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The Shipyard and Five9 to Host Webinar, Discuss Cloud Contact Center

August 01, 2014

By Casey Houser,
Contributing Writer

Cloud contact center provider Five9 (News - Alert) announced this week that it will host a live webinar this coming Thursday about how The Shipyard runs its multi-channel contact center.

Titled Driving Demand with a Cloud Contact Center: A Success Story, the hour-long webcast will take place August 7 at 1 p.m. EDT, and both Mayur Anadkat (News - Alert), director of product and solutions marketing at Five9, and Ilya Bodner, chief revenue officer at The Shipyard, will host the event.

The Shipyard provides services for customer acquisition and marketing that help its business clients create demand for their products while harnessing and nurturing their customer leads. The company uses its contact center to provide the backbone for sales and support campaigns, and it will describe, in the webinar, how it used Five9 cloud-based contact center solutions to improve its overall track record with respect to its reliability and customer interactions.

The Shipyard made headlines this June when it discussed the results of a case study that concerned the positive results it had following its implementation of Five9 cloud-based contact center software. Company executives determined that the switch to the Five9 software was necessary because of the manner in which The Shipyard was created -- out of the merger of two prominent brands.

The merger provided The Shipyard with a lot of expertise, but it also forced onto it an outdated phone server that was reportedly prone to crashes. Those crashes caused bottlenecks within company operations, and it was not long before managers were calling for a new system.

Five9's solution allowed The Shipyard to easily launch sales campaigns and route calls from a cloud-based user interface. Sales and marketing employees within the company use the software on a daily basis, and the software has proven itself capable of handling spikes in call demand as instantly as The Shipyard employees receive or initiate them.

Interested parties can register for the webinar through TMC (News - Alert)'s site at this link.