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Voipfuture Gains Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

September 13, 2016

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer

Information technology market research and analysis firm Frost & Sullivan offers its yearly Best Practices awards to those companies the firm feels have created products or services that will transform the way industries operate.

This year, for its “Global Voice Quality Monitoring Customer Value Leadership” award, Frost & Sullivan has chosen Voipfuture for its development of the Qrystal VoIP network monitoring application. Qrystal monitors various aspects of a user’s network to detect any areas which may be hindering performance and leading to dropped calls and voice jitter, among similar issues.

Olga Yashkova, a program manager at Frost & Sullivan, commented on how Voipfuture’s use of a holistic method of network analysis impressed those in charge of granting this award.

“Capitalizing on its ability to monitor and analyze media quality over IP networks, Voipfuture evaluates the overall network performance as well as the quality of voice over IP (VoIP) services,” Yashkova said. “At the same time, Frost & Sullivan appreciates how Voipfuture conducts media quality analysis on IP networks to identify network performance issues and address them holistically – compared to the traditional issue-by-issue, crisis-by-crisis approach.”

This method of analyzing the network as a whole can have the benefit of showing clients the direct connections between issues, such as poor call quality, and network trouble spots, such as bottlenecks in the system. When clients can see the link between network conditions and poor results, they will be more empowered to take action because they know exactly how to tackle the issues at hand.

Of course, Jan Bastian, the Voipfuture CEO, was excited to have received the award. Bastian commented that this award confirms the work it has completed on existing products and reaffirms its future commitments. At present, Qrystal can analyze a range of network types – NGN, IMS, LTE – so Voipfuture’s future should look to improve its analysis of such networks even further. When Bastian and crew look outside that box, they should now have a better feeling about their ambitions which have done well for them so far.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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