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  • What Mobile Demand is Doing to the Industry
    The opportunity to send your calls over the public Internet may not excite you, unless you compare the cost of doing so. The standard fees associated with the traditional landline typically don't exist with the VoIP line - you pay one fee for one connection and nothing else. For the small business, a similar logic applies, although your cost will be higher to support the added people and functionality... Read More
  • Switch Partitions Make it Easy to Dole Out Softswitch Access
    Sometimes softswitch users have the same need to share but still maintain their independence. With a softswitch such as REVE System's iTel Switch Plus, it is possible to create softswitch partitions that act as independent softswitches but are still part of one larger softswitch... Read More
  • When Passwords Are Not Safe Enough
    The world is not a safe place, and anyone who watches the news or checks Facebook is aware that recently we've all become a little less safe thanks to the Heartbleed secure socket layer flaw that compromises Internet security... Read More
  • REVE Systems Honored for Excellence in UC
    As companies throughout the world have adopted the benefits associated with the all-IP environment, vendors are readily popping up to try and meet the growing demand. In the process, the market has become more crowded and companies have more options than ever before. The challenge now, is identifying those IP softswitch providers who bring quality and competitive pricing to the table and support the customer's initiatives for the long term... Read More
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ITEXPO Miami 2014 Interview with REVE Systems
Hosted Softswitch Opportunity - REVE Systems
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How important do you think having Mobile VOIP capabilities is for users today? If you didn't respond "very" there are some important details you need to hear. This podcast with REVE Systems Marketing Head Sanjit Chatterjee includes a discussion on the benefits of Mobile VoIP and what REVE Systems offers for the market...

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