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Aishuo VoIP App Surpasses 43 Million Downloads

November 02, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

One Horizon Group, a developer of mobile calling apps for subscribers in China, recently announced the extent to which its Aishuo voice-over-IP app has gained attention since its launch in February 2015.

Since that date, its has reached past 43 million downloads, and revenue for One Horizon continues to grow as the number of downloads multiplies. Aishuo is built on the premise that it consumes much less data than its competitors. Therefore, it has become an alternative for consumers who want to make calls to other mobiles or land lines at a fraction of what they might pay in traditional data rates.

Brian Collins, the CEO of One Horizon, commented in this latest announcement about the state of VoIP in China.

“While we remain aware of the size and commercial power of other VoIP services inside China vying for the same user we firmly believe the consumer is stuck using inferior VoIP technologies,” Collins said. “Therefore, we continue to invest in marketing to raise awareness of our solution in China and remain resolutely committed to improving Aishuo’s core VoIP technology.”

He continued by noting that One Horizon has also completed its latest effort to connect Hong Kong with the Chinese mainland, which he admitted has been difficult for all VoIP providers. It is now possible to use Aishuo for calls between the two land masses as it always has been between various parts of the main country.

Collins’ company has seen its fair share of commitment from competitors as of late. Tencent, a popular messaging application developer in China, has partnered with Avaya and jumped into augmented reality to keep its upper hand of 800 million users going strong. Meanwhile, WeChat has partnered with Givex to create a loyalty program for customers, a strong method of retaining customer loyalty.

One Horizon’s mission appears reside in simplicity and basic functionality. It encourages users to switch so they can save data, and now it can boast its connection from Hong Kong to the mainland. Collins believes in the superiority of his own brand. The 43 million downloads, too, shows that many customers stand alongside him.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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