Mobile VoIP Featured Articles

  • iTel Mobile Dialer Express Puts VoIP on Your Smart Device
    As mobile phone usage starts to take the place of its landline counterpart, both businesses and consumers are in search of inexpensive ways to communicate with contacts across the globe. With VoIP being the worldwide phenomenon that it is, text messaging and long-distance calls have seen a decrease over mobile networks since mobile VoIP services are more easily available. Network providers are now also in constant battle to compete with consumer's attraction to VoIP's smart costs... Read More
  • Will Consumers Pay More for Mobile VoIP?
    WhatsApp isn't gaining 1 million new users a day because it offers truly original features that other solutions can't provide; basically WhatsApp is just a slightly more advanced chat client. Almost everyone who has a cell phone already has the ability to send text messages and instantly send each other photos... Read More
  • Bandwidth Optimization Lets Callers Experience VoIP as it was Made to Sound
    If a customer tries to use VoIP and he can't understand the person on the other end, it tells the user that the VoIP service is not to be relied upon. If a person tries to make a call and can't even connect to the phone network, it says that the VoIP service isn't even useful. Both are epic fails... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Security: A Very Serious Matter
    This is not simply two passwords that can be compromised. Because the security device generates a new password each time, learning the secondary password doesn't compromise security. A user needs both the softswitch password and the security device to gain access; one will not suffice without the other, ensuring that a stolen password or even a stolen security device is not enough... Read More
  • AWAAZ Brings Efficient Mobile VoIP to Android
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony is already used in businesses around the nation because it provides them with an alternative phone system with higher audio quality and lower monthly bills. Because calls are routed over the Internet instead of public phone channels, they can be digitized into data signals that are much more efficient to transmit. Previously this service was only practical replacements for landline phones such as those within homes and businesses, but a recently launched Android app called AWAAZ promises to bring VoIP calls to the mobile market... Read More
  • REVE Systems Honored for Excellence in UC
    As companies throughout the world have adopted the benefits associated with the all-IP environment, vendors are readily popping up to try and meet the growing demand. In the process, the market has become more crowded and companies have more options than ever before. The challenge now, is identifying those IP softswitch providers who bring quality and competitive pricing to the table and support the customer's initiatives for the long term... Read More
  • Calling Card Apps Improve the Mobile VoIP Experience
    VoIP service providers also benefit as they can offer the Calling Card App as a service for their customer base. The app supports Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms and with white label branding options, they can leverage the iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer as their own, increasing brand visibility while further driving customer loyalty... Read More
  • Are You Ready to Select the Right Hosted Softswitch?
    If you have already made significant investments in your desktop hardware, however, you may want your hosted softswitch to simply feed the communication data through your current network. If you are accustomed to the control afforded with the PBX, you may want a virtual PBX option that still moves operation away from your equipment, but gives you more control over how it operates... Read More
  • Fixed Line Communication Could Meet its Demise in 15 Years Thanks to VoIP
    There have been several reports out lately forecasting that we can expect to see about 130 million people making mobile video calls in just four years. One factor that makes this a possibility is the current push to deploy 4G LTE networks. A byproduct of LTE networks covering so much ground in so many regions is the technological advancements in VoIP and VoLTE... Read More
  • How to Profit with VoIP No Matter Which Route You Choose
    Second, security is a vital concern when it comes to VoIP. It is important that VoIP providers have a way to limit damage when a customer's smartphone is stolen. In developing countries, this issue can be even more pronounced... Read More
  • eSBC Market Up Thanks to SIP Trunking
    It's that time once again to check in with the enterprise session border controller (eSBC) market to get a handle on how it performed over the last quarter. In this specific overview, Infonetics Research has reported on the fourth quarter of 2013 and provides financial numbers and performance for the entire year... Read More
  • Advanced Carrier IP Market to Grow
    As more people opt for smartphones and other devices, this will drive demand for more advanced services from carriers. They've been struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of data that smartphones push across their networks, so there's a big incentive to upgrade if they want to keep their customers... Read More
  • Will Mobile VoIP Replace Voice Communications?
    It appears the answer is, "Yes" as carriers are even embracing this shifting landscape, augmenting their mobile broadband networks with small cells and Wi-Fi offloads. Wireless carriers and telecommunications companies are shifting into the role of data brokers and opportunities will be found in smart and embedded devices that allow the user to take communications to the next level... Read More
  • Access to the Hosted Softswitch Just Got Better
    The demand for better communications is consistently on the rise as access to more advanced technology is improving. Companies no longer need to invest in significant in-house communications deployments as the cloud has introduced a seamless experience that is now under the management of a third party. The hosted softswitch is the perfect example and REVE Systems is on a course for innovation... Read More
  • REVE Systems Takes Mobile VoIP to Mobile World Congress
    Mobile World Congress is underway already in Barcelona, Spain and companies from across the globe are displaying the latest and greatest in tech. While mobile is the central focus of the event, solutions from wearable tech, to mobile apps and video solutions, are making waves... Read More
  • Carrier Investment in VoIP is Strong, Report Finds
    The company's iTel Switch Plus solution is a carrier-grade softswitch that features multi-level reseller support, easy end user interface, integrated billing, and class 4 &5 softswitch features. By offering innovations such as the option to have an infinite number of reseller levels and never-go-negative balance protection, the company is well positioned for the VoIP growth as firms of all sizes make the move to IP... Read More
  • REVE Systems Shows Off for South Asian Carriers
    Singapore-based REVE Systems offers mobile VoIP, softswitch, billing and bandwidth optimization solutions for providers looking to have a leg up on the competition in today's demanding market... Read More
  • Providers Looking to Diversify in Tightening VoIP Market
    Making the transition can be challenging, though, which is where REVE comes into the picture. The company delivers solutions that enable the core line of business, but in the process they bring something extra to the table. This enables firms to gently add services and offerings, easily differentiating and expanding business without having to make a dramatic departure from the core business or invest in a lot of new infrastructure as part of a major new initiative... Read More
  • VoIP Can Be an Equalizer for Small Business
    Mobile VoIP enables employees at companies of any size to take the office with them when they telecommute or work from outside the office, starting the day with calls at the office, continuing the day's calls while on the go from a smartphone, and ending the business day from a home office... Read More
  • Why Quality Voice Isn't Enough to Secure Mobile VoIP Revenue
    Voice was once a great revenue stream for mobile operators everywhere. Consumers and professionals wanted to stay connected regardless of location and they were willing to pay a premium for the convenience. While live calls from any location can still take place, the availability of mobile VoIP has changed the business model in terms of revenue generation and providers now have to include value added services if they hope to remain competitive... Read More
  • Hosted Softswitch Opportunity Rich in China
    Traditional Internet phone service companies will hold significant appeal for hardware providers and mobile phone application developers as they seek to improve overall quality. Companies like REVE Systems have already addressed this challenge in its solutions, delivering a turnkey hosted softswitch solution supported by a proven network of quality connections... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Demand Grows, Turnkey Solutions Hold More Appeal
    Today, companies like REVE Systems are extending mobile VoIP solutions for carriers wishing to get in on the opportunity in this space and meet growing consumer demand. The company's iTel Dialer Express provides operators with a turnkey offering available on all smartphone platforms. By leveraging this capability, carriers can quickly leverage new revenue opportunities without infrastructure build out or risk, extending the value of their brand to a whole new market... Read More
  • REVE Systems Brings Mobile VoIP to Miami
    Singapore-based mobile VoIP provider REVE Systems offers service providers the solutions they need to compete in today's mobile market... Read More
  • Call Shops: Another Option for Long Distance Calling
    For service providers, Call Shops are an easy way to earn additional profit. To assist with making this management a breeze, mobile VoIP solutions provider REVE Systems offers a dedicated Call Shop module for use with its iTel Switch Plus Platform... Read More
  • Net Neutrality Vanishes - Will This Hurt Mobile VoIP Providers?
    The success of mobile VoIP rests solely on the low cost and the user experience. If one or both are sacrificed because ISPs aren't required to ensure QoE and deem it a low class of service, the branded service is damaged. The user won't care what the ISP is doing; they will associate the experience with the provider. And, without net neutrality, we should expect a whole new pricing structure to emerge... Read More
  • FirstIn Wireless Technologies Aims Big at Cellular Long Distance and Roaming Charges Market
    FirstIn Wireless Technologies, a mobile telecommunication company specializing in mobile roaming and long distance charge savings, is planning to enter the highly promising cellular long distance and roaming charges market... Read More
  • The Beauty of Calling Cards
    If there are only two things that can ruin a traveler's journey, its lost luggage, and high calling costs. While there isn't always much we can do about how airlines handle our luggage in route to our destination, there is something to be done about exuberant calling rates when trying to communicate from long distances... Read More
  • Better Integrated VoIP Systems Could Improve Emergency Response Services
    For anyone who has ever had to make a call to 911, it is well understood that time is of the essence in a life-or-death situation. That's why call response times need to be as fast as possible for all incoming calls, ensuring that nobody is forced to endure a busy signal or have an automated attendant tell them to hold while their house is burning down... Read More
  • Tips for Safe Mobile VoIP Calling
    Staying connected on the move has always been the priority in mobile communications. To provide more control over access and costs, a number of mobile users have embraced the opportunity to leverage mobile VoIP. This technology not only allows for lower cost communications, it also eliminates many of the barriers that exist when users travel outside of their home country... Read More
  • Enterprise Users: Beware of Mobile VoIP Security
    The value of VoIP is almost undisputed at this point, from cost savings to feature set, flexibility and mobility. But VoIP must be secure, at least when it comes to corporate use. Terms such as that now included with Facebook's service are frankly inappropriate for any business with trade secrets or competition... Read More
  • It's 2014. Make Way for Mobile VoIP
    Now that we've entered a new year, we will start to see how and why we consume the technologies that we do, setting new trends as said technologies evolve and become part of our every day processes. As mobility has paved the way for newer services, and with the proliferation of mobile devices and savvier applications, we can expect to see mobile VoIP become an important technology in 2014... Read More
  • VoLTE Expected to Make Its Big Debut in 2014
    While cellular companies in the U.S. and abroad continue expanding and improving upon their 4G network builds and marketing campaigns, they are also looking forward to finally introduce VoLTE to the mix. Voice over LTE is expected to launch in a significant way in 2014... Read More
  • REVE Systems Discusses Advances in Mobile VoIP, Plans for 2014
    As the number of users with a mobile phone continues to climb across the globe, new technologies and solutions that make calling and communicating with those devices easier and more affordable, are introduced regularly... Read More
  • Granted One of First Licenses in China to Resell Mobile Telecom Services
    China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has awarded one of the first licenses in China to resell mobile telecom services... Read More
  • Why VoIP Should Include Mobile
    The two main reasons companies are turning to VoIP is the ability to streamline communications and eliminate the need to manage the system in-house. When this capability is extended to the mobile professional, the company is able to realize the full benefits of the VoIP connection, including streamlined costs and consistent performance. If a customer calls the office to reach a particular person, the call is easily transferred to a mobile device in another state. The experience is seamless for both parties... Read More
  • New Mobile VoIP and Airline Partnership Raises Questions about Plane Phone Usage
    A debate in the U.S. has recently sprung back to life regarding whether or not it is safe and acceptable to use cell phones while planes are in flight. Lobbyists for cell phone companies are obviously quite enthusiastic about the potential lowering of cell phone usage while in flight. It is interesting that opponents of the measure are spending less time arguing about the potential health and safety concerns, but rather simply noting that airplanes are the last bastion of peace for many people, the only place where they can rest assured that they won't have to endure the chatter of individuals arguing with spouses or, sometimes worse, just laughing and shooting the breeze with someone to pass the time... Read More
  • Australia's Do Not Call List Swells, Mobile VoIP Gaining Attention
    Telemarketers are basically just going where the money is, or rather in this case, where the people are. This in turn is likely leaving Australians who'd rather not deal with telemarketers-and this is likely a pretty large batch of people-looking to other means like a Do Not Call registry to keep phones quiet. Increasing numbers of sign-ups suggest that it's working, and working well, but only time will tell if it continues to do so, or an increasingly digital economy simply spawns better telemarketers... Read More
  • REVE Systems' iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer Used to Create YTALK HD Dialer
    Thanks to its iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer base, YTALK also allows for the use of calling cards. Put simply, the iTel Mobile Hybride Dialer automates the use of calling cards, meaning users don't need to remember the access number, PIN and destination number every time they make a call. The app also offers straightforward mobile VoIP functionality... Read More
  • China Mobile International Brings Jego VoIP App to Canada
    China Mobile International is apparently looking to extend its reach beyond the borders of its home country, not via traditional mobile coverage, but with VoIP. Specifically, the carrier launched a free mobile app called Jego about a month ago as a way to both provide its subscribers with roaming service and capture a whole new customer base. While this may seem like old news, there's been a new development with Jego: It has expanded to Canada... Read More
  • REVE Systems Mobile VoIP Dialer Goes Platinum
    Now, REVE Systems has gone platinum with its pricing plans and a slew of new branding options from icons to headers that will offer your customers a chance to really stand out from the crowd... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Messaging On the Rise
    Providers like REVE Systems offer applications that allow users to make VoIP calls right from their mobile devices. For service providers, an optimal feature is custom branding. With the REVE Systems solution, the Mobile Dialer can run using whatever branding you choose... Read More
  • PBX Segment Manages Q3 Gains Despite Overall Enterprise Telephony Downtrend
    Even though the market has been tough for enterprise telephony this past year, a new report from market research firm Infonetics Research indicates that the PBX segment is still doing quite well. The report is the latest update to the firm's quarterly Enterprise Unified Communications and Voice Equipment research, offering information for the third quarter of the year... Read More
  • IMS, SBC, VAS Drove Carrier IP Telephony in Q3
    The carrier IP telephony market was down two percent overall during the third quarter as compared to the same period last year, according to a new report from the Dell'Oro Group. However, the situation isn't as clear cut as it would at first seem since sales of IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) core, session border controller (SBC) and voice application server (VAS) systems grew 55 percent, almost managing to offset declines in the mature softswitch and media gateway segments... Read More
  • SBCs Continue to Play Important Role among Operators over Next Two Years
    In related research results, Infonetics has reported how this year is seen as a "banner year" for IMS. In fact, carrier VoIP and IMS gear has jumped 52 percent when compared to 2012. In just Q2 of 2013, carrier VoIP and the IMS market jumped 30 percent. A key force in the increase was VoLTE spending in North America. Looking ahead, operators expect to use VoLTE seriously starting in 2015, Infonetics said... Read More
  • BYOD, Mobile Devices Shaking Up Workplace Communications
    It's great to be able to work from anywhere, largely uncaring about conditions on the ground. As long as there's power and a working Internet connection, it's entirely possible to go to work. Anyone in the Midwest hit by that line of storms this weekend is likely seeing that point clearly, but by like token, this major sea change in the way we live and work is bringing with it some major changes. Particularly, changes are hitting the business communications market, and forcing providers to reconsider the future thanks to new developments like the bring your own device (BYOD) doctrine... Read More
  • Although Network Investments Have a Serious Focus, Most U.K. Businesses are not BYOD-Ready
    Earlier this year, in July, a research study conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that about 60 percent of U.K. businesses have no personal device policy in place when it comes to BYOD. A new, report called the Network Benchmark Report, shows that things are a little different in the U.K than they are in the U.S... Read More
  • VoIP is Great, but Mobile VoIP is Even Better
    These two reasons are why a number of businesses are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It offers a streamlined approach to communications and if the system is managed offsite by a proven vendor, the stress associated with maintaining the system goes away. If the system doesn't support mobile VoIP, however, the full intended benefits may be out of reach... Read More
  • VoIP Use on the Rise with Help from Mobile Solutions
    This largely is the result of businesses, especially large enterprises, moving to hosted PBX services instead of on-premise solutions, according to Infonetics. The report showed that the highest level of growth in the segment came from hosted PBX/UC... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP: Your Holiday Travel Money Saver
    Even frugal travelers can keep costs down and stay connected during holiday travel - even when making trips overseas. Several methods exist for keeping bills down, starting with something as simple as a calling card. While not necessarily the most economical approach, a calling card does allow for simple budgeting regardless of location by providing a certain set amount of time, though using a calling card can be a bit difficult thanks to the decline of payphones and the like... Read More
  • REVE Systems Eases Data Management with Switch Partitioning
    Switch partitioning or partitioning in general focuses on the separation of data so each subset is accessed and managed quickly and efficiently. Subsets can be transferred through assigning a table as a partition to a partitioned table that already exists; switching a partition from one of these tables to another; or reassigning a partition to create a single table... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Provider Offers Value Added Services to Enhance Revenue Opportunities
    With that, the service provider has introduced the iTel VAS for service providers, offering them a way to serve their customers better while also earning a higher income. The iTel VAS includes Friend Chat and Astrology Live and continues to add additional services. The goal is to empower clients to extend an enhanced experience for all subscribers, ultimately delivering optimal customer satisfaction... Read More
  • REVE Systems to Demonstrate BSS/OSS Platform at Gitex Technology Week
    Gitex Technology Week attendees will get an inside look at the features and benefits of convergent a Telecom Billing Platform from REVE Systems. The mobile VoIP services provider is set to exhibit at the show this week in Dubai. As telecom operators continue to search for innovative ways to dominate in an intensely competitive market, this platform will be in high demand... Read More
  • REVE Systems Takes Customer Care to the Next Level
    Many consumers have experienced the typical roadblock of the company that outsources its customer care to a location where an agent can't communicate well in the consumer's primary language. Getting customer support from an agent with an accent so thick his English doesn't sound like English at all causes frustration for the consumer and damages the brand... Read More
  • Update to iTel Mobile Dialer for iOS Helps Operators Stay Ahead
    For mobile operators, over-the-top (OTT) services such as Skype, Line and WhatsApp are eating into profits by piggybacking on mobile data networks and delivering calls, SMS and chat without going through the mobile operator's services... Read More
  • Don't Cry For Telcos Over VoIP Service
    On the surface, it may sound wildly contradictory, but as it turns out, telecommunications firms are getting some serious benefit when it comes to (VoIP) service. This leads some to wonder just how such a thing can be; after all, this is the technology that's pretty much killing the voice and text data part of the mobile sector, leaving huge chunks of infrastructure all dressed up with nowhere to go. But with the right strategy-which many telcos seem to be adopting-there's some substantial benefit to be had, though it may not drift down to the users' level... Read More
  • VoIP by the Numbers
    In 2001 there were about 121,000 people used VoIP. That number has now grown to 30 million in only 10 years. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly fond of VoIP, with roughly 30 percent of small and medium-sized firms now using VoIP... Read More
  • Opportunities Abound in Mobile VoIP - Are You Ready to Profit?
    The demand for quality communications continues to intensify as developers introduce new and improved solutions on a seemingly daily basis. The products available are more robust, the platforms to support unified communications continue to evolve, and mobility is quickly turning into the first line of communications for consumers and businesses alike. To that end, the demand for mobile VoIP is still on the rise, as demonstrated by research from around the world... Read More
  • Is Mobile VoIP Killing an Industry?
    The challenge for the market is that this growing demand is eating into mobile operator revenues. In fact, for years these operators blocked services like Skype to protect their main source of funding. As demand quickly outpaced their ability to hold on to the customer base, operators began to embrace application development opportunities with third parties to identify new ways to make money... Read More
  • Why VoIP is Worth Consideration
    We know today that by using technologies like a hosted softswitch to enjoy VoIP, we can leverage considerable cost savings. The typical user can find VoIP access for as low as $20 per month, compared with $35-$45 per line per month for traditional calling. Plus, there are no setup fess, no contracts and unlimited calling throughout the United States... Read More
  • What is Your VoIP Deployment Strategy?
    The benefits surrounding VoIP are clearly defined for the typical business, but developing a strategy for execution is a bigger challenge. Do you opt for a managed solution delivered in the cloud or is an on-premise deployment the right way to go? The hosted softswitch certainly has economic benefits, but does the same hold true if you already have the hardware and infrastructure in place?.. Read More
  • The Growing Demand for Mobile VoIP and Opportunities to Profit
    One area that is both an opportunity and a challenge is that of mobile VoIP. Consumers love it as it provides an opportunity to stay connected without tapping into wireless minutes. This is especially important when out of network or overseas. The mobile operator finds it a challenge, at least initially, as this channel drains revenue... Read More
  • Are We on Track with Mobile VoIP?
    The demand for increased mobility continues to drive a number of key decisions throughout the global marketplace. Consumers are turning to solutions that make it easier to stay connected on the go, especially to the corporate network. For that reason, the demand for mobile VoIP is growing, enabling seamless connectivity in areas where network infrastructure has yet to extend capabilities... Read More
  • Why Mobile Operators Should Embrace the Growing Demand for Mobile VoIP
    Employers can leverage this trend to their benefit with the right tools and policies in place. The enterprise that enables its employees to work anywhere in the world can easily step ahead of the competition. To do so, however, the company has to enable greater connectivity than is currently afforded with traditional mobile networks. Support of mobile VoIP can open up whole new range of opportunities and deliver on that desired seamless experience... Read More
  • Worldwide Semiconductor Market to Grow, Consolidations Still Afoot
    A new report out from ABI Research suggests that there's at least a little good news out there for the semiconductor industry on a global level. Not only is there expected to be fully 3 percent growth between 2012 and 2013 to reach a projected total of $298 billion, but there have also been signs of growth between the first and second quarters of 2013, and most of the top 20 vendors in the field are expecting growth for the third quarter of 2013 as well... Read More
  • REVE Systems Helps Mobile VoIP Resellers Succeed with Video Tutorials
    Traditionally speaking, mobile providers didn't care for VoIP as it cut into their revenue model and presented too much competition. Many even blocked the likes of Skype on their networks to ensure any calls made on their networks would be associated with a charge to the user's account. With the arrival of the smartphone and associated apps, this control couldn't stay in place for long... Read More
  • REVE Showcases New Session Controller: Carriers, Get Ready to Handle More Traffic
    Service providers are always looking for new ways to offer easier, more robust capabilities for customers and find solutions that make things easier on themselves too. When it comes to VoIP, IP switching platforms offer a chance to more quickly, efficiently and securely route data packets... Read More
  • VoIP Service Becoming More Available - Even Where You'd Least Expect It
    Thanks to cheaper high-speed Internet access, the number of places where you can't make a VoIP phone call is now shrinking. As the expansion of Internet voice services continues, VoIP service can be accessed in highly unusual locations like parks, on the a plane, at the beach, on a cruise ship - even from atop Mt. Everest... Read More
  • Why Mobile VoIP Shouldn't Stop Vacation Relaxation
    Planning for a vacation is generally viewed as an opportunity to get away. We pack up our families and head for a different location with a different view, hoping to unwind and recharge before we return to the "real world". Unfortunately, in our always-on society and access to technologies like mobile VoIP, we don't always completely unwind or separate ourselves from the daily grind... Read More
  • Reliance Jio Earns a Unified License
    Broadband connectivity is empowering the people of India to make the best use of their mobile phones. It is also becoming increasingly popular as younger generations are more tuned into technology and the latest gadgets... Read More
  • VoIP and IMS Markets Still Growing Strong
    The market research firm released its forecast and preliminary analysis of the VoIP and IMS markets for the second quarter of 2013. The overall finding: It is a good time to be in the VoIP and IMS equipment business... Read More
  • Canada and Others Embrace Mobile VoIP
    The newly appointed Canadian public works and government services minister, Diane Finley, will oversee a transition from landlines to cell and VoIP phones as part of a push to modernize and save money at the same time, according to the Hill Times... Read More
  • VoIP: A Growing Part of a Larger Technological World
    It's hard to understand VoIP without understanding the benefits behind it. VoIP offers a variety of benefits not commonly available to normal phone systems. The obvious benefit is perhaps its most attractive: cost savings. Thanks to the use of an Internet connection (the IP in VoIP), much of the infrastructure required to connect calls is removed. This makes the connection less expensive to establish, and thus allows companies to offer connections at much, much lower rates over the alternative. Long distance calling, in many cases, comes for just one price per month, while even international calling can be had at a similar price structure, or failing that, an extremely low per-minute charge... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP Quietly at the Heart of the Mobility Revolution
    That's because mobile VoIP is a key technology in allowing workers to take the office with them no matter where they go. Smartphones enable employees to leave the office, but this only works if the office can come with them. This means key databases need to be in the cloud instead of only accessible at the office, this means a digital workflow instead of a paper-based system-and it means business phones that travel with employees. Which is where mobile VoIP comes in... Read More
  • Will Mobile VoIP Hurt Telecom Revenue?
    Mobile operators are losing money. It seems like an unusual statement in market where consumers are increasingly mobile, yet the demand for VoIP is changing the industry landscape. Consumers are no longer bound by minute plans or data ceilings and without a strategy to push out a new revenue model, the operator without mobile VoIP may be facing a bleak future... Read More
  • REVE Systems Offers Mobile VoIP Regardless of Your Platform
    As consumers are increasingly spending more of their time staying connected, the demand for mobile solutions continues to rise. This growing use of mobile solutions isn't limited to voice, but traditional voice methods may be going by the wayside. The increasing availability of hotpots and Wi-Fi connections, in addition to the data available on a smartphone, is making mobile VoIP a more common way to talk on the phone... Read More
  • Why You Should Consider the IP Softswitch
    The growth in mobile VoIP usage is certainly helping to drive this trend. In-Stat, a market research firm, recently estimated that mobile VoIP users will total 288 million by the end of 2013. These applications rely on the phone's data plan to complete calls or a local hotpot or Wi-Fi connection if available. When this becomes the dominate choice, voice options on current plans become obsolete. By 2017, Juniper Research anticipates that mobile VoIP users will hit 1 billion... Read More
  • Eight Million VoLTE Subscribers Predicted by End of 2013
    A new report predicts there will be 8 million VoLTE (voice over Long-Term Evolution) subscribers by the end of 2013. Some three-quarters of those will be in the Asia- Pacific region... Read More
  • Calling Card Accessibility Makes Mobile VoIP Twice as Nice
    Mobile VoIP enables the consumer to take advantage of the best of both worlds. The user leverages the low-cost calling opportunities across the Internet and avoids the use of minutes on the standard cellular plan. It's a great option for the professional on the go, especially if traveling abroad is part of the job... Read More
  • Time to Embrace VoIP
    For starters, VoIP helps transmit voice telephone calls over the Internet using a data network, so the quality and reliability of calls increases. Although this is beneficial, users are even more thrilled about the amount of money that switching to residential VoIP phone systems saves... Read More
  • There's Still Time to Profit from VoIP
    One big shift that is altering dynamics is the move toward voice-over-IP (VoIP). Instead of calls taking place over telephone wires as analogue signals, calling is rapidly shifting to a digital packet delivery system that travels over the Internet much the same way email and chat messages reach their destination-using IP technology... Read More
  • Why Should You Migrate to VoIP?
    Many businesses that have not yet made the switch are looking to migrate from traditional PSTN phone lines to VoIP to make the best use of the many advantages offered by this technology. This shift towards VoIP has made it a $15-billion industry today. Over the next five years, the VoIP industry is expected to grow at a whopping 15.3 percent annually... Read More
  • How Secure is Mobile VoIP?
    Fortunately, mobile VoIP offers a route for staying connected that is a little harder to survey. Unlike the traditional telephone call, a VoIP call placed over the Internet is difficult to trace. The structure of the Internet alone makes it easier to place protected calls via VoIP. Even on a mobile phone, when a VoIP call is placed, the voice is broken into data packets that are then sent over the Internet until it reaches the destination... Read More
  • Infonetics Research Raises VoLTE Forecast
    In the telecom domain, most companies provide over-the-top (OTT) services as "value added" services. In fact, most of us have been using OTT services without even realizing it... Read More
  • Viber Unveils Enhanced Desktop and Windows Phone Variants
    Viber has unveiled enhanced releases of Viber Desktop and the Windows Phone 8 variant of Viber. These latest releases offer increased incorporation between Viber Desktop and the Windows Phone version, and are also compatible with stickers, emoticons and other major features on both platforms... Read More
  • What's the Key Ingredient in Turning SMBs into IP Communications Customers? Trust
    More and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking to make the jump to a variety of different IP communications services. Whether it's hosted PBX or the like, SMBs are seeing the advantages inherent in such systems. But there's one crucial component that takes SMBs from "considering" to "pulling the trigger," and that crucial component, according to a recently released study from Metaswitch, is plain old trust... Read More
  • Enjoy Freedom with Unlimited VoIP Peer-to-Peer Calling
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers now invite people to embrace freedom by talking to their loved ones using the low-cost VoIP services. Many VoIP providers offer attractive packages to lure customers... Read More
  • VoIP: Still Mostly Safe from Eavesdropping
    The ramifications of Project PRISM, the massive government eavesdropping program, are still being felt throughout not only much of the United States, but into the telecommunications industry as a whole. Already, many people are looking at current phone lines and phones and wondering, is there a better way? Or is there at least a way that won't end with the government knowing how your aunt's hip surgery went? Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calling may not be a complete hedge against eavesdropping, but according to reports it's quite a bit less prone to intrusion than other formats... Read More
  • Tips on Saving Money with Mobile VoIP is advising people to save money using mobile VoIP by using this technology at popular summer places including overseas, the local park, the baseball stadium, theme parks, and on trains, planes and buses... Read More
  • Unveils Smart Business VoIP Guide
    VoIP gateways are the flexible VoIP solutions for various small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. A properly configured VoIP gateway offers a company with benefits of VoIP... Read More
  • Opportunities in Mobile VoIP Flourishing, REVE Systems Continues to Contribute to Industry
    In order to cater to the requirements of this industry, an estimated 10,000 VoIP service provider are required. At present, there are many apps available in the market specifically designed for the VoIP industry. Companies like REVE Systems have contributed towards this industry with a number of applications including the iTel Mobile Dialer Express, iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer, iTel Mobile Call Through Dialer, and more. These mobile apps are specifically designed for VoIP service providers who want to render VoIP services to customers... Read More
  • Mobile VoIP, Other Communication Tech Cross the Generational Divide
    Technology has evolved to a point that ease of use has become a key element for any consumer-focused product. After all, the Baby Boomers make up a large percentage of the consumer market, so capturing their interest is of equal or greater importance than that of just younger generations... Read More
  • The Changing Face of Telecommuting
    When the Great Recession began, many companies were forced to reevaluate their business practices in order to save money and stay afloat, and as a result, many businesses turned to outsourcing, telecommuting freelancers or remote workers in order to cut their employee budget... Read More
  • Philippines Sees Brisk Growth in Next-gen Networks
    The Philippines isn't a stranger to the boom in telecom and networking services. The nation has already taken the crown when it comes to call center outsourcing, surpassing India several years ago... Read More
  • Civil Liberties Concerns Voiced after Verizon Hands over Call Records to NSA
    Concerns are mounting from civil liberties advocates this week after it was reported that Verizon may be providing millions of its call records to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The records - which likely relate to tens of millions of customers - were ordered to be turned over to the top spy agency after a secret court order in April, news reports said... Read More
  • SIM Swap Fraud Cases Increase in South Africa
    South Africa has been the site of many cases involving SIM Swap fraud - and two companies are actively responding to the scams. What is SIM Swap fraud? It's a phishing scam that gets someone to release logon names and passwords for mobile or Internet banking - as well as their mobile number... Read More
  • Mobile Video Collaborations Increase Among the Enterprise Sector
    There have been all kinds of different side effects from the massive growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies at the enterprise level. One of the side effects that people did not see coming was the rise in mobile video collaborations. A new study by Strategy Analytics shows that mobile video producers and providers have seen a huge bump in adoption since companies started to loosen the reins on certain devices employees could bring to work... Read More
  • VoIP Faces Hurdles in India, South Africa
    In the case of India, use of high-encryption VoIP services such as Skype have become the standard for terrorist communications. Because VoIP providers aren't currently required to setup servers within India or be registered in the country, there's nothing the Indian government can really do to intercept terrorist calls... Read More
  • REVE Systems Extends Mobile VoIP Capabilities
    To that end, there is a growing demand for mobile VoIP solutions, including those available from REVE Systems. The company's iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile application to enable the completion of VoIP calls from the mobile phone. It's designed to extend the desired capabilities to the user, while also protecting the revenue opportunities of the VoIP service provider... Read More
  • iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer a Perfect Fit for Calling Card Users in North and South America
    While it's true that the prepaid calling card market in North America saw a decrease in sales in 2001 and 2002, but the market has since experienced steady growth, according to a recent post on the blog, VoIP for All. In fact, prepaid calling card revenue is again approaching the $3.3-billion high it saw in 2000, which is directly related to the use of international calling cards and the increase in travel... Read More
  • Will Mobile VoIP Fit Your Cruising Style?
    For those who believe the industry will rebound and vacation by the sea is still the optimal choice, communication once on board is still one challenge to consider. If something should happen for example, and a passenger needs to use his or her mobile phone to reach someone on the mainland, the cost to make that call can reach up to $6 per minute due to monopoly control of bandwidth and onboard equipment. Even a satellite phone which is a cheaper option, can run $1.50 per minute... Read More

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