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iTel Switch Plus with Calling Cards Platform

July 28, 2014


The calling card market has continued to flourish as a result of the high cost associated with international calling. This market abundance has led many new companies to emerge.

Amidst all of the new companies popping up, REVE Systems has always contributed to the telecom industry, whether it is calling cards or VoIP service. Innovative software from the stable of the company has helped many service providers, who already deal with or want to start a calling cards business.

Now, REVE has added an advanced calling card module to its softswitch – the iTel Switch Plus. This will benefit service providers who want to start their own calling cards business. End users will enjoy PINless calling card capabilities - which means they do not need to enter a PIN number to initiate calls and once they have registered their phone number, all calls will be tracked by Billing Software from a service provider. The user can add the caller ID automatically through IVR.

As billing is integrated in the softswitch, it is quite easy to manage customer billing. Also, the calling card Solution allows clients to use multiple carriers, so that customers can take the benefit of the least cost routing features. Active viewing of call details & account balances is also possible on the calling card module.  Administrators can view the number of calling card users online. Due to the GUI billing platform, which is a web based platform, it becomes easy for administrators to access the Internet and gain easy management of the system.

Finally, to ensure zero loss to service providers, REVE has added radius billing and AAA to its billing solution. This results in disconnection of calls, immediately after the balance is exhausted.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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