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APIs Offer a Smooth Migration Path to the Cloud for Contact Centers

September 25, 2014

By Laura Stotler,
TMCnet Contributing Editor

Security is always a primary concern for companies considering a migration to the cloud. Beyond that though, many companies hesitate at the prospect of moving some or all of their existing business applications to a cloud platform. Will it be a smooth migration? Will it create deployment and management headaches? Will existing business process and operations software be compatible with a cloud environment?

For contact centers, the cloud offers massive opportunities along with cost savings and efficiencies. But those nagging questions remain, and some companies have come up with ways to put organizations at ease and ensure migration to the cloud is a smooth one.

Five9 (News - Alert) specializes in cloud contact software and provides a Virtual Contact Center platform to help companies get their cloud contact center up and running. Beyond that though, the company offers more than 300 cloud-based integrations with its platform to set up a safe and seamless migration path from premise to cloud. Cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) are at the heart of this migration path, enabling advanced software integrations using web services to connect to the cloud platform.

The company’s cloud APIs essentially enable contact centers to utilize all existing applications and systems like ERP and billing while making the move to the cloud. This makes things easy for customer service agents and administrators, since they can use all their familiar apps and interfaces transparently.

Specific APIs include CTI (News - Alert) Web Services, which connect a Five9 softphone within the company’s Agent Application to other existing apps agents use, and a Configuration Services API, which works with the Administrator Application. This interface retrieves data from external systems and uses it for routing and campaign management as well as to add new leads to call lists. Additional APIs include Reporting Web Services, which retrieve call logs and agent audit reporting data for archiving, and Statistics Web Services, which enable developers to build apps for secure access to Supervisor Application data. This API also enables real-time statistics and notifications on a wide scale.

Migrating a contact center to the cloud doesn’t need to be difficult and certainly doesn’t require an overhaul of existing business apps and processes. Platforms like Five9’s that provide integrated APIs offer a smooth and efficient migration path to the cloud without the headache and expense of having to modify or abandon existing software and system investments.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi