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TeleMate.Net Powers Business VoIP via Voice SIEM Solution

November 05, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan, Business VoIP Contributor

The growing popularity of business VoIP among enterprises has intensified the need for effective network monitoring. To help enterprises deal with network monitoring issues in the voice network, TeleMate.Net Software has enhanced its TeleMate Unified Call Management product line. 

The company’s Voice Security Information and Event Management (vSIEM) solution addresses the demand arising from voice security and compliance audits. In fact, the offering fills the visibility gap that leaves enterprises and service providers exposed to array of cyber attacks.

While many providers like Cisco, Avaya and Siemens have implemented basic security controls, they still leave business VoIP prone to threats. PBX manufacturers also complicate the mining of valuable business insight by generating large volumes of cryptic data needed to associate network activity to an individual, as well as to the source and destination of communication activity.

According to company officials, TeleMate Unified Call Management (UCM) provides centralized, real-time aggregation of all communication activity, extensive role-based visualization technologies, and trend-based notification and delivery mechanisms.

“Selective and secure, role-based access to voice network data is mission-critical to organization management for many reasons including regulatory compliance, data loss protection and identity management,” said John O’Reilly, COO and president of TeleMate.Net Software, in a statement.

“Though these topics are typically used in reference to the Internet, the ability of a single system to provide immediate actionable information to executive and operational management, as well as task-based team leaders is a ‘must have’ today,” O’Reilly added.

Additionally, vSIEM couples its flexibility for voice networks with persistent trending from the handset to the public switching interface. This gives business VoIP users a complete picture of how the network is being utilized.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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