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Business VoIP: Streamcore Helps IT Organizations 'Struggling' with Quality of Service

March 18, 2011

By David Sims, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Streamcore, a company who sells visibility and dynamic performance control products for managing interactive apps and communications over the business VoIP realm of WAN, had its products named a “strong value,” by the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

That comes in EMA’s “radar report for WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) Solutions.” The report provides a comparative study of 13 different WAN optimization vendor offerings.

“The vast majority of IT organizations are struggling to deliver acceptable quality of service for applications used by geographically dispersed network end users,” said Jim Frey, managing research director at EMA, adding that Streamcore products will be particularly useful to enterprises that have a high volume of VoIP and video traffic.”

Streamcore was singled out as the vendor “most worth a closer look,” according to the report, noted for its strength in controlling real-time traffic such as voice over IP (VoIP) and video.

Streamcore’s tools were also noted in the report to be highly flexible because, they can be deployed asymmetrically for monitoring and controlling traffic.

In related news, Streamcore announced the availability of a new advanced HTTPS traffic classification capability for Software-as-a-Service applications to improve network performance on enterprise networks.

The latest feature in SaaS will be able to automatically detect and classify SaaS traffic such as Salesforce, Citrix GoToMeeting, Google Apps and Microsoft Online Services. The classification process is followed by the monitoring and prioritization of the SaaS traffic over the corporate Internet access links by the Streamcore tools.

The Streamcore’s capability provides enterprises with “complete understanding of the network usage and offers faster response time for end users,” company officials say.

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David Sims is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for virtual-pbx here.

Edited by Charles West

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