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Not Only Do Businesses Need VoIP - the Government Does Too

February 04, 2013

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

VoIP, the small acronym that stands for robust voice over Internet protocol platforms, is needed by businesses throughout every vertical as a way to slash costs, ramp up the quality of overall communications and gain access to functionalities such as instant messaging, intelligent presence, call forwarding and auto attendant.

But did you know that government organizations are also turning to VoIP-based infrastructures for those very same reasons?

If you didn’t, don’t feel bad, as one of the most important parts of living is learning something new every day. Recently, Dynalink Communications received a contract that enables it to power various voice, data, hosted and VoIP services directly to the federal government.

Government officials can now access this suite through GSA Advantage, the government's electronic ordering system.

"We're very excited to have this contract in place, as it will allow government customers to procure our services more easily and with little hesitation. We're confident that this schedule will broaden our federal market," said Larry Fishelson, COO at Dynalink, in a statement.

According to officials, the General Services Administration (GSA) selected the business VoIP provider after closely looking at the functions it can provide, how it has helped other firms and customer’s opinions about its overall level of service.

At this time, there are many VoIP specialists out there. So how does your firm choose the right one that will help you to meet your individual needs? There are many criteria on which to base your individual selection, such as price, quality, functionality, customer service and ranking throughout the market.

“When choosing between VoIP providers take into consideration the areas that are most important to you. Visit the website to view the services and prices available. You should be able to find basic monthly Internet phone service with plenty of standard features for under $20 per month. You'll even save money on installation since there is no installation is necessary,” according to

Arizona-based Nextiva stands way ahead of competition and only a few weeks back, a website that highlights various VoIP providers and their innovative portfolios all across the globe, revealed that Nextiva has outranked others in the industry.

 One of the major factors leading Nextiva to take the top position was its flexible pricing, starting at only $19.95 and topping out at a still cost-effective $34.95 per month per line. In addition, as of late there were several enhancements made to Nextiva Anywhere and NextOS, the company’s call center communications platform.

NextOS powers unified communications that in essence enable you to complete business critical operations from anywhere and at any time.

“The technology platform is a global, state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure that supports 16 of the largest 25 global telecom companies and delivers the most flexible feature set any business could need - from small firms to large call center environments,” company officials added.

Edited by Braden Becker

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