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Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Shows its Dedication to Protecting the Environment through Participating in CarbonFree Program

March 13, 2012

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

Located in Arizona, Nextiva is known for continuing to expand the unified communications industry with its innovative business VoIP and virtual PBX offerings. Today, the company revealed that it has reinstated its involvement with Foundation, a nonprofit organization geared toward reducing carbon pollutants all over the world.

Making this the fourth year that Nextiva has been actively involved in’s CarbonFree Partner program, this effort represents the company’s desire to help the world in its war against global warming.

“Our commitment to being the best partner for our customers guides all of our business decisions, and we want them to know that in addition to providing cloud-based services, we also make environmentally-conscious decisions about our physical office locations,” Yaniv Masjedi, VP of Nextiva, said in a statement. “By developing a carbon neutral office environment, we demonstrate to our customers and employees that we are doing our part to offset CO2 emissions.”

Over the last twelve months, Nextiva has taken significant steps to ramp up its recycling program in its office by giving employees beverage cups that can be reused on a daily basis, rather than wasting various paper products. In addition, the business VoIP provider has brought new life into its facilities with a large number of plants, as well as gotten rid of multiple printers. Nextiva only leverages eco-effective technology in its data centers and is greatly reducing the amount of paper resources it consumes by powering a robust, online fax service called vFAX.

 “We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Nextiva and applaud their ongoing efforts to protect our planet,” Eric Carlson, president of added. "Fortunately, Nextiva is as committed to protecting the environment as it is to delivering reliable VoIP services for businesses. We are excited about their ongoing participation in the CarbonFree Partner Program."

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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