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Power Protection Editorial Archive

High School Gets Long Weekend Thanks to Power Outage
Power outages typically bring about frustration, anger, and a loss of patience, but for students at Big Sky High School in Montana, an extended power outage was the reason for celebration, as it was the event to kick off a four-day weekend.
Get Defensive: Be Prepared for Power Outages
FEMA and the Energy Department have issued some ideas for avoiding the expense and dangers associated with outages, starting with preparing a "what if" plan.
Another Transformer Fire Knocks Out Power in Southern California
According to Los Angeles' Manhattan Beach Police Department, over 5,000 homes lost power when a downed transformer at 11th Street and Poinsettia Avenue, caused an outage. This also brought down a 16,000-volt power line on the block, which unfortunately was the cause of a subsequent electrical fire.
Power Fluctuations Lead to Lost Power for San Diego Residents, Businesses
Businesses and residents in San Diego were none too happy when power fluctuations led to a full-on power outage.
Rain Causes Power Outages in Schools across Los Angeles
A record-breaking rainfall on September 15 was responsible for causing power outages to schools in the Los Angeles Unified District (LAUS).
Preparation for Disaster is Paramount in Business
While technology has brought a ton of advancement in the business world, there is one area that has actually become a bit more susceptible to catastrophic failure than in the past.
Are You Ready for the Next Power Outage?
Whether you have power protection or not, the actual thoughts surrounding a power loss incident may be more annoyance than anything.
Power Protection Needed When You Least Expect It
One habit we tend to have is to assume that the equipment associated with power providers is the least likely to cause a power outage. After all, this type of equipment is generally more involved in power protection and power restoration.
Two-Day Internet Outage Reminds Us to Back up, Protect, Have a Plan
While power outages are about a dime a dozen regardless of climate or geographical location, Internet outages are probably less talked about, but they can be just as devastating.
Vancouver Storm Means Hundreds of Thousands Lose Power
A recent storm in Vancouver, Canada, showed just how powerful storms could be, as nearly a half-million people were left without power following one such event.
Lightning Causes Two Canadian Outages in 24 Hours
In Canada, it seems that the people live in a part of the world where their unique weather can play havoc with even the most robust power distribution networks.
Some Iowa Residents Experience Week-long Internet Outage
Millions of people around the world have come to rely on the Internet, which is why people get frustrated when outages of even a few minutes occur.
Third Power Outage in 30-Day Period for California City
It was just 10 days ago that a second power outage in a month was a concern for a city in California. It seems that Long Beach's problems are not over just yet.
Water, Fire and Power Protection - a Messy Mix
If you've ever encountered a power outage for any length of time, you received a rude reminder of how much your life is dependent upon power and why you need power protection.
UPS Needs Evolving as Data Centers Transform
The data center market is changing drastically as big data multiplies and cloud computing, mobility and a huge number of applications create networking and storage challenges.
Second Power Outage in a Month is a Concern for California City
Last month on July 15, residents near downtown Long Beach, California, were without power for a third day after attempts by Southern California Edison (SCE) to restore its underground power system failed. More than 3,200 customers were still without power on Friday.
Lightning, Blackouts Aren't the Only Electrical Issues that Hurt Computing Equipment
You can have power running into your computer, and the computer may even continue to function, but that doesn't mean the quality of electricity is good for your equipment.
Power Protection: Home Just as Important as the Office
Technology and extreme weather events are never a good mix, at least from a power standpoint. Power protection is absolutely paramount when it comes to keeping technology systems and networks up and running properly.
As Long as There Are Squirrels, You Need Power Protection
The unpredictability of rodents, weather and even the power company itself is enough of an argument to investment in power protection.
Contractor Error Allegedly Causes City Hall Shutdown in Anchorage
In power outages, the one thing that you normally do not hear about is the occasional "wrong wire" being cut by a contractor doing work on a building.
California City Trashed by Massive Power Outage
Three days of electrical outages plagued up to 90 percent of downtown Long Beach after an underground electrical fire disrupted power and sent manhole cover flying into the air.
Historic District Suffers Major Outage: Would Backup Power Have Helped?
The power went out in in a historic Ohio Business District and was not fully restored until the next night. This outage affected not only the residents but all of the small businesses located in the area.
Underground Transformer Catches Fire, Kills Power in Philadelphia
All over the East Coast we have been experiencing hot and humid weather this summer, and the loss of power on hot days means a loss of business for many companies.
McAfee Believes NYSE, United, Wall Street Journal Came Under Attack
On the recent fateful day when the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), United Airlines and The Wall Street Journal all had pretty severe technical glitches, there were plenty of people who wondered whether it was really the coincidence all three entities claimed.
PlayStation Network's Fourth of July Fizzled With Outage
Reports suggest that the PlayStation Network-hub of online gaming for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 alike, and others-went down just ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend after suffering an outage just days prior.
In Outages, XRoads Networks Offers Internet Backup Solution
XRoads Networks, already well known in the field for its breed of bandwidth management tools, asks an interesting question: how would businesses handle being off the Internet for a week?
Kansas Sees Widespread Power Outages
One storm this week in Leavenworth County, Kan. left tens of thousands of people in the dark - and should serve as a reminder of the importance of having a back-up power source.
East Coast Suffers Power Loss after Severe Storms
The combination of high winds knocking down tree branches and power lines, lightning hitting transformers and disabling trains, traffic lights, as well as homes and businesses, shows just how vulnerable we really are.
How to Prevent the Five Most Common Communication Outages
While Governor Jerry Brown calls for water conservation in drought-stricken California, Oklahoma and Texas face record rainfalls, and Tropical Storm Ana hits South Carolina almost a month before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season (Ruining the Cherry Grove beaches, the unpredictable storm defied government experts who said that the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season would not be until June 1.).
Pittsburgh Areas Experience Short Power Interruption
Many businesses and consumers were without power for a short period this week in the Pittsburgh downtown, North Side, and Manchester regions of the city.
Power Outages Spell PR Disaster for Alabama Utilities
Officials with Riviera Utilities and Alabama Power Co. had some literal and figurative cleaning up to do after a massive five-hour power outage hit Eastern Shore earlier this month.
It's Storm Season - Where's Your Power Protection?
The storm season this spring in the Midwest is starting to challenge records set in years past.
End of Ages? Drought, Fires, Snakes Hit Cali
For those who believe in such things, it might seem like the end is nigh in California. Word of the state's ongoing drought seems to get worse with each passing news cycle, and now comes news of animals falling from the sky and fires scorching the landscape. What's going on here?
Sneaky Snake Leads to Power Purge
While it might be true that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, the same can't always be said for certain reptiles. At least that seems to be the case in a North Carolina town called Apex, where a snake in search of a meal accidentally instead caused a power outage this week.
Powering Devices Wirelessly? Closer Than You Think
In a bid to make everyone truly connected while being unconnected, innovators at one college are working on technology that will hopefully enable people to power up their devices via their wireless Internet.
Hurricane Season is Upon Us: Are You Prepared?
For those unaware, the 2015 Hurricane Season officially started on June 1, and it runs all the way through to November 30. Hence, there is a pretty good chance that everyone reading this will experience at least one significant "weather event" between now and Thanksgiving Day.
Be Prepared: Spring Showers Bring Power Outages
In a tech era where we are always connected, and in an era where connectivity means not losing business, power protection is something that can be executed safely and should be on the checklist of items for businesses of all sizes.
Reliable Backup Power: Something Every Piece of Equipment Needs
As we continue to move toward a world where Voice over IP (VoIP) makes it possible for many employees to work from home, you will find that a lot more individual systems require enough time to save any open data.
One Balloon, One Big Blackout: 9,000 Lose Power in San Francisco
A new report from CBS San Francisco shows that one helium balloon can mean one big blackout in the wrong conditions.
Power Surge Protection Market Expected to Boom
With the proliferation of electronic devices set to dominate people's personal and business lives, it only makes sense that a related segment of that market is slated to grow. According to a new report, the worldwide power-surge, protection-device market is expected to expand from an estimated $2 billion in 2014 to $2.7 billion by 2019, at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3 percent during that period.
California Shopping Plaza Experiences Days-long Power Outage
A shopping plaza in Ukiah, California, experienced an unfortunate days-long power outage that was prompted by a utility room fire.
Storm Highlights Need for Proper Power Protection
Denver residents were reporting power outages all over the city over the weekend due to unseasonal snowfall. These closures and delays were more than just a nuisance; they had serious monetary implications.
Surprise Power Outage has Far-Reaching Consequences
Having the lights flicker for a second in your office is cause for a quick moment of panic, but nothing more. Losing power for a short time is annoying. But losing power for WEEK? That can be a big problem, and it's exactly what some companies in Charleston, West Virginia, are looking at.
Failed Circuit Switch, Electrical Blaze Cause Massive Outage
Power protection systems are a must for keeping a steady power supply during power cuts, spikes, surges and numerous other types of interruptions in power supply.
No Fun Here: Party Balloons Cause Power Outage
Business officials try to prepare for every type of disaster situation. But how do they prepare for the destruction a common helium balloon can cause?
School Highlights a Big Problem with a Solar Backup System
According to a recent report, Butte College had a particular item in its possession that should have rendered blackouts meaningless.
Can a Simple Accident Shut Down Your Home Office?
On Friday, April 17, a garbage truck hit a power pole in Indio, California around nine in the morning. Accidents happen all the time. But according to the Imperial Irrigation District (IID), a power outage from the accident was reported at 9:15 a.m. and it subsequently disrupted the service of more than 900 customers.
A True-Life Story: Saved by the UPS
We write quite a bit here at TMCnet about various and sundry technologies, but one that comes up again and again is UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply.
Outages Happen. Do You Have the Right Power Protection?
As much as we like to think we haven't become dependent upon technology, the reality is we can do little without it most of the day.
Large-Scale Outage Affects Alabama Residents, Businesses
Some 20,000 power customers in Huntsville, Alabama, were quite literally left in the dark recently when a large-scale outage hit residences, schools and retail outlets.
Copper Theft Highlights Need for Better Backup Power
Stealing copper wiring from an electrical substation sounds like the type of crime only seen in places such as Nigeria and India, but it can happen anywhere. Like Salt Lake County in Utah.
An Electrifying Morning as 79,000 Customers Lose Power
For 79,000 residents of Butte County, California,the power grid lost capability, taking the power with it. Some locations, however, proved to be more prepared than others to take on the loss.
What Do you Do When the Country Goes Dark?
Here in the U.S., we kind of take electricity for granted; push a switch, and a light goes on. But given the tenor of the times with hackers and terrorists seemingly everywhere, we shouldn't grow complacent. The nation of Turkey found that out this week when a sudden outage caused chaos and shut down public transportation. The government refused to rule out that the electricity system had been the victim of an attack.
Not Exactly a 'Snow Day': Power Outage Closes College
When school is closed suddenly for any reason, whether it's weather-related or not, most kids rejoice. But when it's a college that closes as the semester is winding down and final papers are due, that's a problem.
Power Outage Strikes Over 90 Percent of South Carolina Town
Residents of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, South Carolina, experienced a pretty widespread outage when a power line was accidentally taken out of service.
Power Protection Needed Even Before the Rain
Anticipating power outages is something that is often top of mind during a storm season, but it's not the only thing that can render your technology resources unavailable.
Could An Email Outage Cause You to Lose Business?
For many of us, a loss of email could mean we're down and out until access is restored. We use it to not only stay connected, but to keep the wheels of capitalism turning.
Recent Outage May Have Cost Apple $25 Million
Apple's suite of digital stores, including iTunes and the App Store, went down for a full 12 hours last week - resulting in millions in lost revenue.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time: This Raven is Truly 'Nevermore'
A power substation is no place to be if you're not highly trained and qualified. Touch one thing that you're not supposed to, and all sorts of havoc-or death-might result.
Do You Have the Power Protection to Survive for Days?
Trillium Health Partners' Mississauga Hospital postponed 100 surgeries and 119 endoscopies when a power outage hit and left the facility without power for four days recently.
Seasons Changing, But Storm Threats Consistent
Ask anyone in the country who's been battered by seemingly incessant storms this winter, and they can pretty much tell you to the minute when spring will arrive, and what the day's high temperature will be for the next week in their neighborhood. Yes, it's gotten so bad that most of us are turning into amateur weather-nerds.
Protect Your Power. Even From Vandalism?
Sometimes power protection measures aren't at all related to what's going on in the sky. The unfortunate truth is that power lines are susceptible to much more, like vandalism.
Brace Yourselves: Winter Isn't Over
March is just a few days away, so people in the Northeast are waiting with bated breath for winter to come to an end.
Students Forced From Dorms Due To Cold-Related Power Outage
If you're sitting in your dorm room working on a term paper or any school project, having the power go out without any warning could be disastrous.
Massachusetts Snow Storms Highlight Importance of Power Protection
If you're in business or at home running machines with sensitive or important information on them, like a business or personal computer, then you'll want to invest in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
Disaster Recovery for a Power-Driven Society: With or Without the Cloud?
If you own a business or work for a large enterprise at the top of the IT chain,the topic of power protection is one that has to be running at all times.
FCC Wants Backup Power for Cellphones; Providers Balk
In one corner is the FCC, maintaining that because traditional phone companies have always kept a phone line open even when power blackouts are rampant, they should continue to do so for cellphone users.
Tough Winter: Illinois Portion of Quad Cities Goes Dark
Whether a blackout is caused by a greater disaster like a tornado or hurricane, or it just happens out of the clear blue sky, it's the kind of thing that can put a damper on an entire day.
What a Local Power Brownout Can Teach All of Us
Sometimes disasters can point the way for improvements we've been putting off for a long time, but really should not ignore. There's a lesson in a recent outage in New Jersey.
Power Outages Aren't Just a Winter Thing
If you're lucky enough to live in the Northeast, then you've had the wonderful experience of back-to-back winter storms these last two weeks that left many of us out in the literal cold.
Power Protection: A Necessity for All Seasons
When it comes to power protection during inclement weather, most of us think of Mother Nature during the more rainy months like hurricane season, but really, power protection is an all-season concern.
Power Protection Falls Short with Pakistan Outage
Could a simple power outage cripple an entire country? Perhaps the better question to ask is why a single country allows its energy infrastructure to cripple to the point that a single outage in a transmission line can render a number of cities dark.
Backup Power: More Than Just a Tech Convenience
It seems that most folks think about backup power only when it's too late: e.g., after the power has already gone out, data has been lost and/or equipment has been fried. But as Technology Writer Teng Seen Khoom pointed out in a recent blog, it's important for a number of reasons to think about power supplies while everything is up and running.
Winter Storm Warnings Remind Us to be Power-Conscious
While winter storm warnings are more for those who live in climates that are susceptible to Mother Nature's cold wrath, it's a good reminder for just about everyone that inclement weather can wreak havoc on power lines.
Power Surge in Pennsylvania Township: Would YOUR Tech Survive?
Even though electricity is a reliable resource in most developed countries, incidents take place that can disrupt power for an undetermined amount of time, which is what happened in Pennsylvania's Bushkill Township recently.
Didn't See That Coming: Sailboat Causes Widespread Power Outage
A recent collision between a sailboat mast and some power lines wreaked havoc in Florida.
Even the Rich Aren't Immune to Power Outages
For those with the means and the vacation hours, the Christmas / New Year's break is a great time to get away and do a little skiing or snowboarding. Add in the guarantee of plenty of fresh powder, and the snow resort of Whitefish, Montana, braced for record crowds over the recent Christmas holiday. Merchants weren't disappointed by the turnout, but they couldn't say the same about the unplanned cell service and power outage that followed.
How One Car Crash Shut Down Most of a Morning's Work for 10,000
One recent car crash in Montgomery and Preble counties in Ohio showed why a backup power supply can be all that stands between a workday lost and a workday merely hindered.
Winter's Here: Play It Safe During a Power Outage
Although short-term power outages are generally easy to recover from, when they are longer lasting it becomes essential to take certain precautions.
Why Power Protection that Allows You to Save Your Data is Critical
When the electricity goes out, residents and companies alike are left in the lurch. Those with the right power protection had the best hope of recovery.
Routine Work Turns into Outage; Internet Down Over Two States
Recently, for FairPoint Communications users in New Hampshire and Vermont, the unthinkable happened: high-speed Internet service went out.
Top Minds Vexed: Harvard Sees Mysterious, Widespread Wi-Fi Outage
Harvard University's IT department said that it experienced "intermittent outages" recently - just in time for the institution's reading period, when students are feverishly working on their end-of-term research projects.
Detroit Municipal Woes Grow as Power Infrastructure Cited
If you live in an area that occasionally gets hit by bad weather, power outages and all their attendant problems are to be expected. But if you live in a major metropolitan area, you might expect any such outages to be quickly rectified. Isn't that the point of living in big city? Good, fast service?
Worried About Storms? Sometimes Power Outages Just Walk In
The sudden outage and resulting power-down was a reminder that even on the sunniest of days, something can go wrong in an instant. That's why it pays to have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) connected and ready, because you never know.
Power Lessons: Thanksgiving Nor'easter Wallops East Coast
New England is no stranger to harsh winters, but an early Thanksgiving Nor'easter that pummeled the region last week caught several states by surprise with widespread power outages.
The Value-Added Reseller Works for YOUR Benefit
Sometimes in business, you realize that there's no possible way you can know everything you need to know. With technology advancements moving at lightning speed, it's near impossible to keep up. That's where a Value Added Reseller (VAR) can come in handy. They know the minutiae of things that you don't have time for, and can work for your benefit to get you the best price.
Power Protection: Sometimes a Matter of Life and Death
In two recent instances in Utah, a fox sought warmth and shelter inside a transformer cabinet and was electrocuted, causing residents of three towns to go without power for more than 30 minutes.
Irony: NASCAR Race Called Off Due to Lack of Power
Did you ever think how much total power is involved at a racetrack? All those vehicles, throwing out maximum horsepower for extended periods of time, has got to add up to some incredible numbers.
Large or Small, Birds Continue to Wreak Power Havoc
It was January 2009 when a US Airways flight leaving New York's LaGuardia airport struck a flock of Canada Geese and ended up ditching in the Hudson River. Miraculously, everyone survived. Except the geese.
Here Comes Winter: Are You Ready for an Outage?
It seems like a cliche when folks remark that there's almost never a (insert name of season here) anymore. Winter can go to summer with a sudden spike in temperature, making spring seem like it's M.I.A. Unfortunately, the same thing seems to happening over a large part of the U.S. this week, as temps plunge and the autumn that was, is no more.
Stock Exchange Outage Leads to Questions about Backup, Recovery
The NYSE recently reported an 'outage' issue, which lasted approximately 10 minutes and wreaked all sorts of havoc for electronic traders.
Big Data is Driving the Demand in Power Protection
The recent focus on Big Data suggests that companies are capturing more information for business intelligence, improved business models, target marketing and so much more.
Could 'Cracked Insulators' Take Down Your Business?
Some 3,500 customers in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., experienced a power outage recently which news reports blamed on cracked insulators. The incident led to what the Northwest Florida Daily News called a "blue sky power outage."
In the Thick of Hurricane Season, Power Protection Is a Must
According to the National Hurricane Center, hurricane season goes from June 1st all the way until November 30th. Despite the brisk air, hurricane season is not quite at the end of its long and potentially destructive rope.
Vehicle Crash Shuts Power for Thousands; Would Your Business Survive?
Nearly 5,000 homes were left without power recently in Oklahoma, thanks to a truck versus utility pole crash.
Hurricane Put 90 Percent of Bermuda Out of Power
Bermuda got walloped last week by Hurricane Gonzalo - pointing out once again how fragile the energy grid can really be.
Who You Gonna Call When 911 Goes Down?
Any kind of outage is a cause for concern, because it not only ends up costing someone some money, but even worse, work can grind to a halt and in one incident earlier this year, critical emergency calls for help went nowhere.
Power Outage Leads to Spoiled Cake
Power outages seldom lead to good things, and for those with sweet teeth, this is probably the worst kind of news to come out of a Calgary power outage: a bakery in the area had to dump every last slice of cake and piece of dessert in the trash.
Broken Utility Pole Leads to Local Power Outage
Given a recent power outage in Connecticut - which could really happen anywhere, at any time -- businesses need to be prepared for anything. Even common incidents can lead to an outage.
Yorkshire Universities Experience Major Internet Outage
Universities in Yorkshire in the U.K. were hit by a massive Internet outage recently, which left thousands of students all over the area without access to the Internet.
What Happens if You Lose Access to Mobile Communications in a Power Outage?
According to a recent report. Vodafone, Spark and 2degress customers in Auckland, New Zealand, were affected by a power outage that depleted battery backup among 160 cell sites.
How to Select the Right Backup Power System
Ensuring that electrical equipment has uninterrupted power sounds simple on the face of it: Get backup power and move on to the next task. The decision to protect computer and electrical equipment from power outages quickly becomes a more involved process when it comes time to actually choosing the right uninterruptible power supply (UPS), however; selecting the right UPS is not as simple as buying a surge protector.
Value Added Resellers Can Help Navigate Confusing Technological Landscape
Whether you're a small business or one of those medium to large sized ones, you're going to want to invest in some technology to help you do the things you do best. The great thing about technology solutions is there are a lot to choose from-that can also be the bad thing about technology. This can be a bit daunting, but finding what is going to work for you is a lot easier if you have someone in your corner helping you navigate the saturated technological landscape. That someone is a value added reseller, or VAR.
Power Outages Are Never Expected - What's Your Power Protection?
Electric company officials near Bend, Ore., believe a hawk made contact with two power lines at the same time recently, causing its electrocution and a subsequent power outage.
Power Outages Caused by Storm Will Lead to Better Planning in Nevada
Heavy rain connected with Hurricane Norbert led to an eight-hour power outage in parts of Nevada earlier this month.
Disaster Preparedness Means Employing Power Protection, Too
With hurricane season still upon us, not to mention what is being predicted as a grueling winter ahead, homes and businesses should seriously consider having a disaster plan in place and putting that plan into action.
Calgary Summer Snow Wreaks Havoc on Power
Residents of Calgary, Canada recently experienced a freak summer snowstorm, which left the city full of downed trees, blocked roads, and widespread power outages.
Power Protection Critical as Hospital Generators Fail
Power outages can be disruptive and frightening, and especially so when they happen at a hospital. That was exactly the case last week when the lights went out at Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, TN.
What NYC Public Schools Can Teach Just About Every Business
When it comes to the New York City Public School system, it can teach us a lesson even though most of us are well past our primary schooling years.
Egypt Loses 50 Percent of Its Power; No Clear Explanation Why
Power outages are just one of those things in life that are inevitable. Like rain, or taxes, you just have to deal with them.
Power 101: What Is Your Outlet Doing To Your Machines?
Those of us without the adequate basic knowledge of home electricity probably don't even think twice about plugging in and playing.
Time Warner Outage Highlights Importance of Power Protection
Whether a big storm has built up in the area or a transformer is compromised, power protection can assure that your processes are preserved for that time when the lights come back on.
Are You Ready? Heat Outage in Illinois Impacts Thousands
The residents of Alton, Illinois, took a bit of a hit with a recent power outage, but it wasn't caused by malevolent winds or catastrophic storms.
Power Protection and Backup Crucial During Emergencies like Napa Earthquake
After this week's massive earthquake in California's wine country, authorities scrambled to take care of the injured, put out fires and clear roads.
Internet and Power Disruptions Can Cause Havoc with Electronic Medical Records
For several hours last week, doctors at PIM Associates lost connection with its electronic records when Practice Fusion, which makes software to help doctors track patients, had Internet connectivity issues.
Alaska Wildlife Sparks Power Outage
A raven flew into an Alaskan electrical substation, which caused arcing, thus leading to opened breakers and a subsequent outage lasting about an hour.
Seattle Outage Highlights the Need for Backup Power
For roughly 3,400 residents of the Capital Hill area in Seattle, it was lights out last weekend. Traffic lights and residential electricity were downed Saturday, August 9, with power out for much of the day.
Hurricane Iselle Downs Power in Honolulu
Hurricane Iselle may not have caused as much damage in Hawaii as was originally feared, but that's small consolation for the thousands that have suffered power outages as a result of the hurricane.
Does Your Power Protection Also Save Data?
The dreaded power outage is not a reality anyone desires, especially when working on a big project. Power protection strategies may be able to save the machine, but what about your data?
Power Outage in State Capital Affects Thousands
The infrastructure that makes up the power grid in any given city can best be described as organized chaos, in which cables go underground and above-ground connected to transformers and substations.
Texas Storm Leaves Many in the Dark
With summer comes some pretty hefty storms that can easily knock a power grid out of commission, leaving several, if not thousands, without power.
Summer Storms Wreak Power Havoc; Are You Ready?
Regardless of where you live on planet Earth, you're clearly no stranger to the occasional power outage. This universal setback happens for a number of reasons, and chances are, it's going to do more than leave you in the dark - literally.
Evil Lurking: Serpent Knocks out Electricity in Jacksonville
Disaster slithered its way into Jacksonville, Fla., July 22 as, according to a Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) spokeswoman, an unidentified breed of snake found its way inside an underground power transformer.
Tahoe Blackout Shows Generators Are Not Enough
Blackouts come after many causes-and summer storms are a key culprit. One case in point is a blackout for more than 31,000 utility customers on Lake Tahoe's South Shore after a lightning storm this Sunday-the first major blackout in years.
Businesses Take Heed: Power Outage Causes Rail Delays, Commuter Woes
A slew of malfunctions and signal problems this week at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority caused serious delays, only to be topped by a complete outage that left commuters stranded and frustrated.
Minuteman Fires Up EnTerra for New Age of Power Protection
Since the birth of Nikola Tesla's (arguably) three-phase electric power current, man has dominated the grid with new and exciting modes of energy storage, conservation, and utilization.
Even Intentional Power Outages Need a Backup Plan
When we talk about power protection, it usually involves a fail-safe solution to keep businesses up and running when the weather is to blame, or when utility companies are up against wildlife and other sources of power cuts.
Power Outages: So Many Ways to Drain Your Business Wallet
The weather is not exactly a kindly entity in the United States, and with it comes the inevitable power outages, which can cause significant economic damage to victims, even after the initial physical damage is done.
Power Protection Made Better With EnTerra Series Battery Backup
In addition to regular system backups, companies should seek uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices to provide emergency power when power fails.
Airport Power Failure Highlights the Need for Backup Systems
A power outage at Sydney International Airport on June 27 ground the terminal to a complete halt, downing passenger processing facilities and stranding thousands of people.
Power Outages Can Spoil Food AND Business Data
The Red Cross has been reminding communities that summer power outages can be deadly when it comes to perishable food, although the damage from power outages extends not just to food in the fridge but also to mission-critical business data.
Microsoft Exchange Online Out for More Than Eight Hours
During its recent Exchange outage, Microsoft had a great opportunity to establish a good relationship with its customers by explaining the situation. Unfortunately, it failed to do so.
Are You Ready for Your Coming Power Outage?
Over the last two years, a quarter of homes have had power outages lasting 12 hours or longer. The average amount of property damage? Roughly $1,900.
Defined Power Needs Made Easy with MinutemanUPS
It's a given in the world of data and technology that power matters. Not just power in terms of "I'm the boss; do what I say," but power in terms keeping everything up and running, 24/7.
Disaster Recovery Programs, Backup Power Plans Take on New Importance
A study conducted by Travelers in 2012 show that 48 percent of American small business owners have no disaster recovery plan. In fact, this trend extends to other countries, too.
For Ultimate Power Protection, the Generator is not Enough
According to a recent report citing Harris Interactive, power outages in the last two years have had a significant impact. One in every four homeowners has been impacted with a power outage that lasted 12 hours or more.
Power Outage Costs Local Businesses $3M on Graduation Weekend
Last month, a downtown power outage in South Bend, Ind., cost businesses at least $3 million in economic impact, according to an analysis from Downtown South Bend, Inc. (DTSB).
Expect the Unexpected: Critter Crashes Power System
Even when your workday is done and you're settled in for the night, it pays to be vigilant and to plan ahead for any eventuality. Residents of the Louisiana town of Opelousas discovered that fact the hard way this week when power went out unexpectedly at around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening.
Hurricane Season Means Trouble for Unprotected Businesses
There are an average of 10 storms large enough to get names of their own each year, with roughly five that develop into hurricanes each hurricane season.
Why You Need Tech Backup: Power Truck Causes Sudden Power Outage
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a provider of unique and robust power protection solutions, offers an array of products geared toward businesses, from outlet surge protectors to UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). Using power protection equipment can save such businesses thousands in costly damages and lost revenue due to outages, as well as keep things running smoothly and efficiently in the event of an interruption or total outage.
Power Outage Spells Uncertainty for Notre Dame Graduation Weekend
As universities and colleges across the nation are gearing up for Pomp and Circumstance, the residents and businesses of South Bend, IN, are scrambling without power.
What's Protecting Your Uninterruptible Power Supply?
When it comes to protecting your power, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can prevent downtime, keep all systems going, and ensure that business goes on as usual.
Wildlife Outages Can Be Mitigated With Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Power outages are inevitable circumstances we typically see when it comes to nature, but it's not always weather-related.
Power Needs Remote Management Capabilities, Too
While just about every computer system is now on the network, making remote administration an option, not all components that support these systems are also able to be remotely administered.
Why the UPS is Essential in Power Protection
The power surge - no wants to experience it, yet nearly everyone understands the destructive power it can have. Fortunately, Uninterruptible Power Supplies can provide that protection and keep your business on track.
Spring Weather Has Arrived - Do You Have Your Power Protection?
As much as we yearn for the arrival of spring, it is not without its weather challenges. This is especially true in the Midwest where recent storms have devastated communities.
Sprinkler Test Downs College Internet
When the power recently went out at the College of the Holy Cross, a Jesuit school in Worcester, Mass., a number of students were feeling the pain.The Internet went down as well.
In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion: Wacky Spring Weather Emphasizes Power Protection
In like a lion, out like a lamb. That's what March is supposed to do, at least the saying says so. Certain parts of the country aren't experiencing the "lamb" part of spring, as many are still getting some wild snowstorms.
Toshiba Intros New High-Speed Switching Type Super Junction MOSFETs
Toshiba Corporation has launched its new "DTMOS IV-H series" of high-speed switching type super junction MOSFETs, which are metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor, used for amplifying or switching electronic signals.
Power to the People? Not Always
Power outages are a major pain for everyone. If you're in an office, everything comes to a grinding halt as people just look at each other, not sure what to do.
The Consequences of Power Failure and Importance of Disaster Preparedness
Late last week, breaking news from San Diego reported that a "massive, 500-year-old oak tree unexpectedly split in half and toppled into a private roadway," taking local power lines down with it.
Back-up Power Supplies: Do You Need Them?
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is keeping track of power outages that are not the result of major weather incidents, and is looking for ways in which to improve services based on the analysis of outage data.
Illegal Growing Operation Cause of Power Outage
Sometimes, the truth comes out in the darkness. Take, for instance, how the power went out in a residential neighborhood in Deltona, Fla., recently, due to a blown transformer fuse on a utility pole.
Ice Storm Leaves Carolina Businesses Vulnerable
Companies need to invest in power protection solutions, including small to large-scale uninterruptible power supply products and more, to supplement business operations in case of storm outages.
Power Failure for MLB Team Highlights Importance of Power Protection
Power protection is usually something that's discussed among business professionals whose livelihoods rely on mission-critical data and the ability to stay always-on, no matter the circumstance.
Power Outages and the Danger that Lurks Behind
Power protection investments help to protect your equipment and your information, but what if your life was also dependent upon seamless access?
Minuteman Literally Puts the Power in Your Hands
If I want to get a chuckle out of my kids, all I have to do is regale them with tales of what it was like growing up in Grandpa's house. "The TV only showed programs in black and white!" I'll exclaim. "We only had seven channels. And when we wanted to change the channel, we had to walk to the TV and turn a dial to do so!"
Power Outage in Des Moines Stops Government Email, Internet Service
Multiple redundant systems that data centers have might seem extreme at times, but the power outage that took place last week in Des Moines, Iowa, clearly points out why these precautions are necessary.
Melbourne Power Grid Fell at the Mercy of Pole Fires
Last week, a number of Victorians registering in the tens of thousands were left in the dark after a series of fires demolished the entire state's electrical power distribution network.
How Lack of Power Protection Can Fail an Island
Power protection technologies are generally put in place to prevent major losses. For Providenciales, in the islands of Turks and Caicos, the only power plant in existence failed and left the island in a complete blackout.
Harsh Climate, Outages Highlight Importance of Power Protection
In addition to regular system backups, companies should seek uninterruptable power supply (UPS) devices to provide emergency power when power fails.
Businesses Need to Prepare for Disruption During This Winter Season
While the weather cannot be controlled, there are steps that businesses can take to mitigate the effects of winter weather.
Temperature Monitoring System Critical for Enterprise Data Centers
Enterprise data centers almost always require a temperature monitoring system. In fact, the ideal computer room monitoring system almost always includes several temperature sensors as well as at least one humidity monitor. It's been known for years that electronics operate at optimum performance when they can be kept relatively cool and at constant environmental conditions. Why is this?
Vulture Flying into Substation Causes Power Outage in Texas
Recently, a vulture flew into an Entergy substation, which led to a power outage for about 1,500 customers in Navasota, Texas.
New EnterprisePlus LCD Line Interactive UPS Keeps Power Clean
The EnterprisePlus LCD Line Interactive UPS is not just a big battery that keeps equipment running when the power goes out; it also has true sine wave electrical output.
A Burst Pipe Shows How Most of Us Ride the Edge with Our Data Protection
As a society, we've grown pretty complacent about the security and availability of our digital data, but this is a false sense of security-as those on the Western Kentucky campus during a recent water leak can attest.
Snow Shuts Down Businesses in the Carolinas, Shows Why Backup Power is a Good Investment
Increasingly, weather patterns of old are giving way to new and unexpected weather conditions, and ensuring that business functions as close to normal during these times can be crucial.
Local Power Surge Blows Lights, Appliances
Consumers often hear about power surges and the damage they can cause, but one Pennsylvania man who knows something about connecting with people electronically actually witnessed such a surge firsthand in his house.
Atlas Oil Ensures Business Continuity with Emergency Fuel
In our hyper-connected world, any type of disruption can result in a large amount of monetary loss, and the reputation of the organization can sustain irreparable damage.
National Park Services Data Center Damaged By Power Outage
While losing power is never good for a company, the byproducts of losing power is the real problem. One solution is to never actually lose power in the first place.
Power Out? 'Situational Intelligence' Can Help Bring It Back Faster
Let's just put it out there: Power outages are a royal pain. Besides leaving people literally in the dark, such outages can cost businesses millions of dollars if they last for days. Add that to the discomfort, inconvenience and loss from spoiled food and changed plans, and it's easy to see that this area is ripe for a solution to bring back power to affected areas more quickly.
Power Outage in Newfoundland Affects 190,000 Customers
Extreme cold weather and power outages are synonymous, and the current cold spell that is taking place is no exception. A power outage in Newfoundland over the weekend resulted in a rolling blackout lasting four days.
Winter Weather Brings Outage Threats: Are You Prepared?
So, cold enough for you? Besides hearing everyone's cliches and comments about the weather, the current polar vortex affecting most of the country also has a darker side; sudden and sometimes prolonged power outages.
Top Ten Power Outages of 2013 Listed
Recently Neverfail, a provider of IT continuity management solutions, highlighted some of the top outages in the industry over the past year.
Internet Outage Hurts Christmas Sales in Pennsylvania Town
It's an understatement to say that businesses rely on the Internet, but as the town of Lititz, Pennsylvania, found out, when the Internet stops, the whole town can stop.
Shining a Light on Venezuela's Blackout: Could Minutemen Have Saved the Day?
On the eve of December 3rd, roughly half of the country of Venezuela lost power. The massive size of the outage has people asking questions.
Why a Power Outage Doesn't Have to Shut You Down
While the reference to the day as "Black Friday" is really a comment on a retailer's ability to turn a profit, it took on a different meaning for some shoppers when the power went out in Delaware and Pennsylvania.
There's Never a Good Time for a Power Outage
While the chance of power loss is obvious right before a big snowstorm blows into town, at other times the loss of power can be unexpected. At those times, power loss also can be devastating.
Severe Storms Can Happen in the Off Months
With the arrival of November in 2013, the Midwest got a reminder that Mother Nature doesn't necessarily abide by the same schedule we do. Sometimes, the bad weather is going to come at an odd time.
The Power Outage Doesn't Have to Stop the Show
We rely on significant power sources to complete tasks on a daily basis and without the right backup plans, we could be left high and dry. We are sometimes taught to improvise, but that isn't always possible in the corporate environment.
Minuteman Offers Instant Rebates on Power Protection Devices
If you're relying on electronic equipment in your everyday or work life, you need power protection. Minuteman offers a full suite of solutions designed to protect equipment, lower your cost of operations and even save your data in the event of a crash. If yours is a high-intensity environment, you need intuitive solutions that can anticipate challenges.
Do You Have the Right Power Protection for These Threats?
It's critical to have power protection gear in place to protect your home, business and electronic devices, but it's also important to know the risks.
In a Power Surge Situation - Are Your Devices Protected?
When asurge protector meant to keep the weather reporting computer online can't take the heat, power protection goes right out the window.
Demand the Best in Power Protection to Prevent Disasters
Much like in the corporate environment, the equipment selected to protect assets must be equipped for that asset. Likewise, power protection devices need to adhere to a specific standard to ensure equipment is safe, as well as the individuals who use that equipment.
The National Grid, Power Outages, Cyber Attacks, and GridEx II
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC, and many different local, state, and federal organizations along with collaborating agencies from Canada and Mexico, will be conducting the Grid Security Exercise II (GridEx II) from November 13-14, 2013.
Another Squirrel, Another Power Outage this Time in Schuylkill Haven
Electric line workers and squirrels are in a battle that is seen by very few, except when the rodents cause a power outage that inconveniences thousands of people. If you think these incidents are isolated, you're mistaken.
Squirrels: Electricity's Furry Killer and Data's Worst Nightmare
As nutty as it may sound, squirrels causing power outages to large swaths of consumers isn't as uncommon as one would be led to believe. In fact, it's such a common occurrence that power companies don't bother tracking how often squirrels cause an outage.
Invest in Uninterruptable Power Supply to Weather the Storms
While we can't make our homes and businesses 100 percent foolproof, we can take precautionary measures to ensure power supply. That's why there are uninterruptable power supplies, or UPS.
Don't Let a Power Outage Take Down Your Business
A power outage highlights the ever-present danger faced by businesses of all types. We rely on power, and we generally take it for granted. But power outages happen, and they can cause plenty of financial and operational damage.
NSA Got Attacked . . . by a Power Surge
The National Security Agency (NSA), the United States' biggest authority on security, has not protected its IT infrastructure sufficiently to protect against the 10 different power surges that have demolished its data center in Bluffdale, Utah.
'Fire Hazard' Leads to Recall of 15 Million APC-Brand Surge Protectors
A massive 15 million APC-branded surge protectors are being recalled by American Power Conversion (APC), now known as Schneider Electric IT Corp., due to reported fires.
McDonald's Can't Resist Piling on Superdome's Power Troubles
A current McDonald's ad, running not just during sporting events but across a multitude of time slots, features Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reenacting the famous game of horse between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.
Business Continuity Plans Need to Include Ways to Save Data, Maintain Business Operations
Whether it's violent weather-related storms (such as Sandy), man-made disasters like terrorists attacks, or other pressing emergencies, without proper planning catastrophic events can lead to operational losses.
Make Backup Plans Now Before the Power Goes Out
Power outages can be short-term or long-term and depend to a large extent on the location of the power station and the cause for the outage.
Squirrel is the Possible Culprit in College of Southern Idaho Power Outage
A power outage stopped electricity recently to four buildings at the College of Southern Idaho. Surprisingly, the source of such major damage was not a menacing force of nature, but was, in fact, a squirrel that managed to get into equipment.
Milwaukee NWS Station Takes Hit from Lightning
Lightning in Wisconsin last week temporarily took the National Weather Service's radar offline after destroying its surge protector.
Extended Run-Time Solutions Keep Businesses Humming
A Frost & Sullivan survey of IT managers at SMBs found that 72 percent wanted more than 30 minutes of backup power, and 30 percent wanted more than two hours of backup.
Flights Take Flight after Lightning Strikes at BWI Airport
After a lightning strike hit the tower of the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport control tower Thursday, Sept. 12, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stopped all takeoffs and landings for several hours.
Superdome Sees the Light, Takes Preventive Measures
During last season's Super Bowl, half of the lights in the Superdome's roof went out, just after the game had resumed following halftime, and the air conditioning system had been taxed in an effort to pull smoke from the halftime show out of the stadium.
Intermedia Service Disruption Gets Customers Fired Up
Service disruptions are an inevitable part of doing business in the Web and cloud computing sectors, but how a company deals with them can do a lot to either help or hinder their reputation with their customers.
Power Outage in Minnesota Forces Businesses to Close
Arecent power outage in Montevideo, Minnesota, resulted in businesses closing their doors for the day and residents having to go without power for up to 12 hours or more before it was eventually restored.
Power Outage in Venezuela Paralyzes 70 Percent of the Country
Venezuela has been trying to develop a modern grid with investments totaling around $7.2 billion from the government, but experts believe lack of technical knowledge and issues of accountability has prevented the country from implementing a reliable power infrastructure.
SNMP Cards Deliver Remote Monitoring
One of the hot trends in computing, the Internet of Things, also known as M2M, lets machines and devices communicate remotely with each other and humans.
Emerson Intros New AC-DC Power Supply For Medical, Telecom and Other Sectors
Emerson has expanded its highly successful LCM300 series product lineup by introducing a new 300 Watt AC-DC power supply for industrial and medical equipment manufacturers.
Building Failsafe Measures during the Design Phase of Data Centers
Data centers are the heart of the digital world we all seem to be living in, and if an unforeseen disaster takes down the multiple contingency controls that are in place to protect the center, the damage can add up to millions of dollars every minute it is down. With new datacenters costing hundreds of millions of dollars, every possible scenario is given a solution before construction of the facility even begins. Although great measures are taken during the design phase, incidents still take place which can slow or even stop operations long after the center opens.
Protecting Digital Assets from Solar Flares
In 1859 the Carrington Event was responsible for blowing out telegraph lines across the United States. Because the technology was still in its infancy, it was not available everywhere, limiting the damage caused by the solar flare. However, if an event such as the one that took place in 1859 repeats itself today, the damage would be catastrophic. Virtually everything we rely on today depends on electricity, and if it is not adequately protected the damage will affect the electric grid and data centers - two extremely critical components in our modern world.
Keeping Wireless Access Networks Energy Efficient
With Internet traffic exploding, data centers around the world are only getting bigger and bigger. At this rate, they are responsible for 2 percent of the world's electric consumption today, leaving 1.5 percent of the global carbon footprint. Hence, there is a lot of pressure on facility managers (FMs) to reduce power consumption wherever possible.
Cloud or No Cloud: Practices for Protecting Data Pretty Much the Same
For most enterprises, information is the most valuable asset, even more so than many expensive tangible assets. Protecting information has become a high priority, since losing the information -- or access to it -- leads to costly downtime.
Facility Managers and Power Consumption
The National Science Foundation granted a team of engineers at Pennsylvania State University $1 million for research into reducing the amount of power data centers consume. Data centers around the world are getting bigger and bigger, and currently they are responsible for 2 percent of the world's electric consumption, leaving 1.5 percent of the global carbon footprint. Facility managers (FMs) have to ensure the center is up and running at all times, protect it from any unforeseen event, and increasingly they are asked to reduce power consumption wherever possible.
Prepare for Solar Flares with Proper Power Protection
Second, use uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). High-quality UPS systems will mitigate the effects of harmful electrical transients. It also will provide battery run time that will allow IT systems to be gracefully shut down or standby generators to start in the event of a power outage.
UPS Market Growing and Changing Heading Towards 2017
Industry analyst Frost & Sullivan has just released a new report which indicates that a rather strong inflow of foreign investments, as well as European Union funds is making the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market that much stronger. Despite that report, Frost and Sullivan believes that there is too much volatility in the market to keep growth at the rate it is currently seeing. The company believes that the UPS market is going to see a steep decline in prices over the next three years.
Data Center Risk Index Includes Solar Flares
Data Center downtime could cost a company millions in lost revenue, compensation, customer satisfaction, and retention, ultimately hurting the business' reputation. Data center owners spend hours upon hours trying to keep their center secure from the latest security threat.
In the Heat of Summer, Is Your Data Center Protected?
The arrival of mid-summer also signals the arrival of intense heat in many parts of the United States. That heat brings a need for access to considerable power to run the fans and air conditioners used to cool citizens everywhere. Without proper power protection, however, these individuals run the risk of being without when demand exceeds supply.
Heat Wave Brings Power Protection Priorities to Light
Here in the Northeast, it's hot. As Eugene Morris Jerome said in Biloxi Blues, "It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot." When the thermometer is about to burst, our thoughts, naturally, turn to ice-cold drinks and the soothing allure of conditioned air. But with all those ACs blowing at maximum capacity all day, the potential for a blackout or brownout grows considerably. And, when that happens, businesses better hope they have a power protection plan in place.
It's Prepared Not Postpared; Summer Power Protection
When people start talking about emergency preparedness, I begin to squirm. Not because I don't want to think about disaster - I'll show up at any good apocalyptic movie you put out there - but because the lists of what you're supposed to do to prepare are just so long. And there's about six of them on the CDC website, for everything from severe weather to bioterrorism. Frankly, I'm lazy, and don't want to think about buying and storing all that stuff. Sorry dad, I'm an embarrassment.
Duncan Power Outage Highlights the Need for Power Protection
It was a bad outage for Duncan, Oklahoma. When power went out around 10 p.m. on June 27, it stayed down until about 11 a.m. the following morning.
Power Protection Gets a Whole Lot Cheaper
Realizing that companies with extremely tight budgets need a high level of power protection products to safeguard their business against potential outages now and in the future, Minuteman Power Technologies recently began to drastically cut the prices on a variety of products, ranging from surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies to PDUs and remote power managers.
Power Outages Can Be Avoided with Power Protection
Last week, more than 4,300 customers were left without power in San Diego for a little over two hours. Specifically, San Diego Gas & Electric customers in the North County - specifically the Vista area, Gopher Canyon, Oceanside, San Luis Rey and Ocean Hills - lost power at around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26 and it was eventually restored some time close to 8:00 p.m.
How a Power Protection System Could Have Saved 160,000 Lives
A tragedy recently struck the Murray Springs Fish Hatchery in Eureka, Montana, the kind of tragedy that ends with 160,000 dead fish. Normally at the fish hatchery, shutting down the electrical system to the building causes a set of generators kicks on in response. This time, no such response occurred, and took a massive toll in fish. But could this have been avoided, could those 160,000 fish be headed for rivers today with the help of a power protection system?
Lack of Power Protection in Chicago Leaves Commuters Stranded
If a power failure occurs, however, these individuals are often left to do nothing more than wait. At the same time, they aren't likely to reach their destination when expected. This can cause a significant lag in the productivity of the day, cause a missed meeting or even make the individual late for that all-important child's soccer game. If power protection were in place, however, such an outage could be avoided.
XP Power Unveils New Surge Protection Filter Module for 28 VDC Input Defense Applications
XP Power, a provider of power protection and surge protection devices, recently launched its DSF226 filter and surge protection module specifically designed for use in 28 VDC input defense applications.
Accell Unveils Powramid Range of Surge and Power Protection Products
Expensive electronic devices need to be protected against sudden voltage fluctuations and other power problems. That is why today many businesses and residential customers turn to power protection and storage devices in order to overcome the damage that can caused by power outages.
Don't Go Without a Power Protection Plan
Does your business have a power protection plan? Don't worry; I'm not trying to sell you any specific plan, just letting you know that you should have one. If the power outage in Minneapolis last Friday is any indication, it's important to have a plan for when the lights go out.
California Central Coast Power Outage Affects 145,000 PG&E Customers
Using the right set of power protection system can ensure these devices will power down appropriately, avoiding any loss to the device or the data contained within these devices.
Recent Power Outages Illuminate Why Power Protection Plan Needs to Be in Place
A recent series of power outages impacting Milwaukee have left thousands of utility customers in the dark. On June 12-13 some 23,000 We Energies customers lost power from a storm. It caused lightning strikes and downed wires. Then on June 19, about 5,700 We Energies customers lost power from an equipment failure. It was due to a cable malfunctioning near the corner of North 28th and West St. Paul streets.
Power Outages Stress Importance of Power Protection
One Google search of the term "power outage" will yield results spanning coast to coast. Power outages do not favor; they can strike any grid at any time, interrupting a lot more than basic living. For St. Louis, a recent outage meant delayed Metro Transit schedules. For much of the northeast, power protection means protection during hurricane season, currently running from now until the end of November. But what does this mean for businesses, data centers and others that need constant power for optimal performance? It means power protection is a must.
The Importance of Power Protection in the Digital Age
From the moment we wake up until we go back to sleep, virtually everything we do requires electricity. Healthcare facilities, financial institutions, data centers, emergency centers and critical public and private organizations all heavily depend on electricity. The power is delivered by an electrical grid that crisscrosses every city and state with thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines. Implementing a power protection scheme capable of covering this massive infrastructure is difficult at best, but very necessary
Yale University Power Outage Teaches Lessons in Preparedness
When Yale University experienced a power outage earlier this year - it was a timely lesson that a well-equipped research university has to be prepared for an unexpected loss of electricity and do that with a reliable power protection plan in place.
New York City Task Force Begins to 'Storm Proof' the City against Another Sandy
To ensure that the city is better prepared in terms of having a power protection plan in the future against a similar storm, the city's Building Resiliency Task Force, a group of more than 200 landlords, property managers, architects, city officials and consultants, recently convened and drafted a list of 33 recommendations for action to help "storm proof" the city. The money for such improvements would likely come from the billions of dollars New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed for infrastructure improvements to protect the city's more than 500 miles of coastline.
How to Prevent Downtime During a Power Outage
We take electrical power for granted. Our world runs on power, and it is so deeply integrated with our businesses that most of the time we do not consider the effects of a power outage on productivity and overall business objectives.
Power Protection Means More than Just Protection from the Dark
Many of us in the tri-state region of the northeast are waiting for a bout of rainy weather headed in our direction, so much that many counties and local municipalities are sending out messages to residents to batten down the hatches and prepare for flooding and possible power failure. With power failure comes an element of stress, particularly for families with little ones or with those who rely on power for work or health. That's why there is power protection.
University of Missouri-St. Louis North Campus Outage Could Have Been Prevented with Power Protection Solution
These days, it's easy to forget how easily an organization or educational institution can be shut down due to a power outage, even with an event like Hurricane Sandy having occurred so recently. Even not backed by a hurricane, a power outage can be a major disruption to normal operations in most cases.
Businesses Suffer Without Power Protection, Michigan Organizations Reveal
What is something that is just as important as a fully satisfied customer base and a high profit margin for a company looking to stay in operation for the unforeseeable future? The answer is power protection, because without power almost every single activity taking place within a corporate environment will come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, as we speak, businesses located in Kalmazoo, Mich. are learning that important lesson the hard way.
Lack of Power Protection Kills Shopping for a Day in Florida
The shopping experience - it's something that is sweetened only by deep discounts. The individual who gets a rush from a new pair of shoes, the perfectly styled pants or a full new set of accessories gets an additional high when these items are had at rock bottom prices. Thus, the primary demand for the discount megamall is born. What happens, however, when that megamall doesn't have power protection and the lights suddenly go out?
Five Security Reasons to Worry About the Power Grid
Warfare has changed dramatically in the past two decades, largely due to technology.
Who Turned Out the Lights? Ritz-Carlton Suffers Power Outage
Ensuring that your business or home has a reliable power protection plan in place no matter the reason behind the outage can mean the difference between suffering from virtually no downtime whatsoever or sitting around, twiddling your thumbs as you await the power-related problem to be remedied. The latter is exactly what happened recently at The Ritz-Carlton hotel located in Clayton, an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis, Mo.
Why Sporting Events Need Power Protection
Fast forward to baseball season and the power outages continue to threaten. Even those environments that have made the investment in power protection technologies to prevent outages can still be affected. A recent Braves' game against the Minnesota Twins was delayed not just by rain, but also be a subsequent power outage that extended the delay by roughly 20 minutes.
Thailand Suffers Power Outage, Leading Many to Question What Happened to Its Power Protection Plan
If you were longing for a relaxing vacation while traveling through the beautiful country of Thailand, you might not have received exactly what you were looking for, that is, assuming you wanted to do any activity involving power. That is because within areas including Phuket, Hat Yai and Koh Samui, nearly eight million residents and tourists witnessed what is now being deemed the country's largest power blackout in its history.
Bingo in the Dark? Casino Suffers from Power Outage
So, what could have been done to ensure this power outage never happened at all? First, a reliable power protection plan should have been put in place before the casino's doors ever even opened to the public. Bill Allen, marketing director at power protection specialist Minuteman Power Technologies stated, "There's a long list of reasons why it is absolutely critical that casinos have a comprehensive back-up power plan. That list starts with customer safety and security and includes revenue losses, customer inconveniences, re-start and recovery time, along with customer liability issues."
A Storm is Coming - Is Your Power Protection Plan in Place?
In our modern society, we take access to power for granted. We plan our lives around being able to flip on a light, turn on the TV, charge the battery on our mobile phones and enjoy a hot shower. When access to power is cut off, access to all of these modern conveniences is also eliminated. If you live in an area of the country where storms often wreak havoc on the electrical grid, you might want to consider the benefits associated with power protection.
Colleges Students Rejoice as Power Protection Strategy Fails at Various UW-Madison Facilities
Last week, right around the time that multiple power outages were negatively affecting power protection specialist Minuteman UPS/ Para Systems, colleges students were probably somewhere celebrating by playing beer pong as IT administrators did their best to bring back the electricity that had gone done within seven buildings at the UW-Madison campus.
No One is Immune: Minuteman Stands Strong Against Power Problems at its Headquarters
The first week of May was a memorable one at Minuteman, as multiple power outages affected our home city of Carrollton.
The Smart Grid and Power Protection
Implementing a strong power protection strategy is no longer vital for just businesses looking to prevent the negative consequences that occur when a network is down for an extended period of time. In fact, non-profit EMPact America is currently taking the important steps needed to ensure the nation's power grid will remain unaffected, even during times such as natural disasters - or worse, a nuclear attack.
Cougar Releases SL Line of Budget Power Protection Supplies
Computer hardware company Cougar has just unveiled its new line of budget power supplies, Cougar SL. The SL series is promoted at up to 80 percent power efficient, with a silent 120 mm fan to dissipate heat from the power that isn't efficiently used
Without a Power Protection Plan in Place, Virginia Businesses Suffer Losses
Last week, various companies quickly realized that they had been left in the dark because their electricity had been shut off. The mistake was made by Dominion Virginia Power, a company that was attempting to change out some power lines, which just so happened to be smack in the middle of a busy business day.
Power Protection Strategies Include Preparing for Power Outages Before They Happen
Power outages are a pain, but they can and occasionally will happen. However, with the proper steps taken as well as an effective power protection tactic in place, the risk of power outages can be reduced, they can be handled quickly and recovery afterwards can be an easy process. All it takes is a little preparation.
How to Better Protect Your Enterprise from Power Surges Prompted by Lightning
According to the U.S. National Weather Service, the chance of being struck by lightning at some point while you roam this Earth is about one in 5,000. However, the odds of your organization being struck by lightning are greatly increased. Because most business operations these days require a reliable source of power to work, a power protection plan is now key to every corporate environment's long-term success. With such a strategy in place, your organization would no longer be susceptible to the negative effects that can be caused due to network downtime or even a cyber attack.
MinuteMan Reveals How it Stands Apart from Competing Power Protection Providers
A privately held company headquartered north of Dallas, Tex., which has been around for more than 30 years, MinuteMan UPS/ Para Systems sells power protection products including surge suppressors, battery backup systems, UPS systems and other power-related products. Sold strictly through the channel via resellers, integrators and dealers, the power protection provider boasts a long legacy within the telecommunications arena and caters to clients throughout both North and South America.
Great Security Goes Nowhere without Power Protection
For most people, the idea of security starts with antivirus systems and a password, maybe even then extending to malware protection or biometrics. But one critical function that gets little consideration in the world of security measures is the idea of power protection.
Minuteman Power Protection: Events for 2013
Power protection systems are a must for keeping a steady power supply during power cuts, spikes, surges and numerous other types of interruptions in a company's power supply. These systems provide much needed protection against health hazards and data loss and are necessary for maintaining key communications systems.
Power Protection Giant Introduces Full Line of Security Power Resources
A well implemented power protection system eliminates the chances of a security system outage or damage occurring due to an array of problems related to insufficient power.
SurgeX International Unveils White Paper on Global AC Power and Grounding
Power protection products are without a doubt very crucial components of a business. The loss a power outage can bring to your organization can shut its doors forever.
Yale Surpassed Hurricane Sandy and Storm Nemo, but Lost Power Last Night to...
A good old fashioned power disruption occurred at a near-by electric distribution company - specifically, due to the malfunctioning of an underground cable that runs throughout the city of New Haven.
Don't Wear a Dunce Cap When it Comes to Power Protection
We've discussed in the past how power failures can affect the educational sector, but lately, it seems that there are tons of outages affecting educational institutions nationwide.
ERS and Planalytics Work to Predict Weather for Business Continuity
Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), a New York-based software and consulting firm specializing in retail analysis and demand planning for manufacturers and their retail partners, recently revealed that it has formed an alliance with Planalytics, a business weather intelligence provider. According to the terms of the agreement, Planalytics' business weather intelligence forecasting system will be integrated with ERS' POS analytic and demand planning Software.
I Smell a Rat
Let us not forget that "bug" in a computer system that originally came from an actual bug getting caught in the innards of an early computer. Maybe that should have been a warning for all of us that assume our electrical equipment is free of animal interference.
All About Surge Protectors
In part one of this series, we discussed the detrimental (specifically, financial) effects of going without a robust and reliable surge protector. Today, we're going to be discussing where surge protectors can best apply, as well as put out the discerning fire for those of you who are unsure if you even need one to ensure power protection.
Post Power Outage - Having Your Power Restored Can Cost You Thousands
When you hear of power outages, the first thing that comes to mind - naturally - is an outrage at the damaging or prolonging effects of being cast into the dark. Whether it's a residential or business-related outage, losing power is never a treat; however, for one small community in Oak Lawn, Illinois, frustration was aimed at the power being restored.
Smart Power Systems, Touch Dynamic Collaborate to Supply Power Protection
This week in power protection news, it was revealed that Touch Dynamic, a manufacturer of touch screen monitors and mobile POS devices for a variety of industries, will deliver Smart Power Systems' electronic power conditioners and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products with its bundled options through a newly forged partnership.
'If There's Something Strange in Your Neighborhood, Who You Gonna Call...'
Okay, we'll admit that supernatural hauntings, ghosts and towering marshmallow men are completely different than losing power - that is, unless you believe the rumors of the Super Bowl power outage last month. But just like all of the above rocked New York City and called for help in what became a powerful ghost removal service, businesses, residencies and more all need to be sure they have a powerful service to help them turn the lights back on when failures unexpectedly take over.
Combining Power Quality Brands into One Single Offering
In the latest power protection news, Smiths Power has combined all of its individual offerings and will now offer them as a single brand.
Wild Chicken Causes Brief but Impacting Power Outage at Maui Airport
We could begin with the, "Why did the chicken cross the road" jokes, but it seems like one form of pesky poultry caused quite a bit of trouble that's anything but a laughing matter. We've heard of some pretty crazy animalistic power outages in the past - from cats to deer - but this time it involves a "wild chicken" that caused a brief, 30-minute to one hour power outage at Maui, Hawaii-based Kahului Airport last week after wandering into a transformer at the airport's rental car area.
Defending Your Equipment Against Power Problems with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems: Part 2
In part one of our series this week on the basics of power protection, we discussed what kind of power problems businesses can encounter including blackouts, brownouts, surged and spikes. Additionally, we covered the basics of surges and what surge protectors can do for non-critical equipment such as printers and other devices that are not required during a full outage.
Defending Your Equipment Against Power Problems with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems: Part 1
Let's pose a very simple question: How can you protect your equipment from power problems? You may think this is simple and self-explanatory, but millions of businesses worldwide lose power - and more importantly, profit and customer satisfaction - every year. What about problems that can occur with utility power, which types of protection (surge protection and Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS - or a battery backup system) are needed for your various applications? Perhaps even more importantly, do you know the difference between each type of power device?
Telcom & Data Customers Participate in Special Minuteman UPS/Para Systems Rebate Program
A special rebate program for Minuteman products is now enabling Telcom & Data's customers to receive rebates on a range of robust power protection products and solutions, including surge protectors, power distribution units and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) products.
I Would Do Anything for Love, but I Won't Pop That
Valentine's Day 2013 is officially a few days old now. Have you gotten your fill of treats and kisses from your sweetie? There may be one thing you also received that could be contributing to the steady rise in power outages across the United States, and it comes tied to a ribbon. If you haven't gotten enough news on this year's most loving holiday, then listen up, because this random act has been causing a slow but steady incline of putting you in the dark.
Super Bowl Power Outage Finally 'Explained' but Mayor Still Defends His City
While the 49ers came back from their deficit and almost won the game, the city of New Orleans has not rallied quite so well. The cause of the fluke power failure, arguably the legacy of the Super Bowl, was unknown for more than a week after the game.
Fall In Love with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems' Upcoming Instant Rebate Program
When it comes to supporting your mission-critical equipment with reliable and equally powerful power protection solutions, celebrate by digging into some delicious savings offered through Minuteman's Instant Rebate Program beginning this Friday, February 15 via the company's website.
A Very Dark Superdome -- Beyonce, Ghosts and More Pinned for Bizarre, Predictive Power Outage
Poor New Orleans. Classic football favorites such as Friday Night Lights depict one of Americans' most beloved aspects of this age-old sport in its self-explanatory title. The lights! Without them, there's no blinding white gleam sprawled out along the field, there's no reason to cheer for your hometown team at your local high school rival playoff and there's certainly no way to enjoy the Super Bowl. For 47 years, the Super Bowl has been the best of the best of All-American, good old fashioned competition -unless you're a 49ers fan who's a sore loser. This year during the Super Bowl 2013 - which set TV rating records - the country was shocked to see the power intermittently blow out throughout the game.
Connecticut Windstorm Underscores Need For Power Protection
With every storm - whether snow, rain, or wind -comes the possibility of a power outage. If you live in the tri-state area, particularly Connecticut, there's no way you missed all of the wind blowing through the nutmeg state. This recent wind storm displayed the full potential of how nature's simplicity can take out the power, leaving tens of thousands in the dark for days as a result.
Gambling on Reliable Power Can Be a Costly Bet
Oxygen is essential for bodies, but we rarely consider our breathing unless we're practicing yoga or running a marathon. Likewise, electrical power is essential for most businesses, but far too many business owners fail to consider the sheer vitality of electricity and what might happen if that supply is suddenly disrupted.
New Zealand Sees Increased Power Protection with New Partnership
It's been revealed today that New Zealand's largest distributor of technology products, Ingram Micro, has signed a strategic distribution partnership with global manufacturer of power management and backup solutions, CyberPower Systems.
Curiosity Apparently Doesn't Kill the Cat, It Causes Power Outages
At around 11 p.m. last night (Sunday, Jan. 20), a curious cat became the culprit of a brief power outage for about 115 residents in a West Philadelphia apartment complex. The residents, consisting of many families, were promptly evacuated to West Philadelphia High School until further notice.
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Power Protection
Granted, for most people, power protection isn't front-of-mind when it comes to education. Although it seems to take a back seat against important educational basics such as textbooks and writing utensils, in an education environment that's increasingly reliant on electronics, the combination of surge protection and power protection is every bit as valuable as any other school supply found in a child's backpack.
Orion Power Systems Joins Allied Electronics to Increase its Data, Communications and Security Market
Power protection and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are very important in today's highly digital world. In mission critical applications where the life of a patient in a hospital or millions of dollars in a commodity exchange is in the balance, every second is crucial. Databases that supply these businesses count their up time in milliseconds when there is an interruption. In light of this, a new collaboration between Orion Power Systems and Allied Electronics brings together two recognized organizations in the power protection industry.
Power Outages, Cold Weather and the Flu
You probably already know where this is headed. When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast last October, it was almost immediately followed with an equally powerful Nor'easter. This left hundreds of residents in badly affected areas such as New Jersey turning to desperate measures to stay warm. Now translate that scenario but factor it in during primetime flu season. Clearly, losing power is the last thing you want in the middle of January for even a few hours during one of the worst flu seasons we've had in a while.
An Inside Look at Remote Power Management Solutions with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems
Handling the damaging effects of Hurricane Sandy has been tough on companies and consumers alike, when 8.5 million homes and businesses lost power. Additionally, there are still individuals who cannot yet move back home or return to the office - or even worse, perhaps never will. With a string of natural disasters over the last few years, it's become more essential than ever to consider the importance of remote power management (RPM) solutions, which enable users to shut their equipment down prior to or even during a storm. Outside of natural disasters and storms, RPMs boast countless other key benefits that many may not realize.
Five IT New Year's Resolutions for Ensuring Power Protection
As we close out the first week of 2013, there's one question that is to be had: Have you made your New Year's resolution yet? Now that the recovery from New Year's celebrations has commenced, most are beginning to look at it with a combination of trepidation and anticipation. While many are making resolutions in their personal lives, so too should those who are involved in information technology (IT) at work - a critical aspect of business operations. The practice of power protection is a great way to meet a lot of resolutions in one convenient package, and we've got five of the most important ones right here to help you along the way.
2012's Storms Caused Major Power Supply Damage - How Will 2013 Keep the Lights On?
The word of the year for 2012 seemed to be "storms." From the June 29 derecho that took out power across several Midwestern states to the East Coast's Hurricane Sandy, it appears as if every corner of the country was affected in some fashion. These storms - while devastating - showed a lot of people just how vulnerable the power grid is when that familiar rumble starts up, begging the question of how to better prepare for 2013. But what can be done to protect power lines against the worst that the weather can offer?
CT Residents Count Down to Unexpected New Year's Eve Surprise, Take to Social Media to Share
It is already the second day of 2013, and while many across the country recently toasted to a happy New Year, some Connecticut residents found their celebration to be longer and darker than expected. Instead of counting down, it sounded more like "Three…two…where's the power?"
Power Protection and More from the Minuteman 1609
Everybody is talking about power and energy. Newer and greener methods of supplying the much needed and ever increasing demand to power the data center are key components to engineers establishing a modern facility. But the devices that are the brains of the operation need protection from the power source, and Minuteman RPM is filling the void where other solutions don't bring what's needed.
Blackness Strikes 'Happiest Place on Earth' During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Twas the night before Christmas when a transformer blew out, causing families everywhere to give a shout - this is the holiday spirit of patrons looking to enjoy California-based Disneyland last week, where an unexpected transformer explosion caused a string of power outages.
Terrorist Attack Could Surpass Hurricane Sandy Effects on Power Protection
Despite it having been almost two months since Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast, many areas are still experiencing the effects of a lack of power protection. What we're learning from this is that our grids are inherently vulnerable to many forces, and that the risk is not limited to natural disasters.
2012's Top 5 Worst Power Outages
"Mother Nature roughed up the power industry this year," National Geographic recently reported. 2012 put up a good fight to keep the world in the dark while power outages swept the globe over the last 12 months. With only two weeks left until New Year's Eve, it seems like the perfect opportunity to count down the top five most impacting power outages of the year.
Technicians Looking to Shack up This Cold Holiday Season Can Only Do So with Remote Power Managers
The holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year. Are you looking to cozy up with loved ones to roast chestnuts over an open fire or simply enjoy the warmth that only the indoors can provide against these harsh, winter conditions? If you're an IT administrator or technician, you know the great burden of power outages - the greatest of them all being that they don't care what time of the year it is to surprise you with a lump of coal - or in other words, an unexpected failure. In that case, you could risk having to sacrifice this jolly time of the year to attend to redundant technical issues.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears...and Power Protection
For many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), thoughts of electrical power usually don't extend beyond the price of consumption, or at the very most, the need for backup power; however, every business needs clean power, because at the end of the day, fluctuations in power can subtly wreak havoc on computer systems - the lifeblood modern life.
Minuteman Powering Up for 2013: Looking Back on 2012 and Predicting Key Power Protection Trends for the New Year
Unlike all of the hum-drum technologies that have surfaced throughout recent years, power protection arguably remains the most basic and necessary of them all. Whether it's for the consumer or business, reliable power protection solutions ensure so much more than simply staying out of the dark for a number of industries, including healthcare and education. For a business, losing control of mission critical equipment can be unbearably painful (need we rattle off the statistics of Hurricane Sandy again?), however contrary to popular belief, this can happen due to an array of threatening sources.
Going Back to the Basics for Power Protection
With Hurricane Sandy long gone from the skies, the devastation of her 900-mile wide storm remains crystal clear as people still struggle from severe power loss. Disaster preparedness is obviously one topic that shouldn't be dismissed when it comes to both our safety and mission critical equipment. In today's modern era, this translates to the many electronic devices that help us run businesses, but what if this technology fails you? It's not an uncommon occurrence, and unfortunately, devastating storms of the past have proved this to be true.
Boston's Blackout Educates on the Need for Power Protection
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, news about power outages was just about everywhere in the New England area. A more recent New England blackout, however, had little to do with Sandy and more to do with a much more surprising cause which left a large swath of the Boston area just as dark.
Outages Continue to Translate to Outrage for NJ Sandy Victims
It truly feels surreal that in two days, it will already have been one month since Sandy initially surged through the East Coast, leaving behind trails of destruction in 24 states total. Those who live in unaffected areas may not comprehend or grasp the full scale of disaster that fell upon these areas, especially New Jersey. While the state's power companies have undoubtedly received the brunt of it all, one individual is not looking to raise the white flag just yet.
eLynx Choses ViaWest's Data Center for Disaster Recovery Plan
Managed service provider (MSP) eLynx Technologies has expanded its IT infrastructure services within ViaWest's downtown Las Vegas data center. The move augments the eLynx disaster recovery plan by outsourcing its colocation services in a geographically dispersed, secure data center.
Indian UPS Market Set for Explosive Growth
As strong as India is relatively in the IT sector, it is unfortunately weak in the national infrastructure to support its computing demands; from roads to energy, India challenges firms who open shops on its soil. This creates a big market for uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), backup power that keeps computers running during the country's frequent outages and often cleans up the fluctuating power coming into the building.
General Motors and ABB Take a Modern Spin on Power Protection
Together, General Motors and ABB have come up with a clever way to repurpose used vehicle batteries for further power protection use. As this related article simply puts it, "When the giant battery in your electric vehicle needs to be replaced, simply take out the old unit and plug it into the house."
State Senator Fights for New Jersey by Proposing Power Protection Act
State Senator Kevin O'Toole is far from backing down and forgetting about the recent damage done to New Jersey. In fact, he's now fighting toward implementing and is sponsoring the New Jersey Residents Power Protection Act (RPPA), which would essentially hold utility companies accountable for their response times during emergencies such as Halloween's Hurricane Sandy.
Disaster Recovery: Developing the Perfect Communications Plan for Your Business
How do you efficiently balance crisis communications? It's not the easiest question to answer, but it's a critical one to hammering down your organization's internal and external communications plans in preparation for emergencies. In light of this, Agility Recovery, a company offering disaster recovery plans and business continuity solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), presents a checklist of sorts to help guide the developmental process of solidifying a DR/communications plan.
'Oh my God, Not Again' - Hell Hath No Fury Like Sandy Scorned
You must admit that Mother Nature deserves a grim standing applause for her uncanny ability to dump disaster upon us poor East Coaster's. On a more serious note, individuals in the tri-state area - particularly New Jersey - now have to deal with the aftermath of last night's Nor'easter, where certain regions experienced over a foot of snow, causing even more power outages than there were a day earlier and stealing the power from those who had newly regained it.
Remote Power Management Procedures Benefit Diverse Organizations
Remote power management systems are an important element in ensuring efficient and effective network operation, seeing how administrators can remotely correct any problem conveniently at any time.
Power Protection 101: Generators vs. Extended Battery Backup
It's one thing to lose the power in your house and be forced to pass the time by playing board games by candlelight, but it's a much more severe case when emergency facilities such as hospitals lose power with hundreds of patients heavily relying on their services. Consider New York University Langone Medical Center; its basement and lower levels experienced 10-12 feet of flooding and had to actually evacuate patients during Hurricane Sandy due to a generator malfunction.
One Form of Hurricane Sandy Preparedness You Must Keep in Mind
"Stay safe during the storm!" is what I've been hearing from concerned friends and relatives so far all day, and I'm sure it's no different despite your location along the East Coast. As the winds pick up, the skies gradually darken and the warning sirens blast (yes, some of my local friends can hear them loud and clear), we're expected to see Sandy peak tonight into tomorrow and Wednesday. While alarmed citizens pack grocery stores and flock to gas stations to fill their tanks, something significantly more important remains: efficient power protection.
Achieve Maximum Amount of Uptime with Minuteman's Remote Power Management Solutions
According to a recent CA Technologies survey, businesses experience about 14 hours of annual IT downtime during which they lose a whopping $26.5 billion of revenue, or $150,000 per business surveyed. You may be thinking, "But that can't apply to me. We've never been down or had an unexpected failure!" I wouldn't be too quick to say this. According to Ponemon Institute's "National Survey on Data Center Outages," 95 percent of companies experience an unplanned downtime event…what makes you think your business won't be one?
Today's Data Center Infrastructures Need Effective Protection, Disaster Recovery Planning
Data and applications are valuable information to companies of all sizes; without them, all operations stop, hence, they must be protected at all costs. Meanwhile, natural disasters, malicious acts or simple human errors can result in data center failures, ultimately resulting in data loss. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that data protection and disaster recovery (DR) planning are key items today on a data center manager's agenda. As a result, building resilient data center infrastructures should be a critical component of their responsibilities.
Halloween Blizzard Number Two? How to Keep Your Children (and Their Education) Safe
With the proliferation of computers and now new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies being implemented into school systems, it's safe to say that educating our youth and technology go hand in hand. Almost exactly this time last year when a large and unexpected October snow storm blew through the East Cost, hundreds of schools suffered as a result of an unfathomable 30 inches of wet, heavy snow. While thousands of schoolchildren around the Northeast considered it a victory to slip out of the classroom, their education and school systems had to endure the lingering effects of its aftermath.
Every (Milli)Second Counts with Power Protection, Here's Why
Organizations put much thought and resources into developing an efficient operation that reaches out to clients and performs valuable services, but all of that hard work can be circumvented by something as simple as a lack of power protection.
Power Integrations Reveals Latest TinySwitch Integrated Circuits
Power Integrations, a Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance electronic components for high-voltage power-conversion systems, recently revealed its latest generation of TinySwitch products, which are known for their excellent standby efficiency and ease of design.
Don't Shrug off Protecting Your Company's Network
Your network serves as the core of your company, and therefore, protecting it is central to strengthening your company's survival. Today's networks are much different than those the past, where they no longer need to be confined to one building, but rather, can extend much farther beyond restrictive capabilities. This obviously brings about many benefits, yet there can also be some problems associated with extensive networks - specifically for network managers. In other words, the larger your network expands, the greater the vulnerability to power fluctuations, such as spikes, surges brownouts and blackouts.
Increasing Power Protection Demands Reflect VAR Uninterruptible Power Supply
Value added resellers (VAR) need to update their uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to meet new power protection demands that come with moving to a virtualized server and storage environment. It's inevitable, and equally important to keep in mind moving forward when considering reliable power protection and UPS.
Protecting Your Data Center is Critical: Are You Taking All Power Protection Measures?
If you're looking to maintain business continuity, you know that your data center is at the heart of your business. Whether large or small, no business is spared when it comes to the internal functions of your organization - including application distribution, telecommunications, systems security and storage. All of the above is normally facilitated through server rooms or data center, this Rittal article explains.
Preserve Power Protection with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems as Hurricane Season Wraps Up
While many parts of the country are preparing for the season's harvest and enjoying the cooler months of the year, the recent bouts of hurricanes aren't quite off the radar. According to the National Hurricane Center, hurricane season goes from June 1st and goes all the way until November 30th. Despite the calmer skies and brisk air, hurricane season is not quite at the end of its long and potentially destructive rope.
It's Emergency Preparedness Month - Make Sure You Celebrate with Reliable Power Protection
Although Emergency Preparedness Month is almost over, that doesn't stop us from needing to educate ourselves on reliable and efficient power protection solutions, and while there are still a few days left, it seems like the perfect time to go over some dependable options to secure power efficiency. While fall and winter notably bring darkness earlier in the day, that doesn't mean you have to be kept in the dark when it comes to power protection products and solutions; after all, hurricane season isn't even over yet.
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems Offering Rebates on Power Protection Products for UPS
Given that the United States has experienced 14 tropical storms, eight hurricanes and one major, destructive hurricane - and there is still a lot of time left in the 2012 hurricane season - there may have never been a more opportune time to get power protection technology.
Schneider Electric Launches New Data Center Power Distribution Units
Schneider Electric has just released two new 150kVA and 175 kVA data center power distribution units (PDUs). The PDUs support 24 individual modules, and the frames have slimmed down from 750 millimeters to 600 millimeters rack widths.
Power Protection Needed To Improve Efficiency, Save Money, Secure Equipment
Poor power quality includes many hidden costs, yet power losses can interrupt operations and lead to financial losses. It may seem the farthest thing from a win-win situation at times, but when it comes down to it, this couldn't be farther from the truth; that is, if you find the right provider.
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems' Sept. Rebates: Save and Stock Up on Vital Power Protection Products
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a provider of extensive power protection technologies, is offering a limited time rebate program for valued customers, offering significant savings on everything from UPSs to surge suppressors to PDUs in its September rebate program, which will be offered through September 30. Customers are welcome to take advantage of these deals on some of the company's most valuable leading power protection technologies, and while we're still caught in the midst of hurricane season, it seems like just the right time to invest in reliable power protection products, as well.
Minuteman UPS Rebate Continues: Don't Miss Out on Serious Power Protection Savings This Month
As September carries with it a cool autumn breeze, one power protection company, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, is making sure to stay hot on the market by keeping the savings coming. Earlier in the summer, the company offered an exclusive summer rebate program providing serious savings on some of its most sought after power protection products and solutions. Now, the company is back with its current rebate program ending September 30 on some of the most valuable supplies on the market.
Power Integrations Announces DER-323
Power Integrations, maker of off-line LED driver ICs, has unveiled DER-323, a reference design for an 18W, 88 percent efficient, non-isolated A19 LED driver based on LNK460VG, a low-profile IC from the company's LinkSwitch-PL family.
Lose Power? There's Now an App for That
Remember the days when the power would go out and you'd bust out the industrial-sized flashlights, candles, and prepare yourself for a long, quiet, dark night until the power was restored? As frustrating as it could be, those times were oddly and distinctly enjoyable. Well, these days seem to now be long gone, having been seized by the ubiquitous social media.
Fleeing Felon Crashes Truck, Causes Outage Leaving 4,000 Wyoming Residents Powerless
This past weekend was a nightmare for over 4,000 residents of Casper due to a power, Internet, phone and cable service outage. The culprit? Mr Vernon Wentz, a felon wanted in several Colorado counties for suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, burglary and property damage.
FCC Cautions Against Hurricane Isaac: Power Protection at its Peak
As one of the strongest storms to impact the U.S. coast over the last century, Hurricane Katrina carried winds of up to 175 mph and was classified as a strong category four hurricane. Claiming the lives of thousands - as well as those who remain unknown - this deadly natural disaster seems like it only happened yesterday. Now, it seems as if the U.S. will receive an incredibly grim but real reenactment with quickly approaching tropical storm, Isaac that is on the verge of becoming a hurricane and seems to be following the eerily similar path which led Hurricane Katrina to become so destructive almost exactly seven years ago.
Power Outage Miscommunication Leaves Palm Desert Residents Facing Deathly Temperatures - Literally
Bob Hoffman, a longtime resident of Palm Desert Greens, was working in his office last month located only a few miles from his residence. Everything seemed to represent a typical day, except for the fact that due to an unknown, unscheduled power outage, he returned to a home that was 117 degrees inside - a truly dangerous heat which ended up leaving his cat dead, found behind his couch.
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems Event Road Map 2012
As summer is quickly wrapping up, esteemed provider of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and power protection products, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems is gearing up for an awfully busy fall season. Lined up for the power protection experts are a stretch of appearances and exhibitions at upcoming events which may even be local to you.
China Continues to Invest in Indian Infrastructure
Over the last several years, China has made inroads into the development of Indian infrastructure. China's focus has been on price control, knowing that it competes against many local vendors. Thus far, China has been competitive, but not dominant in its energy imports into the country of India.
Power Protection Lacking, Family Missed Watching Olympic Boxer Win due to Electrical Outages
The recent power outages in India hurt many businesses and the overall image of the nation, but on a highly personal level, they also kept the father of boxer M.C. Mary Kom from watching his daughter's opening fight during the London Olympic Games.
What is Power Protection?
Blackouts and brownouts can wreak havoc on companies, resulting in economic and operational setbacks. A recent study conducted by J.D. Power & Associates found that the average business experiences 5.7 outages per year. Without protection, business cannot be conducted during those 5.7 times per year.
India Power Outage Reverses Hopes of Becoming New Economic Super-Power, Power Protection Now Defining Global Status
When shocking news occurs and hits the Web, it usually persists for a week or so, then trailing off in a pretty simmer of glowing embers. The breaking news of India's massive power outage - which claimed 21 of India's 28 states - continues to blaze on though. Despite the power being fully restored by the end of the next day, the world continues to talk about this outage in a new light.
Indian Blackout Highlights Need for Power Protection Strategies
The massive black out in India has brought to light a concerning problem - much of the power being routed around the larger cities is being stolen by residents. The country's data centers and companies that rely heavily on computing are increasingly looking closer into power protection, as the country's infrastructure can't keep a reliable stream of power coming to their servers.
Power Protection a Must for All Businesses
As much as we rely on them to supply the services we need, utility companies aren't perfect. Regardless of the amount of service vehicles and workers, there are bound to be instances that have customers shaking their head, especially after large storms and power outages. Power protection will often negate the need for such emergency services.
'The Storm that Might Destroy New York City' Huge Flop, Yet Thousands Go Without Power
If you were in the tri-state area this weekend, then you'll have without a doubt witnessed a brief yet very powerful storm which disappeared just as quickly as it surged through. Televisions blasted cautionary statements which left many wondering if they should remove objects which could be blown away outside, get candles and flashlights on the ready, and even retreat into the basement for protection. Many thought this would be just another memorable notch on Mother Nature's belt, where she's been seemingly throwing derechos left and right as if playing a violent game of Yahtzee, yet it seems to be much different than the rest.
Debunking Power Protection Myths
A number of myths surround the subject of power protection. When it comes to the service provided by data centers, power protection issues are a wide-reaching subject that includes the cost of power, its availability, and the protections that go into maintaining a constant supply to ensure reliability.
Outraged Consumers Demand Outage Compensation, Better Power Protection
The recent June derecho left many without power and infuriated at the damage caused. While many would simply shrug it off as an aggressive course of nature or something which was unpreventable, one woman firmly believed otherwise. Cathy Pelekakis suffered six days - or almost one full week - without power, and decided to make some complaint calls to her state rep, the Baltimore County executive, and the Maryland Public Service Commission to express herself. What's worst is her letter to Comcast, who had apparently been charging for services which she literally could not use while sans power for six straight days.
Minuteman Offering Valuable Summer Savings Rebate Program on Leading Power Protection Units
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a provider of extensive power protection technologies, is taking a hint from this extremely hot summer season by introducing its equally hot set of "Summer Savings" instant rebates, which will be offered through July 31 on some of the company's most valuable, leading power protection technologies. With all of the weather-related outages happening across the nation, it seems like just the right time to invest in reliable power protection products, as well.
German Power Protection Distribution Model Could Teach U.S. a Lesson
With climate scientists convinced that storms are getting more violent and erratic due to a changing earth, why does the United States' power distribution system resemble a developing country more than someplace like Germany, wondered Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks in a recent blog post.
Confessions of a Virginia Blackout Survivor
Unless you've been living under a rock or have been in the dark (no pun intended), you've heard about the recent chaos sweeping across Virginia in the form of a massive power outage. As millions of people along the East Coast suffered the results of the outage - caused by a heavy set of summer storms - the news has also created a forceful rippling effect over the Web. So how many individuals lost power in this sweltering summer heat? Around two million people - ranging from North Carolina to New Jersey to as far west as Illinois. One brave individual stepped out to give the public exclusive, behind-the-scenes coverage of the power outage as one of the two million who suffered the storm.
Should Utility Power Protection be Regulated?
Let's face it, power outages are a significant inconvenience to everyone. The everyday resident has to endure spoiling food in refrigerators and horrid temperatures in their homes, companies face lost revenue, and data centers not equipped with the proper power protection can face complete meltdown in the months after a shutdown. According to a Baltimore Sun report, the recent storms in Eastern states - which killed service to popular applications like Instagram and Amazon - helped drive home the lessons everyone thought they'd learned after Hurricane Irene last year.
Government Mismanagement Fuels Power Shortages in Pakistan
In Pakistan, power shortages of up to 20 hours per day are not uncommon. The country has a demand for about 19,000 megawatts of power and experiences shortfalls of around 5,733 megawatts. The Pakistani government owes about $375 million to power producers, and officials have recently had to scramble to take out loans to pay the government's electric bills.
Minuteman UPS / Para Systems Introduces New Resources Page
Power protection giant Minuteman UPS / Para Systems has recently proudly introduced their latest website addition - the A&E Resource Page. Aimed at making it easier to navigate through the site and select power products for building and project specifications, this nifty page brings all of the documents and information an individual needs to accomplish their goals.
New Line of Power Protection Systems Offered by Uninterruptable-Power-Supply
One of the most renowned names in UK power protection, Uninterruptible-Power-Supply is known for selling high-quality, efficient solutions for both households and small organizations. In understanding the importance of the increase in demand of premium power protection products, the company has become an even faster growing name in the industry after recently bringing out its all-new line of the latest in power protection solutions.
Five of the Most Bizarre Power Outages Ever, and How You Can Prevent Them
We're all familiar with the classic cases and causes of power outages; the occasional rowdy storm or an unfortunate car crash that will leave you without lights for a day or two are some examples which may come to mind. But what would you say if you lost power due to a stork or a trash fire? Here is a list detailing five of the oddest and most ridiculous causes of power outages in history.
Power Outages in Lebanon Adding to Political Unrest
On many days, the city of Sidon in Lebanon receives only six hours worth of power each day, and because that power has to be distributed among the city's residents, some households only see about two hours of power per day.
Sleepy Driver Causes Complex to Lose Power Calling Attention to the Need for Power Protection
Nothing's scarier than the idea of falling asleep at the wheel, and a frightening occurrence in San Diego yesterday reminded us of how important it is to be aware when operating a vehicle. When the Toyota Solara crashed into a utility box in University City, Calif., the driver - who police say had fallen asleep at the wheel - knocked out power for some residents.
Survey Says Large, Small Companies Not as Concerned with Power Protection as They Should Be
In case you had that case of "not me," thinking to yourself that your business will never be susceptible to those terrible bouts of downtime you so frequently read about in the news, think again. According to a recent survey by IndustryWeek magazine for Stratus Technologies, the average manufacturing IT system will experience 3.6 instances of downtime at a cost of $65,830 annually.
Power Protection: Electric Utility Substations to Benefit from RFL's New Ethernet Switches
Power utilities are increasingly turning to networking solutions for their substations because of their high reliability and feature rich specifications and RFL Electronics, which provides a complete range of protection products and services, has released two new managed Ethernet switch products, the RFL 3200 MK10 and MK16.
Minuteman Welcomes Summer with Instant Rebate Program on Leading Power Protection Units
With tropical storms a brewing and looming 100-plus degree days about to threaten your trusty air conditioning system, now may be the best time to lend a thought or two to purchasing power protection units that can safeguard you against power outages and brownouts that are sure to creep up this summer.
With Hurricane Season Upon Us, the Need for Power Protection Burgeons
If you are like any other person who is slowly tiring of the 9 to 5 routine (especially with the weather finally being so great), you might be busy spending your lunch breaks canvassing the best places to go on vacation this summer - and we are talking about a real vacation that includes an airplane at all. And while the top picks for summer getaways might definitely be places like the Bahamas, Florida and Bermuda, there is that little thing called hurricane season which surreptitiously sneaks in around June 1 and lasts until November 30 - just long enough so that you have to consider booking trip insurance along with your flight if you really want to take a gamble.
As Schools Fall Victim to Power Outages, Companies Charge Forward with Power Protection Units
It may not be as exciting as hearing that you have a Snow Day, but students at Schenectady County Community College did get to relish in having a "Power Outage Day" yesterday, as an on-campus power outage forced administrators to cancel classes. The upstate New York college's main campus on Washington Avenue was left in the dark after a power surge caused an outage in the area.
Memorial Day Weekend Tropical Storm Beryl Sheds Light on the Importance of Power Protection
While some celebrated Memorial Day Weekend in style - spending Saturday and Sunday stocking up on beer, chips and hotdogs and hamburgers, and spending Monday grilling, swimming and imbibing with friends and family - our neighbors in the southeast had some more serious issues: how to keep out of the eye of Tropical Storm Beryl. The hurricane threatened to ruin all of the Memorial Day revelry as it brought in its path drenching rain, 70-mile-per-hour winds and excessive flooding.
Charlotte High School Left in the Dark After Thunderstorm. Could Power Protection Have Helped?
Students might already be ready for school to officially be over, but the fact remains that another month of school is still in effect for most teens and tots, even though the weather has finally warmed and spring fever is officially in the air.
Power Protection in Demand as Thousands Left without Power in Mississippi After Car Crash
As the rain pounds here on the East Coast, particularly in our hometown state of Connecticut, the roads are wet, treacherous and practically begging for reckless driving. And for our neighbors to the southwest in Mississippi, though the rain didn't cause unsafe conditions, something was in the air as Saturday night spelled bad news for a Mississippi town as a car ran into a transformer pole causing a power outage for about 6,000 customers in the Jackson area. By Sunday, more than over 1,000 customers were still without power.
Education Distribution Centers Set Eyes on Power Protection Units
Everybody is looking for the next best thing to safeguard their critical infrastructure from power outages and brownouts, and for Follett Higher Education Group, VYCON's flywheel system was just the ticket. VYCON, a designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly, high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, has seen its power protection units find a home in various vertical markets.
As Businesses Ready for Hurricane Season, Power Protection Becomes Increasingly Important
For our neighbors in the southwest - namely Florida, Georgia, and Ole Miss - Hurricane season is that dreaded time of the year where disaster recovery plans must be successfully crafted and businesses all over have to hope that they can remain up and safeguarded.
Power Protection: One-Car Accident Leaves Thousands in the Dark
It would seem that uptime really is a tricky business these days from snakes to disgruntled employees to construction projects gone awry causing thousands to be without power at any given moment. And today citizens of a Philadelphia suburb were the ones left in the dark thanks to a one-car accident that resulted in a major power outage.
Power Protection: Snake Slithers into Electrical Equipment Leaving Thousands in the Dark
The next time your power goes out and you are tempted to curse the weather Gods to the high heavens, you might want to take a step back and pause for a moment and make sure that your anger is correctly guided because chances are you haven't considered that slippery slimy little culprit that lives outside.
Are We There When it Comes to Understanding the Importance of Power Protection?
When it comes to the power protection and battery backup industry, organizations might still have a ways to go when it comes to properly conveying to large enterprises and small- and medium-sized businesses just how catastrophic a bout of downtime can truly be.
Power Protection: AEG Power Solutions Unveils High Power UPS for Data Centers
AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS), a provider of power protection solutions, announced the launch of its new high power data center UPS solutions to secure data center and IT facilities. The Protect Blue, the brand new flagship UPS model from AEG, is designed to offer the market leading performance in large data centers. With its full rectifier and inverter three level technology, the UPS provides an unrivalled 96 percent double conversion efficiency by reducing switching losses.
Minuteman's Power Protection Unit Instant Rebates Extend to May
When you know you've got something good going on, why quit? This sentiment is exactly what Minuteman UPS/Para Systems was thinking when the power protection provider decided to extend its instant April rebates into May.
CyberPower Systems Intros New Sets of Monitored and Switched PDUs
CyberPower Systems, a company specializing in power protection products, is increasing its solution offering by launching a new line of Monitored and Switched Power Distributions Units (PDU). The new line includes the first Monitored PDUs offered by CyberPower, including a range of PDU solutions for most business requirements.
Power Protection: Riello PCI India Expands Master HP UPS Line with a New 600kVA Model
Riello PCI India, a provider of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions, has expanded its range of Master HP series UPS with a new, higher input 600kVA model to deliver enhanced power protection solutions to customers. Riello Master HP series delivers critical continuity for telecommunication networks, IT & ITES organizations, data centers, health care, educational institutions, banking and industrial facilities. Offering a wide range of power protection systems ranging from 1KVA to 6400 KVA, Master HP range is ideal for the power protection of corporate wide, large network and industrial applications.
New Hampshire Car Crash Reminds Businesses of Importance of Power Protection
When it comes to what can cause a dreaded power outage, there are certainly a few obvious culprits that come to mind - that little critter who finds his way into utility and power equipment, that annoying thunder and lightning storm that almost always comes in August and leaves you without you A/C in 100 plus degree weather, and that utility provider error which can cause power to drop all over.
Power Protection: China BAK to Supply High-Power Lithium Batteries to Chery Automobile
China BAK Battery, a manufacturer of lithium-based battery cells for power protection solutions, announced a new contract with Chery Automobile to supply 1000 high-power lithium-ion batteries to power Chery's Ruilin M1 electric cars in 2012. This contract is in addition to the agreement already signed by the companies earlier this year. In February both companies entered into a similar contract to supply 100 high-power battery units to Chery Automobile.
Must Haves for Accountants - Calculators, Spread Sheets and Power Protection Units
As any accountant will tell you (and trust me, I am the daughter of a CPA so I know these things), the next few days are crunch time for accountants. We are talking coffee every hour, pencils being run to the stubs, calculators being smashed against walls and pizza being scarfed down ferociously. Because even with a two-day extension until April 17 to file, there still exists only a few more hours of that painful tax season.
Tornadoes Rage Through Texas, Power Protection Measures Tested
An upsurge in catastrophic hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes, has caused data center administrators to consider investing in power protection to keep their data safe and accessible. Likewise, these individuals are challenged to reduce their data center power consumption to control costs as data demands continue to soar.
Power Protection: Owl's Diverted Flight Path Leaves Thousands in the Dark in Indiana
The recent outage experienced at ISU sheds light on just how quickly power can go out and why having power protection units can greatly ameliorate situations such as these. In fact, if you think it is odd that an owl could have caused an outage that left thousands without power, you might want to consider the fact that other critters can wreak havoc as well. Specifically, it is not all that uncommon for squirrels, beavers and other small animals to find their way onto and into utility and power equipment and cause power outages. And these types of problems can often be difficult to track down and leave the lights off for hours while technicians investigate.
Heat Wave in March Sheds Light on Importance of Power Protection
But downtime can exist and without warning and the only way to combat it is by purchasing power protection units. Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection units, speaks to this fact in a recent white paper it published titled, "Powering Your Business Disaster Planning." The paper delineates the key components of an all encompassing power protection plan - one which proves failproof during short-term power surges or even extended outages.
Minuteman Offers Instant Rebates: Get Your Power Protection Units While They Are Hot!
If you've been holding out on purchasing your next power protection unit - secretly hoping that you can hold out until December when Santa can bring you a nice big stocking stuffer instead - think again because all through April Minuteman UPS/Para Systems is offering instant rebates on some of its most valued products.
Falcon's SSG Power Protection Series Provides Extended Backup Runtimes
With power outages becoming more frequent and critical tasks being increasingly manned by computers and electronics that require uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), Falcon Electric has taken upon itself the task of adding an extended runtime battery bank option to its popular SSG and SSG-RP UPS products. The batteries, which have a wide temperature range and provide long back up runtimes, give users the highest level of power protection against a wide spectrum of power problems.
Do Companies Understand Just How Important Power Protection Is?
From questions about how to ensure the right uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) for your system to how to decide whether you really need power protection units, questions are a flying in this tech space right now.
Rockwell Automation Buys Power Protection Systems Provider SoftSwitching Technologies
Rockwell Automation, a provider of industrial automation and information solutions, announced it has acquired Middleton, Wis.-based SoftSwitching Technologies, a provider of industrial power protection systems. Following this acquisition, SoftSwitching Technologies will be aligned within the Rockwell Automation Control Products & Solutions operating segment. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Minuteman Offers Power Protection Continuing Education Credits
Are you like me and often find yourself feeling nostalgic for sharpened pencils, composition books and being able to raise your hand? Remember how great it felt when you were part of a rousing discussion about gender ideologies in "Emma?" Well now, if you are in the power protection business you can have a chance to "go back to school" in some form, thanks to Minuteman UPS/Para Systems.
CyberPower Intros New Line of Power Protection Models
In contrast to noisy, bulky power supply and battery backup units that can typically be housed in out of sight locations, a new line of sleek, FTTx DC power backup desktop models, powered by CyberPower Systems, have emerged. The power protection models, DT30U12V-NA3 and DT30U12V-NA3-G, offer a rich feature set for all levels of service provider, allow for flexibility of location, and add to the decor of the room, according to company officials.
Tips to Ensure Proper Power Protection in the Data Center
This recent Data Center Journal report shares a few steps to help the IT or data center manager develop a routine for inspecting the electrical distribution system and power protection to ensure all elements are running as they should to support the goals of the organization. Safety - Your budget may be tight, but don't make cuts where safety is concerned. Be respectful of the power surging through your electrical lines and ensure proper care and attention are always a priority.
Intoxicated Driver Causes Massive Outage, Shedding Light on the Importance of Power Protection
This week, a thousand NBU customers in New Braunfels, Texas, were left without power when an inebriated driver crashed his car and hit the guy-wire of a power pole. The impact from the crash reportedly caused the wire to fly up into the power line which blew the transformer and caused a massive power outage. The 22-year-old unidentified driver was booked on a DWI charge.
Minuteman - Making Sure You Stay Secure with Power Protection Units
From security cameras to emergency notification systems to alarm systems, you might be pretty up-to-date when it comes to the latest technologies that are designed to catch criminals. And since criminals never rest, neither can your technology.
Power Protection: Unexpected Power Cuts Shut Down Exams at India Schools
Schools in the Indian city of Coimbatore recently suffered from both expected and unexpected cuts in electrical power as they conducted their annual competitive examinations. While written examinations could still take place, exams in physics and computer science could not be conducted without electrical power. Additionally, many families near the school also found their homes without power, which made it difficult for students to study, to do their homework, and to get to school on time.
Power Protection: Lovers Left in the Dark on Valentine's Day Due to a V-Day Gift Gone Wrong
Whether it be Valentine's Day gifts, construction accidents, traffic accidents or employee sabotage, outages can be caused by a variety of nonconventional factors. And, accordingly, businesses must be aware of the importance of power protection products as bouts of downtime (caused by things as trivial as Valentine's Day gifts), can wreak havoc for businesses, according to officials at Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection units.
Power Protection Solutions Crucial to Ensuring Business Continuity
Aware Bear Computer Repair in Pittsford, a computer repair brand in New York, announced the launch of a new computer workstation repair and maintenance service in Rochester, N.Y. The service aims to help businesses overcome the difficulties associated with maintaining and operating computers in their businesses. By offering efficient computer repair, maintenance and upgrade service, Aware Bear ensures businesses continue their operations efficiently without any fear of data loss, according to company officials.
Despite Cold Winter Weather, Minuteman Basks in Warm Glow with Power Protection Accolade
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems is certainly feeling the love after being struck by Cupid's arrow as the provider of power protection units got some rosy news from TMC recently when it received a 2011 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award for its PRO-LCD product.
Power Protection: VYCON Achieves Milestone in Energy Storage Flywheel Systems Deployment
VYCON, which designs and manufactures advanced flywheel energy storage systems, has been selected by Austin Energy, a leading community-owned electric utility in the nation, to offer power backup solutions. The clean power backup solutions from VYCON will help the electric utility protect the new Control Center of VYCON, which operates the utility's data center and its grid including the switching of utility grid quadrants.
Downtime Continues to Plague the World, Emphasizing the Importance of Power Protection
Telecommunications company Airtel did not have a fortuitous start to 2012 as a fire broke out at its Mumbai data center last month, resulting in the shutdown of servers used to route calls in the region. The bout of downtime created a network outage and disrupted mobile services for many of the company's customers for several hours.
Equinix Power Failure Highlights Importance of Power Protection Strategies
One of the benefits of launching your applications in the cloud is the ability to work on any project from any location. One of the detriments to launching in the cloud is that data center power can and does fail. While you hope redundancy is in place to protect your information and keep you online, proper power protection could help to prevent the outage in the first place.
Top Three Misconceptions Surrounding Power Protection
From companies and individuals proclaiming "It could never happen to me" with regards to extended power outages, to others bemoaning the misconception that power protection units cost a hefty bundle, the power supply industry is rife with fallacies.
Power Protection: Orbit International Subsidiary Behlman Receives New Order for COTS Power Supply
Orbit International, which specializes in the manufacturing of customized electronic components and subsystems for military and nonmilitary government applications, has received a new order valued at $649,000 for commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) power supply.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Announces Availability of MMS Slimline Surge Suppressors
It seems that power protection supplier Minuteman UPS/Para Systems is still embracing the spirit of giving (even though Santa went back to the North Pole a few weeks ago), as the company announced today the availability of four new MMS Slimline surge suppressor models.
Electricity Surges Can Fry Your Hardware - Where's Your Power Protection?
As much as we rely on electricity to power our lives, we might take for granted the energy we readily receive to run our many devices. We get a reminder every now and then that the power running through our walls and into our technology resources surge and sag, which can damage computers. According to this Business 2 Community report, power protection devices, such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), keep computers safe, up and running. Sags and surges can be negated through the "battery backup" devices.
Power Protection Industry to Remain Strong Thanks to UPS Popularity
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems certainly made a big splash in the power protection market in 2011, particularly as companies came to fear the big bad downtime wolf more than ever before. And, according to recent reports, the trend of UPSs will not be waning any time soon.
MailChimp Extended Downtime Sheds Light on Importance of Power Protection
Hundreds of thousands of customers of MailChimp, an email marketing services company, were left with lumps of coal in their stockings when 2012 kicked off, as a hardware issue at one of MailChimp's three data centers in the US caused a bout of downtime for customers.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Sheds Light on SNMP-NV6 Card
With the New Year comes new consumer demands and for those in the market for new power protection products, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems has you covered.
Power Protection: TelcoDepot Considers Downtime as it Expands Business Phone System Line
In an effort to provide a defensive measure against downtime and improve customer experience,, an e-commerce VoIP equipment and VoIP service provider, has unveiled business phone system accessories on its online phone system store. The new range of products is designed to improved user experience and provide a last line of defense during downtime.
Power Protection a Critical Element in Business Continuity
More than half of companies have no confidence in their ability to recover data in the wake of a disaster, according to a white paper called "Managing Recovery: Strategies for Minimizing Downtime by Managing Change." This comes as no surprise as only 25 percent of companies even bother to update their recovery plans on a regular basis. With so many threats to optimal power protection, it's a wonder more companies don't experience considerable damage to their mission critical data.
Power Company Gives its Website a Makeover to Include Expanded Line of Power Protection Units
It might have been a little too early to put away the Christmas stockings and Hanukkah candles as one company is determined to continue to spread the holiday cheer even as we say goodbye to the 2011 holiday season.
Power Protection: Christmas Lights May be Pretty but are they a Leading Cause of Downtime?
What would the holiday season be without thousands of twinkling lights and luminous trees? Well for one town in Tuolumne County California, this very idea was a very frightening thought and one it refused to consider.
Falcon Electric Unveils Multi-Module Power Protection Series for Military COTS Applications
Falcon Electric, a provider of custom and Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) power protection solutions for the military and aerospace markets, has unveiled a three-module version of its popular 5000VA ED Series rugged uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). The new ED series is designed to protect sensitive military communications and electronic equipment in harsh environments against costly power problems. The modular form factor of the UPSs significantly improves the ability for military personnel to move and relocate the UPS.
How to get the Data Center Facilities Team to Understand the Importance of Power Protection
It may seem like a little well-known fact: if you work in a data center it is imperative that you do whatever it takes to keep a business up and avoid downtime. Think again. According to a recent article, while the data center manager might have upper management breathing down his neck about keeping the data center up and running and exploring what power protection options exist, the team below the data center manager - a team that is just as responsible for ensuring uptime - might not really get the seriousness of this task.
Delta Delta Energy Systems Teams with api Computerhandels to Distribute Power Protection Systems
Delta Energy Systems GmbH, an international manufacturer of power supply solutions, is collaborating with api Computerhandels GmbH, for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), to distribute Delta UPS - Amplon product family. api is a distributor of electric and electronics products to the IT industry. The company has supported more than 10,000 customers within the IT business and offers its customers more than 20,000 products from well-known manufacturers.
Power Protection: The Role of the UPS in Today's IT Environment
If you want to know what should be on every data center manager's Santa wish list this holiday season, it is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), adorned in all its power protection festiveness. Over the past few years, UPSs have moved from being viewed as ugly pieces of plant room equipment to intrinsic units that can help ensure uptime. According to a recent DatacenterDynamics piece, the role of the UPS today is to become an "indispensable resource for the protection of critical appliances." UPSs today are touted for their reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness and flexibility.
Power Protection: Survey Reveals Most Companies Underestimate Financial Impact of Downtime
A recent survey from Stratus Technologies and ITIC Corporation finds that more than half of the businesses (52 percent) do not know the potential financial impact of IT downtime and the impact it can have on their bottom line and reputation. The survey also found that even though 48 percent of companies currently calculate the cost of IT downtime, most of them still drastically underestimate the actual costs of outages, the ensuing remediation efforts, customer dissatisfaction, and the increased potential of litigation.
A Look Back on 2011: Minuteman Reflects on Power Protection Innovations
Earlier this year when I asked Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection technologies, how it fared in 2010 - a year replete with economic downturn and tighter purse strings -Minuteman exclaimed that it still managed to capture double-digit growth in all served markets.
Power Protection: Amazon Speaks Out About Downtime
It may be a company's worst nightmare but the fact remains that downtime can strike at any time, and many times without warning.
Power Protection: UPSs Making a Dent in Latin America
It has been a Cinderella story for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) this year as the power protection units grew in revenue 24 percent in 2010, with a 58 percent surge for three-phase UPS greater than 100 kVA, according to a recent study on the market from IMS Research.
Power Protection Companies Direct Attention at Uninterruptible Power Supplies
In an effort to improve its services to its clients, power protection specialist Master Power has designed and developed a test center that will evaluate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. UPSs have become a huge industry since companies are increasingly relying on their computing and unified communications infrastructures, including VoIP.
Maintenance Huge Contributor of Downtime; Bring on the Power Protection Units
Well, in the data center space - where human error is one of the leading causes of downtime - a vigorous maintenance schedule can actually have the adverse affect on the data center as it can make the facility less reliable and more prone to downtime.
11/22/2011 Expands Line of Power Protection Units with Help from Minuteman
Business phone systems provider announced it has expanded the line of battery backup units for businesses on its online phone system store. As part of the launch, the company has announced discounts and free shipping on some models. The expanded line of battery backup units is available for all types of applications and equipment configurations. They can be used in virtually any operating environment and business or industrial application, company officials said.
What Form of Power Protection Should you Use with your Phone System?
Whether you have a small, medium, or large business phone system, it is still paramount to have in place suitable power protection technologies. Fortunately, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection products, has your back when it comes to figuring out how to best safeguard your telephone systems.
ONEAC Delivers Optimum Power Protection for Toshiba's IPedge Business Telephone Systems
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Telecommunication Systems Division and ONEAC Corporation, a manufacturer of power quality products, have announced the interoperability of ONEAC ON Series UPS, ONePlus Series UPS, and Communication Line Protectors for use with Toshiba's IPedge IP communication system. Officials with ONEAC Corporation said that ONEAC power conditioners and power-conditioned UPS Systems provide premium power protection that protects server-based IP business telephone systems from power disturbance which can affect the performance of the system.
Minuteman's EnSpire Power Protection Series an Affordable Standby UPS
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection products, is making a dent in the market with its EnSpire uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a low-cost high performance standby UPS line that is designed to protect small capacity equipment loads.
Behlman Supplies COTS Power Protection Products to Support U.S. Navy Critical Military Missions
Behlman Electronics, a provider of power protection products for military, industrial, and commercial shipboard, airborne and mobile applications, has been selected by the U.S. Navy to supply its Model 00389 COTS power supplies for airborne anti-submarine and anti-ship surveillance and targeting systems. A subsidiary of Orbit International, Behlman Electronics manufactures and sells high quality standard, modified standard, custom and COTS power solutions, including AC power supplies, frequency converters, inverters, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and uninterruptible power supplies.
Comparing Power Protection Units
When buying a car, you would never buy the first Nissan that you are offered from the dealer near your house until you shopped around to see if other dealers would come down on the price or if a Honda was actually the better route to go. Much like buying a car, when buying a power protection product, consumers ought to shop around and investigate comparable offers.
Frost & Sullivan Honor Legrand for Power Protection Product
Frost & Sullivan has honored Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, with the product differentiation excellence award in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.
Power Protection: Top Five Unexpected Events that can Leave you in the Dark
Sure we all know that lightning bolts, severe heat and natural disasters can cause power outages, but are there some other events out there that can wreak havoc on our businesses?
AiNet Receives Patent for Data Center Power Protection Solution
AiNet, a data center services provider, was recently awarded a patent for its solution regarding power protection availability to data centers, hospitals and other facilities that depend on critical power. Most facilities reliant on critical power have backup power generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS) to keep the power moving to the facility in case the utility power goes down. They also use battery backups to deliver optimal power protection.
BlackBerry Outage Sheds Light on Importance of Power Protection
It's been a rough couple of days for Research In Motion (RIM). Following a major service outage which caused tens of millions of BlackBerry users to lose access to the Internet and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry appears to be begging for forgiveness as the company is handing out $100 worth of free apps and one month of technical support to all BlackBerry owners to boot.
SynQor Launches Military-Grade Power Protection Units
SynQor, a supplier of power conversion solutions to the communications industry, announced the launch of new military-grade uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, a form of power protection. The new line of advanced technology military-grade UPS is designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of military/aerospace applications.
Minuteman Entrust Series: A Line Interactive UPS Delivering Power Protection
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection products and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), aims to protect servers, network devices, security systems and telephones during power outages or when there are large fluctuations on the power line. This week, TMCnet decided to shed some light on Minuteman's Line Interactive UPS units called Entrust, power protection products that are designed to provide a simulated sine wave with automatic voltage regulation to protect servers, network devices, security and telephone systems. In short, these units provide a stable AC source during less than optimal conditions.
Power Protection: Waveform Doubles Existing UPS Capacity in its Michigan Data Center
Waveform Technology, a privately held facilities-based Internet service provider and data center operator based in Troy, Mich, has announced that a number of physical upgrades have been made this summer to the Troy Michigan Data Center. The improvements will provide increased capacity to meet growing demand for data center space, improve service reliability, and maximize energy efficiency.
Minuteman's Power Protection Series PRO-LCD Receives Makeover
Power protection company Minuteman has some news its eager to spread; the PRO-LCD series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) just got a whole lot better.
Power Protection Can Minimize Loss Due to Network Failures
Businesses in operation today, regardless of size, rely heavily on the network to support operations. When the network goes down, the business is easily at a standstill, potentially losing revenue and productivity. Power protection in the data center can go a long way toward protecting the continuity of the network when the right tools are in place.
UPS Global Power Protection Market to Grow by $1 Billion in 2011
The need for power protection in the form of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) is continuing to burgeon rapidly, and experts estimate that the global UPS market will grow by $1 billion in 2011, as compared to last year. Pike Research expects the market to expand from $7.2 billion in 2010 to $8.2 billion in 2011 - growing by 12.2 percent, according to a recent DatacenterDynamics story.
Power Protection Optimized with Minuteman Extended Runtime Solutions
Organizations of all sizes rely on power to maintain operations. When power is eliminated or cut-off, the organization can't access the network, key applications or complete necessary communications. As such, it is important that these companies have access to power protection solutions.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Reflects on First Year at ITEXPO
For the first time this year, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems joined thousands of company officials at ITEXPO West 2011, a decision that was well worth it according to company officials.
South Korean Heat Wave Sheds Light on Need for Power Protection
This summer has been filled with unseasonably high temperatures (and coming straight off a week in Austin, Texas, at ITEXPO West 2011 where temperatures soared to 107 degrees Fahrenheit in September, our team can definitely concur).
The Importance of Power Protection in Real Life
If you want to know why power protection is so important, you might want to give colocation provider Colo4 a call.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Launches PRO-LCD UPS
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems' power protection family just got a little bigger as the company unveiled today the Minuteman PRO-LCD series, a new line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) designed to safeguard medium-sized telephone, security and server systems from power anomalies. The PRO-LCD is the next generation of Minuteman's highly successful PRO Series of UPSs.
International Rectifier Unveils Ultra-fast 1200 V IGBTs for Power Protection Applications
International Rectifier, IR, a provider of power protection technologies, have unveiled a new series of 1200 V Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) for induction heating, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) solar and welding applications. The new ultra-fast 1200 V IGBTs are based on Field-Stop Trench technology, which is known to reduce switching and conduction losses delivering higher power density and greater efficiency at higher frequencies and reducing heat sink size and magnetic component count to lower overall system cost.
Power Protection: Surviving Hurricane Irene
While Hurricane Irene wreaked plenty of havoc along the East Coast of the United States - leaving many without power and with little hope that it would return any time soon - major data center providers in the area appear to have fared much better.
Power Protection: Millions Left Without Power Following Hurricane Irene
As millions of Americans bounce back from the destruction caused by Hurricane Irene's ire, most are doing so in the dark and without A/C and cable to boot.
Power Protection White Paper Discusses UPSs: What They Are and Why You Need Them
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection technologies, has put together a white paper titled "Powering Your Business Disaster Planning: The Case for Extended Runtime UPSs with External Battery Backup." It has many good points to consider for those unsure of the benefits of external battery backup - for example, those who don't mind losing business operations during power outages. Those companies can stop reading now.
Companies Rapidly Turning to UPSs for Power Protection
Petroleo Brasileiro is looking to hop aboard the power protection train as recently the oil and gas company awarded a multi-million dollar contract to AMETEK Solidstate Controls, a company that sells uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, to supply UPS systems for the Comperj oil refinery currently under construction in Itaborai, near Rio de Janero.
Minuteman Releases White Paper about Power Protection
Are you looking for a comprehensive plan that will detail how you can prevent your business from suffering severe repercussions as a result of a power outage?
A Slow Summer for Power Protection Companies? Think Again
The power protection industry is certainly not taking a summer vacation this year, as leading companies in the space keep unveiling their latest products.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Helping Consumers Navigate PDUs with Micro Site
Power protection leader Minuteman UPS/Para Systems has shed some light on its customer-oriented sites SizeMyUPS and CompareMyUPS, but there is one remaining unique service that Minuteman has yet to boast about - SizeMyPDU.
Power Protection Company Unveils Latest Release
VYCON, a leading provider of power protection, already has a pretty impressive resume as it's received 15 awards over the last three years and has been included in INC's 500 fasted growing privately held companies list. But, today, the company added one more accomplishment to its resume - the fact that it is the first to combine patented flywheel technology with batteries in one integrated system.
Power Protection: What to Look for When Buying an Uninterruptible Power Source
Stephen J. Bigelow of has put togethe a good list of some factors you should have in mind when looking to buy an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS), which he calls "the linchpin of the data center backup chain, providing protection against power disruptions that would interfere with workloads or even cripple server hardware." Bigelow boils it down to functionality and features, durability, resilience, management, monitoring, bypass control, maintenance and output as "the key components to compare" to find an UPS that fits your needs, not some other company's needs or some vendor's sales goal.
No Matter the Number of Servers, Power Protection is Vital
According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, Google watchers have perhaps been overestimating the number of servers in the company's data center network as estimates relay that Google has more than one million servers. New data on Google's energy use counters that number, however, suggests that they are probably running on 900,000. The new figure is based on information Google shared with Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey, who has just released an updated report on data center energy usage.
Power Protection: Microsoft's BPOS Faces Second Outage
Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) has had a bout of trouble these past few weeks. Recently, BPOS experienced hardware failure which contributed to downtime for three hours. The cloud's customers in the U.S. and London were affected and updated through social media channels.
Power Protection: To Avoid Datacenter Downtime
Recently, TMCnet highlighted this research in which Aberdeen analyzed costs of data center downtime for 125 organizations finding that it's an issue pretty much everybody deals with as a skimpy four percent of responding organizations claimed either 100 percent or 99.999 percent downtime. This week, we are diving a little bit deeper.
Power Protection Leader Minuteman Sheds Light on CompareMyUPS
Earlier this year, TMCnet sat down with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection technologies, to get the dirt on a valuable tool for consumers offered by Minuteman - Aimed at end-users, resellers and distributors,, a feature on Minuteman's homepage, allows customers to determine what uninterruptible power supply (UPS) product best suits their requirements.
US Airways Outage Shows Need for Power Protection
When US Airways had a power outage at the end of last month, there were all kinds of inconveniences for passengers and revenue losses for the company.
Power Protection: Uninterruptible Power Supplies Headed For Uninterruptible Growth
You know, a few people actually enjoy the panic attacks that hit when blackouts or power surges render business servers down; it gets the adrenalin pumping, and they can rush around and order people to do this and that and generally look like the alpha dog taking charge. The majority of us, however, are more pleased when things run smoothly, as they should. For the rest of us, then, it's good news that according to a recent research report from Pike Research titled "Energy Storage in Commercial Buildings," such interruptions in power will become obsolete as "more commercial buildings, looking to actively manage energy consumption, invest in uninterruptible power supplies to protect computers and servers."
What's with all the Downtime and Can Power Protection Help?
From Amazon to Go Daddy to Microsoft, big players all across the tech space are catching downtime fever about as quickly as they are catching heat stroke.
Minuteman's RPM Power Protection Product Helping Cut Costs
Last week, TMCnet sat down with power protection leader Minuteman to get all the dirt on its most popular product, the PRO-E UPS. Even though this series has been a customer favorite since 1997, it has received some competition from Minuteman's other leading power protection product, the Remote Power Manager (RPM).
Power Protection: Can Perfect Uptime Exist?
Is data center uptime an idealistic dream or is it something attainable? According to a recent survey on data center downtime by the Aberdeen Group, the nirvana of perfect data center uptime is still a farfetched dream for most as only three percent of the 125 organizations surveyed reported their data center uptime as 100 percent. Moreover, only four percent rated their data center as having uptime of 99.999 percent.
Minuteman Gives the Skinny on its Most Popular Power Protection Product
For the past three decades, Minuteman has been spreading the word about its power protection technologies, products that have been sold in more than 100 countries throughout the world. One technology in particular, Minuteman's PRO-E UPS, has been dubbed the best-selling product line. Recently, Minuteman's Marketing Communications Specialist Duston Nixon sat down with TMCnet to discuss what makes the power protection product so popular.
Power Protection Recommended for Guam E911 System
Underscoring the issues emergency 911 systems have to deal with, a power surge recently knocked out the emergency 911 system on the island of Guam. "No one at the E911 call center was aware the service wasn't working until a family drove a man who had suffered an apparent heart attack to the Astumbo Fire Station in Dededo and told firefighters the 911 system wasn't working," local news website reported.
As Downtime Continues to Hit, Power Protection Becomes a Greater Necessity
It's a good thing that Go Daddy is thinking about the future because according to power protection leader Minuteman UPS/Para Systems that fear that downtime might strike again is very warranted.
Ener1 Signs Agreement to Manufacturer Power Protection Devices
Ener1, a provider of energy storage technology solutions, announced that it has signed a five-year strategic agreement with Russia's JSC Mobile GTES (MGTES), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Federal Grid Company (FGC) of Unified Energy System, to contemplate the manufacturing of lithium-ion-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The proposed power protection device will have an initial total capacity of 27.8 MW, company officials said. It will offer power protection for internal substation needs for one hour, including switchgear, lighting, communications and other needs.
Power Protection Leader Minuteman Talks Cost of Ownership
Cost of ownership can oftentimes be an afterthought when purchasing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), according to power protection leader Minuteman UPS/Para Systems. However, there are a few factors that one should consider when evaluating how much it will ultimately cost to have a unit in operation for its typical life span.
Part Two: Heat Waves Spell Bad News for those without Power Protection
Last July, in the midst of an oppressive heat wave, New York's Staten Island borough President James Molinaro was forced to cancel a Little League game not only to keep kids out of the dangerous heat but to also help save electricity that people would need for air conditioning in the homes, since the game was to be played under stadium lights.
As East Coast Heat Wave Continues Power Protection Becomes Increasingly Important
The East Coast is in a heat wave, there is no denying that. As air conditioners, tank tops and iced coffee replace winter must-haves like space heaters and Snuggies, the dead heat of summer is also the biggest culprit of power outages and brownouts.
Keep from Going Offline with Power Protection
Online sites, businesses and services can be down for a number of reasons. No doubt you've been following Sony's travails with what is probably the most egregious security breach in... well, in the Internet age. Hackers got millions of names, physical and email addresses and birth dates of users, including PlayStation Network and Qriocity log-in details and heaven knows what else. That took it offline for weeks. The company is gingerly restoring its PlayStation after last month's attacks; PlayStation Network in the Americas, Europe and most of Asia should be up in the next few days.
Are You Offering Your Customers Power Protection?
Bill Allen, director of marketing of Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading provider of power protection technologies, makes an excellent point in a recent blog post that is surprisingly overlooked today: As a network manager, you should be thinking about your customers' power supply as much as the rest of their computing needs for power protection is of the utmost importance.
UPS Power Protection Market Surges in Europe
The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market, which had one of the best global revenues for the fourth quarter of 2010, shows no signs of slowing down.
Power Protection can Safeguard Telecom Equipment
In today's cyber world, customers and prospective clients not only expect to be able to reach companies whenever they want, they demand it. Top executives like CEOs and CTOs need to be accessible 24/7 and anything less than that can directly impede business deals.
Power Protection - Because Your Data Really is That Critical
If you examine city development 100 plus years ago, you will find pictures of magnificent light displays atop corporate buildings as electric companies tried to demonstrate that electric power was safe enough to be wired into homes. A look at these same cities today shows the different elements relying on power and the potential to shut down the city if proper power protection is lacking.
Power Protection: OnePartner Data Center Achieves 1,000 Days of Uninterrupted Service
OnePartner, which has designed the first commercial data center in North America's to receive a Tier III certification by the Uptime Institute, recently announced that its ATAC datacenter has achieved 1,000 days of uninterrupted service. "On Friday, May 20, the OnePartner ATAC datacenter passes a milestone - 1,000 consecutive days of uninterrupted operation," said Tom Deaderick, director of business development for OnePartner's ATAC data center.
Minuteman Offers Power Protection Products to Address IT/Networking Needs
Nowadays, a company's network expands far beyond the scope of one building, particularly as companies become increasingly global. Since offices have more locations than ever before, IT managers are feeling more pressure to ensure that their networks remain up and protected.
Minuteman Discusses Power Protection with TMCnet
Earlier this month, TMCnet had the chance to sit down with Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power protection products to discuss what makes the company stand apart and why it is so important to embrace power protection technologies.
Power Protection Companies Urge Others to Turn to UPSs
Riello-UPS, a supplier of power protection systems and solutions in Europe, announced it is offering a comprehensive range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ranging from 350 VA to 6 mVA and more UPSs at affordable prices. UPS RPS, the U.K. subsidiary of Riello, supplies the entire range of UPS systems in Europe. The products are offered in different categories so that users can select them according to their applications, size and range.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Gears up for TIA 2011
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems has had a busy 2011, attending many different trade shows, and the power protection company is showing no sign of slowing down.
Power Protection: Minuteman's Knecht Explains Importance of Power Distribution Units
Recently Erik Knecht, director of channel development for Minuteman Power Technologies -a leader in power protection products - offered a video presentation explaining power distribution units, or PDUs. Basically the racks that you use need a lot of power and PDUs are there to ensure they get it when and where it needs to be delivered. Minuteman offers a range of products to meet this need, some equipped with amp meters, which help you see how much power the different units are drawing to help with your energy cost budgeting.
Minuteman Power Protection Products Protect Security Systems
With criminals always on the move, it is more imperative than ever to make sure that your security system is at the top of its game. Luckily, power protection leader Minuteman offers a series of products that ensures that your security system stays on guard even in the event of power outages, brownouts or surges.
SMBs Listen Up: Power Protection Could Really Help You
While a variety of companies in the telecom, security and computing and networking markets have already found a partner in Minuteman, a leader provider of power protection technologies, small to medium sized business (SMB) owners should not overlook the benefits afforded by the company.
Power Protection Technology in Japan to Cope with Power Outages Following Quake
The continuing power outages that have been plaguing Japan since the recent massive earthquakes and tsunami may provide a business opportunity for power protection starting in the summer. The Wall Street Journal reports that Toshiba began selling TVs in 2010 which "can switch automatically from electricity to battery power." They were meant for emerging markets in Indonesia and Vietnam - which frequently experience power blackouts. But in July, Toshiba will sell similar TVs in Japan, The Journal reports.
Education Institutions Can Benefit from Minuteman Power Protection
The education sector depends on consistent power availability as much as the commercial sector, and perhaps even a little more. After all, schools today rely on power protection to ensure that their networks remain running so that emergency response systems are readily available and security systems are reliable. Power protection in education is essential as educational institutions - whether elementary schools or university campuses - are just as likely to experience spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts as the business around the corner.
Power Protection Company Answers: What is Power Monitoring Software?
You've all probably heard of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), but what about power monitoring software?
Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supply Which Automatically, Uh, Interrupts Itself
We're fans of cool tech around here, especially if it has exciting - read "military" - application, so we were interested in the latest announcement from Acumentrics Corporation about their Rugged-UPS 2500 DC Series of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power conditioner units that automatically sense the orientation of the vehicle or piece of equipment, and shut off. It has a picture of a totally cool Humvee loaded with what looks like enough communications tech to contact Pluto. Yes, this is our kind of technology.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Discusses its Infrastructure with TMCnet
Minuteman, a Texas based company whose power protection products are sold in more than 100 countries, has been a leader in power protection technology for the past few decades and it has its second-to-none infrastructure to thank for that.
UPS Guarantees Power Protection despite Fluctuations
Whether technology is receiving too little power or too much, products known as Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) can make situations work out in a safe and economical way. Power outages happen frequently in the United States, according to Minuteman, a leader in power protection products, and that's why UPS devices are a wise investment.
Power Protection Leader Minuteman Hits up Two Popular Events in April
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power protection technologies, has had quite a busy April -heading to Orlando, Fla., for Graybar's National Training Conference and to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the International Security Conference (ISC) West.
Minuteman's Hunteman Discusses UPS Heritage, Power Protection
At a recent International Avaya Users' Group event in Denver, Rick Hunteman, vice president of sales and marketing at Minuteman Power Technologies, discussed Minuteman's telephony heritage, the company's continued focus on the telecom market and their announcement of the PRO-RT Series UPS -the "Electrical Firewall." Minuteman is a leading manufacturer of power protection technologies. The event hosted more than 3,000 attendees, and represented the first combined International conference of Avaya and heritage Nortel user groups together under a single banner.
Minuteman Power Protection Product PRO-RT UPS 'Excellent' Option
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leading producer of power protection technologies, wants consumers to know that its PRO-RT UPS can offer resellers "an excellent option for price-conscious end users." Bill Allen, director of marketing for Minuteman, called the PRO1000RT "the first sub-$200 true rackmount UPS on the market," when it was first shipped last June. Describing it as full-featured and value-priced, the PRO1000RT was expected to be "a popular choice for SMB security, telephone, and IT systems," according to the power protection company.
Is Power Protection Worth the Upfront Cost? Minuteman Says Yes
It's a common question that comes up: should you spend the few hundred dollars on a power protection piece of technology just so that you know that a power outage won't cripple your company or should you risk it and stick to your philosophy of "it won't happen to me?"
Standards Compliance Essential for Proper Data Center Power Protection
It is no secret that data centers are becoming more complex and in the process, companies throughout the global marketplace are investing significant resources into data center power protection, security and integrity solutions. As a result, there is a vast need for equipment that has been tested according to applicable standards to ensure uptime, network and human safety. Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power protection technologies, recently issued a white paper that discusses how the design and implementation of IT equipment in the data center is being impacted by standards such as UL 60950-1.
Power Protection Company Discusses Customer Security during Power Outages
Recently, Business Solutions Editor Gennifer Biggs had the chance to sit down with Minuteman's Bill Allen to discuss the VAR opportunity "tied to uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and extended run time if your customers have low-tolerance about network security, physical security, and disaster recovery." Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power protection technologies, offers UPSs for computers, servers, peripherals, voice and data communication systems, security systems and other mission-critical equipment.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Welcomes April with Rebates
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power protection technologies, kicked off April with a new set of rebates that offer customers a cost savings of up to $60. The rebates run until June 30.
Minuteman Relies on Power Protection Technologies to Keep Equipment Secure
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power protection technologies, has taken it upon itself to answer the question: "When the power fails, who's guarding your facility?"
Making UPS Power Protection Products Greener
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) users, particularly those in data centers, have never been under greater pressure to manage and reduce energy consumption. A UPS is an electrical piece of machinery that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails. With ever-stricter environmental requirements and the need to be seen as a good corporate citizen, data centers need to find a "greener" way to utilize UPS technology. There are a number of energy efficiency issues that affect UPS selection, such as the energy needed to power them and the way they draw energy. If there is one thing data center operators agree on, it's the importance of reducing power consumption.
Power Protection UPS Devices Have Strong Fourth Quarter
Companies just can't seem to get enough of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and global revenues for the fourth quarter of 2010 were 10.8 percent higher than that same period in 2009.
Minuteman Offers Strong Value Proposition in Power Protection Solutions
The idea of power protection is a growing concern for companies and organizations all over the world as theirs operations depend upon consistent and reliable power to function. The challenge in the United States is that utility companies have not kept pace with current demand in terms of equipment updates and power failures are increasing. To help companies address the challenges inherent in less than 100 percent reliable power delivery, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems delivers power protection solutions. In a recent TMCnet video TMC CEO Rich Tehrani talks with Bill Allen, director of marketing for Minuteman, to explore what the company is doing in the overall market to empower organizations to leverage reliable power solutions.
Power Protection Company VYCON to Exhibit at Data Center World
VYCON, a company that provides a high degree of power protection and manufactures high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, announced it will showcase its Voltage Direct Connect (VDC) and VDC-XE clean energy storage systems at the upcoming Data Center World, held March 27-31 in Las Vegas. A study conducted by Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), finds that power disturbances cost the United States industry as much as $188 billion annually in lost data, material and productivity. According to industry analysts at the Darnell Group, companies spend over $5 billion worldwide to overcome the crisis faced by power disturbances.
Power Protection Plans Vital in Nation's Schools, Argues Minuteman
Utility power has a certain unpredictability about it that can lead to concerns for both businesses and educational organizations. Unfortunately, the need for energy is outpacing utility providers' abilities to update equipment, forcing the use of outdated equipment that can lead to increased outages. When these outages occur in schools, more than just technology is put at risk. Recently, a marketing consultant from Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a power protection company that offers UPSs for computers, servers, peripherals, voice and data communication systems, security systems and other mission-critical equipment, wrote a report focusing on the importance of power protection within the educational environment.
Minuteman Makes it Easier to Choose Form of Power Protection
For those individuals and businesses that recognize the advantage of having an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), but who do not know which type of UPS device to buy, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems has a valuable tool for you. Aimed at end-users, resellers and distributors,, a feature on Minuteman's homepage, allows customers to determine what UPS product best suits their requirements.
Minuteman Answers 'Why is Power Protection Needed?'
Everyday products like laptops, telephone systems, data centers and network file servers depend on a clean, uninterrupted supply of power. However, power outages and brownouts can happen at a moment's notice and without warning.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Eying Promising 2011
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems had a stellar 2010 and 2011 looks to be just as auspicious for the power protection company, according to company officials.
Power Protection Important for Educational Institutions
The idea of power protection was recently the focus of a Peter Li article in which College Planning & Management's Amy Milshtein talked with Bill Allen at Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a company that is a leader in power technology products, about the various causes of power problems, and what is at stake for educators should a problem take power down. Allen is the director of marketing for Minuteman.
Minuteman Power Protection Products Boast Green Features
Power protection is an important element for any business as the ability to keep systems running at expected levels is critical for business continuity. A number of sustainable business practices are provided by Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power technology products, as the company seeks to provide high quality and environmentally conscious solutions. Minuteman products incorporate green features that are designed to decrease utility costs and lessen a company's overall impact on the world as a whole. Ultimately, power protection starts with robust options built to promote sustainability and wise power consumption in all elements of the business.
Minuteman Reflects on 'Excellent' 2010 with its Power Protection Products
For nearly the past three decades, Minuteman UPS/Para Systems has been a leader in power technology products. Since 1982, the power protection company has offered Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for computers, servers, peripherals, voice and data communication systems, security systems and other mission-critical equipment. Those offerings have found homes in more than 100 countries all over the world. Despite economic downturn the past couple of years, Minuteman continued to bask in success last year as it celebrated a stellar 2010, according to company officials.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Offers Video About UPSs
Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a leader in power technology products, recognizes that not only is it a daunting task to select the correct uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to prevent power disturbances, but it is at times to difficult to really fathom how a UPS can save the day. In a recent video, the power protection company demonstrates exactly how a UPS works to make your life easier and discusses that power complications are more common than they may seem.
Minuteman Power Protection Company Reminds that Outages do Occur
Since power outages strike and often leave people unprepared, power protection companies like Minuteman UPS/Para Systems are reminding people of the importance of being ready. Minuteman, a company that produces some of the industry's most reliable power technology products, has been at the forefront of this trend for years. As a pioneer in extended runtime applications for more than 25 years, Minuteman has been leading the charge for more reliable UPS devices, from the time it became the first company to offer battery packs with a UPS.
Power Protection Company Minuteman Offering Instant Rebates
Christmas is coming very early this year for Minuteman UPS/Para Systems customers as the power protection company is offering instant rebates of up to $250 through the end of March. The Texas-based company, whose power technology products are sold in more than 100 countries throughout the world, is spreading the early holiday cheer to show its appreciation "for an excellent 2010," according to company officials. There are rebates available for all the tools needed to protect entire networks, telephones or security systems.
Minuteman's Bill Allen Discusses PRO-RT's Ideal Customer, Features
Recently, "Security Products'" Editor-In-Chief Ralph C. Jensen interviewed Bill Allen, marketing director, at Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, a company that touts itself on producing the industry's most reliable power technology products that are sold in more than 100 countries throughout the world. The talk focused solely on the Minuteman PRO-RT series of UPSs.
Eaton Power Protection Company Expands Service Offerings
Eaton, a global leader in power management products and services, recently announced that its award-wining product the BladeUPS system is now available in a preassembled system cabinet designed for easier power cabling access. The BladeUPS Top-Entry Preassembled System simplifies installation for applications without a raised floor environment and serves as a flexible option when facing data center moves, additions or changes, according to the company.
Minuteman Official Makes Case for Campus Power Protection
Bill Allen, marketing director at Minuteman UPS/Para Systems, recently published an article discussing power security on campuses and the complexities that can arise when a power outage hits a large university. Just as businesses and organizations have seen the value in protecting their electricity and data, the educational field need to catch wind of this trend, too, argues Allen.
Tripp Lite to Help Individuals Become More Adept with Power Protection
Those that already feel well-versed in information technology systems and power protection will still be able to expand their skill sets as Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, is offering BICSI credential holders the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs) with its online BICSI-recognized courses.
Power Protection Company Introduces New Backup Solutions
APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions, recently announced that it wants to do even more to protect consumers' data in the event of a power outage. APC announced its plans to add more products to its power conditioning line with the release of the J25B and J35B battery backup solutions. The new APC J Type Power Conditioning Battery Backups are designed to provide the best power protection from threats within the home environment.
Power Protection Company Introduces Latest Product
POWERVAR Inc., a leading supplier of power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for instruments used in hospitals, analytical laboratories, clinical laboratories and other healthcare technology, recently announced that it will be introducing another product to help prevent panic attacks in the medical world caused by power outages. Today, the company announced the release of its latest power protection product, the Mobile Power Manager (MPM).
Data Centers Risk Power Protection Meeting UPS Efficiences
Certain avenues taken in a "green effort" to conserve energy and reduce the carbon footprint instilled by data center power consumption pose a high risk of incurring IT service loss and equipment damage, according to one expert. Shri Karve, director of business development, APC by Schneider Electric, refers specifically to approaches that eliminate UPS electrical losses-namely the function of switching between various modes of operation to increase energy efficiency-that inevitably lead to mains disturbances and outages, and an overall compromise of IT equipment protection.
Survey Results Indicate Need for Longer Power Protection
In an age where companies are often performing twice the amount of tasks with fewer resources, power outages can be especially crippling. In addition to having their data systems compromised, companies sometimes have to dole out thousands of dollars to get their system back up and running. Consequently, there is a higher demand than ever for the right form of power protection, often times a UPS device, which offers zthe longest battery runtime possible.
New FedEx Data Center in Colorado Offers Unprecedented Levels of Power Efficiency, Power Protection
Employing a number of advanced green design technologies, FedEx Corp. has unveiled an environmentally sustainable ("green") data center that can be counted amongst the most energy efficient data center in the country. Located adjacent to the FedEx Rocky Mountain Tech Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., the Enterprise Data Center-West (EDC-W) is the company's first green data center.
PAETEC Opens State of the Art Data Center in Phoenix
PAETEC Holding Corp., a provider of comprehensive suite of IP, voice, data, and Internet services, as well as enterprise communications management software, network security solutions, CPE, and managed services for businesses nationwide, recently announced the opening of its newest data center.
Intel Hopes to Initiate Data Center Networking Using FCoE Stack
In order for Intel to push data centers to transition to a single networking infrastructure, the company is giving away its Fiber Channel over Ethernet software stack.
Power Protection: Tripp Lite Introduces OmniSmart Line-Interactive UPS System
Tripp Lite, a manufacturer of power protection equipment, has added the OMNI1500LCD to its OmniSmart UPS System line. The new offering is a line-interactive UPS system that provides automatic voltage regulation and a sizable, backlit LCD.
Facebook Data Center Helps Revitalize Prineville, Oregon
Facebook is considering expanding a data-center project in Prineville, Oregon, that already covers an area equal to five football fields. This move underscores the social-networking company's need to serve a rapidly growing number of users.
UPSL Releases PowerWAVE 5000/TP UPS System
Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd. (UPSL) has released the ultracompact PowerWAVE 5000/TP UPS system. Company officials said that the advanced 5000/TP has been designed to raise customers' expectations for a UPS in this class by means of a combination of advanced technology and precision engineering.
Data Center Growth in Asia Reflects Popularity of Power Protection Devices
The emergence of new data centers and green technology is expected to help in doubling the Precision Air Conditioning (PAC) revenues in Southeast Asia, according to Frost & Sullivan. And more data centers equates to more uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes), which in turn equates to more popularized power protection efforts.
CleanSource G-Series UPS Hits Power Protection Market
Active Power just announced the availability of its new G-Series, flywheel-based CleanSource Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.
Power Protection For the Holidays: Minuteman Rebates Available
As a thank you for a great year, Minuteman is offering power protection-related instant rebates of up to $60 through the end of Dec. The rebates cover all of the tools companies need to protect their network, telephone and security systems.
Power Protection Critical to Business Continuity
Power protection is an important topic for any organization that relies on IT to support its processes. As captured in this Data Center Knowledge report, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (IPSes) have become critical to ensure that all critical systems are protected from power interruptions. And, while UPSes are assuming increased responsibility, users also expect them to be more reliable and efficient than in the past.
Data and Power Protection: Lessons Learned in a Hurricane
As a mid-sized company with $650 million in revenue and more than 300 employees working across 30 active construction sites, they "needed to face our biggest data challenge: staying operational and providing remote access to online data, despite our location in hurricane country," according to a case study in The Data Center Journal.
Power Protection Measures Ensure Educational Continuity
Utility power is a necessary thing as businesses and educational institutions rely on power to effectively operate. While severe weather can threaten systems, a new threat is becoming more obvious. As captured in this latest report, utility companies are straining to meet our growing power needs on outdated equipment. This could lead to unexpected outages, and drives the need for effective power protection.
Power Protection: When the Grid Goes Down
Electricity powers everything - nearly every facet of our way of life. But what happens when the grid goes down? Millions can be affected - and businesses without power simply stop operations. For those companies employing data centers and other advanced IT infrastructures, these outages can lead to more disastrous consequences - data loss. This is why power protection is so important.
Power Protection Plans Essential for the Business Environment
The availability of electrical power is absolutely essential to the continuous operation of any commercial business. Throughout the global marketplace, businesses rely on computers, servers, telephone systems, security systems and all of the peripheral devices that support them to function effectively. With a power protection plan in place, a business can be left completely at a standstill.
Minuteman Launches Power Protection Channel on TMCnet
(Norwalk, Conn. - Nov. 17, 2010) Technology Marketing Corporation today announced that the Power Protection Channel, sponsored by Minuteman, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program.

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