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Cincom on the Pursuit of the Perfect Customer Experience

August 08, 2007

By Stefania Viscusi,
Assignment Desk Editor

While the focus on customer service and improving it has in increased importance, much is still needed to be done in terms of bettering customer service to a level where the all too common customer service horror stories disappear for good.
Frustration and confusion with automated systems tops the list of ways in which customer satisfaction has continued to slip-up in improving.
In a bid to provide in-depth information and solutions that help better the customer experience, Cincom Systems set up "The Perfect Customer Experience Blog."
The Blog offers a community for those looking for proven ways of enhancing customer service with ideas, strategies and tactics. The Perfect Customer Experience community focuses on action in place of only speaking, to improve customer service and the customer experience.

In a statement to the press, Dale Wolf, the editor of "The Perfect Customer Experience Blog," defined "the perfect customer experience" as "one in which results in customers becoming advocates for the company, creating referral, retention and profitable growth."
The Perfect Customer Experience Blog features a host of guest authors, whitepapers and special offers unique to improving the customer experience.
Cincom Systems also recently release Cincom Synchrony 7.0, an enhanced version of the Cincom Synchrony customer experience management software that specifically addresses the need to proactively reach out and follow up with customers in a relevant and timely manner, as a means of enhancing customer relationships and improving communications.
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