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Optimize Your Business VoIP Experience by Following These Steps

January 09, 2013

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

Voice over Internet Protocol, or more commonly known as VoIP, can completely restructure a business’ communication infrastructure, ultimately helping reduce costs, increase efficiency and further enhance the overall customer experience. However, just leveraging this next generation system isn’t enough these days. Instead, you actually need to be aware of the steps you should take to see the most advantages in the shortest period of time.

When first looking at which business VoIP suite will meet your individual needs, teaming with an ideal VoIP provider is key to the ongoing success of their organization. According to Alex Desberg, sales and marketing director at, sometimes these telecommunications providers will even let you try out their system for a trial basis before you make your final decision. “If your provider is unwilling to let you kick the tires without a long-term contract you might want to look at finding a new provider,” Desberg added.

After either trying out various solutions or just deciding to go with the best one to meet your specific needs from the very beginning, it is important that you guarantee the platform is and remains as easy to use as possible. It needs to enable an entire employee base to help customers right away; if they can’t fully comprehend how its vast capabilities work, it really is not a valuable tool at all.

“Any complication, ranging from difficulty dialing the number to being unable to speak to the person they are seeking, adversely impacts a customer’s experience. Whether it is a retail customer, a professional services company or a manufacturer, the idea is there should be one-call closure. Hosted phone systems have the ability to deliver the customer to directly what they need, if engineered properly,” he added.

Outdated “traditional” phone systems used to require large corporations to form relationships with various providers who specialized in specific areas such as voice, Internet and phone, but with VoIP in place, this is a thing of the past. This is possible because all of these technologies can now be powered by a single platform.

It has become increasingly vital that this network remains extremely reliable no matter the circumstance, in addition to offering a high level of scalability to allow employees to be added or deleted with ease. Thus, a flexible infrastructure powered by a business VoIP provider is a necessity these days to staying alive in a respective market.

There are currently many business VoIP providers, and in 2013, surely more will enter the expanding space. One company that stands apart from the rest is Arizona-based Nextiva. Not only does the firm power bundled packages that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can utilize, but its technology helps employees ramp up productivity no matter where they are physically located. It also offers amazing service that helps smaller sized organizations to focus on what is most important—their business and leave the rest in the hands of Nextiva.

“As a business VoIP provider dedicated to the small business market, we understand that you face cost pressures, resource challenges and tight deadlines on a daily basis. Our goal is to remove those challenges that are connected to any of your communication needs. As you grow, our phone services, call center solutions and PBX systems scale to support your business. And, we go a long way to help you cut costs too. Our services have no capital expenses and minimal operational costs. Once you have a Nextiva communication plan in place, you gain the peace of mind about your business and can confidently serve your customers with Amazing Service,” company officials concluded.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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