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  • What Is 'True' Mobility?
    You'd be hard pressed to find many wired forms of communications these days. The truth of the matter is, we're a mobile era. Two decades ago, it was unheard of to have a mobile phone (or cellular phone, as we once called it) for regular communications purposes. Most people who were privileged enough to have one only used it for necessities, but with data and calling plans being as inexpensive as they are, even business decision makers are realizing the benefits to a truly mobile workforce... Read More
  • Ovum: 2015 Is All About IoT, Cloud, and Mobility
    Up until recently, mobility has been propelled by the consumer market, especially as employees demand to use their own devices within the work place. Among Ovum's predictions are that this will continue to lead to a 'mobility mismatch' where employee demand isn't matched by IT department's ability to deliver. BYOD will clearly have some kinks to iron out. It also predicts that businesses will start to look beyond BYOD, adopting a more managed approach to device usage, particularly where sensitive data is involved... Read More
  • Ready to Optimize Mobile VoIP Opportunities? Check Out iTel Dialer Plus
    This trend is helping to create opportunities for service providers throughout the world, seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for mobile solutions, especially when supported by VoIP. The key to success in this market is to partner with a proven wholesale company with the right platform to support flexible growth and a continuous drive for innovation... Read More
  • Demand for Mobile VoIP Helping to Drive Network Build-Outs
    The growth in this space points to not only the growing number of users, but also the value role that VoIP plays for the commercial sector overall. Now that it can be extended to professionals in the field and maintain greater cost control, implementations are growing. To ensure the best outcomes, however, find the right partner to support your communications technology. In doing so, you'll be better equipped to focus on your business and not whether or not you can stay connected... Read More
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How important do you think having Mobile VOIP capabilities is for users today? If you didn't respond "very" there are some important details you need to hear. This podcast with REVE Systems Marketing Head Sanjit Chatterjee includes a discussion on the benefits of Mobile VoIP and what REVE Systems offers for the market...

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