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Business VoIP Levels the Playing Field in a Competitive Market

October 01, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Organizations have always relied heavily on their communications tools to promote everyday business operations. In the past, however, some of those tools came with excessive costs. With the proliferation of business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the corporate environment, there may be more than a few businesses wondering how they ever got along without it. 

The U.S. has taken to business VoIP in a larger percentage than other nations, mainly because nearly three-quarters of the workers in the U.S. are using mobile technology, according to this Nextiva piece. Such mobility and the need for access to the corporate assets excel under business VoIP. 

Companies are watching the productivity of their mobile employees rapidly increase, and it’s only enhanced by the features delivered in business VoIP. These businesses are enjoying more revenue, less cost and improved customer service ratings

In fact, nearly 90 percent of the U.S. workforce is bringing their own devices to work, or utilizing their devices for work off-premise. More than half of these workers are accessing work applications after hours, indicating companies are getting more and more out of their workers without having to pay for the increased time.

Business VoIP gives the workforce access to better software and faster processes as well as real-time information on the fly. One needs to look no further than the video conferencing capabilities on the IP phones that utilize business VoIP technology to see how it can benefit communication and cut costs associated with business trips. Other features often used with business VoIP include visual voicemail and call forwarding, sales force automation tools, e-mail and instant messaging.

At the same time, business VoIP is reducing costs by bringing the phone calls through the Internet instead of the traditional long distance lines. Taking traditional phone communications to the Internet can bring an 85 percent reduction in costs over the traditional telephony method. The solution also ties Internet and phone into one system, which is also proven to deliver cost savings.

Small to medium-sized businesses rely on business VoIP to bring the work to their workers wherever they might be, from airport terminals to hotel rooms to the commuter train as the applications that a business uses in their daily processes can be accessed from mobile devices. The smaller businesses that often struggle with resources and costs can level the playing field by utilizing business VoIP. Without it, many of these small and medium-sized businesses didn’t have access to enterprise-level support or the mobility needed to effectively compete. 

Companies are seeing a new approach to collaboration among their employees when business VoIP is adopted. Employees operating in different locations have complete collaborative resources at their fingertips. From interactive calendaring to Web-based videoconferencing to IP telephony, all these features are perfect for allowing key interactions and to speed time-to-market for new products and services.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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