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Avoiding Thunder Storms With Five9

May 31, 2013

By Michelle Amodio,
TMCnet Contributor

When it comes to the contact center, storms are sometimes unavoidable. Dealing with customers comes with a unique set of challenges that contact center managers need to address, however, the inevitable storm shouldn’t be within the contact center solution itself.

Positec Tool Corp. was one such company that found itself on a bad cloud. For a customer to call into Positec, it’s already an unhappy situation. Customers are calling because their product isn’t working right, and they are in need of replacements or information on how to correct and protect their purchases. To add insult to injury, the customers were faced with long wait times and satisfaction was on a slippery slope of doom. What Positec needed was a cloud vendor that could help, not hinder its customer service endeavors. The company was on a search for a solution that was reliable, scalable and flexible.

Vice president of direct response at Positec Tool Corp. Rhonda Tate gave testimony to the company’s needs at the Gartner (News - Alert) Customer 360 Summit, and that the company’s experience with cloud software initially only turned up thunderstorms. That is why and how Positec came into Five9’s (News - Alert) cloud, to get out of the rain and deal with their contact center challenges without all of the stormy weather.

Desperate for change, Positec implemented Five9’s cloud contact center solution and, as it had hoped, cut hold time in half and increased first call resolution by 5 percent, all while making agents happy.

Tate said to the audience that, upon first use, she thought something was wrong with the system. It didn’t go down. The phones stayed connected. What is normally a positive and business-as-usual experience was hardly that for Positec; its previous solution was so unreliable it only seemed natural for something to go wrong. But that’s why Five9 was such a perfect fit for the tool company – not a single thing was breaking. In fact, it all worked quite well, which led to an overall positive change for its business.

What made it easy for Positec was there was no software or hardware to install. Everything from infrastructure to maintenance was all handled by Five9. Redundancy and uptime were no longer concerns for Positec and as far as upgrades, they were already automatic.

It was because of Five9’s solution that Positec was able to stay connected, both literally and figuratively, to its customers. This led to immediate success and improvement for its contact center and customer service endeavors.

Edited by Blaise McNamee