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Why Business VoIP is Gaining in Popularity

September 05, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Businesses today are not only expecting voice services as an essential part of the day-to-day business processes, they’re expecting better quality services like those that are provided through VoIP. With a steady focus on reducing costs and improving customer communications, business VoIP is gaining ground.

While landline phones are still a part of the industry today, many assume that they will eventually be completely phased out and replaced with business VoIP technology in the near future. Business VoIP has already made a huge splash in the business community, but not everyone has embraced the technology.

As captured on this Nextiva page, many business users remain unaware of what benefits and value it can bring. Data is the key to success today, and VoIP brings with it the technology to convert voice into data packets, which is then an effective format to be carried over the Internet and disseminated throughout a network.

For example, using a business VoIP phone system, a person’s voice is converted to a digital signal that goes through the Ethernet and into the network as a bit of data, converted to a normal telephone signal, and then sent to the caller. As long as the business has a broadband Internet connection and a phone system that is VoIP capable, they’re in the game.

But why go to a business VoIP platform in the first place? What attracts most organizations to business VoIP are the cost savings. Because the data packets are sent over the Internet, there is no longer a need for the traditional phone charges associated with local and long distance service.

There is also the issue of convenience – voice and data services are now brought together into one method, one channel. And, the tools and capabilities that come with business VoIP contribute to the benefits are the second most important aspects that draw businesses into the mix.

Business VoIP also allows for video communication and online conference calls where meetings are held as if all participants were in the same room. The difference is companies no longer have to spend a massive amount of money on travel costs associated with employees flying across the nation or even into other countries to have the same type of meeting that can conduct over a business VoIP conference.

As a communications platform, business VoIP gives employees another avenue to stay in touch at all times of the day and from anywhere as it integrates well with mobile technologies. With the right infrastructure in place, users can access the VoIP connection with any mobile device, which results in better worker productivity and a healthier profit margin, two benefits to please any business owner.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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