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Qmatic Helps Basildon Borough Council Decrease Customer Service Costs

December 04, 2013

By Anshu Shrivastava,
TMCnet Contributor

Basildon Borough Council has revealed that its Customer Experience Program of Change, which is supported by Qmatic, has saved the council £600,000 ($984,900) in its first year.

Qmatic software was leveraged to successfully enable the deploymentof the Customer Experience Program of Change. Company officials also provided their input on the physical design of the service center.

In addition, Qmatic’s software provides real-time information on waiting lines, which enables the Council to filter customer queries. Officials noted that as a result of such information, there are now smaller queues at the door. Waiting time has decreased for general enquiries, as well.

Tom Walker, business relationship manager for customer services at Basildon Borough Council, explained that Qmatic helped the council to determine how to make the guided self-service theory a practical reality with its enabling technologies.

“The systems create the right impression for an organisation focused on harnessing technology across the business and creating opportunity for the people of Basildon,” he said.

One of the key aims of the Customer Experience Program of Change is to provide customers a better experience at a reduced cost. To achieve this aim, the program has established a centralized customer service operation.

The program’s face-to-face service center comes with new benefits. It has been redesigned to provide the advantage of assisted self-service, which changes the focus from ‘doing for’ or managing.

Many organizations are harnessing the option of self-service to improve customer experience and, at the same time, slash down customer service costs. With the option of self-service, customers can choose the services that they need without waiting in long call-center queues. 

Council’s officials noted that Qmatic technologies have helped them make the face-to-face changes. Now, customers can pick specific services that they need, independently on two touch-screens, which incorporate partner providers such as the Department for Work and Pensions.

“As a consequence of the partnership with Qmatic we’ve been able to report an increase in our customer satisfaction by 2 percent,” said Lee Washbrook, manager of customer services at Basildon Borough Council.

Meanwhile, Qmatic pointed out that its data shows a peak in visitor numbers to Basildon Council, which is using the provided information to communicate proactively with the customers who are visiting the service center during busy hours.

“Working closely with the council, we have been able to change customers’ experience – people are attracted to the new system and think that it looks smart. Overall it has been viewed as a positive change, rather than change or even a service loss,” said Steve Williams, managing director at Qmatic UK.

Edited by Blaise McNamee