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Taking Control of the Web and Increasing Satisfied Customers
As the call center transforms into the contact center, companies and agents alike have to think about delivering multichannel service. Customers aren't just calling in to companies for their complaints, issues and troubleshooting questions; they are also using the Internet and all of the different channels it offers, such as social media, websites, e-mail and online media.

8x8 Technology Fills in the 'Technology Black Hole'
We take modern communications for granted sometimes, particularly those of us who live in urban or suburban areas. Your cell phone has a signal. You're near Wi-Fi. You're good to go. But what happens when neither of these factors exists? You're somewhere without a cell phone signal, and you're many miles away from the nearest Wi-Fi signal (let alone a decent cup of coffee.)

Going Virtual Means Flexibility for the Call Center
For businesses looking to cut costs, grow their workforces and be as flexible as possible in every instance, moving toward a virtual contact center is an attractive and viable option that doesn't require a lot of resources.

Astute Solutions Unveils Latest Contact Center Software Featuring Virtual Agent Innovation
Astute Solutions, a provider of Web and contact center software solutions, recently introduced the latest addition -- RealDialog 6.0 -- to its powerful customer service boosting tools that include customer relationship management, knowledge management and social CRM software.

8x8 Jumps Two Spots on Infonetics Research's VoIP Service Leadership Scorecard
You may have noticed that in enterprises today, voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is fast gaining on traditional telephone service for a variety of reasons, including cost, flexibility, reliability and next-generation communications features. What you may also have noticed is that the business VoIP market is changing a bit.

Virtual Call Center Solutions Serve the Needs of Today's Contact Center
Customers expect a number of things today, but perhaps the most important is a customized experience. Customers may choose to contact a company via a variety of different channels, and regardless of which medium they choose, they expect that the organization will know who they are, what their history is and what their preferences are.

Real-Time Metrics are Critical for Contact Centers Seeking to Meet Service Level Goals
Asking if tracking metrics in the contact center leads to improvement in operations is a bit like asking how long a string is. Depending on what metrics the call center tracks, it can use this information to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and service levels and understand if it's operating at optimal efficiency.

Call Centers Boost Quality and Reduce Overhead with the Virtual Contact Center Model
There are large call centers, there are small call centers. There are also virtual call centers, or a well-organized but geographically distributed collection of call center personnel and resources tied together by one robust, VoIP-based telephony system and a cloud-based contact center solution.

8x8 Mobile App Delivers Anywhere Connection, Even Overseas
Cloud solutions provider 8x8 released Version 4.0.3 of its mobile app for iPad and iOS in March and its last Android update in February. The mobile app is free with any existing Virtual Office subscription. On a recent overseas trip, 8x8 subscriber Gary V. Nicolas, a managing partner with Secant Healthcare, discovered that when international roaming failed him, the 8x8 mobile app instantly connected him to his office phone. All Nicolas needed was a Wi-Fi connection and his smartphone.

8x8 Patent Helps 911 Services Find Callers Faster
8x8 was awarded with a new patent in April, and like most patents, it's filled with complex terminology that can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the jargon. As such, it might be helpful to take a look at 8x8's 87th patent to understand what it can do.

Small Call Centers Gain Large Call Center Functionality via Cloud VoIP Solutions
While mental images of call centers tend to drum up giant halls of hundreds or even thousands of agents all working simultaneously, the truth is usually far less grand. About 65 percent of contact centers have 50 agents or less, meaning that the small call center is generally the rule, not the exception.

8x8 Demonstrates Industry's Only Cloud-Based Call Center and Hosted PBX Solutions
8x8, Inc. delivers innovative cloud communication services including hosted PBX telephony, unified communications, call center software and video conferencing solutions for more than 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses. The company has received awards and is recognized as a leader in the services it provides by Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and Synergy Research Group. The demonstration at the 14th Annual Call Center Week lets organizations to see the company's Virtual Contact Center and Hosted PBX solution.

Verint Announces New Business Impact Solutions for Regulatory Compliance
Verint Systems, a company specializing in actionable intelligence solutions and value-added services, has unveiled new regulatory compliance solutions intended to help organizations comply with requirements.

SAP Plans to Acquire hybris
SAP AG, a major player in enterprise application software, plans to acquire hybris, a rapidly growing and a major player in e-commerce technology.

Was Unified Communications Inspired by Star Trek?
We still don''t have the underground civilization that Isaac Asimov championed or the flying cars, but despite those disappointments science fiction has long been the conceptual home for technologies that later find themselves actually existing in the world.

Call Centers Have the Power Turn Web Site Visitors into Customers
Capturing the maximum number of visitors and turning them into customers is critical for the health of the business. It used to be accomplished through inside sales personnel skills alone, but today, technology can offer a big boost, particularly if your contact center platform is properly integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Callback Technology Can Make or Break the Customer Experience
Callback technology in the call center can make or break your reputation when it comes to offering the best customer experience. If implemented incorrectly, it can be a huge turnoff, resulting in lost business, lost revenue, and worse, lost customers. Callback technology can be a great tool if it's used properly, but it comes down to configuration.

Federal Drinking Water Hotline Gets Big Boost From 8x8 Virtual Contact Center
Outreach Process Partners (OPP) recently had a tight deadline to meet. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)--specifically its Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water--selected OPP to operate its Safe Drinking Water Hotline, one of the central features in ensuring safe drinking water for a large portion of America. While OPP was indeed well-suited to set up such a system, the terms of the EPA's agreement required OPP to set up that hotline, and have it ready for operations, in just under eight weeks.

8x8 Hosted PBX Phone Service Supports HIPAA/HITECH Regulatory Compliance to Offer a Secure VoIP Experience
While many companies are turning to business VoIP for efficient communication, there are also security concerns and compliance requirements to face. Security is a vital component of any VoIP business phone service to make sure attacks like denial of service, eavesdropping and toll fraud can be prevented, information can be secured and processes can be regulated.

Appian Turns to 8x8 Virtual Office Hosted PBX to Support Growth
8x8, a provider of virtual office business VoIP solutions, recently announced that business process management (BPM) specialist Appian has selected its cloud-based hosted PBX business phone system to facilitate continued growth.

Customer E-mail Shouldn't Disappear into the Black Hole of a General Inbox
When it comes to contact center media channels, e-mail has traditionally been the one that receives the least attention. It's conventional wisdom among customers that if you send an e-mail to a company, your chances of getting an answer are slim. Many studies back this up: e-mail is the least monitored and handled form of customer communications.

Why Automatic Status Codes Improve the Customer Experience
Managing the flow of calls and agent availability in the contact center is nothing short of challenging. If agents forget to set their status to busy when an outbound call is made, the inbound call routed to that agent could result in a frustrated customer who wasn't planning to wait several minutes in a hold queue.

Thrive Senior Living Saves Big, Improves Functionality with 8x8 Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications
Whether you're in retail, finance, legal, media or customer service, companies from all industries are turning to VoIP to improve their business communications. A recent study from Infonetics Research predicts that $377 billion will be spent on business and residential VoIP services by 2016, driven primarily by SIP trunking, hosted VoIP and unified communication services.

Debunking Hosted PBX Myths
You know you want to consider the benefits associated with the cloud and have considered a few providers to deliver the hosted solutions you need. The challenge is deciphering the extensive information that is available and making it work for your environment without falling for propaganda or industry myths.

Ben Taft to Maintain 8x8's Position in Hosted PBX and UC Industry as VP of Inside Sales
A company generating $27.3 million in revenue in one quarter and serving a growing customer base of more than 31,473 needs a strong figure to manage sales, enhance customer relationships and fuel the growth of the business.

8x8 Recognized for Unified Communications Innovation with Virtual Office Desktop
The key to being a successful worker in today's tech-savvy society is embracing mobility. Accessing contacts, documents and networks on-demand from anywhere is becoming the norm among today's workforce. 8x8, a provider of cloud-based communications and computing solutions, understands this, and offers a number of business communications solutions to today's companies.

Why the Call Center is Better with 8x8
The standard 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. grind once demanded a commute to work, navigating the busy parking garage to find your coveted space, skirting through the office politics to ensure you aligned yourself with the right side and avoiding the doublespeak that can occur in the break room or around the water cooler.

8x8 Releases New Version of Virtual Contact Center
Provider of cloud-based communications and computing solutions 8x8 has released Virtual Contact Center 7.1, an upgraded version of its hosted call center software service.

Telax Introduces Executive Dashboard, Providing Key Contact Center Metrics
Telax Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based contact center software that helps companies create an efficient and effective customer care and service desk operation, has added a new contact center dashboard that gives call center executives a quick insights into key metrics.

8x8 Hosted PBX Service Finds a Lost iPhone
Here's a tech-era world problem that happens all too often today: losing a mobile device. With the majority of mobile phone users sporting smartphones, many of them used for work-related communications, it can be a serious loss, whether it's just for contacts, photos, or, worse, sensitive work data.

8x8 Awarded New Patent for Emergency Communications
Technology innovations have enabled emergency communications to move well beyond the traditional 911 phone call. Text messaging, the Internet, IP communications and more have advanced the ways organizations can respond to disasters and emergency situations. Traditional telephone lines are being complemented or replaced by cell phones, Internet-enabled devices and other technologies, like machine to machine communications.

VoIP-Based Auto Attendants Benefit Even the Smallest of Companies
While the auto attendant (the automated voice that direct calls at the front of a phone call to a company) is very familiar to anyone who hasn't been living on a desert island for 40 years, it's often the hallmark of large companies or very consumer-oriented companies. There's a reason for this: once upon a time, the auto attendant and interactive voice response (IVR) system behind it was an expensive option. Auto attendant solutions were big, bulky, premises-based solutions that required knowledgeable IT staff members to administer.

How 8x8 Improved the Call Center for Blueair
The key to quality service is ensuring customers have what they need before they realize they need it. Waiting in the wings when the unexpected arises is the call center. If agents in that center are slow to respond or standardization is lacking, the service delivered on the front end may be overshadowed by poor service on the back end.

Sprint Opens CapTel Call Center for Hearing Loss Community in New Zealand
Wireless major Sprint has opened its first CapTel call center outside of the United States in Auckland, New Zealand, which is designed to provide captioned conversations for people with hearing loss.

How to Protect Your Business Communications against a Zombie Apocalypse and Other Disasters
While pop culture waits for the next Zombie Apocalypse, companies and call centers are often nervous about other kinds of disastrous events, usually of the natural variety: floods, snow storms, long power outages, earthquakes, hurricanes and other weather or technological events that can affect the way a business communicates with its customers.

Cloud-Based PBX and Contact Center Providers Give Businesses Disaster Resiliency
Today, the cloud-based contact center market is booming, while the premises-based sector is struggling to survive. Across the world, in contact centers of all different sizes, end users are adopting cloud-based solutions in order to prepare for the future and always be ready for when disaster strikes.

Baby's Journey Scores at Customer Care with Sound Telecom Call Center Services
Sound Telecom, a Seattle-based provider of telephone answering, call center and cloud-based phone services, is now delivering inbound call center services to Baby's Journey, a Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based provider of baby care products. Baby's Journey will benefit from Sound Telecom's inbound call center services to deliver high level of customer care to new parents and their dear ones looking for high-quality products for their infants.

West Town Savings Bank Moves to 8x8 VoIP Business Telephone Solution
If you have ever been responsible for setting up a new business, a new office or branch, a new call center or simply an offsite location for the purpose of disaster recovery or overspill, you'll know that getting business phone service up and running quickly is about as easy as getting a candid photo of the Loch Ness Monster. Most companies looking for new service hear a lead-time of at least several weeks: IF they are very lucky, and longer if they are not.

PSS Joins the EchoPlace Partner Network
PSS (Product Support Solutions), a highly specialized systems integrator and IVR solutions expert has joined the EchoPlace Partner Network. Echopass is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based contact center solutions to large Enterprises. That helps enterprise clients to optimize their customer service through innovation from partners connected to the open Echopass cloud platform.

The Cloud Takes Over the Contact Center
These days, the cloud-based contact center market is booming and showing no sign of slowing down, while the premises-based sector is struggling to survive. Across the globe, in contact centers of all sizes, end users are adopting cloud-based contact center solutions to prepare for the future.

Auto Attendant Functionality Help SMBs Project Large
Many years ago, I started a small Web development business. It was just me and a friend, but to secure accounts we needed to project large and inspire confidence in our potential clients both that we would be around for awhile and that we were professional enough to do the work that they expected. One of the first steps when we started our business was setting up a toll-free number and an auto-attendant system so clients and potential clients would hear the same sort of professional phone response they expected from much larger companies.

Meeting the Needs of Today's 'Virtual' Contact Centers
When you think of call centers, you probably think of lots of busy agents at work on telephones. Perhaps these imaginary agents send an occasional e-mail. In most modern contact centers today, the truth is much more complicated. While telephone remains the primary and first choice of customers when it comes to resolving issues, two newer channels have made their way into the mix of call center media: social media and mobile apps.

Communications Firm Sails through Hurricane Sandy with VoIP Softphones
We knew that Hurricane Sandy was coming, but few of us prepared as well as PCR Educator, based in the DC metro suburb of Rockville, Maryland. PCR Educator, which provides cloud communications for schools, recognized that telecommunications services could be disrupted by the storm, and it was likely that not all of the company's 13 employees would be able to make it into the office during the disaster.

8x8 Powers Radixx Airline Reservation Service with Virtual Office and Contact Center
Radixx works to deliver hosted passenger seating services (PSS) to airlines around the world. Their cloud-based reservation system leverages the Oracle relational database to deliver a reservation platform for airlines of any size.

8x8 Brings Virtual Office Online to the Desktop with Virtual Office Desktop
Provider of innovative cloud-based communication and computing solutions, 8x8, Inc., today released Virtual Office Desktop, a softphone application that integrates with the company's Virtual Office business VoIP and Virtual Office Pro unified communications solutions. Put simply, Virtual Office Desktop brings the same level of functionality found in the Virtual Office Online browser app to the desktop, whether Windows or Mac OS X.

Giglinx Enters the VoIP Market with Variety of Services Including Hosted Call Center
VoIP has revolutionized communications of late, whether for personal or business use, or even in call centers. Because VoIP eliminates the need for a landline, the VoIP space is expanding at an extremely rapid pace, changing as new innovations make their way to market and smartphones enhance their functions.

Is the Virtual Call Center the Right Fit?
America is known as the land of opportunity. The market here often affords those with the drive for independence, risk tolerance and financial support necessary to branch out on their own to do so and win. Owning or managing a business often attracts this individual, especially if he or she is in a geographic area with few options for corporate employment. Thanks to the availability of business VoIP technology, anything is possible.

Will Your Next Customer Leave a Message at the Beep?
Leaving a message after the tone is something consumers have become accustomed to doing when calling a friend or loved one who isn't available at the time of the call. Even then it's not uncommon to try the cell phone when the landline goes directly to voicemail. If that attempt comes back fruitless, Skype may be the next step.
3/8/2013 Adds Second Call Center to Improve Customer Satisfaction
To survive in this still tough economy, businesses have to provide an outstanding customer experience to maintain a competitive edge in the market and to retain existing customers, while at the same time, bring on new ones. So, businesses of all sizes must put even greater focus on the quality of service delivered through their call center.

8X8 Inc. to Present at Three Investor Conferences
Cloud communications solutions provider 8X8 Inc. will be presenting at three investor conferences this month including the Northern Capital Markets 2013 Technology Conference, Sidoti & Company 17th Annual Emerging Growth Institutional Investor Forum and the 25th Annual Roth Conference.

How VoIP Has Opened Up the Job Market
The job market is a topic rife with debate. It's a tight economy, but for businesses using VoIP, there are jobs to be had and businesses are looking for talent to fill said jobs. Thanks to technology, these jobs don't require a commute or a physical address. VoIP has opened up the virtual call center market, among others, that's helping businesses and job seekers connect.

Contact Center Software Provider TelStrat Completes Two Decades of Innovation
Today, TelStrat is a developer of comprehensive contact center solutions & business call recording products, which include Engage Contact Center Suite and Technology. Twenty years ago the company was founded by Bob Caroll's who had a vision started taking shape as a company that was dedicated to engineering excellence with focus on customer service. These days, TelStrat is still directed by that vision and has the same unwavering dedication towards its technology, towards its products and towards its clients.

InVision to Intro Latest Call Center School E-Learning Program
InVision, a provider of call center workforce management solutions, has unveiled the new version of English e-learning program called The Call Center School. The comprehensive educational portfolio provides call centers with a complete advanced training program from a single source, according to company officials.

Polycom Recognizes 8x8 as North America Service Provider of the Year
Polycom, Inc., a global provider of open standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), has named 8x8, Inc., a provider of cloud-based business phone service and unified communications, "2012 North America Service Provider of the Year."

8x8 Named to NASDAQ Global Select Market
Years ago, 8x8 Inc., the well known provider of cloud communications and cloud computing solutions, got its unique name from the number of video pixels that are used as the basic building blocks in image compression and video transformation functions. This isn't surprising considering the company has contributed majorly to the advancement of voice and video communications.

Get Back Your Wasted Call Center Hold Time with @onholdwith
Are you sick of wasting precious minutes of your life on hold with customer service? I know I am. Consider the amount of hours of your life you have spent on hold and how much you could accomplish if you had all of that time back! It is simply not fair that millions of customers are suffering through a terrible call center experience.

LeadFlash's Full Service Call Center Increases Client Application Rates
Payday loan lead generation pioneer, LeadFlash, has experienced success of its full-service call center and Hot Transfer Product. Today, the company enables its customers to apply 100 percent over the phone without using a computer and claims it efficiently increases application rates for its clients.

GetApp Gives 8x8 Hosted VoIP Business Phone Service Top Rating
Today, any smart business owner understands that technology is necessary to stay ahead of the crowd. The company that stays up to date with technology is the company that will have a greater chance to make major profits. One known provider of hosted business VoIP, 8x8 Inc., was recently reviewed by GetApp, an independent online marketplace, giving 8x8 an honorable nine out of 10 rating in its Business Apps Marketplace.

8x8 Receives a 'Respected Four-Star Ranking' from The Motley Fool
Four stars is a big deal. Let's consider the different circumstances that can receive such an honor, like hotels and restaurants. A four-star hotel is one that far surpasses the basic or general amenities to offer a prestigious and evolved overall experience. For example, while a standard hotel offers parking and daily cleaning service, a four-star hotel will offer valet parking, personal dry cleaning and a concierge. Similarly, a four-star restaurant is touted as the cream of the crop. Notable Chicago Tribune restaurant critic Phil Vettel says, "When I slap the four-star sticker on a restaurant, I'm declaring to be one of the very best restaurants of its kind, a place that's maintaining a standard to which every restaurant should aspire."

Callback, Virtual Queuing Are Changing the Customer Experience
Asynchronous communication has changed how we communicate in fundamental ways, but our call centers have not caught up in many cases.

How Technology Standards Help Transform the Contact Center
The contact center was once a physical place where calls were answered. Today, the contact center is more of a concept than a place, and the types of contacts agents take may be not only phone calls, but Web chats, e-mails, social media postings, Web callbacks and even communications via mobile apps. As a result, the call center more technology-driven place than ever before. This means that technology standards are becoming ever more important to call center operations.

8x8 Partners with CoSentry, Offers Zerigo Technology
Virtualization allows data centers to achieve increased flexibility while also helping reduce capital expenses, as it enables the automation of data center operations. Companies can chose to virtualize their complete infrastructure to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime. As demand for data center virtualization increases, various companies are coming up with new products to cater to this market.

8x8 Reveals Yet Another Record Breaking Quarter
Cloud-based business communications and computing solutions specialist, 8x8, Inc. recently revealed its financial result for its third quarter of fiscal 2013, having ended December 31, 2012.

Swimming With the Big VoIP Fish
When smaller companies find themselves to be a little fish in a big open sea, they may console themselves by chanting, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"

Things Add Up for 8x8
Investors are excited about 8x8's prospects, according to a recent piece by Dan Caplinger on The Motley Fool website, which notes the telecom service provider's shares have risen nearly 25 percent since mid-October.

Eleven Ways to Avoid Number Transfer Delays
We all know that telephone numbers, even in the Internet Age, are part of our identity, and in a B2B or B2C context, they are critical to our brand identity. That is why the transferring of telephone numbers from one service provider to another is a non-trivial pursuit. It also can be complicated if not done correctly, causing frustration to say the least. The good news is that the folks at 8x8 Inc., a market leading hosted VoIP, contact center and unified communications provider, are out with a list of eleven best practices so that transferring your number does not become a time-consuming and aggravating event.

What Makes 8x8 so Great? Just Ask Its Customers
Call centers that operate on a smaller scale unfortunately don't always have access to enterprise-grade phone services afforded by their larger competitors. To compete on a level playing field, however, they simply can't sacrifice functionality. Fortunately, 8x8's got your back, as its renowned Internet phone service can make even the smallest call center appear to the customer base as large as the bustling 1,000 seat competitor.

8x8's Virtual Office Heads North to Offer Canadians Hosted VoIP and other Cloud Services
Yesterday, industry-leader 8x8, Inc., a unified communications (UC) solution provider based in San Jose, California revealed that it had launched its cloud-based services for our northern brethren, or in other words, Canadian-based businesses and branch offices of U.S. companies, to help them reduce infrastructure costs while increasing productivity.

Five Questions You Should Ask About Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions
If your call center organization is considering taking the plunge into a cloud-based platform, you may have a lot of questions. Chances are, you already know the benefits of a cloud-based contact center: lower upfront expenses, far less maintenance, the ability to work across locations, virtual agents and superior disaster recovery.

2013 - The Year for Cloud Migration in the Contact Center
Regardless of the buzz you hear about the cloud (ie. whether it's gaining speed or is just noise), the contact center industry is certainly sporting some solid benefits from cloud migration. Seeing how the call center can sometimes be an organization's biggest resource-drainer, the financial benefits of cloud-based strategies certainly are enough to perk some ears. The question on many call center managers' minds lately has been: Is 2013 the year to make the move, and is this strategy right for all contact center environments?

NICE Looking to Nip Call Center Security Issues in the Bud
Call center security breaches are a silent but deadly form of fraud, and it's unfortunately still on the rise. While many usually think of such places as banks to be prime targets for information theft, unbeknownst to many, call centers are now being singled out. Whether it's a high profile case such as the one highlighted by reporter Mat Honan or everyday citizens just like you - these incidents happen far more than we'd like to think.

Call Center Keeps Costs Low and Spirits High with Disabled Home Agents
Let's face it, call centers can sometimes find difficulty in reeling in high-quality employees. This is because for many, the work is repetitive, tiresome and simply a stop-gap measure until a better job comes along. This is particularly important in outbound call center work, which tends to be even more high pressure and requires more soft skills than inbound work. While many call centers find they can keep turnover down by hiring older, more fixed workers, many more are discovering that by using home agents, they can keep turnover even lower, therefore, translating the call center into a virtual environment is rapidly gaining prominence in the space.

Fact or Fiction: 8x8 Breaks Down the Call Center and the Cloud
Has your call center embraced the cloud? You probably already know the advantages from constantly seeing or reading about them in the trade press. These can include little to no upfront capital; lower maintenance costs; the ability to build a virtual and distributed contact center environment; the ability to use home agents; and no need for large, heavily air-conditioned IT rooms staffed full of personnel with esoteric skills. But while information about the benefits abound, myths about the drawbacks of cloud-based contact center solutions also proliferate.

Building a Successful Call Center Strategy for 2013
The call center may not always be the most innovative aspect of a company; however, as with every celebrated New Year, there are opportunities to help change that in 2013. First and foremost, the New Year serves as a wonderful opportunity to embrace a fresh perception of customer service as a whole, migrating from the standard, boring call center to the idea of being one that is key to winning over customers - one that is not a cost, but rather a revenue multiplier.

New Year's Resolutions for Better Customer Care
Establishing a healthy relationship between the caller and the "call-ee" can sometimes be difficult, oftentimes complicated but always rewarding. For call center managers, it can be very beneficial to add a list of work-related resolutions as well as personal ones to promote self-growth as well as a successful business.

8x8 'Hiding in Plain Sight' - From Dark Horse to Knight in Shining Armor
You could say that Voice over IP provider 8x8 is a "dark horse" of sorts, but while the classic definition calls for a dark horse to go from being little-known to something of great prominence, 8x8 is already well-known in the industry - and is only becoming more prominent. People either already know the company and its escalating success or are quickly starting to get the picture.

How to Know More About Your Customers Before You Even Pick Up the Phone
You heard right - you can actually get to know more about your customers before you even pick up the phone. Throughout history, the single, unwavering factor in the call center equation has been finding ways to gain increased customer insight for satisfaction. Imagine if you could perform a safe and efficient search of your customer on Facebook or LinkedIn before hopping on the phone with them…that could prove quite nifty, huh?

Looking Back on 8x8's Road to Success in 2012 and Celebrating Post-New Year
The holidays seem like a time when the world takes a moment to slow down, unwind and completely relax, soaking in a healthy combination of no work and catching up with dear loved ones and friends. 8x8 is similarly taking a moment to pause and reflect on the past year, which spells one word: Success.

Call Center Solutions Provider Gets Comfortable in Leaders Quadrant
In the call center space, there are a wide range of companies competing for dominance. Some offer solutions that are unique, while others try to capitalize on service. Still, others focus on garnering a nod from a third party focused on assessing the industry without bias. For reigning call center solutions provider 8x8, it is a recent assessment by Gartner that has them ready to celebrate.

Teleperformance Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Value-Added Services in EMEA
Teleperformance, a provider of outsourced CRM and contact center services, has been making waves with its combination of well knit on-shore (including home agent), off-shore, near-shore and automated solutions across over two dozen countries throughout EMEA, with an unswerving focus on high quality customer care services.

8x8's Tumultuous UC Relationship with Utah Doesn't Stop It from Putting the Customer First
8x8 is trying to reach out to Utah, but it's encountering a problem. The public service commission feels that unified communications (UC) should be regulated the same as landlines, which ultimately limits the flexibility of UC altogether.

Don't Get Caught in the Boring Call Center Web
Today's enhanced call centers can make many call center managers feel intimidated or overwhelmed with theirs, which may not boast the features, functionalities and operations as those that have capitalized on today's technological advantages. So what's the secret ingredient to fully optimizing your "so-so" contact center? The solution is not right under your nose, but directly above you.

The Importance of the Voice Greeting in the Call Center, Plus a Fun Holiday Game
The voice greeting - when it isn't conducted by the live agent, it still needs to be perfect, as it sets the tone for the interaction between your automated system and the customer. To achieve the desired level of professionalism, both call centers and virtual call centers need to take the time to think about what needs to be accomplished with this integral aspect of their operations.

What's Your Call Center Plan for the Holidays this Year?
If you're like many call center managers, the holiday season is undoubtedly important to you. For many businesses, the holidays represent a majority of their sales, and during this time is when repeat customers are either won or lost. Unfortunately, it's also a high volume, high stress time of year. Essentially, right at the time you need to be on your best performance, your challenges are the greatest.

Telcodepot.Com Spreading Holiday Cheer by Offering a Special Discount for Call Centers
Online VoIP phone systems supplier,, recently launched a special discount offer targeted towards the call center industry. With the launch of this special offer, call centers now have the opportunity to buy their VoIP and other communication equipment at a discounted price to achieve significant savings just in time for the busy holiday season.

Social Media and Call Center Communications Go Together like Peanut Butter and Jelly
It's no secret that the popularity of sites such as You Tube, Facebook and Twitter has exploded in recent years, so much so that for some of us, they encompass a good chunk of our communication. Social media is no longer just for play, and while it can be fun for some to "poke" and "like" and Facebook chat, social media has inevitably also become a preferred method of business communications. Now, enhancing the satisfaction of customers who reach out to your call center may be as simple as incorporating these very important channels into your marketing mix.

Virtual Call Center Software Provider Promero Intros Free CTI Connector for Salesforce CRM Users
Promero, an Oracle Gold Partner for Siebel CRM Contact Center Anywhere and Salesforce AppExchange Partner, is now offering its proprietary CTI connector solution free of charge to Salesforce CRM users.

The Call Center Corporation Unveils Some Major 'Game Changers'
The Call Center Corporation will soon be launching a mailer titled, "Call Center Game Changers" that will be sent out every day. This mailer ultimately aims to provide information related to the latest call center matters while also improving association among organizations in the call center industry.

Why Moving to the Cloud is Ideal for Your Contact Center
The cloud is that intangible technology that has its purpose pretty much everywhere you go, from social to business and even mobile. The benefits of the ethereal cloud, however, are quite tangible and very real, and when it comes to the contact center, the benefits equal plenty.

Gartner Honors 8x8 as a Market 'Leader' in Magic Quadrant for UCaaS in North America
Gartner Inc., an esteemed information technology research and advisory firm, has recognized 8x8 as a "Leader" in its recent report, 2012 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in North America.

Call Center Provider 8x8 Honored with 2012 Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award for VoIP Services
Call center solutions providers need to focus on developing options for customers that enable quality interactions, real-time reporting and performance improvements, which thus allows the call center to benefit from an increased customer-base, improved quality of service and even higher revenue streams - all without much having to pay much attention to the underlying technology that enables these improvements.

Customers Aren't the Only Ones to Benefit from an Effective Contact Center
Obviously, call centers exist to serve the needs of the customers who call them. What many contact center managers forget to remember, however, is that an effectively operating contact center doesn't just help those who call them, but it also provides a slew of distinct benefits for the company itself.

Did Cloud Computing in Obama's Call Centers Help Win the Election?
With the presidential race decided and the campaign messages temporarily put to rest, let's take a look at some of the technology that was used by the Obama team to ensure him another four years in office. One tool used by campaigns for years is the call center, but now, as cloud computing continues to gain momentum, the virtual call center is playing an even bigger role.

Keeping An Eye on VoIP Call Quality in the Contact Center
While many call centers strive to achieve quality - quality of the customer service provided, training of the agent, first-call resolution and warm transfers - not as many call centers worry about the most basic measure of quality: the clarity of the call.

Hurricane Sandy was No Match for 8x8's Dual Coast Data Centers
If there has been any one thing stressed after Hurricane Sandy swept through the East Coast, it's the vital importance of a secure and dependable disaster recovery (DR) plan. Many traditional landline phones went down in affected areas, leaving businesses with the stark afterthought of how important it is to take action and invest in cloud-based communication services - specifically, those offered by industry leader 8x8, Inc.

8x8 Demonstrates a Noticeable Shift in the Market
Communications is one of the most vital tools for a company to drive revenue, yet it can still be one of the most expensive. This is especially true for the call center in operation today. In light of this, one call center and virtual call center solution company has found a way, it believes, for businesses to cut their communication expenses in half.

2012 Holiday Contact Center Tech and Trends: The Gifts That Keep on Giving
While people everywhere begin drafting their holiday gift lists, contact center managers too seem to have a few things in mind to better improve their call and contact centers. While some contact center trends are outdated, there are others that some are eagerly waiting to see in the near future. I was able to recently speak with David Baker, VP of Servion, who detailed some contact center trends and technology to both look out for and nix.

8x8 Assigned Two New Patents for Communication Technology Innovations
With technological advancements defining new waves of innovation in the information and communications technology (ICT) sphere, patents have been playing an increasingly important role in the economic performance of the companies. In light of this, renowned hosted IP telephony provider, 8x8, has always sought to protect its innovations and intellectual assets through the securing of patents.

Last Year was 'Snowtober' This Year it's Hurricane Sandy: Strengthen Your Call Center's DR Plan Now
Hurricane Sandy is far from slowing down to wrap up this year's hurricane season with a bang, and behind that, winter isn't very far away. While to most people, it means putting away the summer clothes, putting in the storm windows and raking the yard, to call centers, it means something very different. While most call centers are generally equipped to deal with minor problems - glitches in equipment, absences on the part of some employees, high call volume - the effects of weather on call centers can be devastating. A closed call center due to circumstances such as power outages, flooding, building damage or employees unable to get to work can devastate a business.

The Biggest Contact Center Problems and Trends, and How it Can Affect You
Even in a shaky economy, the contact center industry is proving growth in many areas, particularly job opportunities. Recent market intelligence dictates that job opportunities will double over the coming years, particularly in the Philippines. According to Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), the biggest problems that the call center industry will see overall include employee retention and slim pickings when it comes to employee selection.


A simple Way to Deploy a Customer Contact Center

Microsoft® Lync® in the Contact Center: Integrating with Customer Interaction Center™ to Provide a Barrier free Customer Experience


Technology: 5 Evaluation Criteria

Cloud-Based Contact Center
Technology: 5 Evaluation Criteria

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