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TieTechnology Unveils New Business VoIP Features

February 21, 2017

By Alicia Young, Web Editor

With business VoIP becoming increasingly important, providers are constantly trying to come up with new ways to improve their offerings. Differences in features and capabilities, no matter how small, can be the deciding factor when it comes to a customer choosing one company over another. Just ask TieTechnology. The company has been picking up steam lately, and has just rolled out new services to further set itself apart from the competition.

The reason business VoIP has become so popular is because it delivers several features at a low cost, making it the perfect fit for a variety of businesses of all sizes. TieTechnology is expanding on business VoIP’s already great reputation by adding even more features to its offering, including advanced communications management and lower costs, as well as the ability to communicate from multiple devices, work remotely and relocate operations.

With these new features for mobile apps and business phones, companies are capable of much more than ever before. Business Internet calling can be done from landline phones, desktop computers, tablets or smartphones easily and with high quality now thanks to TieTechnology’s new business VoIP capabilities. The ability to communicate from any device also means that employees can work from anywhere an Internet connection is available, since they are no longer tied to their deskphones. With these possibilities, businesses as a whole can become better at mobile collaboration, which ultimately means a better customer experience.

The ability to relocate operations gives businesses the option to relocate their VoIP services easily in case of a move, for instance. And the advanced communications management options include features such as call routing, call forwarding, call waiting, call recording, video conferencing, and voice conferencing. The new business VoIP feature also gives businesses the option to setup and use voicemail to email and fax email. Additionally, employees can manage texts, faxes, email, and instant messaging from a single interface. 

Overall, other companies should look at TieTechnology’s constant innovation as an example of how to stay one step ahead. Offering new features may seem like a simple idea, but it’s one that’s guaranteed to bring customers in the door. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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