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David Sims - TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist[March 30, 2005]

Packeteer Announces Avaya Compliance

By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist

Packeteer Inc., a WAN application traffic management provider, has announced successful completion of compliance testing with Avaya, Inc.'s IP telephony solutions, earning the company an Avaya DeveloperConnection Compliant Award.

Packeteer is the only WAN application traffic management vendor to become a Premier-level member, and offers the first product to achieve certification.

Laurie Usewicz, vice president of product development for Westcon Group North America noted that IP telephony implementations are susceptible to congestion, posing serious business consequences for “jitter-sensitive VoIP traffic.” Resellers are asking for products that deliver on voice reliability, bandwidth optimization and ROI for their customers.

To achieve certification, Avaya's DeveloperConnection Technical Team tested the interoperability of PacketShaper appliances, which guarantee WAN link bandwidth to Voice over IP traffic generated by Avaya Media Servers, Avaya Media Gateways, and Avaya IP Telephones, with Avaya's S8500 Media Server with both G650 and G350 Media Gateways running Communication Manager version 2.0.1.

PacketShaper is designed for distributed, multi-site enterprises that rely on the WAN and Internet to deliver the quality in IP calls that they are used to from traditional phone systems. To ensure application delivery, the appliance manages WAN link utilization and throughput based on the bandwidth guarantees and policies applied to the identified traffic classes.

During compliance testing, telephone calls traversing the WAN link were successfully established and maintained regardless of the amount of non-VoIP traffic sharing the WAN link.

Packeteer's application traffic management solution ensures that Avaya IP telephony traffic, which is always susceptible to interference from competing traffic on the network, runs smoothly on a converged network with minimal packet loss, latency, or jitter. PacketShapers deliver Layer 7 quality of service for Avaya IP telephony traffic and other mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications.

PacketShaper also offers Avaya IP telephony users with the ability to monitor the behavior of Avaya IP telephony traffic (H.323, SIP, and related protocols as well as over 450 other applications) on the network; identify how much bandwidth the application is using and who its top users are, identify performance issues with IP telephony calls by analyzing its interaction with other applications and implement a set of policies on the Avaya IP telephony traffic in order to ensure smooth and predictable calls and provide QoS at the application layer.

David Sims is contributing editor and CRM Alert columnist for TMCnet.

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