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VoIP Residential Calling PlansUnlimited VoIP calling to US & Canada    
Our Services include Internet phone with free Internet calling and unlimited US and Canada plans.  We also offer prepaid phone service using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adaptor.  The solutions are designed for home phone service, business phone service, call shops and cyber cafes.  InPhonex is proud to support Internet telephony equipment including Sipura 2000 and Sipura 3000, Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and RT31P2 phone adaptors.  We also support Asterisk PBX and offer VoIP Reseller business opportunities to let entrepreneurs and businesses resell voice over Internet under their brand name.

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Free Phone Calling
VoIP and Internet telephony have brought to life the idea of using the Web to make free and minimal cost phone calls. With Internet phone calls, users can call and connect with associates, friends and family members for free or without running up extremely expensive phone bills.

Pay As You Go Calling—The Best Thing to Happen to Billing
So you've heard the latest buzz about free internet calling and you're sold. Next on the plate, cheaper pay calls to telephones around the world. Sounds tempting and you'd be completely sold if you weren't already paying a monthly bill for your landline phone-- that you're hardly ever home to talk on, and your cell phone – with minutes you either under or over-use each month. If this is what you're thinking, there is an option out there, and it's the best thing to happen to billing.

Unlimited Internet Calling Plans Make International Calls Affordable
Talking on the phone is one of the most effective ways people around the world communicate. The ability to make calls to a desired contact whenever it's needed is both a convenience and a necessity. Whether keeping in touch with friends and family or discussing business matters, making phone calls is a benefit we've all come to enjoy.

Internet Phone and DID's—Extending the Benefits
Internet Telephony services. They provide free talking capabilities, save you money on international and long distance calling, expand your billing options and offer communications anywhere in the world. With all of the benefits internet phone services provide for making calls, its hard to believe it can offer those who call you, benefits as well.

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