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  • VoIP Enables Mobility, Flexibility and Cost Savings for Today's BYOD Corporate Culture
    VoIP technologies have undergone massive improvements over the past couple of decades, and the poor sound quality, "echo," and duplex mismatch errors that previously plagued offerings have been mostly eliminated. Today's VoIP apps and equipment offer built-in troubleshooting to provide high levels of quality, and many solutions include valuable additions like texting, chat, conferencing and even video calls... Read More
  • Net Neutrality & Mobile VoIP: Strange Bedfellows
    Net neutrality-the practice by which all traffic on the Internet is considered identical to all other traffic-has proven to be a major hot-button issue over the last couple of years or so now, and for the most part, the public wants it. Public opinion, according to reports, is running about 99 percent in favor of net neutrality, but much of that remaining one percent comprises some major corporations with quite a bit of clout. Indeed, some are already wondering what kind of effect net neutrality has on voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services, and several effects are starting to materialize... Read More
  • Will Verizon's VoLTE be OTT's Disconnect Moment?
    Advanced Calling 1.0 offers up quite a bit that's worth considering, and plenty that will likely be enjoyed. The downside here, though, is that there are also plenty of issues, like an incredibly finicky system that will only operate for the right users in the right areas using the right devices. How many Verizon users has Verizon effectively eliminated from using its own program because of all of these restrictions? Will this really fare well against established OTT services that probably already have user bases by now?.. Read More
  • Hosted UC Might be Cheaper Than You Think
    For starters, modern Hosted UC platforms are both lower priced and higher quality than almost any plan offered by either mobile or a landline-based network. This is because Voice over IP (VoIP) phone networks transmit more signals faster by converting them into compact packets of data and sending it through the Internet using a broadband Internet connection (a business necessity on its own)... Read More
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How important do you think having Mobile VOIP capabilities is for users today? If you didn't respond "very" there are some important details you need to hear. This podcast with REVE Systems Marketing Head Sanjit Chatterjee includes a discussion on the benefits of Mobile VoIP and what REVE Systems offers for the market...

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