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San Mateo Credit Union Includes Customized Workflows to eSignature Environment

August 21, 2014

San Mateo Credit Union has been using IMM’s eSignature and document presentment platform, TotaleAtlas, in combination with the cloud-based remote eSignature service, Document Exchange for some time.

With an intention to restructure its consumer lending operations and to convert the entire of the business transaction electronic, San Mateo Credit Union integrated the workflow technology to its existing IMM eSignature system.

“Consumer loans have always been a high-volume operation for us,” said Pete Kneisler, CTO of San Mateo Credit Union.

TotaleAtlas Workflow helps users to control and enforce critical eSignature business processes and tasks to occur in accordance with established policies and procedures. It also helps them enhance compliance, boost productivity and drive organizational efficiency.

Knesiler stated, “Right away, we noticed TotaleAtlas Workflow created a time savings of approximately 20 percent; eliminating scanning alone saves employees more than an hour per loan. By automatically routing documents and keeping them electronic throughout the entire process, TotaleAtlas Workflow enables us to accelerate timelines, automate audit functionality and greatly improve document oversight.”

TotaleAtlas Workflow is currently empowering San Mateo to form unlimited specialized workflows based on a variety of business rules and parameters. This innovative solution is automating the routing of documents to the right person at the right time, while keeping fixed tasks in their prescribed order through to completion.

This whole process is helping the credit union to improve efficiency as well as strengthen the compliance environment.

John Levy, IMM executive vice president and ESRA (Electronic Signature & Records Association) board member, said, “In addition to providing the technology that makes process automation possible, IMM’s expert team works directly with our customers to identify the optimal workflow sequences for their organization.”

On the whole, TotaleAtlas Workflow is enabling San Mateo to complete transactions and related processes free of paper through the final eSignature.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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