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David Sims - TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist[March 30, 2005]

Amdocs to Supply Elisa Corp.

By David Sims, TMCnet CRM Alert Columnist

Elisa Corporation, a Finnish provider of total telecommunication services and products with operations in Estonia, has announced they will use the Amdocs 6 product portfolio to replace Elisa’s several existing billing, CRM and ordering systems with a single platform.

Elisa hopes to be able to offer better service to its customers, thus building customer loyalty and reducing churn, which will also lead to cost savings. Amdocs was also awarded the system integrator role to support the complex rollout, including the consolidation of Elisa’s business processes to support the new unified operational structure.

With Amdocs 6, Elisa expects to benefit from a single customer view across its wireless, wireline and data communication offerings, shorter time-to-market for new and bundled services, discounts and promotions, as well as advanced support capabilities for complex corporate solutions. The thinking at Elisa is that this will build stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

This reporter used to date a Finnish woman named Elisa. I’m sure there’s no relation, especially since the Elisa of my acquaintance didn’t make building strong relationships on loyalty an operative priority.

“To succeed in the competitive marketplace in Finland, Elisa must focus on realigning its operations with the goal of creating a differentiated and intentional customer experience,” said Michael Matthews, chief marketing officer at Amdocs.

The products in the new Amdocs 6 modular portfolio are pre-integrated to remove process barriers across the customer lifecycle and to enable a holistic customer view, while reducing total cost of ownership. Amdocs Billing 6 provides flexible, real-time rating and billing for all voice, data, content and commerce services, and supports prepaid-postpaid and wireline- wireless convergence.

Amdocs CRM 6 is designed to optimize customer-centric business processes and help overcome key pain points that impact customer loyalty and operating efficiencies; and the Amdocs order management product enables complete order management, from order capture through service delivery.

Elisa Corporation’s revenue in 2004 amounted to EUR 1.36 billion, and the group employed 5,376 people. At the end of 2004, there were a total 1.22 million fixed phone subscriptions in the group’s network. By the end of 2004, there were 222 307 broadband subscriptions.

David Sims is contributing editor and CRM Alert columnist for TMCnet.

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