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  • What Else Is Needed for Quality Mobile VoIP?
    Headsets are no exception. A well-designed headset must have the latest audio technology, innovative features that make it easy to set up, use and upgrade - as well as looking smart and feeling comfortable... Read More
  • Is Mobile VoIP a Priority in 2015?
    What goals have you established for 2015? Do they include growth, a reduction in expenses and a plan for increased efficiency? All are healthy goals and common for beginning another new year. If you had the same goals last year, were you able to achieve any level of success? Did you implement any new technologies to help along the way? If not, this may be the year to make the investment... Read More
  • What Business Clients Demand from a Hosted Softswitch
    Hosted providers are generally much better equipped to meet these demands as they aren't restricted to the corporate infrastructure alone. They aren't limited to a single geographic area or smaller bandwidth levels. Plus, the off-site design and built-in redundancy means that in the event of a disaster that renders other services unavailable, the organization will still have access to their hosted softswitch... Read More
  • VoIP is an Easy Way to Help the Environment
    The nice thing about green adjustments such as using VoIP is that any business can do it. From Fortune 500 down to one-man sole proprietorships, every business can make the jump to VoIP-based calling... Read More
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How important do you think having Mobile VOIP capabilities is for users today? If you didn't respond "very" there are some important details you need to hear. This podcast with REVE Systems Marketing Head Sanjit Chatterjee includes a discussion on the benefits of Mobile VoIP and what REVE Systems offers for the market...

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