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Agile CRM Integrates VoIP

May 05, 2017

By Andrew Bindelglass, Contributing Writer

Agile, a provider of Customer Relations Management solutions, has partnered with RingCentral to integrate VoIP offerings into its platform. This will allow businesses that employ Agile’s solutions to make and receive calls and manage a voicemail inbox all over the Internet. These networks can be easily scaled and altered, without requiring a whole influx of new infrastructure. This makes them incredibly attractive for new and growing businesses that do not always have the capital readily available to scale their communications networks using legacy equipment.

Beyond the standard phone functions (inbound and outbound calls, voicemail, caller ID), the new offering from Agile and Ring Central will also allow for call recording, annotation, and transcription, all within the app itself. Unknown numbers will also be automatically added into the businesses’ phone books, greatly reducing the chance that new leads are lost due to transcription errors or simple oversight. This is incredibly valuable for any business that is customer facing, as analyzing interactions with customers is incredibly important when businesses seek to improve their sales and customer service.

“We have been using Agile CRM for automating our lead generation and email follow-ups,” said customer Brett Kowal, Marketing Director at Caldwell Equipment. “With Agile CRM integration for RingCentral, we are looking forward to automating communication workflows, such as making, receiving, following up and logging calls, within Agile CRM.”

The partnership with RingCentral by Agile is part of the company’s goal to become a one stop shop for all things related to customer relations management. Obviously, the added functionality makes its solution more attractive to businesses, a fact that is coupled with the convenience of being able to accomplish all the things it wants to do within a single app. Not having to transfer data from one app to another reduces errors from transposing and issues with compatibility. By adding VoIP services into a platform that is already very effective in customer relations management, Agile has positioned itself incredibly well amongst its market.

Edited by Alicia Young

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