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Attention Business VoIP Providers: Watch Apple

September 18, 2012

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

As technology lovers continue to count down the days, hours and minutes until they can get their hands on the brand new iPhone, companies in virtually every industry including within the business VoIP space should pay close attention to Apple.

In a recent blog post from business VoIP provider Nextiva, the firm outlines some crucial notes any organization could save to memory that they in turn can see many advantages from.

First, ensure your products and solutions are free from complexity. Apple guarantees that its wide portfolio that includes iPads, iPhones and iPods are extremely easy to use and users can pretty much just pick them up without any technology background and begin to use them. It is important to remember that although a lot of capabilities are great; your product needs to be simple to understand to even the most novice technology user.

Next, the overall user experience is key. “ Apple is known for their integration within products. You can quickly transfer your iTunes music from your iPod to your iPad. Plug in your iPhone to your MacBook Pro and your camera pics are quickly uploaded to your iPhoto app. This cohesion is visible through all of their products and apps, which inspires users to buy the full line of Apple products. Reinforce consistency throughout your products to give users confidence in familiarity. Apple’s success proves that people are willing to pay a little extra for this convenience,” the post revealed.

Third, leverage public relations to spread the word on new releases and/or added functionality. People have long been buzzing about the upcoming iPhone 5, with rumors swirling up until the very minute the company made its official announcement. Although many businesses reveal every aspect of their product way before schedule, Apple does the exact opposite- keeping details highly confidential. So, get creative with your marketing strategy but don’t reveal all the bells and whistles right up front or people may not remain interested until the launch date.

Also, be mindful of what’s most vital—your products, not the money you could be making from them. “Steve Jobs was known for focusing on new technology and the future of Apple rather than on making money. Of course Apple wants to make profits, but their bigger goal is to make a product that people will want to use. This theory keeps them in the lead in terms of innovation and design, and, in turn, keeps money coming in the door.”

Last but definitely not least, think outside of the box to keep your competitive edge against others in the same space. It is important to represent your enterprise as something new and different, not the same old same old. And Apple does exactly that, always remaining a step ahead with its robust product set that continues to evolve over time. 

Nextiva looks at Apple as a big brother of sorts, analyzing the technology giant’s efforts and then applying it to its own innovative technology.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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