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The Beauty of Calling Cards

January 15, 2014

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor

 If there are only two things that can ruin a traveler’s journey, its lost luggage, and high calling costs. While there isn’t always much we can do about how airlines handle our luggage in route to our destination, there is something to be done about exuberant calling rates when trying to communicate from long distances.

Calling cards have been around for quite some time but there use as a tool to avoid high international calling rates continues to be their dominant feature. These cards make it possible to not only pay less for the calls you make, but also budget your calling costs and remove the hassle of monthly billing statements.

Typically, calls are placed to a dedicated phone number and a PIN is entered which opens up the line to then place the desired outgoing call.

As these types of calls are becoming more profitable, service providers are now also making the move to the calling card business. Benefits like improved carrier management without the need for gateway configuration or changes to the dialing plans for users as well as the ability to offer services to customers using DID, are among the benefits moving the decision to switch to the calling card business.

Taking this a step further, and to offer their customers a way to better manage calling card services, REVE Systems has now added a calling card platform to their iTel Switch Plus. This carrier-grade Softswitch for retail and wholesale platforms offers an easy end user interface, integrated billing, and class 4 &5 softswitch features.

With this latest calling card platform, service providers can provide pinless calling to customers so they can forget about needing to remember and enter a pin every time they want to user their calling card. Instead, the billing software keeps track of all calls once the phone numbers have been registered.  

A secure, easy to use online platform, it also offers one location to check call details, make payments and activate accounts. Also, because the platform can make use of multiple carriers, customers get to enjoy the benefits of least cost routing.

Back in March, iTel Switch Plus was also updated to extend its IVR capability and support 12 additional languages; one time password was added to increase authentication of users and

beefed-up speed dialing features were added to further demonstrate the company’s commitment to deliver to an industry leading softswitch for service providers.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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