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The Right Tool for the Right Job: Dress Code & Business VoIP

November 19, 2012

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

In business, there are few things that are universally clear, but one thing most can agree on is the downright axiomatic stance that the right tool needs to be used for the right job. Whether that tool is clothes or business VoIP, the key point is that the ideal tool will make the job a lot easier and come out a lot better in the end.

A recent survey from revealed that fully 41 percent of employers were more willing to promote those who dressed professionally than those who didn't. While that doesn't necessarily mean that showing up every day in a suit and tie is a guarantee for promotion even for the incompetent, it does suggest that the right attire does make up for at least some lack of competence, while competence only goes so far without the right package to back it up.

Further, it's noted that it's not just the right clothes that do the job, but the right clothes at the right time in the right way. Polished shoes, pressed shirts, and clothes that look similar to what the boss is wearing go a long way, and when it comes to making mistakes in clothes, mistakes are best made on the side of caution. Few complain about the overdressed, but those on the other side of the equation are generally considered as lesser.

However, no one can deny that results count for every bit as much as appearance, and likely more so. That's why having tools like the Nextiva Office Plan lineup will go a long way toward making the results happen that make every office run efficiently regardless of the dress code. Nextiva offers two simple plans, the Office Pro for $19.95 a month and the Office Enterprise for $34.95 a month. The Office Enterprise is the full-featured version, offering several features that the Office Pro does not, including custom ringbacks, multiple call arrangement, outbound call control and several others. But the Office Pro isn’t exactly lacking in capabilities either, with a push to talk setup, music on hold system, call forwarding, hunt groups and several other important features that will help businesses of all sizes get to the level of success they crave.

It's all about having the right tool for the right job, and whether it's a sharp Brooks Brothers suit with razor sharp pleats, pressed shirts and shoes polished to an ebony mirror or a particularly potent lineup of business-grade VoIP tools, picking just the right tool for your needs will help you to see ongoing success.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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