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Business VoIP is Critical for Cost-Effective, Uninterrupted Phone Service

November 12, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Victims of Hurricane Sandy can attest to the fact that you don’t know how much you rely on something until it’s gone. Amenities like electricity and phone service are often taken for granted until the day they are no longer available. For businesses lucky enough to have only suffered minor damage, even setbacks as small as losing connectivity can deliver a heavy financial blow. 

For those companies utilizing phone systems with business VoIP, however, the effect of the catastrophe is softened. With business VoIP, calls can usually be rerouted to ensure that crucial orders aren’t missed and customers who don’t understand why their call isn’t being answered, don’t blame such issues on bad customer service. 

According to a recent Resource Nation article, three companies attest to how their phone crises could have been averted if they had only implemented a business VoIP phone system instead of being dependent on a landline.

Climatemakers, a heating and cooling company based in Virginia, endured a power outage back in 2007 that rendered its phone system utterly useless. Fortunately, the company’s Internet service was unaffected and it was able to continue processing requests for service via e-mail. HVAC specialists within the organization relied on e-mail messages to receive their tickets. 

Cell phones utilized by technicians also remained operable so they were able to follow up with customers remotely to make appointments. Such delays and interruptions to its phone service, however, could have been entirely avoided had the company implemented a phone system capable of business VoIP. 

The Burke County Department of Social Services in Morganton, NC also felt the burn when its phone system failed them. This past January after a server crashed, the county decided it was time to replace its archaic telephony system. 

The result of the server failure meant up to a thousand missed calls a day to the county’s DSS, impacting both DSS employees and residents across several counties. Since the phone system was outdated, county commissioners decided to completely revamp the system, investing $200,000 in business VoIP technology. The new phone system would provide dependable service that county government offices could count on into the future.

Like Burke County DSS, Jackson Township in New Jersey also experienced the problems caused by an obsolete phone system. The township made the upgrade to VoIP in September of this year after callers reported repeated issues trying to contact members of town hall. The move saved Jackson Township approximately $700 a month.

In addition to being able to access a range of new features not available with the previous landline setup, the new phone system has already proved itself useful with the ability to directly link to police department and other city officials.

Whether public or private, many businesses are starting to utilize VoIP phone systems to reduce their phone bills and take advantage of features like call routing for disaster recovery, capabilities which are noticeably absent with landline phones and can make the difference when the unexpected happens.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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