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SignUpGenius Opts for Convenience with Business VoIP Solution

June 08, 2017

By Alicia Young, Web Editor

It’s no secret that business VoIP is all about convenience. From IP PBXs to IP phones to VoIP gateways, these solutions are capable of transforming the business operations of any company, both large and small. There are a number of benefits to choosing VoIP, including lower calling costs, greater manageability, enhanced mobility, the ability to integrate with other software, and advanced calling features such as a display screen showing a name directory, call records, and other information; multiple folders for organizing voicemails; and so on.

VoIP offers a variety of features and benefits that may vary depending on what a company is looking for. What all these features have in common, though, is convenience. SignUpGenius, an online sign up site for event and volunteer management, is in the business of convenience. More specifically, the company simplifies the process of coordinating events and people by providing online signups for not-for-profits, schools, sports, churches, families, colleges, businesses and organizations. The online signup option the company provides effectively eliminates other planning methods such as paper signups, “reply-all” emails and phone trees. 

 With convenience at the heart of SignUpGenius, it’s easy to see why VoIP appealed to the company. So it came as no surprise when SignUpGenius recently announced that it has chosen Loop Communications to revamp its business phone system. Charlotte-based Loop Communications provides business VoIP phone systems and service to small- and medium-sized businesses. The company’s mission is to simplify phone solutions, reduce costs and provide exceptional customer service.

Needless to say, Loop Communications was a natural fit for SignUpGenius. Both companies are in the business of making life easier, whether through planning methods or phone solutions. Now, thanks to Loop Communications, SignUpGenius will be able to practice what it preaches by getting rid of its old phone systems and replacing it with a more effective business VoIP solution. 

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