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Office Bandwidth Requirements are Crucial in Business VoIP

June 04, 2012

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

Pop quiz: what is something that could completely shut down your business VoIP network if ignored? The answer is an overflow of bandwidth of course, and it is vital that organizations all over the globe pay close attention to bandwidth requirements as they transition to an all VoIP infrastructure.

Nextiva’s phone service necessitates a high-speed Internet connection. So, before you attempt to leverage the company’s robust suite of business VoIP solutions, it is important that you truly comprehend the type of Internet speeds that are needed to successfully power this system now and in the future.

Company officials stated, “With an understanding of the resources your phone service will require, your experience with Nextiva would be better.”

Basically, how much bandwidth you need is closely tied with how many live calls you both make and receive. So, as your company’s employee base grows, you will need a greater number of phones in addition to plenty more available bandwidth. A simple trick to be mindful of is to multiply the number of employees (live calls) you are anticipating by 80 (kbps) to better grasp what exactly is needed for your upload and download speed requirements.

This is the point in the article where I tell you that sometimes this isn’t a full proof method but rather a solution that can be used to get a better hold on what your individual business needs are. Nextiva suggests that “in order to get a complete understanding of your Internet usage, check your router in order to see if it provides usage data statistics.”

Also, be sure to prepare for periods of time where your calls could increase significantly usually seen in situations during holiday months within call centers. Therefore, a Nextiva Account Executive is key to acquiring either a new phone system and/or service.

The business VoIP provider knows that not every organization can find one solution that will successfully measure up to all of their needs and that is why the company powers two distinct plans: Nextiva Office Pro and Nextiva Office Enterprise. 

Both touted as having business phone systems that support small and growing businesses with or without a receptionist on-site that cuts costs by up to thousands a year, Nextiva Office Pro drives productivity and starts at $24.95 a month. Nextiva Office Enterprise enhances mobility significantly and helps to connect multiple divisions of an enterprise, ramping up collaborative and time to market for products; kicking off at $34.95.

To find out more about Nextiva, click here.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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