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A Sit Down with CQ Simple CEO Jess Atwell

August 08, 2017

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

SMB communications are in the midst of a remodel. IT is tasked with more today than ever before, and with digital transformation taking hold, a gap remains where firms are not receiving the appropriate services. The current climate has resulted in a cleavage between IT and the company as a whole, requiring a resolution which breaks down organizational silos and sets a firm up to worry about the bottom line – not communications or the network.

CQ Simple is a firm addressing this gap and turning heads along the way. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with CQ Simple CEO Jess Atwell, where we discussed this issue and then some. Find our conversation below.

TMC: For those not familiar, can you offer a brief introduction of CQ Simple?

Jess Atwell: CQ Simple is a company that delivers a total solution – a “One Stop Shop” – that provides a complete solution for our clients.  CQ Simple makes communication simple, coupled with a host of leading edge IT technologies.  The best of breed technologies have been integrated in a manner no one else has, to create Simple CommunicationTM.  Not only are telecommunication solutions provided, but there are also robust solutions for security, system monitoring and vertical applications, including a managed service offering.

Client Care is a basic rule for CQ Simple. Taking care of our clients 24/7/365 is our strength.  It is the chief component of why our resellers and users have selected CQ Simple; we are unique.  We will make technology easier, simpler, and better through innovative solutions that combine the best technologies in unique and effective ways to meet our clients’ needs.

TMC: What does providing “unique communication solutions” mean to you? And, how does the Nimbus product suite fit into that mindset?

JA: We define “unique communication solutions” as providing the best solution based on the requirements and needs of the customer. For CQ Simple, it is elementary. Listen to the customer, assess needs, and understand their priorities and organization objectives. Based on analysis, install a reliable, easy to deploy and cost-effective solution.  The combination of platform and the cloud allows the customer to implement elements or a full system in the configuration that meets customer requirements.

•System and Services may be acquired by outright purchase or on a subscription basis justified through savings (No Capex)
•Businesses can deploy needed information technology by relying on our expertise to manage the smooth operation
•Significantly reduces administration, engineering and support costs
•Increase return on investment and lower total cost of ownership
•Delivers Simple solutions economically based on open architecture, standards based, interoperability and best of breed technology

TMC: What is your target market? And, what are your key differentiators in the space?

JA: The business market is large and diverse but is underserved by telecom and IT managed services providers.  Telecom equipment vendors have designed voice and data products and represents a separate silo from IT in most organizations. We provide a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap. Our targeted customer is organization between 10 and 500 employees. Optimally, they will have multiple sites or a fair share of remote workers. 

End users normally use a traditional based phone system or outdated hybrid system and a disparate array of IT solutions.  End users have multiple vendors supplying phone systems, network connections, local and long-distance bundles, network and desktop security.  In most cases, they spend much more than they need to on monthly communications services and IT products.

These organizations realize they need to upgrade legacy phone systems but are faced with limited capex budgets and other business priorities. They realize, to remain competitive in the global economy, they need to have the telephony functionality and essential   IT security and network applications.  The versatility of the Nimbus Elements platform allows us to design and deploy   a solution based on the end user requirements and budget constraints. Simply, no hidden costs, no costly licensing fees combined with a lifetime warranty provide security and peace of mind.

TMC: Can you discuss your greatest hurdles to market penetration, and how CQ Simple can overcome them?  

JA: Now, we define the greatest hurdles as our greatest opportunities. We are confident we will define a new category that will allow us to dramatically increase penetration of the small medium business market.  A converged VOIP, IT Services, Security bundle delivered as a managed service offering.

This is what is happening in the market. Certain legacy companies have met their demise thus affording CQ Simple the opening the avenue to attract established resellers with extensive customer bases. Additionally, these resellers have substantial sales pipelines that can be replaced easily with Nimbus Elements platform. It presents a tremendous opportunity for CQ Simple with an expanding market with less competition. Additionally, the VOIP market and Managed Services is projected to double over the next five years. Execution of our plan success will be ensured.

TMC: What’s in store for the remainder of 2017? Maybe offer a preview of what 2018 will bring?

JA: Our reseller channel is trained and productive with national coverage.  By the end of the year we will have over 100 hundred resellers. We are expanding our technical group to provide the best support possible for our resellers and their customers. We will be deploying our solution across markets while expanding our managed service offering and disrupting the market with it. In 2018, introducing ground breaking apps while leveraging the cloud for additional services.  Standby, breaking news to follow.

TMC: When CQ Simple comes to mind, what do you want the first thought that runs through my head to be?

JA: A disruptive solution that permits the SMB the opportunity to acquire integrated communication and essential IT services that previously only large enterprises could afford. Since SMBs in many cases connect digitally with large enterprises to conduct business, they must fortify their cybersecurity. Large Enterprises are susceptible to cyber intrusions through SMBs that lack the protection.  It will allow the SMBs to reduce liability, loss of business and enable a competitive advantage. 


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