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How to Design the Right Environment for the Hosted Contact Center Agent

October 10, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell,
TMCnet Contributing Editor

What type of environment have you created for your customer service agents? Do you look for exceptional talent and then wonder why they aren’t delivering according to your expectations? If you’re not creating an environment where they can thrive, you are likely missing out on many of the benefits the hosted contact center was built to deliver.

A recent Win the Customer report highlighted five key areas where you may have room for improvement in the contact center environment. Borrowing from this list, let’s examine opportunities that could improve performance, motivation and your bottom line.

Knowledge is Power

Whether your hosted contact center is running under your own roof or outsourced to a third party provider, the agents representing your brand need to be informed. If they lack the necessary knowledge on your products or services to actually handle a customer interaction, they aren’t delivering the necessary value to the customer or your company. Give them the knowledge and training necessary to perform according to your expectations.

Set the Example

No company leader who fails to practice what he preaches stays at the top of his game for long. The example of great customer care has to start at the top, demonstrated at each step in the ladder so that everyone working within the company executes on the same strategy. If you don’t treat customers the way you expect your agents to treat them, a positive and motivated environment is impossible to create.

Develop Great Phrases

Customers want to know that you care about their business through the things you do and say. Simply telling them you care is not enough – you have to demonstrate it through other phrases. Asking key questions that encourage further engagement is important. If you pair this with personalization, the customer is likely to become loyal.

Pay Attention to the Competition

In our commodity-based market, quality customer care is often the only thing that keeps one company a step above another. If your company is not in the upper position in this competition, it’s time to pay attention to what the other company is doing well and then do it better. It only takes one unsatisfying experience for a customer to turn to the competitor. If they meet this expectation, you’ve lost a customer for life. Turn the tide with the right strategy.

Offer More

Do you want your agents to solve problems, or do you want them to go above and beyond to improve satisfaction? Agents able to go the extra mile – and given the latitude and power to do so – will generate loyal customers that drive more revenue.

If you design your hosted contact center environment around these key points, quality customer engagements will translate to real revenue opportunities that go beyond expectations.

Edited by Blaise McNamee