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Mobile Top-Up Benefits Make Prepaid Services More Appealing

January 18, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor

As carriers push to offer best-in class services to keep customers interested, and as the demand for instant access to communications, information and entertainment continues to grow, convenience is at a premium. Today, there are a growing number of mobile customers who prefer the benefits of mobile communications without a contract. Prepaid service offers considerable flexibility and control, as long as minutes are available.

While prepaid phone usage and services continue to improve, one annoyance remained – having to get to a physical location or purchase a card to reload minutes onto a phone. Those who planned ahead could stay current with their available minutes and still enjoy the freedoms and benefits afforded in their prepaid service. For others, however, this requirement negated the benefits prepaid service was supposed to provide.

Now, with Mobile Top-Up as an option, prepaid customers can refill minutes right from their phone. No more planning to purchase additional minutes at the grocery store or keeping track of a card when on the go. Plus, customers who may have shied away from prepaid services due to the inconvenience may find they like the control it provides.

REVE Systems’ iTel Switch Plus softswitch offering makes sure customers are always connected on their mobile phone and offers Mobile Top-Up so customers can recharge their mobile number using the same PIN they use for call origination. This not only ensures they have the convenience of adding minutes wherever they are and whenever they need it; customers also don’t have to remember a different PIN to access the service.

In fact, this last point is the primary differentiation REVE Systems brings to the market. Other softswitch providers have introduced Mobile Top-Up as a service to customers, but their offering requires the use of a different PIN or authorization code. As mobile consumers are often those individuals balancing a wealth of activities and information, keeping track of one more piece of information is not usually very appealing.

REVE Systems also takes the benefits of Mobile Top-Up one step further. Mobile users can gift the Mobile Top-Up capability to others. For those who are difficult to buy for and are tired of receiving iTunes cards, Mobile Top-Up is a way to help them stay connected for a while longer. Such a service is also ideal for elderly parents who need to stay connected, but don’t have the extra income to ensure they can always use their mobile device and for the employee base, it’s a great way for management to control mobile costs.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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