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Business VoIP Drives Success with Strong Network Support

August 22, 2011

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

The costs associated with running a business can make or break that business if the proper strategies are not put in place. One strategy that has been taking hold is the implementation of business VoIP technology to reduce the overall communication costs for that organization. Nextiva offers a Business VoIP Service Network that is designed to meet the needs of any business. 

The Nextiva Business VoIP Service Network is housed within one of the largest data centers found in Arizona, a total of 315,000 square feet. Nextiva has a strong background in data center operations, ensuring the provider understands what it takes to keep a carrier-grade data center operational. The company’s data centers are monitored for performance and optimal uptime guarantees. 

Those looking to Nextiva for business VoIP can also benefit from the company’s network infrastructure. The company has a significant strategic advantage in that it owns and operates its own network. If a service outage occurs, control over the network is essential to ensure business VoIP customers can stay online and operational. The core network is powered by Cisco 6500 series routers and a BGP is run with Nextiva’s Internet peers to ensure data always follows the best route to get to its clients. 

Session border controllers ensure the necessary protection is in place for those leveraging business VoIP. Carrier-grade session border controllers used by Nextiva seamlessly interconnect customers and carriers and each SBC node is actively mirrored by a hot standby to allow for immediate takeover if a node were to go down. This design protects against a long list of threats including DOS attacks, flood attacks and even SIP signaling attacks. 

Business VoIP users can also benefit from Nextiva’s application servers, offering fully clustered nodes to focus on delivering function-specific applications. Interoperability issues are promised to be a thing of the past, as the company is equipped to standardize on fully RFC-compliant SIP call control standards. All backend devices provided by Nextiva will talk with each other in common next generation standards. 

Nextiva also makes proactive monitoring an important element for those leveraging business VoIP. The company believes that best-of-breed hardware is never enough. Instead, the company deploys around-the-clock monitoring of the system and all network points at all times. The Network Operations Center can be notified immediately if there is the slightest hint of service failure at any connection point. Those implementing business VoIP to drive lower costs and better communications can quickly lose the value of those benefits if the service is not reliable. Nextiva strives to put the necessary tools in place so clients never have to second-guess their choice.

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Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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