Capability
LeadMaster, which offers a multi-functional cloud computing software solution for sales and marketing professionals, has recently launched an advanced predictive dialer function for its LeadMaster platform is called LeadMasterVoice.
iBoostBiz Releases iCallBlazer Predictive Dialer
iBoostBiz, a pre-loaded online marketing and prospecting System for MLM, network marketing and direct sales companies, has just introduced a time-saving dialing add-on-feature with predictive capabilities, iCallBlazer.
TCN Unveils Robust Predictive Dialer with Multiple Capabilities
Predictive dialers ramp up the productivity at any company by drastically increasing the time agents spend on the phone talking to actual or prospective clients. By leveraging this solution, users gain the ability to organize and better manage client information.
Predictive Dialers Must Comply with DNC
Companies that use predictive dialers can be held liable for inadvertently contacting someone on a Do Not Call (DNC) list. An Illinois court ruled recently that debt collectors that call a number assigned to a debtor that has been reassigned to another party can be in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
Gryphon Unveils Compliance and Productivity Solution to Be Used in Conjunction with Predictive Dialers
Gryphon, a provider of contact governance and compliance solutions to help improve sales performance and minimize enterprise risk and liability, recently has unveiled its Core Phone, which gives enterprises the ability to scale from the largest contact center, predictive dialer sales operations to branch offices, home offices, and even cell phones.
Techno Brain Selects Drishti-Soft's Predictive Dialer Solutions to Expand in Africa
Drishti-Soft, a provider of contact center solutions such as a predictive dialer, recently inked a partnership with Techno Brain, a ICT and ITES solutions provider in Africa, to deliver customized contact center solutions to the outsourcing industry in Africa.
Predictive Dialer Provider Ytel Reveals New Service Offerings
Ytel, a provider of cloud-based telephony and predictive dialer solutions, recently launched a variety of new hosted solutions and training services for businesses of any size.
Ramp Up the Amount of Money Your Team Collects with a Predictive Dialer
Owe money on your credit card? Pay up, or soon enough a debt collector using a predictive dialer will be calling you to inform you of your monies owed, even though you more than likely are already aware.
Predictive Dialers Make Connecting with a Growing Customer Base Easy
As political season is almost here, you can bet your bottom dollar that predictive dialers are being readied to deliver individual candidate's messages in hopes of claiming the highest honor you can attain within the United States of America-president. This robust dialer is perfect for any sized call center but can still cater to small verticals such as insurance agents who only have one or two sales people. In addition, other companies such as home remodeling, lawn services, and industries that have extremely small outbound dialing needs can leverage this dialer solution to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency.
Predictive Dialer Provider Altitude Software Helps Automotive Dealer Improve Contact Center Operations
With the Altitude uCI customer interaction management solution which includes a predictive dialer in place, AlJomaih Automotive Company, the largest GM dealer in the Middle East, has recently increased productivity and improved customer service operations across Saudi Arabia.
BPO Arm of IonIdea Deploys Ameyo Predictive Dialer from Drishti
Drishti, a provider of contact center solutions including a predictive dialer, recently revealed that IonIdea has implemented its Ameyo Solution to enhance its customer acquisition and customer service process.
Voice2Phone Unveils Reseller Program for its Predictive Dialer Technology
Predictive dialers are a cost-effective solution for call centers all over the globe as this technology helps improve call center efficiency by reducing agents' time spent on the phone. It also increases agent productivity as it ensures speedy dialing and a higher number of calls per hour than other dialing methods.
Companies Will be Fined for Using Predictive Dialers to Make Calls to Reassigned Numbers
If you use a predictive dialer for your outbound call center business, how certain are you that you're completely compliant with federal and state legislation? You may think that by buying the required lists and attempting to do some list scrubbing you're safe, but what if you accidentally call a mobile phone number? Or call a number that has been reassigned?
You Be the Judge: Is this Use of a Predictive Dialer Illegal?
A predictive dialer is a computer-based dialing system that has the ability to make quick multiple outbound calls, pulling from a database of phone numbers that connect to a variety of communication and telephone lines. The configuration and the amount of agents using this system will affect how many calls the dialer places per hour.
Mnet Financial Enhances Pre-Collection System with Predictive Dialer Functionality
Mnet Financial, a provider of patient pre-collections, collections and payment services for ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals, has unveiled a new pre-collections system that combines innovative technologies such as text messaging, email, voice messaging and a predictive dialer.
Dialtel Inks New Agreements for Short Duration Dialer Traffic
Dialtel Inc., a provider of voice broadcasting services since 2004, recently signed multiple new agreements with carriers in order to power short duration dialer traffic.
Predictive Dialer Provider Indosoft Adds Overseer Watchdog System for ACD Applications
Indosoft, a provider of call center ACD software that includes predictive dialer functionality, recently deployed its Overseer Watchdog System for Q-Suite, a sophisticated software solution that automates fault detection, initiates failover, and implements call survival for voice telephony.
Like Britney Spears, Predictive Dialer Provider SpitFire 'Oops and Does it Again' With New Capabilities
Based in Addison, Texas, SpitFire powers the most affordable call center solution on the market that has been created to allow for ease of use with a high level of scalability allowing the predictive dialer to continue to grow alongside any successful business. Only about two weeks ago, the company revealed to TMCnet that its dialer now offers Call Transfer functionality, in addition to sales tracking and reporting.
Rostrvm's Intelligence Helps Call Centers Get the Best Out of Predictive Dialers
Predictive dialers are largely used in call centers to improve agent productivity. The increased use of predictive dialer technology has, however, created the need for compliance as they risk not adhering to regulatory guidelines set by different agencies. Thus, complying with regulations while striving to reach the goals placed on outbound campaigns is a huge challenge for most contact centers.
Leads360 Upgrades Predictive Dialer and Multi-Line Capabilities of Dial-IQ
Predictive dialers allow call centers and organizations across the world to automatically place outbound calls. This innovative technology also enables sales managers to easily route inbound calls to the appropriate reps and follow up on leads.
Predictive Dialer: Radius Solutions Acquires Astra Business Services to Offer TCPA-Compliant Solution
Because predictive dialers are able to quickly make a large amount of outbound calls, these solutions have gained significant popularity among outbound call centers. And as the use of predictive dialers has continued to increase among marketers, the FCC has set new rules to restrict the use of marketing calls that leverage this robust technology.
iDIALERpro Enhances Insurance Agent Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialers are integral to outbound call centers as they help agents efficiently manage calls. This technology converts the manual dialing process agents were once responsible for and automates it within a computer with specialized software.
SpitFire's Predictive Dialer Offers Users Wider Scope of Functionality
Predictive dialers are a useful tool for call centers and organizations all over the world who want to leverage statistical algorithms to greatly cut the amount of time agents spend waiting between conversations, hence helping to significantly increase productivity within the environment. "Our clients have experienced as much as a 400 percent increase in agent productivity," company officials stated.
FICO Unveils Debt Manager to Improve Use of Predictive Dialers in Collections
FICO, a provider of predictive analytics and decision management technology, has just released its FICO Debt Manager platform which will help to enhance the ways in which predictive dialers are used for collections and recovery services.
TCN Increases Use Case for Predictive Dialer with Double Confirmation
Predictive dialers are an extremely valuable tool in call centers around the globe. It is assumed that on an average, a call center agent produces 15-20 minutes of talk time per hour, however with a predictive dialer this can be increased to an average of 45-55 minutes per hour. Hence when leveraging this robust dialer, agents can spend more time on the telephone and less time in between calls.
Arvato-Qualytel Improves Productivity with Altitude Software's Predictive Dialer
Altitude Software, a provider of innovative contact center solutions including a predictive dialer, has recently worked in conjunction with arvato-qualytel in order to drive efficiency within the company's outbound campaign.
Global Connect Enhances Predictive Dialer Solution with Agent Call Transfer
Global Connect, a provider of a cloud-based predictive dialer and various communications solutions, has just unveiled several new capabilities powered by its GC1 Peak Dialer.
Mindshare Introduces Fully Automated Predictive Dialer Platform
A predictive dialer serves as one of the most important aspects for every call centers. It dials a list of preset telephone numbers and connects answered calls to the people making the calls.
New FCC Telemarketing Rules Will Dramatically Affect How Predictive Dialers are Used
Those who use predictive dialers, a computer-based dialing system that has the ability to quickly make multiple outbound calls, must already adhere to multiple rules and regulations and on Feb. 15, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) added some new rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which will combine the FCC's regulations for prerecorded telemarketing with rules the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released some years ago.
CyanogenMod 7.2 Release Candidate Arrives with Predictive Dialer Functionality
The CyanogenMod team has recently launched CyanogenMod 7.2 Release Candidate, the latest version of its solution which is based on the open source code of Android version 2.3.7
Predictive Dialer Dramatically Increases Contact Center Productivity
redCloud, a provider of effective predictive dialer services and contact center solutions, has revealed that predictive dialer solutions are effective in improving marketing campaign and customer support services. In fact, predictive dialer solutions can increase productivity up to 72 percent.
Agents Leverage Predictive Dialers to Drive Life Insurance Leads
Next Wave Marketing Strategies, an online marketing firm, has recently revealed the benefits of aged life insurance leads, which are used by agents around the world to significantly increase sales.
Landmark Home Solutions Implements SpitFire's Predictive Dialer
Owned and operated by Michael Henochowicz the co-founder of CompUSA, SpitFire powers an Enterprise Predictive Dialer that is a computer-based dialing system with the ability to rapidly make outbound calls through database interactions, utilizing special telephone cards that can be connected to multiple communication and telephone lines.
SoundBite's Predictive Dialer Offers Multiple Capabilities
SoundBite Communications, a provider of cloud-based multi-channel communications including a predictive dialer, was recently named to the list of Top Four Voice Broadcasting Solutions of 2011 by Collection Advisor magazine.
Predictive Dialer Provider Altitude Software Helps GAPCORP Improve its Contact Center Operations
GAPCORP, a sales, marketing and third party administrator, has recently selected the Altitude uCI suite to handle the fast-paced growth of its operations across the GCC region. Altitude uCI is a cost-effective application suite conceived to improve the overall productivity of the contact center.
3CLogic's Predictive Dialer Powers Kathy L. Nealy and Associates' Political Campaign
3CLogic, a provider of call center software solutions, recently partnered with Kathy L. Nealy & Associates, to enable the company to utilize 3CLogic's call center solutions including predictive dialer capabilities, to reach desired voters in the Texas area.
SGI Deploys Q-Suite Call Center Software Featuring Predictive Dialer
A predictive dialer is an important tool for call centers as it dials a list of preset telephone numbers and connects answered calls to agents in a short period of time.
Legal Action Taken Against Credit Companies Using Predictive Dialers for Scam
Indianapolis, Ind., has a lot more going on than just cleaning up after this year's Superbowl, as five separate lawsuits were filed last week against phony credit service companies that were placing robocalls to consumers using both auto and predictive dialers.
Radius' New Solution Enables Predictive Dialers to Adhere to Regulations
Radius Solutions, Inc., a software and product provider, has unveiled a new solution that can be leveraged by any company that wishes to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and its explicit instructions to not utilize predictive dialers to call cell phones in any situation. The company is hHeadquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., the largest city in the U.S. based on both population and land.
New FCC Rules to Impact Predictive Dialer Technology
Political campaigns are still an acceptable method for making robocalls through predictive dialers, but a recent FCC decision pulls the plug on automated telemarketing pitches. Telephone carriers, airlines, banks, and insurance companies will now have to get written permission from consumers before they can add them to a predictive dialer robocall list.
Q-Suite Debuts Revamped Business Intelligence Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialers are a vital tool in call centers around the world. In order to assist companies in better leveraging these solutions, today Q-Suite powered by Indosoft, unveiled its new business intelligence driven strategies to be used when creating outbound campaigns with the company's dialer.
Growth in Convergence Provides Opportunities for Predictive Dialers in India
As the demand continues to grow for predictive dialer technology, opportunities and challenges alike emerge for innovative providers. *astTECS is an India-based telecom company focused on predictive dialer technology as one of its biggest selling points for its solutions in the Indian market. The company fancies itself as being a step ahead of traditional PBXs.
Comms Consult Reports 50 Percent Increase in Predictive Dialer Inquiries
Predictive dialers are designed to improve the efficiency of call centers by automatically placing outbound calls and delivering answered calls to agents.
Global Connect Reveals New Capabilities for GC1 Peak Predictive Dialer
Global Connect, a provider of a various communication services has recently released new, best-in-class features for its GC1 Peak Dialer, a hosted cloud-based predictive dialer platform designed to help collections clients reach contacts quickly, easily and cost effectively.
Watch out Predictive Dialer Users! Consumers Can Now Seek Legal Action in Federal Court against Telemarketers
Chances are, at one time or another, you have probably gone to check your voicemail hoping that grandma was on her way for a visit, only to end up listening to a prerecorded message that you have won a cruise, or the lottery or your credit card is unsecure, messages which, in many cases are, left by a predictive dialer.
SIP-based Predictive Dialer Reaps Greater ROI
Predictive dialer technology has become the backbone of modern call centers. A predictive dialer easily manages the process of dialing tens of thousands of calls and has the ability to detect the results of a call-whether there is no answer, it is a fax line or even a number that is no longer in service.
Predictive Dialer: Indosoft Releases New Functions within its Dialplan Builder
Indosoft, a provider of contact center solutions including a predictive dialer, has just released its AMD and Voicemail Beep Tone Recognition functions that are now available within its Dialplan Builder.
Illinois Railway Museum Leverages Predictive Dialer
DLS Internet Services has recently revealed it will be providing its PBX service to the Illinois Railway Museum, a not-for profit organization that preserves important and historic railroads.
Toshiba Unveils Call Manager Version 7.5 with Predictive Dialer Capabilities
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.'s Telecommunication Systems Division, Toshiba has revealed the latest version of Call Manager, its unified communications solution featuring several call handling features including predictive dialer and chat.
Innovative Predictive Dialer Launched by redCloud
Predictive dialers are key to the ongoing success of contact centers around the globe and redCloud, based in Phoenix, AZ. is a professional company that offers a state-of-the-art hosted predictive dialer solution.
ALI Solutions' Suite Includes Predictive Dialer Analytics
Openings its doors in 1992, ALI Solutions' powers invaluable outbound contact center solutions that help to better leverage each outbound contact attempt while simultaneously driving customer satisfaction.
Predictive Dialers can Benefit Any Organization
SpitFire's Predictive Dialer was introduced to the market several years ago, specifically for small-to-medium businesses to get the word out about their products or solutions without delay to a large group of people. At this time, there really wasn't anything else available other than huge software programs such as Touchstar, which cost thousands of dollars per seat and took a week to install with a Touchstar Engineer flown onsite.
Predictive Dialer: Star2Billing Provides Innovative Platform
A majority of companies realize the importance of providing high quality inbound customer service such as when a customer or client calls in for information or has a question, but many organizations don't put enough value on outbound customer contact. To combat this, many companies have begun to utilize predictive dialers, as well as voice broadcasting campaigns which are effective tools in today's continuously evolving technological world.
IndoSoft Expands Capabilities that can be Seamlessly Integrated with Predictive Dialer
Indosoft Inc., the company that powers the innovative Contact Center Software Suite for the Asterisk telephony platform, has just enhanced the Web Services that can be leveraged for increased seamless business-to-business application integration to Q-Suite 5.5. Due to these new capabilities, external applications can be integrated directly into Q-Suite's predictive dialer to improve overall contact center operations.
Leverage a Predictive Dialer to Expand the Scope of Your Campaign
Predictive dialers can be utilized to make a large amount of people aware of a particular promotion, upcoming event or even an emergency situation rapidly and at a cost-effective price. Currently, there are many players in the space and one of them is Voxco. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in the U.S., France, the U.K., Germany and Australia, the company caters to hundreds of customers in over 30 countries around the globe.
Inform Students and Parents about Snow Days Using a Predictive Dialer
A predictive dialer is a computer-based dialing system that has the ability to quickly make multiple outbound calls, pulling from a database of phone numbers that connect to a variety of communication and telephone lines.
Multiple Attorneys Not in Favor of TCPA Reform, Including Predictive Dialer Limitations
This month, 54 U.S. state and territorial attorneys general have joined together to bring forth a letter to Congress that shows that they are not pleased with a new bill that will replace the existing Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The current bill does not allow businesses using certain communications technologies, including auto dialers and predictive dialers, to contact consumers unless they have been given permission previously.
Predictive Dialer Provider 3CLogic Unveils 3CLogic University
3CLogic, a provider of cloud-based contact centers and a hosted predictive dialer has launched 3CLogic University, designed to enhance quality assessments for contact center agents and managers. In addition, the service offers call center administrators an "e-school" to teach, train, and assess their call center staff.
Predictive Dialer: New Lawsuit Filed Against DISH Network for Illegal Telemarketing Calls
A recent article revealed that an unknown plaintiff has just filed a lawsuit against DISH Network LLC, claiming the company completed around a dozen unsolicited telemarketing phone calls via either an auto or predictive dialer thus violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
Predictive Dialer Provider Altitude Software Integrates Suite with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Altitude Software, a provider of contact center solutions including a predictive dialer has released an integrated solution that combines Altitude uCI suite with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
ALDIA Logistica Selects TelOnline Powered Services Including a Predictive Dialer
TelOnline SAS, a provider of specialized telephony solutions such as VoIP telephony, iPBX, and a predictive dialer has revealed that ALDIA Logistica has signed a contract with the company to deploy an IP telephony solution that will enhance their business phone systems and unified communications in the country of Colombia.
Predictive Dialer Provider SpitFire Powers a Great Cyber Monday Deal
SpitFire, a provider of predictive dialer technology is known for offering the most affordable call center solution currently on the market that makes it easy for anybody to get their system up and running right away. Right now, the company is allowing customers to gain access to a deal that is running right now and will allow them keep some of their much needed cash inside their wallet, right in time for the holiday season.
DialXPress' Innovative Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialers are in essence a technology that an organization can leverage to get any type of custom message to many people rapidly and at a low cost. There are many providers of dialers on the market and one of them is DialXPress.
Predictive Dialer: CallMultiplier Unveils Latest Version of Automated Calling System
CallMultiplier, a provider of comprehensive cloud-based solutions including predictive dialers to consumers and businesses for automated calling and voice message delivery, has just released the latest version of its CallMultiplier automated calling solution to date.
Predictive Dialers Not Used Correctly in Fundraising Efforts
Last year, The Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police raised a whopping $1.9 million through telephone marketing calls made to fellow Hoosiers, using predictive dialer technology.
Predictive Dialer: New Website Allows Users to Listen Legally to Outbound Voicemail Messages from Any U.S. Cell Phone Number
The predictive dialer industry is sometimes talked about negatively due to unwanted calls being made to prospective customers. A just launched website designed by a Los Angeles private investigator has ignited flames from people who are in fear of their privacy being infringed upon due to the fact that the site gives users the ability to listen to any outgoing voicemail message from any U.S.-based cell phones they desire.
New Website for SMBs Provides Information on Predictive Dialer and Automated Answering Systems
AutomatedPhoneSystems.net, a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to helping businesses find the best automated phone systems and predictive dialer solutions, announced that the new Automated Answering Systems site is now live.
SoundBite Enhances Hosted Predictive Dialer Solution with Preview Dialing
SoundBite Communications, a provider of cloud-based, multi-channel proactive customer communications solutions including predictive dialer technology has just unveiled SoundBite Preview+, a preview dialing enhancement to SoundBite's hosted dialer offering on the SoundBite Engage Platform.
Predictive Dialer Provider Noble Systems Acquires Open Wave
Noble Systems Corporation, a provider of contact center technology solutions including predictive dialer capabilities, has revealed that it has newly acquired Open Wave, a company that specializes in Workforce Management (WFM) software and solutions. "Acquiring Open Wave's talent and technologies will enable us to offer the most dynamic and responsive WFM product in the global marketplace," said James K. Noble, Jr., president and CEO of Noble Systems, in a statement. "We welcome Open Wave clients and partners from Australia and around the world and look forward to continued growth and success under the Noble Systems brand."
Make Outbound Calls with Ease Using EagleACD's Predictive Dialer
Headquartered in the Big Apple, EagleACD powers products and services that have created from the ground up to break down the barriers that prevent organizations from leveraging emerging technologies including predictive dialers.
DialConnection Powers Innovative Predictive Dialer
DialConnection, LLC, a provider of contact center solutions, has just made public that DialIntelligence Enterprise, a predictive dialer solution can now be purchased as either a traditional premise-based solution, a hosted application, or as a hybrid.
Predictive Dialer Powered by Vioteck Solutions Can Increase Agent Productivity
Predictive dialers make contacting prospective or existing customers as easy as recording a personalized message, and then setting a time for the message to be sent out to a large group of people that have been previously selected Headquartered in Wood Dale, Ill., Vioteck Solutions offers a diverse portfolio of call center solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with major VOIP carriers. The predictive dialer boasts the ability to simultaneously dial five lines for every call center agent that is available. The dialer will then ensure that a live person has in fact answered the call before transferring it to the agent.
Sytel's Predictive Dialer and IVR Available as Part of BroadSoft's Call Center Solution
Sytel Limited, a provider of IP customer contact software and solutions including predictive dialers, today announced the availability of its predictive dialing and IVR component to BroadSoft's service provider customers as part of the BroadWorks call center portfolio.
Yesso BPO Selects Ameyo Predictive Dialer Solution from Drishti
Drishti, a provider of contact center solutions including predictive dialers, has revealed that Yesso Global Services, a premier BPO service provider, has chosen its Ameyo Communication Suite.
Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Utilizes Predictive Dialer to Warn Residents of Impending Storm
An estimated five million homes in the United States lost power when Hurricane Irene worked her way up the East Coast. Although there is nothing anyone can do to stop Mother Nature's wrath, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) did its best to keep its customers in the loop with updated, continuous information through a predictive dialer.
AVAD Technologies Enhances Hosted Call Center Solution with Improved Predictive Dialer
AVAD Technologies, a provider of hosted VoIP phone services to small and medium-sized businesses, has just unveiled enhancements to its hosted call center solution portfolio with a reporting functionality being implemented directly into the company's predictive dialer platform, as well as an innovative Web portal interface.
Predictive Dialer Provider Altitude Software Helps Optima Communications Increase Productivity
Altitude Software, a global provider of contact center solutions including IP predictive dialer services, announced that Optima Communications, a Canadian contact center outsourcer specializing in customer relationship optimization (CRO), has selected the Altitude vBox solution to increase productivity and lower costs.
What Makes the Spitfire Enterprise Predictive Dialer Stand Apart from its Competition?
Predictive dialers can bring many benefits to any organization. Getting a customized message out in rapid time to a large amount of people at a cost-effective price can help your business save crucial time and money that can now be spent helping your business continue to grow.
Debt Collectors and Other Organizations Claim They Need to Use Predictive Dialers to Contact your Cell Phone
Have you ever been in the situation where after a long, hard day's work you and your family finally sit down for dinner and your home phone rings? You pick it up and quickly realize it's a debt collection agency letting you know that you are late on your bill. You slam the phone down, return to the table and regret ever answering the phone. Well, this occurrence could greatly increase if written proposals by the White House and Congress are passed which would allow debt collectors and other companies to harass you through your cell phone using predictive dialer technology.
Utilize ChaseData's Predictive Dialer to Empower Call Centers
Predictive dialers are an extremely innovative technology that can be utilized by mortgage brokers, telecom service providers and telemarketing companies to contact many people for a specific purpose in a highly efficient manner.
Predictive Dialer from Drishti Powers Bangladesh-Based Business Group
Drishti, a provider of contact center software including predictive dialers announced that a well-known business group in Bangladesh has selected its call center software Ameyo. Ameyo was chosen to power international outbound operations at a call center within The Runner Group, which provides international telemarketing services to countries such as Australia and Canada.
Global Connect Unveils New Predictive Dialer Solution
Global Connect, a provider of a various communication services, has just launched the GC1 Peak Dialer, a hosted cloud-based predictive dialer platform designed to help collections clients reach contacts quickly, easily, and cost effectively.
Predictive Dialer PerfectDialer.com Can Save Businesses Time and Money
Predictive dialer provider PerfectDialer.com forever ends the need for manually dialing phone numbers. Instead, customers just have to upload their select list of phone numbers and the predictive dialer system can then simultaneously call five numbers, connecting you only to live callers in order to avoid connection delays.
Debt Collector Uses Predictive Dialer to Reclaim Funds
Predictive dialers can be utilized to promote a product, service or upcoming event getting the message out to a large amount of people quickly. However, sometimes this technology is used for evil instead of good.
Outbounders.com Unveils Full-Service Virtual Predictive Dialer Telemarketing Solution
Outbounders.com, a sister company of Global Sky, has just launched its virtual outbound telemarketing predictive dialer service. By selecting this full-service virtual outbound telemarketing solution, business owners will gain access to an inexpensive and efficient way to operate cost-effective telemarketing campaigns.
Aspect Ranks First in Predictive Dialer Market in North America
Aspect, a provider of customer contact solutions including predictive dialers, revealed that it is leading the North American Outbound Dialer Systems Market as per the findings from Frost & Sullivan.
Predictive Dialer Powered by VocalCom is Crucial for Managing Outbound Campaigns
Hermes Eagle, a predictive dialer from VocalCom, offers an innovative way that company officials claim can increase productivity levels by 70 percent for outbound campaigns.
Magnalogix Predictive Dialer Can Streamline Business Operations
Las Vegas-based Magnalogix offers complete VoIP dialing solutions that can be personalized for either one user or a large call center. The company's predictive dialer delivers multiple benefits that can help to seamlessly align business operations including reducing operational costs, increasing revenues and offering a high level of customer satisfaction. The Magnalogix Predictive Dialer includes live transfers, a Do Not Call registry scrub and basic CRM. According to the company's website, the Magnalogix system works on all PC, Mac or Linux machines, and only a USB headset is needed to get the system up and running. In addition, the predictive dialer has the ability to work in a majority of countries all over the world.
SpitFire's Predictive Dialer can be Seamlessly Integrated with Multiple Applications
SpitFire is a company that powers a highly affordable predictive dialer solution that was created to be very easy to use, simple to install and scalable for growing organizations. In addition, the dialer has multiple apps that its software has the ability to work in conjunction with. This predictive dialer can be seamlessly integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that are either Windows or Web-based.
MDLsolutions Unveils Windows-Based Predictive Dialer Call Center Software Solution
MDLsolutions, a provider of customized telecommunication software solutions, in partnership with 3CX, a provider of software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX, announced a new predictive dialer call center software solution.
Ytel Predictive Dialer to Be Used in 2012 U.S. Political Race
YTEL, a provider of enterprise call center software, has revealed that a global marketing agency has recently chosen the company's predictive dialer, as well as its voice broadcast and SIP trunking products to get the word out about political candidates across three contact centers located around the world.
Leads360's Predictive Dialer Helps Turn Leads into Customers
Leads360, a provider of sales lead management software, has just launched Leads360 Dial-IQ, the first intelligent outbound predictive sales dialer, which has already helped to increase efficiency in a few short months after making its way to the market.
Churches, Schools Benefit From Predictive Dialers
If you work for a nonprofit such as a school or church, you might be interested to see how predictive dialer technology can help in ways you probably haven't considered.
SafeSoft Solutions Unveils Predictive Dialer for Political Fundraising and Campaigns
SafeSoft Solutions, a provider of telemarketing solutions such as predictive dialer and call center software, has launched a fundraising/campaigning solution named the Market Dialer.
Ontario Systems' Clients to Benefit from TCN Predictive Dialer Technology
A partnership has been announced between TCN Inc. and Ontario Systems, an Indiana-based accounts receivable software firm. This partnership is expected to enable Ontario Systems clients to make use of the TCN web-based telephony services, including its predictive dialer.
Impact Dialing Utilizes Predictive Dialer to Offer Edge over Competitors
Impact Dialing is a startup corporation that has recently received funding from the Band of Angels group. The Impact Dialing product is an automatic predictive dialer system that calls directly from a predetermined list of phone numbers, greatly increasing efficiency due to the elimination of manual selection and number entry.
Predictive Dialers from SpitFire Can Help Your Business Excel
SpitFire's predictive dialer has the ability to greatly increase the productivity of call center agents. The company's website states that its software is five times faster than manually dialing, which means more talk time and increased efficiency.
Red Cross Increases Donor Relationships with CRM System that Includes Predictive Dialer
The Biomedical Services division of the American Red Cross has almost completed a multimillion-dollar initiative in which new CRM systems will be used, internal business processes have been altered, and upgrades have been made to the call center technology, which includes the addition of predictive dialer technology. In addition, 26 call centers throughout the U.S. have been consolidated into three huge centers.
SoundBite Communications Expands Predictive Dialer Offering
SoundBite Communications, a provider of cloud-based customer communications solutions, recently revealed increased capabilities that have been made to its predictive dialer. Some of these new functionalities are session recording, session transfer and enhanced Agent Voice Portal, multi-channel strategies, local caller ID, call blending, custom disposition codes, campaign management tools, filtering and Full API access.
Intelligent Sales Technology Introduces 'Predictive Dialer 2.0'
According to Intelligent Sales Technology, a traditional predictive dialer could be hindering businesses from completing a higher volume of sales without their knowledge. "Old school" predictive dialers abandon two to three percent of calls with every call attempt, they don't work well for B2B and complex B2C, and they only "predict" call time, not appointments or sales, according to the company's website.
Indosoft Expands Functionalities with XML Library That Can Deliver Q-Suite ACD and Predictive Dialer Capabilities
Indosoft, a company that has developed products including Contact Center and ACD Software for Asterisk named Q-Suite, has just launched its newly improved XML library and API, which has elevated functionalities that third party application developers have available when using Q-Suite ACD for CTI Integration to the Asterisk telephony platform. Development time is greatly reduced through the availability of Q-Suite API, due to the fact that it provides comprehensive ACD and Predictive Dialer functionality that leverages the phone service features already offered by Asterisk.
Predictive Dialer Technology Didn't Violate TCPA in Wells Fargo Case
While ASA International, the Association of Credit and Collections Professionals, is seeking to loosen laws that limit the methods collections agency can use to pursue debtors, others are finding loopholes in the law that work to their advantage. Case in point is the ruling last week in Chicago where a federal court dismissed a claim that call center agents working on behalf of Wells Fargo used predictive dialer technology to contact the granddaughter of plaintiff Dolores Hart via her cell phone, in an effort to collect on a car loan.
MarkeTel Systems Offers Unified Communciations Solution Incorporated with a Predictive Dialer
Founded in 1993, MarkeTel Systems offers multiple contact center solutions that the company claims can not only increase productivity by an estimated 300 percent, but also can dramatically increase efficiency levels at call centers around the world. MarkeTel's enterprise level product the 'MarkeTel Pursuit' , is a unified communications solution that comes complete with a predictive dialer, auto dialer, IP-PBX, dynamic scripting and real time reporting software.
New Study Says That Cloud-Based Solutions Such as Predictive Dialers Can Lower Call Center's Costs
Call centers can lower the cost of their workforce optimization infrastructure by over 43 percent throughout a duration of around five years, simply through utilizing cloud-based offerings such as a predictive dialer instead of purchasing and then installing expensive equipment in their own facilities, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report entitled "Premise vs Hosted Contact Center: Total Cost of Ownership Analysis."
SpitFire Releases New Enterprise Blended Predictive Dialer
Many SpitFire's customers have been using SpitFire's Pro Predictive Dialer for quite some time. However, the company's just released Enterprise Predictive Dialer includes all of the beloved features of the first dialer system but now incorporates even more functionalities including an easy-to-use graphic interface.
Can't Afford a Brand New Predictive Dialer? Buy it Used!
Predictive dialers can help you get an important message out to a large amount of people in a short amount of time. UsedDialers.com offers customers that may not have enough money to purchase a brand new predictive dialer the chance to still have access to the same innovative technology, with a website that is completely devoted to selling used predictive dialers.
Ytel Offers Powerful Predictive Dialer with Multiple Capabilities
Ytel, a company originally founded in 1998 as an Internet Telephone Service Provider, has created a highly affordable predictive dialer that is easy to use and boasts many different functions.
OAISYS 7.0 Can Be Integrated with Predictive Dialer
OAISYS, a provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, recently made the most up-to-date version of its Talkument and Tracer solutions available to the public. Version 7.0 even has the ability to seamlessly integrate with a predictive dialer.
Pinnacle Mortgage Group Deploys NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 with Predictive Dialer Functionality to Improve Call Center Operations
NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a provider of advanced communication and IT solutions recently revealed that Pinnacle Mortgage Group, a mortgage banking firm, has begun using NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 all-IP communications servers in two locations, in order to greatly reduce long-distance costs. Synergy also helped integrate the SV8100 with an existing predictive dialer solution, allowing Pinnacle to continue managing outbound sales campaigns targeted to customers in multiple states.
Digerati Now Offering Predictive Dialer Solution
Digerati Technologies, a provider of cloud communication services around the world, has just launched a cloud-based predictive dialer solution. This product was created from the ground up, in order to meet the requirements of businesses with call center or telesales departments.
Predictive Dialer Provider SoundBite Communications Awarded the 2011 North American Frost and Sullivan Company of the Year Award
Due to SoundBite Communications innovative tools including its predictive dialer, Frost and Sullivan has given the company the prestigious award of the 2011 North American Frost and Sullivan Company of the Year Award.
AgentDialer is a Simple Yet Affordable Predictive Dialer System
AgentDialer is scalable, flexible and affordable predictive dialer that any business can utilize in order to increase efficiency. This predictive dialer technology doesn't need any additional costly hardware or even a telephone line, as calls can be made through the internet directly by a computer. The only hardware requirement for this system is your computer, plus an USB headset that enables an agent to talk to a live person through their personal computer.
Predictive Dialer Can Help Greatly Improve Insurance Industry
When it comes to the insurance industry, SpitFire is an expert. Along with an in-depth understanding of prospecting for the insurance business, SpitFire's predictive dialers can help increase growth rates and add millions to an Insurance agency's bottom line. Insurance companies in most cases offer a complete suite of Insurance and financial products, thus selling many different types of Insurance.
The Predictive Dialer - Does It Have a Place in Collections?
Predictive dialers are something that can have an adverse effect on a person, yet call and contact centers throughout the global marketplace rely on this technology because it offers ease, convenience and the speed needed in order get a live person on the line.
Spitfire's Add-Ons Related to Predictive Dialers Explained
Spitfire, a leader in predictive dialers, offers many add-ons that are related to its predictive dialers systems.
Drishti-Soft Launches New Predictive Dialer System for Outbound Contact Centers
Last week, it was announced that Drishti-Soft had launched a new type of Predictive Dialer that can be utilized in order to provide a way to more easily and effectively target prospective customers in various types of campaigns.
Using Call Monitoring with Predictive Dialer
Employers who hire people to work at call centers who use predictive dialers on a daily basis, want to be sure that their employees are doing an effective job. It is crucial to the call center industry to have the correct tools to properly train your staff, ensuring that customer service stays at the highest level possible.
Predictive Dialer Software Can Help Increase Profits for Mortgage Companies
Predictive Dialer Software provided by SpitFire, can help to dramatically lower marketing costs and can increasing the rate of selling by a staggering 400 percent. Predictive dialers can help to reduce the amount employees required to satisfy your customers, while allowing for the selected employees talk to a much greater amount of people, in the same amount of time.
Insurance Agencies Find a Predictive Dialer That Understands Their Business
If you run an insurance agency, chances are, cold-calling is an important tool for you. Cold-calling, while it can be an effective method to generate new business, is a lot of work. It's laborious, repetitive and can waste a lot of time if not streamlined to be as effective as possible. Though you may have the best agents in the world, everyone is slowed by the limitations of manually dialing the phone. You may have considered using a predictive dialer in the past, but dismissed it as not right for your insurance business.
Indosoft Announces Upgraded Predictive Dialer Technology for Asterisk
Indosoft, a global provider of call center software for Asterisk, has upgraded its predictive dialer technology based on open source Asterisk. Predictive Dialers are used by outbound call centers in orderto keep their call center agents talking on the phone constantly.
Personalized Predictive Dialer Systems
OPC Marketing maintains the capabilities to build a SpitFire Call Center Solution that will fit according your individual business needs. SpitFire has telemarketing-related Predictive Dialer systems that can be customized to work in conjunction with any product or service.
SpitFire's Predictive Dialer Offers Great Benefits
SpitFire's predictive dialer system has the ability to know when agents will finish the first call they have made, and the system will automatically dial another phone number while agents are still talking to previous customers. The phone call is then passed to an agent instantly-after a customer picks up the phone. Predictive Dialers can organize leads in a great way. The first time a number has been called, it will remember what time the call happened, the outcome of the call, and will not call the customer again unless previously determined.
Predictive Dialer: Telemarketers Ask People to Remove Numbers From Do Not Call List
Days before rules to stop irritating calls from predictive dialers and SMSes start in New Delhi, telemarketing firms are sending messages to cellular subscribers to remove their numbers from the "Do-not-call registry-," a press release revealed.
Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Noble Systems for Dominating the Outbound Dialer Systems Market
Frost & Sullivan announced it has awarded Noble Systems with the 2010 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy of the Year in the outbound dialer systems market. In a market with constant challenges, Noble has found continued success using its broad outbound customer contact product line, which enables it to offer solutions to a larger number of potential customers at any given time.
LiveVox Deploys Predictive Dialer Account Penetration Analytics
LiveVox Inc., a provider of cloud contact center solutions, today announced the release of its account penetration analytics for predictive dialer calling campaigns, in a press release.
Talkument and Tracer Solutions Use Predictive Dialer Solutions to Enhance Customer Service
OAISYS has unveiled the new version 7.0 release of its Talkument and Tracer solutions and has made them available for early adopter field trials.
Businesses Becoming More Productive by Using Predictive Dialer
Business strategies hinge on customer-centricity, which is defined as when a company cares more about the needs and behaviors of its customers, rather than short-term profits. Every step a company takes, they must constantly be thinking about customer satisfaction and value. Customer-centric thinking doesn't just benefit the customer, but the business as well. In fragile economic times where customer confidence has dropped, professionals look to increase their market share by satisfying the customers in their community.
Predictive Dialer Provider Telstar Expands its Executive Management Team
TelStar Hosted Services has added seasoned marketing, finance and information technology executives to its leadership team.
TalkFree Sells More Than 1.5 Million Mobile VoIP Dialers
TalkFree, a VoIP and mobile VoIP carrier, has announced that it has surpassed 1.5 million downloads of its mobile VoIP dialers, along with record call completions, SIP-terminated voice minutes, mobile VoIP calls and minutes of use for the sixth consecutive quarter.
Predictive Dialer from Voice2Phone Simplifies Call Processes
A recently released predictive dialer tool from Voice2Phone now allows for accuracy and efficiency when handling high call volume and performing phone surveys. The new tool is able to detect and handle answering machines and voicemail boxes, as well as stay on the line and wait until the respondent is ready to receive the message.
SpitFire's Predictive Dialer Enhances Communication in the Mortgage Industry
As a professional focused on driving success in the mortgage industry, you have had more than your fair share of frustrations in the last couple of years. The global economic downturn and the crash of the housing market do not have to seal your doom, however. These events may just signal that you need to change what you are doing to find qualified customers so you can continue to drive profitability.
VoiceServe Intros New Version of Vippie Mobile Dialer for iPhones
VoiceServe has introduced a new version of Vippie mobile dialer for iPhones that supports video calling to other iPhone users as well as to any session initiation protocol (SIP) device.
PharmMD Taps CosmoCom's Virtual Contact Center Technology for MTM Services
PharmMD has selected CosmoCom's virtual contact center technology to advance its Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Services to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.
Predictive Dialer Holiday Special from SpitFire
A sweet December special from SpitFire Dialers has popped up recently: For a limited time period, you can purchase two SpitFire Software solutions and get one for free including one year of technical support.
InsideSales.com Announces PowerDialer for Salesforce 3.0
InsideSales.com, a major player in productivity software for inside sales professionals, has introduced version 3.0 release of the PowerDialer for Salesforce product.
ISIS to use CPP's Predictive Dialer for Improved Payment Processing
Certified Payment Processing (CPP) has unveiled a website for its new sales division- ISIS Direct. This portal has been designed to highlight the ISIS Direct products and services, as well as recruit those interested in professional advancement and financial growth to be account consultants.
Predictive Dialer Provider SoundBite Announces Financial Results for 3Q 2010
SoundBite Communications has announced its financial results for the third quarter 2010, saying that the third quarter revenues saw a drop of seven percent in comparison to the same quarter in 2009.
EMEA Market Demand for Predictive Dialer Systems Set to Rise
Sales of new as well as add-on outbound dialer (OBD) systems for use in debt collection activities has increased, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan.
East-European Communication Services Installs ACD and Predictive Dialer Software
East-European Communications Services, a provider of telecom services since 1995, has upgraded its contact center technology platform with the deployment of Indosoft's Q-Suite 5.0.
Telecom Service Provider Deploys Predictive Dialer
East-European Communications Services, a provider of telecom services, has announced the successful upgrade of its contact center technology platform with the deployment of Q-Suite 5.0, call center software for Asterisk.
Eliminate the Fear of Using Your Dialer with Professional Do-Not-Call Service Providers
If you make outbound calls to your customers, whether you're a large organization calling all across the U.S. or a smaller contact center that calls within a single state, you'll know by now that obeying do-not-call rules is critical to avoid large fines - up to $16,000 per violation - not to mention avoid angering potential customers. With both federal legislation in place, which is covered by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) do-not-call lists, and a mishmash of state laws regarding do-not-call - 50 different sets of laws - outbound calling without a professional solution in place becomes all but impossible.
Predictive Dialers Help Drive Success in Chile Call Centers
Predictive dialers can go a long way to providing a streamlined experience within the call center, driving efficiency and productivity. For the call center industry in Chile, growth in 2010 was 5-6 percent as companies there are moving towards hosted solutions and recording technology.
inContact Explores the Impact of Cloud on Customer Experience
inContact, a provider of on-demand call center software and call center agent optimization tools, announced the conclusion of the fifth annual inContact User Conference.
Dialogue Marketing Implements Interactive Intelligence Business Communications Software
Interactive Intelligence, a provider of unified business communications solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony, and business process automation, announced that Dialogue Marketing, which creates customer relationship management or "CRM" services, has reduced costs using an all-in-one IP communications software suite from Interactive Intelligence.
NTCA to Use Zotec's Dialers to Reach Patients
North Texas Children's Anesthesia, LLC (NTCA), out of Southlake, Texas, has inked a three-year billing services contract with Zotec Partners. NTCA is a private group of physicians with a combined subspecialty experience of more than 100 years in neonatal/pediatric anesthesia.
NACR Named Vendor of the Year by Avaya Predictive Dialer System User Group
NACR (North American Communications Resource, Inc.), a certified Avaya Platinum Channel Partner and a provider of communications solutions for businesses, has been named "Vendor of the Year" by the Avaya Predictive Dialer System User Group.
The Way Predictive Dialers Work
Predictive dialers can be vital components of a business' customer service processes and efficiency, but how do they know when a call center agent will be ready to take a call? Intricate software enables predictive dialers to time the calls so that agents will be free to answer.
Verizon Eliminates White Pages in New Jersey
New Jersey regulators approved a measure this week that will make the online version of the white pages the standardized directory for the state from now on.
OPC Maintains 'Excellent' Customer Service for Predictive Dialers
Using a predictive dialer increases the productivity of the company by drastically increasing the time agents spend on the phone talking to actual customers or prospective clients.
RingCube vDesk Provides Secure Desktop Management for Granada Corp's Distributed Call Center Workforce
Managed virtual workspaces provider RingCube Technologies announced that Granada Corp has selected the RingCube's vDesk for secure desktop management of its rapidly growing distributed call center workforce.
Predictive Dialer: The Workhorse of Any Outbound Call Center
Any organization that routinely runs outbound telemarketing, telesales or market research campaigns knows that you need a predictive dialer in order to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective campaign possible. With a predictive dialer in place, a company can save a bundle on labor costs and ensure timely completion of all outbound projects. And keeping operations lean and mean in this down economy is of utmost concern - especially in the highly competitive call center outsourcing industry.
Skullcandy Unleashes Telesphere Hosted VoIP and Call Center Application
Skullcandy, an audio technology company known for its high-powered, cool-looking headphones and other technologies, recently announced it has selected Telesphere, a provider of nationwide managed telecommunications and Internet services, to supply hosted voice and data services to its Park City and San Clemente locations.
OPC Marketing Offers End-of-Summer Deal on Predictive Dialer Technology
Are you in the market for predictive dialer technology? This month, you're in luck. OPC Marketing is offering 25 percent off your entire invoice during the month of August.
IPscape Adds Twitter Functionality to Aid Contact Center Productivity
IPscape, an Australian cloud-based provider of contact center technology, announced it has added Tweet functionality to multi-channel contact center technology, in order to aid contact center productivity. The beta availability of Twitter is introduced as an integral element in its multi-channel contact center technology solution.
Three Ways Companies Are Ripped off by Credit Card Processors
True, Congress is approving an unspecified limitation on debit card fees to merchants, but officials of IdealCost.com say they are "ignoring several ways in which credit card processors are costing businesses across America millions of dollars through deception and outright lying."
Are Great Headsets Necessary for Call Centers?
Probably not. And hey, it's not really necessary to give 'em comfortable chairs, level desks, working computers or uncontaminated drinking water, either, if that's how you feel about it. Ha ha. Just kidding. OSHA'll get you if the drinking water's contaminated.
Virtual Hold Receives Call Center Excellence Award: Predictive Dialer Report
Virtual Hold Technology has received a Call Center Excellence Award in the category of Best Technology Solutions Provider from the International Quality and Productivity Center.
GetResponse Announces Results of its E-mail Marketing and Social Media Integration Report
GetResponse, an e-mail marketing provider for the small- to medium-size business sector and flagship product of online solutions provider Implix, has announced the results of its "Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Report."
Spitfire Featured in Call Automation Review: Predictive Dialer Report
Stephen Sockett, who runs a home-based call center, recently wrote up a review of what he considers to be some of the top predictive dialer applications. "I have had the privilege of trying a few different predictive dialer applications while running my home based call center," he said, adding "some are amazing (I am still using my Spitfire Predictive Dialer, I love it)."
IVR Technology Debuts iSurvey
IVR Technology Group, a provider of intelligent voice response services and solutions, has announced the unveiling of a new streamlined approach to automated survey response capture that is also rich in attributes: iSurvey.
SpitFire's Predictive Dialer: Could it Be the One For You?
Wouldn't you like a company to offer a few beneficial add-ons to its predictive dialer software? And wouldn't you want it to start small and upgrade by adding additional hardware and software licenses?
Everbridge, AccuWeather Collaborate to Ramp Up 2010 Hurricane Season Preparedness
Provider of notification systems Everbridgehas announced its collaboration with partner AccuWeather and organizations in the Gulf and Atlantic Coast regions to ramp up emergency preparedness efforts in light of extreme 2010 hurricane season predictions.
Affinion Signs Agreement to Acquire Connexions
Affinion Group, Inc., a global player in customer engagement solutions that enhance and extend the relationship and loyalty of millions of consumers of financial service, retail, hospitality and e-commerce companies, has signed an agreement to acquire Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions.
Predictive Dialers' Versatility Underlined by List Inclusion
Recently PCQuest published a list titled "18 Ways to Communicate Effectively," including such products as WebCam Looker 4.4 ("WebCam Looker is an easy to use and powerful video surveillance system for monitoring and broadcasting images of your home/office or mobile phone") and VoxOx 2 - "This service unifies all of your communication channels voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and content sharing into a single interface."
Pay-Per-Call Providers Should Stick to Call Quality Guidelines: Telmetrics Recommends Best Practices
Pay-per-call marketing programs can go long way to popularize products and brands. But there must be a mechanism in place to evaluate the effectiveness of each program.
Predictive Dialer Used for Billing and Collections
Utah-based Bonneville Billing & Collections officials say the company uses a predictive dialer system to handle its medical and utility accounts for the Western region of the United States, for clients "in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming," said Jim Eastwood, Dialer Manager for Bonneville.
InsideSales.com Named Finalist in 2010 CODiE Award for Predictive Dialer Solution
InsideSales.com, the premier phone dialer software provider, alongside Adobe Systems and BroadSoft, Inc. has been named as a CODiE Award Finalist for 2010 in the Best Communication Solution, namely its predictive dialer system, in the Software Category.
Want a Predictive Dialer? With OPC's New April Incentive, Everyone Can Own One
For any company starting a business, savings is always key to ensuring budgets are being met, not exceeded, while simultaneously completing all required tasks and operations.
With Predictive Dialer Technology, Drishti Helps QDF Improve Operations
It's no surprise that predictive dialer software allows companies to manage calling schedules in a timely, effective manner. While in theory this seems like a grand idea to maximize agent productivity, customer success stories featuring a predictive dialer software are seldom reported.
Predictive Security Analytics Getting Boost
The Federal Aviation Administration has begun a research and development pilot aimed at helping the agency detect and react to hackers before they have a chance to attack FAA systems, IBM and the FAA announced Tuesday.
FCC Proposes Rule on Limiting Calls to Customers Mobiles
Recently the Federal Communications Commission published in the Federal Register a proposed rule that would limit the ability of banks, lenders, utilities, debt collectors and others to make calls to their customers' cell phones.
QDF Deploys Predictive Dialer, Ameyo Technology to Comply with Ofcom Regulation
Philippines-based Quinn Data Facilities, or "QDF," announced that, with Drishti-Soft's predictive dialer and Ameyo technology, the company was able to effectively comply with Ofcom regulation while maintain an aggressive call pacing ratio.
Drishti's Ameyo & Predictive Dialer Provides Advanced Capabilities to Insurance Companies
Provider of communications technologies Drishti-Soft Solutions' smart solutions like Drishti's Ameyo Ensure and its predictive dialer module provide advanced capabilities that can be leveraged by any insurance selling enterprise to gain a "significant edge" over their market counterparts.
Predictive Dialer Analytics, Data Mining: Forrester
"The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010" evaluates products from nine vendors against 53 criteria in three categories.
Outbound and Predictive Dialer Markets to Grow: DMG Consulting
The market for predictive dialer or outbound dialing solutions is expanding--it did not die with Do Not Call regulations and restrictions on marketing 'robocalls'-driven by the demand for outbound notifications followed by agent-assisted calls for customer care and collections. Companies are discovering outbound calls and notifications is win-win: enabling superior customer-retaining service and cutting costs over staffing for unpredictable live-agent inbound calls.
Suntrust Replaces Predictive Dialer with Intelligent Automated Communications Solution from Varolii
SunTrust, one of the nation's largest and strongest financial holding companies, chose to replace its predictive dialer technology with an intelligent automated communications solution from Varolii Corporation.
Predictive Dialing Enlisted for Emergency Warning in Ohio
Predictive dialing isn't generally thought of as a critical life-saving tool, but it can be used to help minimize the loss of life during natural disasters.
Convergys, Microsoft Partner on New Smart Communications Suite
Convergys is partnering with Microsoft to create the Convergys Smart Communications Suite powered by Microsoft. Currently under development, the solution will reportedly be the first pre-integrated and pre-configured billing and customer care platform. A release date for the new product has not yet been set.
Why Use a Predictive Dialer?
For many in the call center industry, predictive dialers are still yet to be implemented. Some may think they are not as effective as having agents in the office making the manual calls, while others just simply don't understand the process.
Report: Survive Tough Times with Better Customer Service
Are Americans being more careful how and where they spend their money?
Starbucks to Close Call Center at Headquarters, Outsources to Sitel
While it's no surprise the SMB market suffered the affects of the economic recession in 2009, it looks as if some major organizations also experienced the rash of the hard times.
OPC's President Talks Recession: Suffering Downsizing, Companies Turned to Predictive Dialer Systems
In continuing with last week's discussion on predictive dialer manufacturer, OPC marketing's 2009 progress, Michael Henochowicz, president, tells TMCnet in a recent interview about how the recession affected the company's performance.
OPC Marketing Discusses 2009 Progress, Big Announcement Planned for 2010
No matter how big or small, every company has experienced some effects of the current economic recession. Whether its downsizing or budget cuts or complete department terminations, the recession has been weighing heavily on the shoulders of those trying to hold up the professional world.
OPC Marketing Helping Users Switch from Auto to Predictive Dialer
With the current changes in auto dialer laws, namely requiring pre-consent of every consumer or individual that a telemarketer is calling, there's been a major change in how auto dialing is viewed, and how the new restrictions have changed operations for many companies.
Predictive Dialer Manufacturer's 'Two for One' System Special to Aid Companies in Tough Economy
After speaking with predictive dialer manufacturer, OPC Marketing's President, Michael Henochowicz in a recent TMCnet interview, it's evident that the company is increasingly aware of what the economy has done to every industry, including the call center and customer relationship management, or "CRM," industries.
Why Predictive Dialing Is Essential for Small Businesses
It's obvious to see why a predictive dialer, like OPC Marketing's SpitFire Predictive Dialer, is helps large companies and enterprises escalate their businesses to the next level. With the ability to run multiple calling campaigns simultaneously, larger enterprises can benefit by using a system such as OPC's to reach a larger customer base in a shorter amount of time.
OPC's Tech Support Team Records 100% Positive Results in October
By providing many support options for its systems users, predictive dialer manufacturer, OPC Marketing ensures that all customers are satisfied at all times.
OPC Reseller Program Offers Individuals Educated Career Path
Predictive dialer manufacturer OPC Marketing offers a reseller program that allows distributors from any geographical location, including the United States and Canada, a powerful and profitable resource ability to offer the company's products and services as stand-alone services or part of an integrated application system.
OPC's Emergency AutoDialer Allows Users to be Prepared for Unpredictable Situations
There are unpredictable scenarios in every aspect of life. From business to personal, situations occur that are out of management, employees and individuals control that cause stress and a decline in work productivity.
Predictive Dialer Provider's Systems Helpful for Mortgage Industry Professionals
While predictive dialer manufacturer OPC Marketing's flagship product, SpitFire Predictive Dialer, is an essential operational asset for companies in the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry, the services offered by the company stem much farther than just assisting – and perfecting – call center operations.
Predictive Dialer Provider Offers Many Support Options for Users
Predictive dialer manufacturer, OPC Marketing's flagship product, the SpitFire predictive dialer, is a high demanded industry application that offers computer-based dialing for call centers looking to maximize on their products.
Predictive Dialer Add-ons to Ease Call Center Operations
With call center provider's offering their customers the most beneficial software systems to create a successful platform to conduct and secure contracts, Texas-based predictive dialer manufacturer, OPC Marketing's systems add-ons are ways one can improve their systems.
OPC's Predictive Dialer Not the Only Successful Company Product
Texas-based predictive dialer manufacturer, OPC Marketing's Spitfire Predictive Dialer system is undoubtedly the company's flagship product.
OPC Offers "Cash for Clunkers" Type Discounted Predictive Dialer Promotion
With the current economic state, SMBs and large enterprises alike are making every effort they can to stay conscious about spending costs. And, with these businesses cutting budgets and working towards finding affordable, systems for their operations, customer relationship management, or "CRM," providers need to do their best to offer the more satisfying deals for their customers.
OPC Marketing: Buy a Predictive Dialer, Get Free Agent PCs
This month, the company reminded businesses that now is a better time than ever to buy a predictive dialer and as an added bonus, is giving away free agent PC's with SpitFire Predictive Dialers.
ATA: FTC Doing a Good Job Despite Surge in Phone Scam Activity
"Unfortunately, there are illegitimate practitioners in every industry including telemarketing, and in economic times like these, phone fraud is certainly on the rise just like all forms of criminal activity." explained ATA CEO Tim Searcy. "We agree that the do-not-call registry is clearly working to ensure that consumers can opt out of commerce channels at their sole discretion."
OPC Marketing: Where Are Predictive Dialers Now?
Now, with November, and a non-election season around the corner, I reached out to Erin Henochowicz co-owner of Addison, Texas-based OPC Marketing, a provider of predictive and auto dialer software, to find out where the buzz in predictive dialer technology currently lies.
SpitFire Open Interface Honored for Innovation
The award is presented to those companies with innovative products for voice, data and video communications and who have demonstrated a vision, leadership and attention to detail that distinguish the offerings among others in the marketplace.
Buy One, Get One Predictive Dialer Sale
According to the company, this promotion offers current customers a chance to upgrade their existing SPD systems cost effectively and offers customers starting up a call center the chance to buy necessary technology while saving on cost.
Spitfire Predictive Dialers Come with Free Quality Leads
While a variety of predictive dialers are available in the market, OPC Marketing offers a robust line of SpitFire Predictive dialers, which the company positions as the most well known and searched for predictive dialer brand on the Internet.
Predictive Dialers for Improved Debt Collection
To help make it easier and more efficient to collect debt and increase revenues, companies are turning to predictive dialers and automated systems to reach out to more people, more frequently, and for less cost than having agents dialing each time trying to get a hold of live contacts to deliver the message.
OPC Marketing Offering Free Hybrid Dialer Upgrade
According to the company, their SpitFire offerings can effectively increase productivity by reducing the amount of time each agent must spend on each call and increasing the number of right contacts - so that each agent's time is used to promote the activities of the center.
Canada Introduces Anti-Spam Legislation, Could Look At Do Not Call
The ECPA, known as Bill C-27, will, it says, deter the most dangerous forms of spam, such as identity theft, phishing and spyware, from occurring there and will help drive spammers out of the country.
Contact Center, Enterprise Performance Management Solutions Sales Healthy Despite Slowdown: New DMG Consulting Report
Amidst the economic doom and gloom, new research from DMG Consulting, the 2009 Contact Center and Enterprise Performance Management Market Report reveals a bright spot: growing sales of contact center and enterprise performance management solutions.
Is Your Call Center Missing the Latest Innovations in Predictive Dialers?
Predictive dialers such as those offered by OPC Marketing and its SpitFire solutions have shown to effectively increase productivity by reducing the amount of time each agent must spend on each call. At the same time, these solutions increase the number of right contacts for each agent, ensuring their time is used to promote the activities of the center.
Outbound Applications Rise Despite Economy
The recently published report, "The Rise of Outbound Applications in an Economic Recession (Strategic Focus)" reviews the tactical and strategic opportunities for vendors and enterprises in a down economy and focuses on the applications being deployed for outbound solutions.
Emerging Contact Center Analytics Apps Reduce Costs by 5 to 10 Percent
A new report by DMG Consulting reveals that two new classes of applications: customer experience analytics (CEA) and desktop analytics (DA) applications are delivering cost savings of 5 percent to 10 percent to organizations.
Predictive Dialers Helping Small Businesses Survive
While communications with customers is key to success, outreach can be a time consuming and expensive task if not properly executed. Through the use of predictive dialer technology, it is possible to automate calling tasks while remaining in compliance.
FCC Seeks Comment on TCPA Autodialer Rules
The request, filed by Paul D.S. Edwards, is asking whether a creditor may place autodialed or prerecorded message calls to a telephone number associated with wireless service that was provided to the creditor initially as a telephone number associated with landline service.
Businesses Save Money Through Interactive Outreach To Customers, According to Forrester
Organizations seeking to reduce costs and improve customer service can do so by intelligently reaching out to customers through outbound notification: interactive voice messages, e-mail, and SMS, rather than relying on annoying one-way home phone 'robocalls'.
OPC Marketing Provides Superior Predictive Dialer Customer Support
OPC Marketing, a manufacturer of the award-winning SPITFIRE brand Predictive Dialer and AutoDialer solutions, knows that providing excellent customer service is crucial for any business, especially during an economic downturn.
OPC Marketing Ends Successful Year, Looks Foward to 2009
OPC Marketing, a provider of SPITFIRE brand predictive dialers, AutoDialer and Hybrid Dialer solutions for businesses, offers dialing software systems that out perform every other dialer in their class.
Hybrid Dialers Enhance Call Center Efficiency
You've heard about hybrid cars, but what about hybrid auto dialers? A relatively new term, the hybrid dialer became popular in call centers in late 2006.
Auto Dialers, Including OPC's Spitfire, Make News as Election Nears
Automated calls themselves are nothing new, although, according to Stephanie Condon of Cnet.com – a news Web site that's operated by San Francisco-based CBS Interactive – technological advancements have led to more robocall vendors, reducing the technology's price enough to make it an affordable way to reach voters and targets from other types of marketing targets.
Target Voters with OPC Marketing's Political Dialer
Target voters and expand the reach of your campaign without having to travel door-to-door in an effort to spread your message? With OPC Marketing's Political-Voter Contacting Services, those on the campaign trail can broadcast telephone messages to millions of voters instantly to get out their vote.
OPC Marketing Kick Starts the Economy by Bringing Customer Service Back to the U.S.
The offshoring of services and talents seems to have failed miserably --the economic realities of customer service in a company's business plan should be one of the more important things to focus on-- not an after thought, or a way to find the cheapest solution based purely on cost.
Predictive Dialers Reinvent the Call Center
For modern telemarketing, OPC Marketing's SpitFire predictive dialers (SPD) enhance productivity because they automatically place calls and connect agents only when it encounters a live person on the line – enhancing Agent talk time previously wasted on busy signals, wrong or disconnected numbers, and answering machines using a manual dialing process.
SpitFire SPBX Viewed as New "Must Have" Office Phone
OPC Marketing has announced its SpitFire SPBX as the new PBX "Office Phone" solution. With SpitFire SPBX, expensive personnel or outside technicians no longer needed to configure the PBX. In addition, it uses newly designed setup with drag-n-drop technology for call transfers, caller ID popup on a PC's desktop, interoffice (instant messaging) for call training and sales coaching.
SpitFire Predictive Dialer for Mortgage Businesses
OPC Marketing can develop a SpitFire Call Center Solution tailored to fit the needs of any business. Their telemarketing dialer systems can be customized to any product or service.
The Benefits of Predictive Dialers
Predictive dialers have been used in contact and call centers around the world for quite some time as they provide significant advantages in productivity. For those that have yet to implement such technology, consider what is missing in your call or contact center.
The Importance of Emergency Dialing System Technology
When it comes to relaying important notifications, most field offices are overwhelmed by the need to get emergency teams and equipment in place to manually dial to make notifications, especially, when lives, property and other important factors are at risk.
The Predictive Dialer for Maximum Productivity
The predictive dialer is an important element in the call center as it helps to ensure maximum productivity is achieved, and compliance is met.
SpitFire Predictive: A Fully Loaded Predictive Dialer
Because a predictive dialer automatically places outbound calls and delivers answered calls to agents, they are especially important for achieving efficiency in the call center.
Predictive Dialer Provider OPC Marketing Takes Home 2007 Product of the Year Award
OPC Marketing, a provider of predictive dialers, has been awarded a 2007 Product of the Year Award by Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine for their SpitFire Anywhere VoIP offering.
Back to Basics: The Benefits of a Predictive Dialer
An effective predictive dialer can also help to determine the best time to place a call based on algorithms. By using this method, the system can decide the exact time to place a call to ensure agents are talking to customers as much as possible. A robust system will also keep abandonment rates below the federal requirements.
SpitFire Predictive Dialer Packs a Punch
Predictive dialers have grown in popularity for their ability to increase agent efficiency by eliminating dead time between calls. With a predictive dialer, agents never receive non-productive calls and are only connected once a live caller is on the line.
A Predictive Dialer Saves the Mortgage Industry Slowdown
By choosing a predictive dialer like SpitFire dialers from OPC Marketing, Inc., forward thinking mortgage companies are able to add financial growth to their company's bottom line and drive high quality prospects looking for new mortgage opportunities or avoiding foreclosure.
Insurance Telemarketing Gets Easier with the Predictive Dialer
Predictive dialers incorporate a computerized dialing system using software algorithms that help to increase and manage the opportunity for sales, since many more live contacts are able to be called automatically than those agents who manually dial from a possibly out-dated list or one which has not been checked against the National Do-Not-Call list, can dial.
Predictive Dialer for the Small Business
When it comes to marketing and other calling campaign needs for the smaller business, a predictive dialer offers a solution that dials numbers automatically from a database.
Remote Agents Get Enhanced Support from OPC's SPITFIRE e-AGENT
Offering remote agent capabilities, the e-AGENT makes it possible to route client information to agents over the internet. So agents can be located anywhere in the world--since the only requirement for Agents or operators is a computer with an Internet connection and a telephone line.
SpitFire Hybrid Dialer from OPC Marketing Awarded 2006 Product of the Year
What do you get when you combine a predictive dialer with an auto dialer--a hybrid solution that offers advanced functionality and reliability. OPC Marketing's SpitFire Hybrid Dialer combines the best of SpitFire Predictive Dialer with the best of SpitFireX AutoDialer in one package.
EOSA - University Shootings - Emergency Preparedness Plan
With EOSA you can send a broadcast alert warning to specific campuses, students or faculty groups, police, emergency responders, communities or zip codes in the event of severe weather warnings or other serious conditions.
Playing It Fair With Predictive Dialers
OPC Marketing, a company providing predictive dialer solutions, promotes fair practices with the use of predictive dialers and includes on their website an outline of Predictive Dialing Fair Practices.
Win-Win in Politics Starts with Predictive Dialers
Predictive dialers make sure someone's answering before they have the agent pick up the call and can be targeted to specific calling criteria -- has led some to think they would help a politician contact registered voters. The success of such predictive dialing efforts – are one of the new tactics used by today's savvy politicians.
OPC Marketing Takes Home 2006 Product of the Year Award for SpitFire HYBRID
Recognizing the efficiency predictive dialers bring to agent teams, Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine has presented SpitFire HYBRID, OPC Marketing's predictive dialer/ auto dialer solution with a 2006 Product of the Year award.
In the Spotlight: SpitFire Predictive Dialer PRO Gives Agent Productivity a Power Boost
Advanced dialing capabilities have become necessary in the outbound call center as the need for agents to quickly and effectively be connected to live caller's increases. When it comes to predictive dialers, OPC-Marketing's SpitFire brand of dialers are “ready to make the call!”
Another Hurricane on its Way In, Predictive Dialers Here to Help
With predictive dialers and auto dialers, alerts can be targeted at specific neighborhoods being threatened to ensure that communities are properly notified and have the resources they need.
Implementing Call Blending
Call Blending is certainly the most priceless innovation to call center technology since the appearance of the predictive dialer.
Optimizing Human Behavior in the Call Center with Reduced Stress, Disruptions and Conflicts
An excellent resource for any Call Center faced with transforming a “no-consequence” culture into one of reality-driven action.
What do you do once you’ve selected a Predictive Dialer Manufacturer? Track Vital Statistics
If you're installing your first dialer and do not have this data, you will need to have your work team manually track this information.
What do you do once you’ve selected a Predictive Dialer Manufacturer? Set up the Team.
In my last article on "OPC’s" Predictive Dialer Channel the discussion began of Mapping out your processes-- "how" the work gets done--Business Mapping Process (BMP).
What do you do once you’ve selected a Predictive Dialer Manufacturer?
Mapping Business Processes (MBP) and Re-engineering Does your organization address an overall sound relationship management strategy?
So you’ve selected a Predictive Dialer Manufacturer?
What do you do once you’ve selected a Predictive Dialer Manufacturer?
Ready to Start the Campaign?
If you’re using OPC’s SpitFire Predictive Dialer, it has ListMaker’s built-in recording software code “WaveMaker” or if you prefer another type of high-end sound recording software, you may use SoundForge but the basics will still be the same. You will record a message then move it into the Predictive Dialer.
13 Key Fundamentals to Listening and Closing the Sale
The 13 Key Fundamentals to be a good listener and close the sale.
The Coolest Closings Begin with the Happiest Agents
OPC’s SpitFire Predictive or AutoDialer allows the call center to set custom dispositions for each type of call to be recorded back to the main database. Your System administrator Labels the buttons depending on the Campaign. Hot Cold, Blue, Green whatever makes the most sense to you.
How Not to Purchase a Predictive Dialer
Don’t Buy a Predictive Dialing System without first reading this, Don’t Buy Ours, Don’t Buy the Other Guys Predictive Dialer…
Are you Selling Failure .)(. or Dialing for Success? A Preface for Today’s Telemarketer
The Predictive Dialer used alone or in combination with other supporting telemarketing programs, is the single most cost-effective and time-efficient marketing tool offered.

Predictive Dialer Live Chat Predictive Dialer Live Demo

Spitfire SEP Spitfire SPX Spitfire SPBX

What Are Related Definitions You Should Know?

Related definitions that you should know as you increase your understanding of predictive dialers include:

Dialer: generic term for any computer-driven device that places outbound calls and connects the answered calls to an agent or operator.

Agent: telephone professional to whom a predictive dialer sends the ready call.

Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialing was introduced for the purpose of increasing efficiency within calling centers. They are computer based system that automatically dial groups of telephone numbers, and then passes live calls to available agents. The SpitFire Enterprise dialer utilizes sophisticated algorithms to speed up and slow down the call rate based on, number of available agents, number of available lines, the campaign’s average call time and other statistical information.

Quick Connect: Quick Connect allows your agents to log in one-to-one with a phone line. This option is great for B2B purposes, especially when your agent needs to be on the phone line through the entire call.

Fixed Dialing: Fixed Dialing gives your call center manager the power to manually set the volume of calls. The software will then automatically dial a predetermined number of lines per agent. Fixed dialing is ideal for political campaigns, charity campaigns, and other situations drop call ratios are not a factor.

Auto dialer: makes thousands of calls screening for busy signals, no answers, fax machines while detecting answering machines/voicemail and delivers pre-recorded messages. SpitFireX Auto Dialer is a low cost solution for voice broadcasting.

How Do Predictive Dialers Work?

Predictive dialers use complex mathematical algorithms that calculate, in real time:

  1. the number of available agents
  2. the number of phone lines available
  3. the probability of reaching a human being at a specific number
  4. the time between calls required for optimum agent efficiency
  5. the length of typical agent/customer or
    debtor conversations
  6. the average length of time agents require to wrap up after a call

SpitFire Enterprise Predictive SEP is a fully blended call center solution that supports unlimited lines, agents, and campaigns. Its greatest strength is in its flexibility: multiple campaigns can be set up, viewed, and changed with the click of a button. With easy options for customization, data and dispositions can be catered to each campaign. In addition to our user-friendly interface, SEPhighlights full customer data and combines multiple campaigns on one screen. All the information your agents need is accessible at a glance, freeing their energy to focus on what matters: the calls.

Keep It Simple with SpitFire Fully Integrated Call Center Software

Our greatest priority is making your call center run smoothly, and we do that by developing software that is intuitive and easily integrated with your current systems. SEP works seamlessly with most CRM applications and long distance carriers, making it the simplest and most cost-effective solution for your call center.

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Benefits of Using a Predictive Dialer

  1. Manages the process of dialing tens of thousands of calls or tens of millions of calls in its lifetime.
  2. Detects the result of the call, as an example: no answer, busy, fax, bad number, answering machine without any presence of human expertise. Consequently saving time by only transferring calls which are voice connects to the agents locally or remotely.
  3. Using predictive dialer increases the productivity of the company by drastically increasing the time agents spend on the phone talking to actual customers or prospective clients.
  4. Predictive dialer users get the ability to organize and better manage the client information, no lost notes scribbled on pieces of paper. The database used by the dialer organizes the calling structure.
  5. The most significant task done by the predictive dialer is to predict, which means always making an effort to get a live call to the available agent with the shortest amount of wait time. This is achieved by self learning algorithms within the predictive dialer to increase or decrease the dial ratio per agent, logged into the system.
  6. Inbound call can be better dealt with by allowing the customers to wait on hold in an IVR system, or a way to leave a message they'd like a callback while the agent is busy talking with other customers.
  7. Most important benefit of a predictive dialer is it reduces expenses for your company over a period of time since you do not need to buy and deploy a complex and sometimes extremely expensive PBX system. Your company will experience return of investment (ROI) in a period of six to twelve months.
  8. A predictive dialing system can effortlessly fit into your companies existing infrastructure since it is software controlled.
  9. The call routing logic and the contact management is all included in one software package. Your call routing logic implemented as per your specifications. Since it is a software package it can easily be upgraded even if you are located remotely with the help of internet.
  10. Provides an added cost effective method of managing the client database by giving the user of the predictive system ability to rework your database on previous call results.

    1. only redial records which were busy, no answers and answering machines
    2. Delete records which are bad numbers, disconnected numbers or operator intercepts
  11. Do a real time look up against the do not call database saving the predictive dialer user from accidentally calling people who have enrolled in the do National not call registry. This saves the company from lawsuits and others risks conforming to all legal statutes and FCC complaints.
  12. Provides progressive dialing capabilities like call blending which means handling inbound and outbound call at the same time.
  13. Provides ability to integrate call recording devices and call monitoring interfaces which helps call center supervisors to train agents and users and improve their customer support skills.
  14. Easy to setup and learn the predictive dialer logic and software tools.

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