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Five9 Illustrates Why You Need a Cloud Contact Center with Humorous Talking Headsets

April 09, 2014

By Tracey E. Schelmetic,
TMCnet Contributor

 “Happier customers, happier agents and happier connections between all the channels.” While most people wouldn’t listen to a talking headset, the headset (in this case) has a point. Cloud-based contact centers foster all those things for a variety of reasons.

In a recent series of humorous video blogs, cloud contact center solutions provider Five9 (News - Alert) introduces us to Windy, a happy talking headset that is pleased to have grown up to become a headset and pleased also to be working in a contact center that uses cloud-based Five9 solutions. Her counterpart, a premises-based solution headset, isn’t so pleased.

“My guy is living the on-premise dream, which explains why I’m living the on-premises nightmare,” says Carl, another talking headset featured in the video. “Happy customers? Not! It’s been weeks since we’ve taken anyone off hold.”

While there’s no indication that your headsets care one way or another which type of contact center solution you use, chances are good that your customers (and your agents) do. The cloud, which ushers in scalability, flexibility and multichannel integration, keeps customers from what they hate the most: waiting on hold, repeating their customer information to agents who can’t see their information, multiple transfers, incorrect information and having to call back (or use another contact method) to resolve the same issue more than once.

From an internal perspective, the cloud means solutions cost less, can be up and running quickly and can be maintained by people without the word “IT” in their job description. (The video notes a humorous but familiar moment in which a company’s IT workers all protest that they don’t have time to come rescue the premises-based contact center solution.) It also makes for happier agents who aren’t faced with angry customers day after day.

“They even set us up to be blended,” said “Windy” the cloud-based headset. “We answer support calls, and when we’re not busy, we make outbound calls to proactively find out how things are going with our customers. And you won’t believe this…we’re even answering questions that our customers post at social sites like Twitter (News - Alert).” (Try doing that successfully with a premises-based solution.)

So what’s Carl the cranky headset with a premises-based solution doing to improve customer service?

“We’re working on some new hold music!” he enthuses.

Watch Episode 1 below.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi