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REVE Systems Helps Prevent Data Loss with iTel Data Back Up Module

April 23, 2014


Data loss has been a prime issue for VoIP service providers. This occurs due to an HDD crash of primary switch servers. It’s especially devastating because data loss results in a huge loss of revenue and creates unhappy customers.

Due to this, it becomes extremely necessary to manage data efficiently so disasters can be prevented. Solutions from REVE Systems like iTel Data Back Up are ideal because it offers a real-time backup service to ensure complete data backup in case of a disaster or failure.

The backup process involves keeping a mirror image of the softswitch database on another server. With this, it’s possible for users to backup their data from the billing interface on both the main & replication server. After a failure, the database of   information from the crashed server will can restored in just 30 minutes. Because this is an automatic process, there is no delay in the backup process.

To ensure all information is saved as needed, users are also able to set a specified backup time and schedule it to take place on a reoccurring basis.

The iTel Data Backup module is targeted for those who don’t want to be dependent on others to manually handle their backup needs. The module is designed to provide full information regarding data such as rate plan, total number of clients, PIN from main and replication data base.

Thanks to complete backup of the main database and CDR backup set for a specific time, service providers can easily download the backed up database from the server and get the list of backups that were taken up to date without needing to closely monitor or perform any manual functions. 

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