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Business VoIP - Can You Stay Unplugged to Enjoy a Healthy Personal Life?

October 09, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Business VoIP has brought a world of productivity opportunities to businesses that were never before thought was possible. The technologies available in business VoIP brings the work to the employee, regardless of where they are. As long as they have access to a data network, they can complete time-sensitive tasks.

This Nextiva blog post highlights that while companies are seeing profits from the value of their business VoIP solutions, workers are finding that they are constantly plugged-in and never fully away from work. While Americans have always struggled with finding the balance between work and their own personal lives at home with family and friends, business VoIP solutions can make finding that downtime even more difficult for the worker who truly has a problem unplugging. 

Business VoIP and the increasing availability of mobile data and Wi-Fi hotspots has pushed around 95 percent of the working American males to report some level of conflict between their work and family/home lives. Females are nearly as high at around 90 percent. While nobody is cursing the value of business VoIP, it's obvious that Americans could use some advice on managing their ability to relax and work with some balance.

When someone mentions “downtime,” it's often associated with vacation, which can lead to stresses of its own. Downtime can be as simple as finding moments throughout the work week where the worker forces his/herself to take their eyes off of the computer/tablet/smartphone screen and focus on something else. Take in a sporting event or sit down with a friend and discuss something other than the rat race. 

Americans are addicted to work, but they are also finding that they can be addicted to working out. The endorphins that course through the bloodstream during and after a workout are integral in regulating someone’s mood. Furthermore, scheduling a regular workout time several days a week also means time away from work, something Americans need.

Most Americans will admit that there isn't enough time in the day, but that is often just an illusion caused by a mismanagement of time. Employees need to free up available time by ridding themselves of tasks that are time consuming and wasteful.

You can start the process by tracking how much time you spend on daily tasks. What most find is that they can increase productivity by culling useless tasks while increasing the downtime that leads to a healthier lifestyle. What percentage of the meetings regularly scheduled are nothing more than venting sessions for fellow employees? If it's a useless and time consuming engagement, get rid of it.

Next, start using business VoIP for the expected benefits. Leverage the mobile capabilities and enjoy the cost savings, but put a cap on the amount of personal time you spend logging in to the system. With the right balance, you’ll find that business VoIP can be used for the benefit of the business and not to the detriment of your personal time.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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