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Mobile Device Management Featured Articles

  • MobileIron Releases Study on Changing Landscape in Financial Service Organizations
    A new study from mobile security and management provider MobileIron by the Ponemon Institute provides insight on the future of mobility in the financial services market, offering ways financial service organizations can achieve success.
  • The Important Role of the Employee in BYOD
    While psychologists are comparing our need to stay connected with other addictions, most of us have just come to rely on mobility as a way of work and life and without it, the adjustment isn't always productive.
  • Is Mobile Device Management Enough to Support Your Initiatives?
    The introduction of BYOD and mobile devices accessing the network paved the way for mobile device management. Employees needed to stay connected, to access social media networks, and the corporate network.
  • Practical Applications of Technology in Schools
    More and more schools are embracing technology to improve the quality of education imparted to students, and to improve the overall efficiency of the school district board.
  • Axiros Partners with Liberty Global
    Axiros, a company that deals in open device management solutions, recently announced that it has been selected by Liberty Global, an international cable operator, to remotely provision and manage its customer premise equipment (CPE) across a new B2B Voice over Internet (VoIP) service.
  • Enterprise Mobility is Fundamentally Changing Financial Services Organizations
    With the second quarter of 2014 almost upon us, MobileIron has already managed a good deal of noteworthy activity this year. Some highlights include the introduction of a new AppConnect promotion in February and, more recently, a technology integration partnership with MOBI Wireless Management. Not content with that, MobileIron has made headlines once more with the findings of a new study.
  • Wearable Camera Gets Its Own Waterproof Case
    The Autographer is a dedicated camera that uses five different sensors in order to detect the most picturesque moments and automatically snap a photo of them. Now there's a waterproof case available for it.
  • A Quarter-percentage of Australian Companies Implement a MDM Strategy
    Organizations that rely on mobile-enabled employees are implementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications, either organizationally based (in-house) or deployed via hosted SaaS, for field deployment of mobile devices. Without control, sensitive data contained in mobile devices that are lost or stolen could pose a threat to a company's finances, reputation, and even long-term survivability, according to the American information technology research and advisory firm, Gartner.
  • NFC Authentication for Enterprise Printing Comes from HP
    Lately, the articles that I've been reading and writing have led me to think about my days as an IT and network manager. Those days pretty much took up all of my time from the 1980s to about 2005. My thoughts are divided compared to what has recently been going on.
  • MobileIron and MOBI's Technology Integration Aims to Optimize EMM
    Managed mobility service provider MOBI Wireless Management has entered into a Tech Alliance partnership with MobileIron, a mobile-centric security and management company, which includes "robust technology integration." In particular, the companies are aiming to optimize how enterprises manage their mobile estates by combining wireless carrier data and corporate HR data, as centralized by MOBI, with the mobile device and app control and visibility offered by MobileIron's enterprise mobility management platform.
  • As We Approach the Release Date for iOS 7.1, Apple Takes Mass Device Deployment Live
    Apple has been working on several improvements. Earlier this week Apple quietly improved its loyalty pricing for enterprises and schools. It has also been working on iOS 7.1 which, as of February, is in beta. This latest version makes some substantial changes to iOS 7, which was seen as a simple upgrade to iOS 6 instead of a completely new OS.
  • Tangoe Adds New MDM Capabilities to MatrixMobile
    To provide a complete end-to-end solution for enterprises' mobility management and support needs, Tangoe, Inc., a provider of connection lifecycle management (CLM) software and related services, has added new enhancements to its mobile device management (MDM) software, MatrixMobile version 13.3.
  • Even NASA Has Trouble Managing Mobile Device Policy
    If your company is having a tough time managing mobile devices, you're not alone. Even the biggest enterprises have trouble adapting to new technologies and practices, and a recent report indicates that even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has trouble implementing mobile device policies. According to NASA Inspector General Paul Martin, the esteemed space agency spent approximately $679,000 in taxpayer money in seven months on mobile devices that went completely unused.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Pose Risks Even to the Security-Minded Employee
    When you buy sunglasses or a purse on the streets of New York or Hong Kong, you know there's the chance you could be buying a fake. But, when you or your employees connect to a website or a corporate email account while working from a hotel lobby, chances are you don't question the legitimacy of the connection.
  • Boost Mobile Recognized by J.D. Power
    Boost Mobile, a company that offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contracts, recently announced that it has achieved the highest ranking in J.D. Power Wireless Purchase Experience Non-Contract Study. The officials from Boost Mobile said that the company has been recognized by J.D. Power for the third year in a row.
  • ManageEngine Reveals 2014 Roadmap for Desktop Central
    ManageEngine has ambitious plans for Desktop Central, its desktop and mobile device management (MDM) software. The company recently announced the 2014 roadmap for the product, which includes plans to support Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry, Android containerization, content management and advanced integrations with OEM devices.
  • MobileIron Grew Successfully in 2013, Prepared to Continue Through 2014
    Recent financial reports from MobileIron, a leader in mobile device management solutions, show that the company had made sound business decisions in 2013, with steady growth and revenue. The reports show that, in total, MobileIron brought in over $100 million in revenue. At the same time, MobileIron announced that Todd Ford will be joining the company's family as chief financial officer, in hopes of bringing in another successful fiscal year.
  • iOS Mobile Device Management Set to Be Much Easier with New Update
    For businesses looking to bring more mobility to their operations, Apple's array of devices is often one of the first platforms considered. Right alongside various Android devices, and surpassing the now in-decline BlackBerry brand, iOS is a big player in the field, yet it is not always so easy to work with on a large scale. That is set to change, however, as the platforms mass deployment system for mobile device management (MDM) is set to get a serious retooling in the next iOS 7 update.
  • Is Your iPhone a Threat to the Corporate Network?
    We often view our Apple products as the answer to the consistent barrage of viruses and malicious attacks. Apple isn't immune, but it at least has a smaller number of threats. We assume the same for our iPhones and that connecting them to a backend server is a safe activity. According to a recent MobileIron blog, this may not be the case.
  • Best Practices for Mobile Device Management
    As an enterprise, it's likely you've put a lot of thought into communications. You know you need lifelines to your customers, mobile capabilities for your employees and a unified approach for streamlining various channels. The challenge, however, is keeping all of these things working together correctly without compromising the integrity of the network. Mobile device management software is a great help, but you also need to follow some specific guidelines.
  • MobileIron Introduces AppConnect Promotion with Select Partners
    MobileIron has introduced a new, secure mobile content promotion for its AppConnect ecosystem, which it says will solve the primary mobile content challenge: providing workers with mobile apps they love, while keeping corporate content secure. More specifically, the AppConnect ecosystem, which is built on MobileIron's enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, now allows IT to securely manage users' apps without getting in the way of their preferred mobile experience - now at a lower price.
  • Choosing the Right MDM Vendor Matters
    The influx of personal mobile devices in the workplace is no secret. Due to rapid advancements in smartphone technology, individuals now have the ability to run business-critical applications, manage sensitive enterprise data, and leverage next-generation communications technology on a device that fits into their pocket. The bring your own deice trend is a product of users becoming more comfortable with these devices and demanding to use their tablet or smartphone of choice to carry out duties inside and outside the office.
  • Aerohive Launches Mobility Suite to Manage Influx of Enterprise Mobile Devices
    Aerohive Networks, a provider of controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-managed mobile networking technology, has introduced Aerohive Mobility Suite, a cloud-enabled mobility management solution designed to simplifies the complexity caused by the influx of mobile devices in the enterprise. It aims to ensure that enterprise mobility deployment is secure and that corporate information is protected end-to-end.
  • Are Your Employees Scared of BYOD?
    The world has gone mobile - that much is clear. We can't complete a transaction, stay connected or even make a run to the store without our mobile device. It's become a crutch, but also a powerful method by which we find and share information. Some believe it's limiting our ability to communicate, while others see it as an opportunity to change the world.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: VMware to Acquire AirWatch, Expand Its Mobile Security Solutions Portfolio
    Virtualization and cloud infrastructure company VMware has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AirWatch, a provider of enterprise mobile management and security solutions. VMware is to pay roughly $1.175 billion in cash and an additional $365 million of installment payments and assumed unvested equity for AirWatch.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: Cloud Carrier Nexmo Receives $18M in Series C Funding to Move beyond SMS for Telco Voice
    A report from the Mobile Marketing website this week reported that Nexmo Inc has raised $18m in Series C funding to expand its communication suite from three participants: Sorenson Capital, Intel Capital and NHN Investment. Nexmo is a cloud-based communication services provider as well as a young and growing telco firm founded in 2010 that has global connections with carriers in every continent. It provides carrier-direct SMS and voice APIs through REST and SMPP that developers can use to reach phones around the world.
  • How Mobile Device Management Software Can Help Prevent POS Data Breaches
    In light of the recent point-of-sale (POS) security breach at Target, a lot of attention is being paid to the security measures currently employed by retailers to protect customer data. Naturally, many are asking how on Earth the information of 40 million credit and debit cards could be exposed and what enterprises are doing to make sure sensitive customer information is being safeguarded.
  • Wheelings & Dealings: IBM Acquires Fiberlink MaaS360 Cloud-Based Platform for Enterprise Mobile Device Management
    With an eye on expanding its enterprise mobility management solution, IBM has acquired Fiberlink, developer of the MaaS360 cloud-based platform. Specifically, the acquisition will now allow IBM to offer a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) mobile device management solution, which will make implementation easier for clients looking for such a service.
  • Amtel to Deliver Mobile Device Management SaaS for VAR Dynamics' Channel Partners
    Amtel has partnered with VAR Dynamics to distribute mobile device management software as a service (SaaS) to VAR Dynamics' network of managed service providers (MSP), system integrators, competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) and professional service consultants.
  • BYOD Security Culprits Not Who You Might Expect
    Common knowledge would dictate that it is the lower-tier employee, towards the bottom of the corporate ladder with little to no personal identification with the brand, who is most likely to mishandle sensitive corporate information.
  • DMI and Samsung Mobile Partner to Provide Managed Mobility Services for Enterprise Customers
    DMI, a provider of mobile enterprise and big data solutions and services, has partnered with Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) to provide enterprise managed mobility services.
  • The Future of Secure Content on Mobile Devices
    Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the cloud have opened up a great challenge for enterprise IT, making shadow IT ecosystems almost too easy for employees. The way IT must be conducted within the enterprise has irrevocably shifted, and the heavy-handed IT control of yore will no longer stand. If there is control without choice, workers will just go around the IT department.
  • BlackBerry's Makeover Going the Mobile Device Management Route
    BlackBerry has a new boss and he's convincing the market that the smartphone is about to turnaround from its long-standing slump.
  • Bringing Santa Claus into the 21st Century
    There has always been controversy surrounding Santa Claus: Does he prefer chocolate chip or sugar cookies? Should you leave a window open at your home if you don't have a chimney for him to get down? And then, of course, there's the Naughty and Nice list.
  • Dell Enters the Mobile Device Management Arena - Are They Ready for the Fight?
    The mobile trend has taken hold of our society in such a way that we have changed the methods in which we work and play. The traditional 9-5 setting has been replaced with telecommuting and flex time, allowing professionals to weave their work around their family obligations. It's allowed for the introduction of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies and created a demand for mobile device management solutions.
  • Mobile Devices are the Biggest Security Threat to Enterprises
    The fifth annual "State of the Endpoint" study conducted by Ponemon Institute paints mobile devices as the greatest security risks for enterprises today, up 733 percent from 2009. The findings underline the importance of having powerful mobile device management solutions and mobile security strategies in place.
  • Why MobileIron Leads in Mobile Device Management
    The mobility factor has worked its way into the enterprise, putting more smartphones and tablets into the hands of professionals regardless of their position. No longer tethered to a desk, these individuals are able to pursue opportunities outside of the office and access applications and data from any location.
  • Changing IT Landscape Highlights Need for Mobile Device Management
    If you haven't gone mobile, you're missing out on key productivity improvements in the way you do business. If your employee base has also avoided the mobile trend, you may be aiming to save money through in-house productivity. But, are you missing a key opportunity to expand your reach?
  • Infrascale Unveils EndGuard Endpoint Data Protection Solution for BYOD
    Infrascale, a provider of software defined infrastructure solutions, announced the release of EndGuard, a new endpoint data protection solution that can secure enterprise data on laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Handprint Offers Up Solution to Average Roaming Problems
    One of the truly annoying issues that cellphone users around the world have to deal with is "roaming." This means that people go from one region to another that isn't covered by their provider and they need to pay extra fees in order to still have any service. Not only is this annoying, but it can also be quite costly. Handprint has come up with a solution to the roaming problem that will make it easier and cheaper for people traveling to the United States.
  • Call Centers, Typhoon Haiyan and the Philippines
    The impact of Typhoon Haiyan on the islands of the Philippines will be felt for a long time to come. As the strongest storm to ever hit land anywhere, it devastated the country by taking the lives of 5,235 Filipinos and displacing more than 4.2 million people. Before the typhoon hit, the economic outlook for the Philippines was better than most countries around the world with a predicted growth in the third-quarter of around 7.5 percent. One of the biggest drivers of the country's economy is the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, which generated $13 billion in revenues in 2012.
  • Transactis Partners with TeleSign To Provide Anti-fraud Service Package
    Transactis, the UK-based information services provider, and TeleSign, the California-based mobile identity and authentication provider, announced a new partnership for Transactis clients to assess the risk of their customers with critical mobile data which is now available as an anti-fraud services package.
  • ESET Unveils New Version of its Mobile Security Product for Android
    ESET, a provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers, announced that it has launched a new application designed to protect computers and smart-phones from attacks from intruders.
  • New Customer Tests Begin on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 System
    Those who counted BlackBerry out of the game may have counted too soon, as BlackBerry's newest enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is already in at least a few hands for testing right now. While BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10 is now available, BlackBerry's already into the next steps of refining the offer with BES10 version 10.2, and some fairly major names are currently in the process of finding any issues with the new system with an eye toward fixing the same.
  • The Slow Death of the Enterprise Smartphone
    If you haven't already noticed, the enterprise is going mobile. This trend is so much more than the companies of yesterday that gave BlackBerry's to all their sales reps. Yes, the security, capabilities and access provided by this critical device opened up a whole new world for individuals consistently on the go. For a while it seemed that BlackBerry was the go-to mobile device and would dominate the space for the foreseeable future.
  • SecurityCoverage and Cincinnati Bell Wireless Sign Mobile Security Agreement
    To help keep data away from thieves and to protect against mobile viruses and spam, SecurityCoverage, a provider of mobile device security, data protection and technical support solutions, recently announced that Cincinnati Bell Wireless will now offer its mobile device security products.
  • How Mobile Device Management Can Help Prevent a BYOD Nightmare
    The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has promulgated throughout the corporate landscape. Companies everywhere are canceling large wireless contracts as they allow employees to select their own devices while deploying mobile device management solutions to ensure proper access to the enterprise network. Without clearly communicated and enforced policies in place, however, this new and amazing opportunity could turn into a BYOD nightmare.
  • Can iOS and Android Be Trusted in the Enterprise?
    Embracing the mobile trend is not always an easy step for company leaders. Mobility involves giving up control and allowing employees to make better life and work balance decisions. If the strategy is launched effectively, it can result in more motivated employees. So, to help business leaders better embrace it, there's mobile device management.
  • Good Technology Expands Mobile Device Management Services in Nordics
    Good Technology, a provider of mobile device management (MDM) solutions, announced expansion in the Nordics region by opening an office in Stockholm. The Nordics expansion is part of the company's strategy to support the rapidly growing demand for secure mobility solutions in the region. There is an increasing business appetite for secure mobility tools across the Nordics due to the rise in local regulatory demands and rise in BYOD initiatives.
  • Mobile Device Management Needs to Protect Employee Data, Too
    All the talk about bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has been about protecting company information. But there's another side to it: protecting employee data.
  • GFI MAX Introduces Mobile Device Management Solution
    GFI MAX has introduced GFI MAX Mobile Device Management (MDM), a mobility management solution designed to provide mobile freedom for employees with full IT control.
  • Steps to a Successful Blackberry Migration
    While few of us try to navigate the world without our smartphones, this trend has only been a pervasive phenomenon for the past 10 years or so. And while the iPhone has certainly staked its claim as a leader in the market, Blackberry really started the trend. If you're one of those companies that stayed true to this pioneer but wants to embrace a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to operations, it may be time to take a look at MobileIron.
  • New MobileIron for Android - Highly Secure Migration to Android, Especially from BlackBerry Environments
    Earlier today, November 11th, MobileIron announced the release of a key component of its enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, putting into play new capabilities that the company believes will help accelerate the adoption of Android in the enterprise. Many enterprise IT groups do not consider Android a highly secure mobile environment, and often preclude its use, especially within highly secure and sensitive application and data environments.
  • AT&T Introduces GoPhone Mobile Hotspot
    These days, AT&T has more going for it than just cute, kid-laden commercials. The phone service company recently announced its new GoPhone option for customers. GoPhone users can now benefit data-only plans with support from the company's NETGEAR affiliated hotspot. The technology will ensure customers receive both flexible and affordable service, as the hotspot is mobile and the data plan requires no annual contract.
  • MobileIron Partners with Cass Information Systems to Simplify the Mobile Environment
    Mobile app management and security vendor MobileIron has entered into a new partnership with Cass Information Systems, a provider of communications lifecycle managed services with ACH carrier payments for enterprises and employees. Together, the two companies plan to deliver comprehensive managed mobility services designed to simplify the management of a mobile environment.
  • Securing Enterprise Data in the BYOD World
    This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds. Modern IT administrators can only wish they had this technology that was the staple of spy movies and TV shows in the 1960s. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is a massive data security threat for most organizations, and few are doing enough.
  • ForeScout, SAP Combine Network Access Control with Mobile Device Management to Secure BYOD
    ForeScout Technologies, a provider of network security solutions, has announced interoperability between its ForeScout CounterACT network security and the SAP Afaria mobile device management (MDM) platform.
  • Options to Offer Mobile Device Management to Clients with New MobileIron Deployment
    Options, a private financial cloud provider for the global capital markets space, has enhanced its PIPE platform by deploying the MobileIron platform. With this deployment, Options can now provide its clients with a complete mobile device management solution, facilitating the adoption of smartphones and tablets, particularly with the freedom offered by BYOD initiatives.
  • Millennials Bring Security Challenges, but the Dangers Can Be Prevented
    By 2015 the Millennial Generation will dominate the workforce, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Along with them, Millennials will bring their own devices to the workplace-and a lax attitude toward device security.
  • Bradford Networks Reveals Newest Version of its Network Sentry BYOD Solution
    The growing adoption of BYOD has brought along a number of security challenges for IT administrators. For example, in an educational institute, securing and delineating network access for a diverse set of students, faculty, staff, and other users with all their networked devices can be a daunting challenge.
  • Mobile Device Management Must Support All Operating Systems, Devices
    The mobility of our society has a lot of IT managers anxious about how this will impact the operation of the corporate network. It's great that professionals on the go can access the corporate network as needed, but tracking mobile devices in the field has become a challenging priority. For that reason, there is a growing demand for mobile device management.
  • VMware Announces New Product Offerings and Capabilities for Computing Product Portfolio
    Provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure VMware has introduced new product offerings and capabilities across its end-user computing product portfolio, aiming to expand its support for the mobile workforce.
  • Getting the Most from MDM
    With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) sweeping the corporate world almost as fast as smartphone adoption, businesses of all sizes must grapple with how to keep corporate data secure while employees are using that data on personal devices. It is one thing to hand an employee a company-provisioned mobile device with enterprise-grade security, and quite another to have an employee walking around with key data on a phone that doesn't even have a passphrase. IT should be afraid-very afraid.
  • Retailers Still Determining How to Integrate Employees' Personal Devices
    The increasing use of personal devices in the workplace is providing both opportunities and challenges for retailers, who are still trying to determine the best way to integrate such systems in their organizations.
  • Best Buy Has Great Buy with iPhone 5c Discount
    If you're an iOS user who hasn't yet purchased the newly released iPhone 5c but intend to, you may want to head over to Best Buy today.
  • Report Finds CYOD Twice as Popular as BYOD in the U.K.
    A recent report by Azzurri Communications found that Choose Your own Device (CYOD) programs were twice as popular as bring your own device (BYOD) programs in the U.K. The combination of control and flexibility make the approach more appealing to companies there.
  • ACS Unveils New Security Solutions for Smart Devices
    Applied Communication Sciences (ACS) has unveiled two new security solutions for smart devices.
  • How Will iOS 7 Transform the Mobile Experience?
    Mobility in the enterprise is not necessarily a new concept, but the capabilities extended to the professional in the field continue to evolve. What once was simply access to the voice channel has evolved into access to emails, applications and the corporate network. Companies are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies and mobile device management solutions to ensure productivity and security.
  • RouteMatch 6 Facilitates Multimodal Transportation
    RouteMatch Software is facilitating multimodal transportation with the launch of a complete Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) platform for mobility management.
  • Good Technology Helps Companies Transition Away from BlackBerry
    It's likely you've heard that BlackBerry's 2013 has been pretty rough so far. In fact its Q2 earnings results were so unfortunate, BlackBerry didn't precede them with either an earnings call or a webcast. As such, it's clearer than ever the company that once ruled the smartphone space may not participate in it much longer.
  • Bradford Networks Announces Partnership with MobileIron
    Bradford Networks has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with MobileIron in an effort to offer a fully integrated network access control and mobile device management solution.
  • What it Takes to Effectively Scale in the Cloud Era
    When developing its cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, MobileIron focused on two main principles: simplicity and scale. In a recent blog post, Ojas Rege wrote about the process of making its offering scalable enough to handle the billion new smartphones that IDC predicts will make their debut in the next three years.
  • AccessData Announces Updated Mobile Phone Examiner Plus for iOS7
    Accessdata Group has announced that it is going to be releasing a brand new Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) software upgrade. The release has been timed so that those who are using iOS 7 will be able to access this particular application.
  • Nielsen Releases Its First App, TOPTEN
    Nielsen has announced the launch of its new app, TOPTEN, which will combine the popularity of mobile apps with the popularity of "Top Ten" lists, which have become a popular form of online content.
  • UK Vendor Puts Backbone into Mobile Management
    Backbone Connect this week debuted an iPhone app to let its colo and data center customers track their cloud affairs from the comforts of their own smartphone.
  • MobileIron and Cisco to Improve BYOD Compliance
    Enterprises around the world are eager to integrate the mobile devices of their work force to the organization's network, but it presents many challenges. One of the most pressing issues is security. With so many devices, operating systems, and applications, integration becomes very difficult to say the least. MobileIron, a provider of security and management for mobile apps, content, and devices, announced it has integrated the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) v1.2 to give users who bring their personal devices to the workplace the option of joining the network with full compliance with the company's security policies without having to deal with the IT department.
  • Collaboration Applications Available Across Multiple Devices by 2016, Gartner Says
    Collaboration applications aid business teamwork by helping users to easily work together. Using collaboration applications and software creates a cooperative work environment irrespective of geographical location. In the past, however, this happened through mobile devices, but now Gartner says we can expect to see these applications available across all kinds of devices by 2016.
  • How MobileIron is Preparing for One Billion Smartphones
    When was the last time you thought of the cloud as the white fluffy thing in the sky? When was the last time you left the house without your mobile device? How much are these two concepts combined in your everyday life? If you're like most professionals working for the next generation enterprise, you use your mobile device to access the corporate network, leveraging the cloud.
  • Bridging the Trust Gap with Mobile Device Management
    These are interesting times in which we live, to say the least. As consumers, we want instant access to information, yet we want our privacy protected. We want to tell the app developer where we are located to get great deals, but we don't want that information shared. We want to be able to carry our own devices on the job, with access to the network without anyone else controlling what we do.
  • ASUS Unveils the Zenbook UX301
    ASUS has taken the wraps off its latest Zenbook UX301 with the help of a brand new YouTube video.
  • Investment in Network Security Set to Increase in Next Seven Years
    With the rapid changes that have been taking place in the network security space and the exponential growth of mobile devices, there is a lot of potential for increased market investment. "The Mobile Device & Network Security Bible: 2013 - 2020" report confirms this, predicting it to grow at a CAGR of nearly 21 percent over the next seven years with investments accounting for nearly $9 billion in 2013 alone.
  • Best Practices for Implementing Mobile Device Management
    Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) started out as meager recognition that some employees were using their own mobile devices at work. I was among that group of early productivity hounds who realized I could skirt my company's IT slowness by leveraging my own equipment from home.
  • MobileIron Takes Enterprise Mobility Management to New 'Heights' with Next Generation Anyware Cloud Solution
    This week, MobileIron, a key mobile device and app management (MDM and MAM) and security vendor, announced the availability of Anyware by MobileIron, an ambitious next-generation cloud-only solution for driving enterprise mobile management (EMM). In addition MobileIron has worked closely with to integrate Anyware directly into the Salesforce platform. We have long covered MobileIron, most recently for its Web@Work Mobile Enterprise Browser. Anyware takes MobileIron fully into cloud services.
  • The Layered Security Approach to Mobile Device Management
    Mobility is an important part of any good corporate strategy, but how can IT ensure users have the flexibility they need while also protecting the network? This is a common question asked on a seemingly daily basis in the corporate sector. Enabling employees to access information on the go is a growing need. At the same time, providing additional portals that put the network at risk is not high on the list of wants.
  • CompliancePoint Unveils Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service
    Catering to the rising demand for security and management of mobile devices, CompliancePoint, an information security consulting and services provider, has rolled out its new Mobile Vulnerability Scanning Service, which offers organizations improved security and management of mobile devices, including for BYOD initiatives.
  • Infrascale Adds New Data Loss Prevention Features to FileLocker Enterprise Collaboration Software
    Infrascale recently announced new data loss prevention features for its FileLocker enterprise collaboration software. It said that it has added the individual device management and remote device wipe functionality to its FileLocker bring-your-own device (BYOD) policy enforcement features.
  • How iOS 7 Can Bolster Mobile Device Management
    While for many people, iOS 7 is just the newest bells-and-whistles packed version of the operating system that keeps an iPad or an iPhone merrily humming along, for businesses, it has quite a bit of unexpected potential on hand with regard to its ability to provide a level of mobile device management (MDM) capability. But how can businesses put iOS 7 to work toward keeping a handle on the mobile devices that make a mobile workforce run?
  • Frost & Sullivan Predicts Growth for Australian MDM Market
    Factors such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and cloud based deployment models are playing a major role in the development of the Australian Mobile Device Management (MDM) market, says Frost & Sullivan in its latest report, Analysis of the Australian Mobile Device Management Market (MDM) 2013.
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Initiatives Held Back by Security Fears
    With the advancement of technology and the increase of malware, viruses, DDoS attacks and hacker sophistication, most companies are heavily investing into IT and network security inintiatives. However, companies are not paying sufficient attention to their own employees who bring their own devices (BYOD users) into the workplace, as they often use these devices to access, store and transmit company data.
  • Solutions for Bring-Your-Own-App
    The heart of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement is the need for efficiency. When a personal device could do the job better or faster than a corporate device (or they weren't given a needed device), it make sense to BYOD.
  • Apperian Announces New Partnerships and Strategic Hire
    Apperian is making efforts to push enterprise mobility technology into the public sector, by entering into various new partnerships. The company has announced two new partnerships, one with FedResults and another with True North Logistics. This is in addition to the existing partnerships the company has with AT&T Government Solutions and IBM. Moreover, the company has announced the appointment of Harvey Morrison, a seasoned sales executive and marketing leader within the federal government sector, as vice president of public sector sales.
  • CoSoSys Brings Data Security Awareness via Comics
    With the widespread proliferation of smartphones and tablets, bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming a global trend across organizations around the world. As a result, mobile device management (MDM), data loss prevention (DLP) and other related data security efforts have become a high priority for companies worldwide. This has resulted in a deluge of information to be digested by IT professionals, decision makers, and users alike.
  • Workers Don't Know What the Boss Can See on Their Phone, Study Finds
    Employees are using their personal devices in the office, but they don't know how much access this gives their boss to their personal data, and they don't trust that their data is safe.
  • BigContacts Announces New CRM Software Reseller Program
    In order to help small businesses manage their prospect and customer relationships, BigContacts has announced its new CRM reseller program.
  • VinSolutions Introduces Mobile CRM for Android
    VinSolutions, an online sales and marketing platform provider, announced the launch of its mobile CRM solution VinMobile for Android.
  • Vembu Launches New Releases for StoreGrid and SyncBlaze
    Vembu Technologies, a provider of hybrid cloud data protection and file-sharing software for service providers and VARs, has announced the launch of new releases for its StoreGrid and SyncBlaze solutions. These launches come as part of its larger virtualization and BYOD strategy.
  • MobileIron AppConnect Gets Extra Mobile Access Strength with Framehawk
    Framehawk has announced that it has become a part of the larger MobileIron AppConnect system, and this connection is set to bring with it plenty of extra value for those who regularly use MobileIron AppConnect. Thanks to the new connection, corporate applications are set to have not only the necessary performance that's needed, but also the ability to secure and manage all that data as well.
  • The Phases of Mobility Ushered by iOS
    As the use of mobile devices continues to increase in the modern corporate environment, it's important for IT administrators to examine how these devices should access the network. While certain tools, information and applications should be accessible, other areas may be too vulnerable to attack if made accessible through mobile devices. It's a challenge that must be addressed through solid mobile device management.
  • What Information Can Your Employer See From Your Mobile Devices?
    It is an undeniable fact that people will use their personal smartphones and tablets for work. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is close to becoming a standard business practice. A lot of companies are putting policies in place that are setting the rules for how to use BYOD in the work environment.
  • Location Labs Signs Agreement with Verizon Wireless for MDM Platform
    Location Labs, a company that provides mobile device management and location technologies, recently announced that its Labs mobile device management (MDM) platform was selected by Verizon Wireless for its FamilyBase parental controls service.
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