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Toshiba Launches New Business VoIP Promotion

January 11, 2017

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

While Toshiba is already well-known in the field for its line of consumer electronics—I've owned one of its televisions for the last several years and it's still going strong—it's perhaps somewhat less known in the field of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking and business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). The company's out to change that, however, and is thus drawing attention to its voice services lineup with a new promotion that will bring a hefty savings to both new and old customers alike.

For those who either have or plan to get the IP edge or Strata CIX business VoIP solutions, Toshiba's new SIP Trunking I-VoIP service will provide a powerful new single-vendor solution for both voice hardware and software. The deal is slated to run through March 29, and those who get in will get access to both free SIP licenses with purchased SIP trunks as well as new bundles offering unlimited local and long distance calling, complete with free channels.

A worthwhile offer on its own, but the benefits that come with Toshiba's service are worth notice. Users get line number porting without extra cost, and get an immediate turn up for customers that don't need ported numbers. Those customers with several locations using the service get centralized billing, and support comes with the package. It uses bandwidth that's already in place, meaning there's no need for separate voice and data channels, and both overflow calls and call failover are handled automatically to ensure the best service.

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.'s director of sales for the telecommunication division David Ansehl commented “Customers are making the move from traditional analog and PRI voice connectivity to VoIP trunking or hosted services. Toshiba is one of the few vendors in the unique position of being both a next-generation service provider of SIP trunking and hosted telephony as well as a communication software developer and equipment manufacturer.”

The good news here for business VoIP users is that this is a promotion geared to both new and current users. Many times, promotions are targeted toward bringing in new users, leaving the current users with the less-than-palatable choice of “continue to pay current prices” or “leave.” With this, Toshiba is running the ideal mix for marketing promotions: build the new market and reinforce the old market.  That improves the chances of current customers not feeling slighted and leaving, while new customers have reason to step in.

A good mix of promotion, this deal for everybody both keeps the old customers happy and gives the new customer reason to jump in. Toshiba's hit on a solid stroke of business VoIP promotion, one that should pay serious dividends to the bottom line.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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