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Nextiva's NextOS Provides the Latest in Business VoIP Technology

June 11, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

VoIP is the optimal communication solution for the organization seeking to streamline costs and improve efficiency. Nextiva makes this possible with its innovative business VoIP offerings, brought to you via NextOS technology. 

As captured on this Nextiva page, business VoIP communications offered through NextOS are an easy choice for a variety of reasons. The platform offers great bundling options, enhanced productivity levels, and flexibility that is normally only available to businesses of a larger scale. In addition, these benefits are available for businesses of all sizes and at prices you can afford. 

NextOS is essentially a hosted telephone system utilizing a unified communications platform that permits business transactions to take place anywhere in the world. This is latest in business VoIP technology and infrastructure that currently backs 64 percent of the biggest global telecom providers. 

From call centers to law firms, the flexibility of the system can accommodate businesses both large and small. Aside from the world’s best in business VoIP technology, the system is supported by 150 experts in the engineering field and has already been implemented in five million businesses across the globe.

Nextiva’s NextOS has four great business applications – front office, hosted PBX, mobile business and call center.

The front office application provides virtual front desk support for inbound telephone calls. It offers auto attendant and receptionist family features. The auto attendant feature is a pre-programmed greeting that directs your callers to the right department. 

Receptionist family is a state-of-the-art console manned by receptionists for controlling incoming call flow. Because the enterprise package can support unlimited phone lines, the Receptionist Family feature is a great addition to any call center plan or package supporting business VoIP. 

With business VoIP solutions provided by Nextiva’s hosted PBX and SIP network service applications, the financial stress and time spent managing onsite telecom services is eliminated. These options allow for the implementation of a customized communication platform that boasts of the latest features and technology. 

With this package, employees can easily use business VoIP to work via phone, on their home computer, or any other virtual office location. And, with features such as video conferencing, call center applications, and unified messaging, the result is a full business suite that can be offered over any phone, anywhere in the world.

Nextiva’s mobile offerings enable an extension of PBX features onto current mobile devices. This allows for the blending of office workers with those in the field because desk phone features can seamlessly be extended to mobile users. And, with the Nextiva Anywhere feature, only one telephone number is needed as it can be connected to the phone of your choosing.

Finally, Nextiva’s NextOS services can be applied to both large and small call center settings. Whether you need a receptionist to field calls in a small office or more complex services such as video chat or connections with mobile agents, all businesses can benefit from these types of services. 

And, with options such as automatic call distribution, call center agents and supervisors, reporting and monitoring features, and auto attendant, Nextiva’s NextOS has all of your business VoIP needs covered.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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