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  • Cloud-based Workforce Management Eliminates the Hassle of Paper and Repetition
    In the contact center of old, workforce management was once quite literally a full-time job. It was accomplished through a mix of spreadsheets (or graph paper, if you go back far enough), paper time sheets, notes about vacation request, calendars with notes scribbled and more. Managers needed to devote hours to examining historical call volume on old records to build schedules, and managing time-off and vacation requests alone was a gigantic headache.
  • How Integrated Call Recording Improves the Customer Experience
    The complete customer experience is one that could be different based on the company, the industry and the customer. With so many variables already playing into the situation, are you prepared to go to market and achieve this goal from day one? Have you taken into account the increasing changes in customer expectations and demands? Does the conversation alone make you nervous?
  • 5 Best Ways to Boost Agent Performance with Call Recording
    Agent performance is a common factor to consider in reporting for call center management. You want to hire the right people for the job, but the proof is on the calling floor. Even those with the right skills and qualifications can lose their way if leadership is lacking. Fortunately, there are ways to boost agent performance - you just have to be willing to put a few tools in place.
  • Good Customer Experience = Economic Success
    One bad customer experience can do a lot more damage to a business' success than you might think. While it's true, that nothing in this world is perfect, resting on your customer service laurels will only cost you the numbers on your bottom line. Getting a customer and keeping that customer are two separate beasts, and while a good goal to have is to increase the number of buyers for your product or service, your next best goal is to do your best to keep those buyers.

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Featured Whitepapers

  • Creating Accurate Forecasts in Enterprise Workforce Management
    Social networks have changed business. This goes without saying. But what social networks also have done is highlight the fundamental importance of the customer experience when it comes to product and brand marketing.
  • Top 10 Ways To Boost Contact Center Agent Performance
    This white paper touches on the ways your contact center can improve agent performance by using a call recording and quality monitoring solution. Improving agent performance has many benefits, including creating a healthy work environment, where teams of agents can collectively strive to achieve common goals. It also makes sense that improved agent performance will also yield an improved customer experience.
  • Benefits of Call Recording & Call Monitoring for a Call Center
    This white paper touches on the many benefits your call center will receive when choosing to implement a call recording and call monitoring system. Beyond compliance concerns, there are also quality assurance gains to be leveraged from your recorded calls. Your recordings become assets, an inventory of data from which you can find emerging trends, performance flaws, identify your team's superstars, and ultimately, maximize your center's opportunities creating an environment of stellar customer service.