Mobile VoIP Featured Articles

  • Demand for Mobile VoIP Driving Growth in Femtocell Development
    For the typical business user, he or she doesn't care what infrastructure is in place to support mobile VoIP, they just want access to the technology and resources they need regardless of location. Those vendors able to leverage cutting-edge technology ahead of demand and at a lower cost will likely set the pace... Read More
  • VoLTE Part of a Broader Communications Shift For Telecoms
    The VoLTE market has had to adapt and change over the last few years, despite the fact that the technology is relatively new. The rise of IP multimedia subsystems (IMS) in general have led those companies that make their money through voice driven services to look for new and better ways to keep their customers... Read More
  • Got Mobile VoIP? Here's What Your Business Can Do
    As mobile phone usage starts to take the place of its landline counterpart, businesses are in search of inexpensive ways to communicate with the workforce and customers. With VoIP being the global phenomenon that it is, text messaging and long-distance calls have seen a decrease over mobile networks - especially as inexpensive VoIP services are more easily available... Read More
  • Enterprise Mobility Management Market to grow to $15.2 Billion by 2019
    The enterprise mobility management (EMM) market is expected to reach $15.2 billion by 2019, according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets... Read More
  • Report: VoIP and SIP Trunking Will Continue to Grow as Companies Embrace Hybrid Solutions
    The numbers alone tell a story of significant growth in VoIP access and SIP trunking, both in the short and long term. In 2013 alone, the market grew nearly 35 percent in terms of number of users and 19 percent in terms of revenue. The latter is expected to grow at a rate of 21 percent, from $3.22 billion in 2014 to $10.29 billion in 2020... Read More
  • Opportunities in Mobile VoIP Are Found in Proven Apps
    The same is true for mobile VoIP. We're accustomed to apps being free and VoIP being very low cost within the corporate environment. Before we're willing to pay for the app, we want to try it out to make sure it meets our needs, the quality is above expectation and that it doesn't crash upon use. While it may not seem like much, too many apps can't meet these three expectations, which makes it difficult to pay upfront... Read More
  • REVE Systems Slashes Price of Instant Messaging Module in Half
    Seems like just about everyone today is coming to realize the benefit VoIP provides for communications needs. Especially with more users going mobile for both personal and business communications, the availability of VoIP offerings makes most sense... Read More
  • Trends Show Where Mobile VoIP is Most Prevalent
    How do your customers and employees communicate? While we know that communication and collaboration take place, do we know the tools that are most frequently used? An Informate Mobile Intelligence report suggests that smartphone users are increasing their communications, but they aren't making more phone calls. Marketers hoping to reach their target audience might be better served if they understand which customers are using mobile VoIP and which customers prefer using text messaging... Read More
  • We Can Expect to See the Global VoIP Services Market Triple by 2019
    As we watch VoIP technologies continue to mature and evolve, the result is that the global VoIP services market will also grow at a substantial rate. An analysis conducted by Future Market Insights (FMI) in 2012, found that the corporate consumer segment was close to 100 billion subscribers, which represented total revenue of about $43.3 billion. The analysis found that over the course of the next five years we can expect to see this market triple in size... Read More
  • iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer: A Win for Both Calling Cards and Mobile VoIP
    While it seems like old hat technology, calling cards still have their place even in a modernized, mobile era. Calling cards allow users to make local toll, long distance, and international phone calls from anywhere in the world. With the advent of the smartphone, even calling cards have a place with solutions like the iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer... Read More
  • Is Mobile VoIP Helping to Drive Demand for Network Analytics?
    For that reason, companies are increasingly turning to REVE Systems to support their mobile VoIP adoption. Whether the goal is to white label the service or support a global team, the primary objective is to provide companies with the resources they need to effectively compete in today's competitive industries... Read More
  • Is VoIP Essential For Business? Here's a Convincing List
    If most employees use some type of smartphone device, looking into switching to VoIP is highly recommended. With VoIP, you can your phone system with you, wherever you go, on your business trips or vacations. There is no need to change your phone number. VoIP is mobile, portable, all you need to make and receive calls is an Internet connection, and you just sign in into your account and use it... Read More
  • University of Alabama Researches VoIP Security
    VoIP has long been touted as the "it" communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. While it has a long list of items checked in the "pro" column, researchers at the University of Alabama (UAB) have found a few kinks in the wire, quite literally... Read More
  • Infonetics Research Reports on the Decline of Enterprise PBX Market
    When a large enterprise decides to invest in a new technology, the evaluation process can take some time. With millions of dollars potentially on the line, they want to make sure the solution they deploy delivers as promised and is financially feasible. With so many technologies being introduced in the marketplace, it has to be carried out with caution. On the one hand these organizations don't want to miss the opportunities the new technology will provide, and on the other, they don't want their eagerness to cost them millions of dollars for an ineffective product or service. The new report by Infonetics Research has revealed businesses are continuing to hold off the purchase and upgrade of PBX equipment... Read More
  • REVE Systems Leverages Bangladesh Location to Promote Access to Mobile VoIP
    The access to telecommunications we have today eliminates most obstacles to staying connected, regardless of location. Companies and individuals everywhere are adopting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to streamline communications and reduce the cost of staying connected. At the same time, mobile demands are driving new innovations and creating increased opportunities for mobile VoIP... Read More
  • Does Your VoIP Brand Need a Mobile App? In a Word, Yes
    Advertising has certainly become far more complex and integrated since the age of the Internet and social media. Businesses have options today that were a mere dream way back when, but with all of these options, it's imperative to plan, execute, and find where your presence is going to offer the most return on your investment. We know that we're living in a mobile, digital era, so why aren't you in the app marketplace?.. Read More
  • Tips For Mobile VoIP App Providers & Android
    For these reasons alone, it's imperative that customers always have access to the latest version of the mobile VoIP app. The best way to do so is to always direct customers to the respective app store for download. If a branded app is not available, the customer should be directed to the OEM brand's page in the Google Play store. The point is to deliver the best experience for the user. It may seem like offering a one-click download is great service, but in the end, it could drive the customer away... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Helps the Office Phone Make the Jump to the Smartphone
    The flexibility of mobile VoIP goes beyond even what smartphones can provide, too, because when a smartphone is out of coverage or low on battery, the mobile VoIP number can be routed to a different phone such as a home-office or hotel phone... Read More
  • Why It May Be Time to Consider Mobile VoIP
    In the quest to set yourself apart from the competition, have you examined your communication strategy? While some may view staying connected as a necessary evil, others explore the options available and how they can be leveraged to set a new standard. In many an environment, this means embracing new capabilities afforded with Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. When mobility is added into the mix, the capabilities with mobile VoIP take you to the next level... Read More
  • Analysis: Diameter Signaling Control Market On the Rise
    According to Infonetics Research, North America took over a third of Diameter signaling controller revenue in 2014, and on a global scale, he Diameter signaling control market totaled $381M in 2014... Read More
  • Dell'Oro Group Predicts Service Provider Router Market to Exceed $11.5 Billon in Four Years
    The Dell'Oro Group believes that we are witnessing an evolution in the router market. There appears to be a reshaping of network infrastructures due to new bandwidth usage and service delivery scenarios. As service providers and enterprises rely more on Internet Protocol (IP) networks for their services and operations, equipment manufacturers have found it necessary to develop routers that enable a broader range of services, scale in capacity and more importantly, support for higher data rates... Read More
  • REVE Makes Instant Messaging Even Easier for VoIP Callers Who Use Mobile
    REVE recently announced that its iTel Mobile Dialer Express now offers instant messaging functionality. The iTel Mobile Dialer Express app allows users to make VoIP calls from mobile phones. The mobile application has been designed to keep VoIP service provider requirements in mind, and enable them to offer their customers an easy way to make Internet-based calling from basically any phone... Read More
  • Should Mobile VoIP Face Regulation?
    The same kind of frustration happened when text messaging first came on the scene. Revenue opportunities were then realized when users could be charged for texting. The pricing models shifted and changed with the market and those able to deliver on demand claimed market dominance. Will the same happen in mobile VoIP?.. Read More
  • Why Good Equipment Matters With Mobile VoIP
    It's not new news that we're a pretty mobile society. So many businesses are ditching wired phones and opting to have employees either bring their own devices or are doling out company-managed ones. With mobile VoIP being as inexpensive as it is, it makes sense that businesses are putting more money on their bottom lines while boosting productivity levels. Of course, with the increased use of mobile handsets comes the need for good equipment, and without good equipment you may as well just give up trying to talk to anyone at all... Read More
  • Is Mobile VoIP a Priority in 2015?
    What goals have you established for 2015? Do they include growth, a reduction in expenses and a plan for increased efficiency? All are healthy goals and common for beginning another new year. If you had the same goals last year, were you able to achieve any level of success? Did you implement any new technologies to help along the way? If not, this may be the year to make the investment... Read More
  • South Africa Poised for VoIP Growth
    South Africa is poised for an explosion in enterprise VoIP adoption in 2015, according Louis Jardim of Turrito Networks. That's because networks have matured so that operators are finally in a position to offer enterprise-grade voice quality at affordable prices, he noted... Read More
  • Laying the Foundation for Mobile VoIP
    As professionals travel the world to make connections, close deals and collaborate face-to-face, mobile VoIP gains even more value for the user. The corporate environment that already relies on VoIP extends the same capabilities to users in the field. As a result, the individual on the other side of the city can communicate as if he were in his office. Likewise, if he's on the other side of the world, he uses the same capabilities through provided applications that reduce the cost, ensure connectivity and optimize performance... Read More
  • New Technology Isn't a Roadblock with this Hosted Softswitch
    Don't you just love advances in technology - as long as they don't make your life more complicated? While some of us are first adopters and can't wait for the next thing to hit the market, there are still others of us that don't want to have to learn a new platform, transfer files or change any processes. I tend to fall into the second group, unless the technology offers a way to simplify... Read More
  • Want Easy Mobile VoIP? Pick Auto Provisioning from REVE Systems
    Finally, for that mobile professional who is using his own phone but wants to still give the "in the office" feel to his communications, the CLI display for Caller ID allows the corporate number to serve as the user number on the display. The personal number need never appear for the person on the other end of the line, protecting the consistency of the brand and allowing the mobile user separation between work and life... Read More
  • Mobile UC Growth Ahead
    The mobile UC market is expected to grow from $5.15 billion in 2014 to $17.38 billion by 2019, according to MarketsAndMarkets, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of around 27.5 percent... Read More
  • Why Mobile VoIP is a Global Hot Commodity
    This decision and quick change of course point to some of the problems occurring in telecom licensing provisions. The biggest problem is that service providers in this region pay significantly different fees to provide very similar services. Such a challenge can overwhelm the provider seeking to make an easy impact in the market at large... Read More
  • Do You Want VoIP Regulated to Support Business Communications?
    As much as we rely on Internet connectivity in our work and everyday lives, there are still mysteries to the technology. For instance, if the Web is an open and free movement of data, shouldn't VoIP calls fall into the same category? Should businesses assume that their calls should be free when supported across this medium?.. Read More
  • Is Your Phone System Ready for the Holidays?
    Closed offices and reduced IT support are as much a part of the holiday season as cookies and Christmas songs. Yet technical challenges do not take vacations like IT staff, so it is important to do a quick check to make sure your phone system is ready for the office down-time... Read More
  • Benefits Continue to Drive Demand for Hosted Softswitch and Mobile VoIP
    If streamlined communications is still eluding your team, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate your current deployment strategy. For a number of organizations, the focus has been on the hosted softswitch and the efficiencies realized for the bottom line. When mobility is part of the mix, mobile VoIP has to be included. If you're not leveraging both, you could be missing out on benefits your competitors already leverage... Read More
  • What Is 'True' Mobility?
    You'd be hard pressed to find many wired forms of communications these days. The truth of the matter is, we're a mobile era. Two decades ago, it was unheard of to have a mobile phone (or cellular phone, as we once called it) for regular communications purposes. Most people who were privileged enough to have one only used it for necessities, but with data and calling plans being as inexpensive as they are, even business decision makers are realizing the benefits to a truly mobile workforce... Read More
  • Ovum: 2015 Is All About IoT, Cloud, and Mobility
    Up until recently, mobility has been propelled by the consumer market, especially as employees demand to use their own devices within the work place. Among Ovum's predictions are that this will continue to lead to a 'mobility mismatch' where employee demand isn't matched by IT department's ability to deliver. BYOD will clearly have some kinks to iron out. It also predicts that businesses will start to look beyond BYOD, adopting a more managed approach to device usage, particularly where sensitive data is involved... Read More
  • Ready to Optimize Mobile VoIP Opportunities? Check Out iTel Dialer Plus
    This trend is helping to create opportunities for service providers throughout the world, seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for mobile solutions, especially when supported by VoIP. The key to success in this market is to partner with a proven wholesale company with the right platform to support flexible growth and a continuous drive for innovation... Read More
  • Demand for Mobile VoIP Helping to Drive Network Build-Outs
    The growth in this space points to not only the growing number of users, but also the value role that VoIP plays for the commercial sector overall. Now that it can be extended to professionals in the field and maintain greater cost control, implementations are growing. To ensure the best outcomes, however, find the right partner to support your communications technology. In doing so, you'll be better equipped to focus on your business and not whether or not you can stay connected... Read More
  • Why Enterprise IT Organizations Must Become Mobile VoIP Providers
    Luckily, enterprise-ready cloud services can play an effective role in closing the gap between the promise of UC and what it actually takes to deliver on that promise... Read More
  • A Closer Look at the Global VoLTE Market Ahead
    It is because of this type of growth that today, Research and Markets has announced that it will be adding a new analysis report to its offerings. The newest report will be entitled "Voice over LTE Market by Long-Term Evolution, by Technology and by Geography - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020." Some of the key topics in the report will include premium insights, market overview, industry trends, market by technology and VoLTE market by geography... Read More
  • Carrier IP Telephony Market Makes Gains Through Third Quarter 2014
    Naturally, this is still fairly early-stage stuff, and quite a bit of this market could easily change course in the coming months. But based on what's been seen so far, this is a development that may have legs in the long term, and may well carry on into the future as more and more demand is placed on the network to serve as a voice system as well as a data transfer system... Read More
  • REVE Systems Adds Auto Provisioning to Enhance User Experience
    While the addition of the auto provisioning feature is a positive move for users, it's also positioned well for service providers offering REVE Systems white labeled solutions. The ability to brand the mobile VoIP offering is important in a highly competitive area. Extending the brand experience through greater registration, use, authentication and the IM experience also helps to increase brand stickiness and prevent customer churn... Read More
  • Liberal Policies Make Bahrain a Great Place for VoIP Business
    While 45 percent of Bahrainis prefer to use their mobile phone for calling, according to the REVE paper, 30 percent said they prefer VoIP for calling and another 25 percent said they prefer making calls from call shops. Since call shops mostly use VoIP, this highlights the great opportunity for VoIP providers in the region... Read More
  • Find 'The One' VoIP Provider That's Right For You
    It happens to the best of us: There you are, looking at profile after profile, but nothing seems to be panning out. Maybe you're just confused and don't know what you want. What about what you need? Sometimes, just sometimes - there's more out there for you than you've noticed. If you can't put your finger on why you're still looking, perhaps it's time for a little self-reflection... Read More
  • Still Waiting? You Could Be Missing Out on Mobile VoIP Perks
    If you've paid any attention to the communications coverage in the media over the last few years, you've seen the posted benefits about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). As much as vendors and third party media sites alike promote the benefits for the small business, however, relative uptake has been shy of projections... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP to Rise Along with Global VoIP Services Market
    About three-fifths of the world's population lives in the region, so as infrastructure is added, the number of potential customers added will be much greater than anywhere else. TMR predicts from now through 2020 the subscriber base will increase at a CAGR of 14.6 percent, while revenues will grow at a CAGR of 13.6 percent... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Near the Tipping Point According to Report
    The mobile VoIP market is at a crucial juncture where the technology could see widespread adoption, according to the report. Currently, consumers are keen to use mobile VoIP because it enables calling to move from the office to mobile phones to the home seamlessly. It also reduces the cost of calling by using data allocation instead of cellular minutes... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Steadily Overtaking Traditional Phone Service in the Business World
    Voice over IP (VoIP) has long been touted as an inexpensive alternative to traditional phone service, enabling a huge host of calling features without the expenditures and technology hassles associated with legacy lines. And now that we have entered the age of mobility, mobile VoIP has become increasingly popular, particularly for businesses... Read More
  • VoIP Delivers More Than Just Cost Savings
    Speaking of on the go, another value of VoIP is its ability to facilitate mobile calling. VoIP is even better than cell phones when it comes to mobility, because with a cell phone it is possible to lose cellular coverage or have to pay roaming charges. Phones also run out of batteries... Read More
  • Autodialers &, VoIP Lines Are a Gray Area for TCPA
    The language of the TCPA extends beyond just cell numbers, and it states that "making any call…using any [ATDS] or an artificial or prerecorded voice…to any telephone number assigned to a paging service, cellular telephone service, specialized mobile radio service, or other radio common carrier service, or any service for which the called party is charged for the call" counts as a call. Ergo, the Judge ruled in favor of Lynn... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP and UC Market to be Worth $17.38B by 2019
    Because VoIP requires so much less infrastructure than traditional cellular or landline telephone networks, mobile carriers can deliver it at lower prices. Mobile VoIP also tantalizingly offers higher audio quality on phone calls as well as easier access to powerful business calling features thanks to cloud-based technology and unified communications.. Read More
  • Tips to Select the Right Mobile VoIP Provider
    Has your team gone mobile? A number of companies have had professionals in the field for years, while others are following suit now that the technology available to support mobility is affordable and in place. Companies are embracing voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), especially now that mobile VoIP availability is growing. The key to ultimate success, however, is determining the right solutions for your unique environment and selecting the right provider to deliver those solutions... Read More
  • New Report Analyzes Global VoIP Market
    Visiongain expected carriers to fight back against OTT services. One example would be the fight over "net neutrality" rules in the U.S., with broadband providers trying to use measures to keep customers from using services like Netflix. These providers are also fighting back, reaching out to both the public and lawmakers to keep net neutrality... Read More
  • 4 Reasons You Should Consider Mobile VoIP
    Believe it or not, these two trends are key reasons to support a move to VoIP. When you do so internally, you can extend support to those employees in the field through mobile VoIP. As a result, you can deliver better access and support, while also enhancing overall productivity... Read More
  • India Embracing VoIP at a Rapid Pace
    The Indian VoIP market is expected to grow at a 27 percent annual growth rate over the next five years, according to a recent report by India VoIP Market Forecast & Opportunities, and this is due to increased broadband and cellular adoption, in addition to socio-economic factors... Read More
  • Why Mobile VoIP is Good for Business
    The word is out that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is good for business. It streamlines communications, greatly reduces the cost burden on the organization and allows for the extension of greater capabilities across all users. Still, even with these benefits understood, adoption is not 100 percent among the business community... Read More
  • REVE Systems Latest Version of iTel Switch Plus Helps Entrepreneurs Grow As Carriers
    Last but not least, version 6.0 comes with an online payment gateway, which allows end users to pay service providers with major credit cards. In addition, resellers can now configure their own payment gateways from a personalized panel to take payments from their own clients. PayPal,, eProcessing, CASHU & Payment Wall are included... Read More
  • North America's Hosted IP Telephony & UCC Services Market Sound, Not Without Challenges
    Basically, the projections suggest much of what is known in most any business; the businesses that want to survive the longest will do the job better than anyone else in the field and for less expense to the customer. Naturally, some will do well with premium service at premium prices and others will do well in the value-market niche. In this regard, the hosted IP market and UCC services market is really no different from most other retail markets. So those companies who work in the field should put some real focus into innovation, into supplying that which no one else can or will, and look to keep more standard services on hand at market-beating rates... Read More
  • VoIP Enables Mobility, Flexibility and Cost Savings for Today's BYOD Corporate Culture
    VoIP technologies have undergone massive improvements over the past couple of decades, and the poor sound quality, "echo," and duplex mismatch errors that previously plagued offerings have been mostly eliminated. Today's VoIP apps and equipment offer built-in troubleshooting to provide high levels of quality, and many solutions include valuable additions like texting, chat, conferencing and even video calls... Read More
  • Net Neutrality & Mobile VoIP: Strange Bedfellows
    Net neutrality-the practice by which all traffic on the Internet is considered identical to all other traffic-has proven to be a major hot-button issue over the last couple of years or so now, and for the most part, the public wants it. Public opinion, according to reports, is running about 99 percent in favor of net neutrality, but much of that remaining one percent comprises some major corporations with quite a bit of clout. Indeed, some are already wondering what kind of effect net neutrality has on voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services, and several effects are starting to materialize... Read More
  • Will Verizon's VoLTE be OTT's Disconnect Moment?
    Advanced Calling 1.0 offers up quite a bit that's worth considering, and plenty that will likely be enjoyed. The downside here, though, is that there are also plenty of issues, like an incredibly finicky system that will only operate for the right users in the right areas using the right devices. How many Verizon users has Verizon effectively eliminated from using its own program because of all of these restrictions? Will this really fare well against established OTT services that probably already have user bases by now?.. Read More
  • Hosted UC Might be Cheaper Than You Think
    For starters, modern Hosted UC platforms are both lower priced and higher quality than almost any plan offered by either mobile or a landline-based network. This is because Voice over IP (VoIP) phone networks transmit more signals faster by converting them into compact packets of data and sending it through the Internet using a broadband Internet connection (a business necessity on its own)... Read More
  • Vonjour Offering VoIP for the iPhone with BYOD in Mind
    In the future, the company plans on continuing its growth with both greater diversification and technological innovation, in order to deliver a better product to more customers. Recently, hardware-based IP phone networks have been on the decline while hosted networks have become more profitable... Read More
  • REVE Systems to Bring Wholesale IP Switching Platform at Asian Carriers Conference 2014
    Confirming the participation, REVE Systems director of global Marketing, Sanjit Chatterjee said, "We are pleased to showcase our IP Switching platform before wholesale carriers from the Asian region. Our solution will enable them to manage large volumes of voice traffic with complete ease.".. Read More
  • Mobile VoIP is Driving Demand for Wholesale and Retail VoIP Opportunities
    The point is that the demand for VoIP is growing. Those offering wholesale VoIP or retail VoIP are taking advantage of opportunities in the market that weren't there just a few short years ago. Now that users can readily access mobile VoIP through apps and supported technology, the opportunity is even better. The key to success will always be quality calls and the customer experience as VoIP already has a strong value proposition. The key for providers to realize success will be to use the quality experience to stand out in the crowd... Read More
  • EU Likely to Let Facebook Buy WhatsApp and Offer Cheap Mobile VoIP
    For countries that want to control voice and SMS traffic or protect national telecom firms, the mix of WhatsApp and Facebook with voice calling could raise some objections. It will be hard for mobile operators to avoid having their margins cut if a Facebook-owned WhatsApp starts taking OTT calling mainstream... Read More
  • Offer Subscribers a PIN-less & Number-less Experience
    Long distance calling has always been a cause of concern due to high international calling rates. Users thereby preferred using calling cards so they could make calls at subsidized rates. The increased usage of calling cards diverted many service providers to the calling card business and while calling cards are popular, there is still a pain point associated with the usage of calling cards... Read More
  • Will Mobile VoIP Dip Before a VoLTE Boom?
    Research firm Infonetics has released a new report that forecasts the IMS equipment and VoIP would correct itself as more carriers prepare to deploy VoLTE networks nationwide... Read More
  • It's 2014: Do You Realize VoIP Works on Mobile?
    I've written so many articles over the years about VoIP, that I sometimes forget that I need to explain what VoIP stand for (voice-over-IP)... Read More
  • Let's Pause to Consider How Much Business Has Changed-and the Opportunities Still Out There
    Now we have mobile phones and VoIP, however. With mobile VoIP, it now is possible to have our phone calls follow us even when our cell phone dies. The same call can route to our office phone, follow us on the go by reaching our cell phone, and call our home phone at night (if we let it). We're always able to take calls nowadays, which changes the nature of calling and our relationship to it fundamentally... Read More
  • 4 Ways Mobile VoIP Deliver Benefits to Businesses
    There's nothing worse than paying for those roaming charges when your team has to travel overseas. You also don't want them to have to worry about multiple phones just to stay focused on the job. With mobile VoIP, they can send all of their calls over the data network and avoid these unnecessary charges... Read More
  • Corporate Demand for Hosted PBX Will Drive Rapid Adoption of Mobile VoIP
    Professionals in the field will more easily sync with corporate solutions when leveraged through hosted options. And, given the demand we're seeing across the market, don't be surprised if the next report focuses on the mobile VoIP options and the rapid pace of development and adoption... Read More
  • Emergency Response Numbers are Not Keeping Up with Technology and Society
    Then there are new abuses from the hacking of 911 systems. Recently a 12-year-old boy punked celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber by using the 911 system to dispatch a SWAT team to their homes, according to the The Register. The boy used a text telephone (TTY) used by the disabled to make his prank. These terminals are transferred to an operator, who will the call the emergency services and relay the information, thus circumventing much of the location and user information usually included in calls... Read More
  • Five Mobile Trends to Watch
    Smartphones have taken over the worlds of IT and communications and served as nothing less than a revolution for business and society. While just about everyone has a smartphone these days, however, the mobile industry is still very much growing and evolving... Read More
  • Will Mobile VoIP Increase with Legal Unlocking?
    Cell phone unlocking - it was an illegal activity for quite some time as carriers aimed to protect the investments they had made in their proprietary networks and developers wanted to protect copyrighted work. Apparently Washington saw this as unnecessary and a soon-to-be law is now just waiting the signature of President Obama... Read More
  • IPsmarx Enables Retailers to Generate Additional Revenue Streams
    Airtime remittance and international calling services have become a profitable business even for small time vendors like grocers and convenience stores. Even service providers have realized the benefits of enabling this segment, and are coming up with new plans to facilitate the selling of their services through small time vendors... Read More
  • iTel Switch Plus with Calling Cards Platform
    As billing is integrated in the softswitch, it is quite easy to manage customer billing. Also, the calling card Solution allows clients to use multiple carriers, so that customers can take the benefit of the least cost routing features. Active viewing of call details & account balances is also possible on the calling card module. Administrators can view the number of calling card users online. Due to the GUI billing platform, which is a web based platform, it becomes easy for administrators to access the Internet and gain easy management of the system... Read More
  • Will Mobile VoIP Become an Enterprise Channel of Choice?
    When it comes to mobile, most of us are onboard. We not only have a wireless plan in place, many of us also have a smartphone that we can't stand to be without for longer than a minute or two. It's a demonstration of the evolution of telecom and the distance we have come since the days of the switchboard operator. We're not just connected, we're also flocking to mobile VoIP... Read More
  • $1 Trillion for Telecom in Next Five Years
    In the telecom and datacom equipment and software industry, the race is on, and getting faster than ever... Read More
  • ABI Research Predicts Changes in LTE Chip Demand for Mobile Devices
    The kinds of LTE chips most in demand for mobile devices are changing over the next several years... Read More
  • African VoIP Carriers Value Speed and Loyalty for Increasing Growth over OTT Markets
    Until then, African mobile network operators will have to reduce prices and increase reliability before OTT markets have a chance to get off the ground. According to Fink, "$20 billion will not just fall into the laps of African operators - they'll have to make sure they fight for it. They also predict that OTT operators could cost carriers $63 billion per year if they don't react fast enough and in the correct way.".. Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Stakes its Claim in a Growing Market
    Companies seeking their fortunes in the telecommunications space may have landed on a prime opportunity. According to reports from the Telecommunications Industry Association, global spending in this space increased 5 percent to reach $5.1 trillion in 2013. While this increase is lower than the 7 percent reached in 2012, it still demonstrates strong opportunity... Read More
  • REVE Systems Carrier Billing Solution: Ultraefficient
    iTel Billing, an advanced VoIP billing software from REVE Systems, supports all models of Internet Telephony business: Retail Origination (Calling Cards, Call Shops, PC/Mobile Dialers), Wholesale Origination and Termination... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Market Gets Boost from Messaging Apps Supporting eCommerce
    What do you think is the future of mobile? This is one industry that has evolved so quickly, it's tough to keep pace with the latest innovations and anticipated outcomes. Often, before we even realize we want a capability, the manufacturer or carrier is making it available. One thing we did know we wanted was mobile VoIP, we just weren't sure how it was going to arrive... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Set to Explode in Nigeria
    Have you ever heard of anyone preferring a landline over a mobile or mobile VoIP connection? I've heard it mentioned by the mother who wants to be sure her babysitter has a way to call out maybe. But in the business world, it's getting harder to find the individual company that prefers to stay connected through traditional technology... Read More
  • How Mobile VoIP is Taking the Desk Phone on the Road
    To make use of mobile VoIP on a smartphone, users generally just login with their business credentials so they can receive and make calls from a business line. This also provides for access to the company voicemail directory, to send and receive online faxes and even to join in on conference calls. Again, all of these things happen, regardless of location... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Provider Sets its Sights on CommunicAsia 2014
    Part of that effort includes the company's participation in CommunicAsia 2014. REVE Systems is on hand in Singapore for the event this week. An information and communications technology (ICT) event, CommunicAsia 2014 has the mobile VoIP provider showcasing its primary solution for a variety of communication service providers... Read More
  • REVE Systems Revs Up iTel Switch Plus
    Mobile solutions provider REVE Systems has continued to focus its efforts on delivering the features service providers demand. To meet increasing needs for scalability, the company has revved up its iTel Switch Plus offering in version 6.0.0... Read More
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Mobile Gaming Future Promising
    Mobile VoIP ties into the social messaging landscape because it's a cheap way to reach someone while still using a handheld device. Whether it's social messaging or a phone call, consumers and business folk are relying on their devices instead of a desk phone, so the more options available, the better... Read More
  • REVE Systems Answers Common Questions About iTel Switch Plus
    The hosted environment is one that continues to be touted to audiences everywhere who are willing to listen. For some, it's a no brainer to make the switch and start enjoying the benefits without the associated costs. For others, migrating to a situation where a third party is responsible for the hardware and support of a vital business element is enough to cause unwanted stress. If the technology in question is the hosted softswitch, it doesn't have to leave you wondering, but it can leave you in a better position than when you started... Read More
  • Unified Communications Prized for Telecommuting, Messaging and Video Features
    As markets tighten for just about every industry, thanks in large part to the Internet and the global economy, finding a business edge is more important than ever... Read More
  • Want Mobile VoIP without Skype? We've Got Options
    Throughout the years, long distance charges were a part of doing business. Every company encountered them, adjusted their targets to ensure the budget covered them and sought ways to streamline communications to avoid them. The arrival of the Internet and VoIP helped create a whole new pathway to staying connected across the miles. Mobile entered the mix and now mobile VoIP offers another method for low cost communications... Read More
  • Mobile Operator Activity is Fueling IMS Growth in North America & Asia Pacific
    Better communications continue to be in demand throughout the global marketplace. Users are increasingly adopting smartphones to stay on the move. There are multiple channels of communications to help meet consumer demand. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) integrates voice across the data network and is the basis for the hosted softswitch, bringing collaboration capabilities to the next level... Read More
  • What it Takes to Win at the Mobile VoIP Business: Beyond Tech
    Who wouldn't want to save money? That's the principal value proposition of mobile VoIP, and why an increasing number of people are choosing to make their mobile calls using VoIP instead of minutes from their cellular provider. VoIP is far cheaper than cellular minutes-and more convenient... Read More
  • What it Takes to Start a Mobile VoIP Business
    Mobile VoIP is hot. Now that just about everybody is sporting a smartphone of some kind, people are starting to realize that they can save money by using VoIP for their calling instead of going through their cellular provider... Read More
  • iBasis, P4 Offer HD Voice Interconnection
    iBasis, a subsidiary of the Dutch carrier KPN, and P4, a Polish mobile carrier, have launched mobile HD voice service interconnection between P4' s PLAY brand and KPN Mobile... Read More
  • REVE Systems Showing Off Mobile VoIP and Wholesale Softswitch to Carriers in Chicago
    Singapore-based VoIP software provider REVE Systems continues to push forward and make a name for itself in the competitive market with enhancements to its mobile VoIP and softswitch solutions for carriers... Read More
  • Is BlackBerry Planning Its Own Skype?
    While BlackBerry hasn't been on the good end of much in the way of news lately, there's no denying that the former powerhouse isn't giving up its market position without a fight. A new report suggests that BlackBerry may have a new service in mind that draws on the power of its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service and allows its users to stay better connected, and said service is already being compared to Skype... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP via WebRTC? Here's How
    WebRTC and VoIP both aim to enhance the user experience and enable any consumer device to seamlessly connect from anywhere and on any network, but WebRTC differs in that it is focused solely on browser-based communications. Typically, we've seen "VoIP versus WebRTC," as the experts have put these technologies against each other, however, the WebRTC media engine is quite similar to the traditional VoIP media engine, so using one to make the other mobile just makes sense... Read More
  • Start Seeking Google Voice Alternatives Before Time Is Up
    Mobile VoIP solutions from REVE Systems have brought drastic changes in the field. REVE System provides various types of Mobile VoIP Software / products depending on your mobile VoIP needs... Read More

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