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  • nexMatrix Upgrades Next Generation IP PBX
    IP PBX technology has had a dream run in the telecom market since its introduction. The technology is simple to install, easy to manage and upgrade, and it provides considerable cost savings, which is a highly attractive proposition for companies these days. No wonder companies in this field are constantly upgrading offerings to attract new customers... Read More
  • iTel Switch Plus with Calling Cards Platform
    As billing is integrated in the softswitch, it is quite easy to manage customer billing. Also, the calling card Solution allows clients to use multiple carriers, so that customers can take the benefit of the least cost routing features. Active viewing of call details & account balances is also possible on the calling card module. Administrators can view the number of calling card users online. Due to the GUI billing platform, which is a web based platform, it becomes easy for administrators to access the Internet and gain easy management of the system... Read More
  • Cloud-Based Phone Service an Improvement over Copper
    Some may say that IP-based phone systems are less secure. Again, compatible hardware can encrypt all voice communications, so businesses do not have to worry about their sensitive conversations being open to prying ears. In addition, businesses may fear that such new phone systems are not scalable, but that also is false. Traditional private branch exchanges require that businesses deploy PBX boxes on premises... Read More
  • $1 Trillion for Telecom in Next Five Years
    In the telecom and datacom equipment and software industry, the race is on, and getting faster than ever... Read More
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How important do you think having Mobile VOIP capabilities is for users today? If you didn't respond "very" there are some important details you need to hear. This podcast with REVE Systems Marketing Head Sanjit Chatterjee includes a discussion on the benefits of Mobile VoIP and what REVE Systems offers for the market...

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