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Get the Most out of Call Monitoring
There are some simple practices that can make a call monitoring program the best it can be.
Call Monitoring Puts "Working Hard" Over "Hardly Working"
Using a good monitoring solution, whether it's in-house or contracted out to a third-party remote call monitoring services provider, supervisors can listen in on agent calls in real-time. They can even monitor instant messages between an agent and a customer when utilizing Cisco Jabber or Microsoft Lync.
Consider This for the Best in Call Monitoring
Several key points emerge in the race to get the best in call monitoring established.
A Guide to Multi-Channel Customer Service
As we know, customer engagement is an important aspect of all interactions. A multi-channel approach is a great way to engage customers, but it's important to remember that with more channels comes more need for quality monitoring.
Call Monitoring a Major Part of Contact Center Growth
A new study reveals limited growth ahead for call monitoring and contact center technologies thanks to uncertainty in the market.
Customer Engagement Hub Becoming Important Part of Omnichannel Service
The rise of omnichannel customer services is creating disruption in the contact center space as organizations employ customer engagement hubs (CEHs) or upgraded ACD tools to integrate and manage all customer interaction channels.
How Often Should You Monitor for Quality in the Contact Center?
Managers may not have the time to monitor, score and coach on a daily basis, but third-party remote call monitoring can turn the process into a daily improvement task with little effort on the part of managers and supervisors.
Customer Touchpoints Matter More Than You Might Think
Whether consciously or not, every time your customer brushes up against your organization they are giving you a rating. Truth be told, customers are rating you on every interaction they have with you. Don't be fooled into thinking that your monthly customer satisfaction reports are telling you the entire story of how your customers feel about you.
Guidelines for Positive Social Media Customer Interactions
By following some simple guidelines, businesses can take full advantage of all the opportunities of social media while also handling customer complaints before they escalate.
Remote Call Monitoring Ensures Quality Across All Channels
Call monitoring cannot show the whole picture of a customer relationship. To ensure that quality is being held to high standards across all channels, many companies turn to services such as third-party remote call monitoring.
Call Monitoring Makes for Better Car Service Quality
A new JD Power report finds that service quality and customer satisfaction are going up, and call monitoring has a role to play.
Operational Framework is Key to Breaking Down Business Silos
Businesses of all sizes, in all types of industries, struggle to achieve optimized performance because of organizational silos. An operational framework combining technology and processes is key to achieving consistency and optimum performance throughout an organization.
Integration and Monitoring Ensure Customers Aren't Repeating Themselves
To be sure your organization is getting it right, quality monitoring - either software-based call recording solutions or remote third-party call monitoring - can be deployed to check the content of calls, emails, texts, chats and social media posts to ensure agents are following protocol and customers aren't having to repeat themselves from contact to contact.
Better Care Will Bring Customers Back for More
Getting repeat customers is worth more than anything today. How can you make this happen while still delivering quality care at every touch point? Here are some vital tips.
Tips for Creating Successful, Usable Chatbots
Like any customer support channel, it needs to be continually monitored for quality. Ensure that your current quality monitoring platform includes the ability to keep track of non-voice channels, or engage a third-party remote call monitoring partner to keep an eye on quality.
Quality Monitoring Becomes Complex with New Channels
Independent contact center quality monitoring and evaluation, which is provided by third-party remote call monitoring services companies, focuses on providing accurate and actionable feedback that supports the delivery of exceptional customer service and experience.
Implementing a Voice of the Customer Program
The "voice of the customer," or VOC, is becoming more of a focus in enterprises today. The goal is to listen to the customers' own voices - in recordings, by logging emails or chats, or by engaging third-party remote call monitoring services providers - to gather and use information in a timely way that helps you improve your operations.
What Does "Quality" Mean to Your Contact Center?
Your quality monitoring program should have a clear definition of what you expect agents to do, and whether their performance is hitting the mark on specific skills.
Agents' Tone Can Matter to Call Quality
Where managers can't listen to more than a few calls a month (or a quarter), more regular human monitoring may be required. Third-party remote call monitoring services can listen to calls, measure tone and benchmark the calls against any number of quality metrics.
Include Social Media as Part of a Quality Monitoring Program
Companies can employ workers internally to monitor social conversations, or they can include social media as part of a remote third-party call monitoring program.
Call Monitoring Identifies What's Important to Your Customers
You may not even be aware of your organization's biggest roadblocks to customer support excellence. Before you begin to remove them, you need to identify them. Call monitoring solutions with speech analytics can help, but so too can tapping the experiences and resources of third-party remote call monitoring services.
Are You Doing Enough for Young Consumers?
Businesses today know that customers are the most important focal point when it comes to success. Keeping them happy in every aspect of their relationship with you is key. That means delivering products and services they want and need and also being ready to respond to their needs wherever and whenever they may arise.
Automation Cannot Replace Human Quality Monitoring
Can artificial intelligence truly monitor the quality of a transaction (with an eye toward a positive customer experience) that will please a human being? AI won't "get" irritation, annoyance, anger, satisfaction, amusement or happiness.
Is Self-Service Helping or Harming Your Operations?
Is self service really working for your call center? How can you tell? You'll need call monitoring to help you understand how to improve operations and get self-service right.
It's Time to Determine if Chatbots Are Working
Companies using chat bots need to be in a position to measure whether their bots are actually working and benefiting customer relationships (and not harming them).
Digital Engagement for the Win
A recent study from Verint Systems uncovered that customers today are demanding digital engagement from service providers and will easily switch providers if they aren't being given that communications option.
Speech Analytics Via Third-Party Remote Call Monitoring
While some contact center quality monitoring solutions have features that allow for speech analysis, a company looking to implement a program on a large scale may wish to turn to third-party remote call monitoring, for whom speech analysis is a big part of their managed services offerings.
Customer Service Failures: You Can't Blame the Agents
Companies hiring new agents for their call center have a unique responsibility to ensure they are getting the right training and coach to succeed in their roles. Without call monitoring and feedback it's impossible to know just how good or bad this can get.
Monitor All Channels Across the Entire Customer Experience
Third-party remote call monitoring service providers have one job: to uncover business intelligence that helps companies improve the customer experience. These organizations will work with you (the expert in your business) to provide an unbiased, customer-centric analysis of how to increase customer experience and loyalty.
Call Center Agents: You Can't Do it Without Them
Call center employees are the most important asset. Companies should be paying more attention to them and their needs, and call monitoring is the ultimate tool to help.
Small Changes Reap Big Rewards for the Customer Experience
If you monitor with recording and quality monitoring or third-party remote call monitoring, start listening to the language your agents are using. You may find it's confrontational, apathetic or cold.
Too Much Call Center Data: What to Do
If you want your business to succeed in 2017 you need to start getting serious about data and how to use it. Working with a 3rd party professional with proven experience in call monitoring will get you there.
Third-Party Remote Call Monitoring Tracks the Right Stats
Third-party remote call monitoring can get an accurate picture of customer sentiment and agent performance by providing companies with the data, trends and actionable items they need to make crucial business decisions regarding their customer engagement and people development strategies.
Third-party Remote Call Monitoring 'Listens' to Agent Emotions
Call monitoring can go a long way toward making connections between agent behavior and "good" or "bad" calls, particularly third-party remote call monitoring.
Monitor Customer-Agent Calls for Negative Language
Contact center managers should consider a formal call monitoring program using quality monitoring solutions or third-party call monitoring services to ensure that agents encountering negative customer language are taking the recommended steps of preventing their own language from becoming negative.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to Leverage Twitter
Customer service executed through Twitter needs 3rd party remote call monitoring to ensure success.
Third-Party Remote Call Monitoring Covers Chat and SMS, Too
Chat and text are informal channels, and customers like that they can "get to business" quickly and retain a transcript of the exchange. But as they are informal channels, it's important that companies monitor the quality of the customer support happening via SMS and chat to ensure that it keeps to the same high standards of customer engagement as more traditional channels.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to Improve CE
Learn how 3rd party remote call monitoring can be used to improve the customer experience.
Call Monitoring Driver of Cloud-Based Contact Center Growth
A new report by Research and Markets revealed the market for cloud-based contact centers will grow to $15.67 billion by 2021. Key among these drivers is compliance management, which includes call monitoring and reporting to address the regulatory bodies of different industries.
Call Tracking Can Help Improve Social Media Campaigns
Companies that use third-party call monitoring services (or those that are contemplating doing so) may find it a good idea to embrace additional services from monitoring companies that track and analyze social media metrics in addition to calls.
Monitor Marketing Calls for Both Source and Quality
Identifying where the traffic is coming from is just one step of the process to maximizing your resources. Quality monitoring, including third-party remote call monitoring, can help you gather the data, trends and actionable items you need to make crucial business decisions.
Is Your Customer Support Ready for the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
In anticipation of the TPP, be sure to alter your quality monitoring processes so they can handle extra channels, extra languages and extra volume. Consider bringing professionals such as third-party call monitoring services on board, particularly if you will be operating on unfamiliar ground.
Mystery Shopping Adds Compelling Angle to Quality Monitoring
Third-party remote call monitoring can be an ideal way to keep an eye on the quality of calls (and other contacts) your agents are handling, but adding a mystery shopping component can truly help improve the quality of the customer experience.
What's the "Magic Number" for Sampling Call Quality?
Use 3rd party remote call monitoring to customize your quality monitoring program.
The Worst Things You Can Possibly Say to a Customer
Use Remote Call Monitoring to catch the phrases and instances when your agents might be upsetting customers rather than helping them.
Choosing the Best Path to the Omnichannel Customer Experience
Businesses will need to choose the best platform to deliver the omnichannel customer experience and engagement they are seeking. By carefully evaluating all the previous parameters, clearly defining goals and strategies, and keeping customer preferences and engagement at the forefront of decision-making, businesses can narrow down their choices and find the best platform to meet their specific needs.
Addressing Customer Pain Points
While improving call quality in the customer support industry may seem like a daunting prospect - it means changing established processes, making different hiring choices and perhaps purchasing new technology - there are ways companies can make significant improvements without completely overhauling the contact center. It comes from directly addressing customers' top pain points.
QuickBooks Online Looking to Developers to Increase Global Presence
As part of the Intuit family, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based platform that provides financial service tools to small businesses. According to the company, it has more than 1.5 million subscribers globally, and as part of this ecosystem it offers over 1,200 apps, with 400 of them dedicated to QuickBooks in its App Store. In order to increase its number of users, QuickBooks has launched an outreach program to give third-party developers more access to its platform.
Presence Technology Acquired by Enghouse Systems
For these reasons, Enghouse is excited to acquire Presence. "The acquisition furthers our goal to build our global business with expansion into Spain, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil," said Steve Sadler, Chairman and CEO of Enghouse. "We are pleased to welcome Presence's employees, customers and partners."
Preparing Customer Support Personnel for Text Communications
As the world becomes more digital today, more customers than ever are seeking support via digital channels such as email, Web, mobile app, social media and text messaging. Contact center agents have been perfecting their telephone manner for decades, and now they're facing a new challenge: effective communication with the written word. An agent who does well on the telephone may need to brush up on written skills. We've gotten used to communicating via text, for example, with friends and family members. What works for personal communications won't work for business communications.
Top Trends Influencing the Outsourcing Industry in 2017
2017 will see further development and innovation in this segment with trends specifically related to cloud technology, social responsibility, and data security. This article will walk you through the trends that will influence the industry in the coming year.
Capturing the Voice of the Customer Requires Great Surveys
How many times are you asked to complete a survey on a given day? The answer may vary greatly depending on the number of times you visit websites, make purchases or interact with organizations. Capturing the voice of the customer is critical - it's why a number of companies use 3rd party remote call monitoring. The key to success, however, is knowing how to build the right survey.
Best Bet for Quality Monitoring: Look to the Pros
How much are you valued by your favorite company? If you're not sure how to answer this question, take a look at the experience they create each time you interact with them. At least that's the barometer suggested by 76 percent of consumers who participated in the Aspect Consumer Experience Survey.
Quality Monitoring the Customer Experience is an Ongoing Job
You show your customers you value them in many ways. You make it part of your tag line, and perhaps even your company's business statement. You write it in your annual report. You state it in your advertising. You hope that you've built a reputation for valuing customers. Unfortunately, stating it isn't enough. According to your customers, the only real way to show you value them is by providing great customer experiences at the contact center level.
Insurers Need to Step Up Their Game in Digital Interactions
The typical U.S. consumer has gone digital, preferring to use channels such as email, Web and social media to interact with favorite brands. These interactions are frequently completed via mobile devices and the consumer expectations surrounding the complete experience continue to intensify. That's great news for those on the cutting edge - not so great for those in the insurance sector.
Better Management Drives Employee Engagement
Managers play a key role in the success of any business. These workers understand what those on the executive level are expecting and are more closely in touch with others below this level to ensure wishes are being met. But managers must understand that getting to the end goal takes a lot of skills and understanding. After all, having a staff that respects and enjoys working with you will truly make a difference in the end.
Want a Customer for Life? Think Strong Omni-Channel
How do you label your customer care center internally? Is it a call center? Perhaps you refer to it as a customer care center. Or, have you started the transformation to the omni-channel engagement center? For many organizations, the latter is the focus, but getting there is proving to be nothing short of a challenge.
Technology Serves as a Watchdog for Call Quality
While most companies record some customer support calls, in the past, these calls haven't been used for much. If they record a few calls, they're probably being used for agent evaluation. If they record all their calls, they're probably storing them only because the law requires them to, or they want a call record in case a dispute arises later. Few companies today are recording all their calls and mining them for intelligence.
Globalized Business Has a Learning Curve for Cultural Communications
Today, very few companies are immune to the trend of globalization. While the largest of organizations have been coping with international business and relations for decades, many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are finding that they need to reach across the globe for suppliers, customers, foreign customer support outsourcers and even investors. It's safe to say that not all companies are equipped to enter the fray that is foreign relations.
Watch Your Tongue! Monitoring Calls for Consistent Tone and Language
Call center agents have the unique tasks of ensuring callers on the other end of the phone are happy and satisfied with their interaction and with the company. This gets more difficult as communications channels expand and agents find themselves trying to keep someone on the other end of a chat screen happy too. Nothing is more important in these situations than keeping your cool and delivering consistent care - regardless of how the caller may be acting.
Contact Centers Investing in Automation to Improve Quality
There are few business functions that haven't taken a serious look at automation in recent years. More companies are digitizing their processes, and with digitization comes the ability to use analytics and "big data" that helps draw conclusions from raw data and even take the first steps to act on it. Customer support is no exception.
Social Listening: It's More Important Than You Think
It's pretty much a no-brainer these days when it comes to customer satisfaction that listening to what customers want and need will get you the best results. By understanding and listening to them, it's easier to target offerings, remain sympathetic to their needs and deliver care that will keep them coming back.
Analysis of Digital Customer Support Shouldn't Eclipse Phone Call Quality
New companies, or those that wish to revamp their customer experience, often spend a great deal of time evaluating their website. It's for a good reason: a well-crafted and easy to use website can boost your business, whereas a poorly or amateurishly designed one can drive potential customers away.
Customer Experience Still Matters, Even When the Customer is a Business
In the end, it's all about-as Eliyahu Goldratt put it in his book The Goal-a "process of continuous improvement." The little things done today improve a customer experience, and the big things done over months or years make it better still. Customer experience is an ongoing matter for the entire company, and those who do the best job of it are likely to come out the best on the other side.
What Becomes of Call Center Outsourcing in the Digital Age?
The practice of outsourcing call center work to third-party companies is hardly a new one: it's nearly as old as the call center itself. In recent decades, nations such as India and the Philippines have bolstered their economies by becoming "the world's call centers." Some companies outsource because they want to focus on tasks that speak only to their core competencies. Others do it to save money.
Metrics That Measure Both Customer Experience Quality and Cost Savings
Contact centers generate a lot of metrics. Take call times, hold times, handle times, wrap-up work times, customer satisfaction, sales conversion rates and more, and combine them in a nearly infinite number of possibilities. Are they all important? To some degree…yes. Do they all reflect the quality of customer support you're offering your customers? No.
If You're Not Fully Integrated in the Cloud, You're Not Efficient
The biggest impact you can make in the call center environment is to improve processes, streamline communications, invest in technology, leverage 3rd party remote call monitoring or any of the above. The biggest impact really depends on the company and the industry, but there is something you can do today to truly see improvements in the way you do business.
Net Promoter Score is a Process, Not a Metric
Many companies continue to make oversimplistic assumptions about NPS. One of them is that the activities that create net promoters must (by definition) be the opposite of what creates net detractors. This isn't necessarily the case, according to Temkin.
Why Your 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Needs Speech Analytics
At BPA there are live analysts listening to the calls. With speech analytics in place, the company can take recordings and listen to the particular calls that need to be scored - thus, taking speech analytics to the next level of customer experience data.
Research Confirms That Bad Customer Experiences Cost Companies More
Your customers value a great customer experience. That's one of those "no brainer" things that's accepted in every customer-facing business. But what is it about the customer experience that's most valuable? Is it a short wait for an agent? Good self-service options? The ability to move easily between channels? An option to reach you via less traditional channels such as social media and mobile app? Knowledgeable agents? First-call resolution?
Three Tips for Building a Winning Customer Care Team
How much value does your organization place on the customer experience? While a number of companies claim this is a priority, the way the customer is actually treated is where the truth lies. The company that sends out email reminders and then doesn't monitor that email is one that missed a few things in the planning of their customer interactions, for instance. With 3rd party remote call monitoring, it may be a little easier to identify the problems.
Keeping the Human Element in the Customer Relationship
Every company with customers - at least, every company that has long-term plans to stay in business - addresses the issue of customer care on a regular basis. The goal as generally stated in business textbooks is to improve the customer experience in order to deliver increased sales, retention, loyalty, cost optimization, compliance and profitability. Easy, right? Not so easy. Within that short sentence is about a thousand moving parts that aren't so easy to figure out.
Report: Enhanced Productivity Driving Global Field Force Automation
Field force automation (FFA) captures information in real time using portable communications technologies such as smartphones and tablets, which is then transferred to back-end systems. By capturing this information instantly, organizations are able to quickly assess situations as they happen and gauge how customers are reacting to a particular product, service or marketing campaign so changes can be made on the fly to resolve challenges. The latest Technavio global FFA market report has revealed the need to improve productivity and customer service is driving the sector to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 percent during the period 2016-2020.
Call Recording Can Help Deliver a Positive and Lucrative Customer Experience
Customers are wielding an increasing amount of influence when it comes to how their shopping and service interactions are managed and delivered. There are no longer any excuses for delivering a poor customer experience, technology has seen to that. And beyond customer demand, there's a science behind delivering a fast and consistent customer experience that can't be argued with.
Monitor Your Customers' Journeys through Support Channels
For all the time companies spend today trying to perfect their customer processes, it doesn't seem to be working very well. Customers' expectations are higher than ever, and a plurality of customers report feeling dissatisfied with all or part of their relationships with companies. A recent survey conducted by Accenture found that 91 percent of customers surveyed reported they had to contact a company multiple times for the same reason; 90 percent reported being put on hold for a long time; and 89 percent said they have had to repeat their issue to multiple representatives.
Hoshin Planning Ensures a Consistent Customer Experience Across the Board
About two-thirds of software projects fail, according to research from The Standish Group. Though that number may be discouraging, the projects that succeed all have a few things in common, and many of them are tied to executive sponsorship and overall project execution. Too often, organizations don't put forth a coordinated effort across all levels of management, and this is especially true when it comes to providing a good customer experience.
Cloud IT Infrastructure Market Shows Sluggish Growth in the Short-Term
A new report by research group International Data Corporation (IDC) entitled, "Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker" found that vendor revenue from the sales of cloud IT infrastructure products (server, storage and Ethernet switch), including public and private cloud, grew by 3.9 percent year over year to $6.6 billion in the first quarter of 2016. The relatively modest growth was due to contracting demand in the hyperscale public cloud sector.
Make this One Thing a Priority in Decisions to Drive Organizational Success
Making decisions that affect an entire organization is a challenging activity. There are a number of different variables involved in any key organizational decision, including the anticipated impact on customers. Fortunately, there is a myriad of data available for business leaders to use when making decisions. Some of the best insight comes from 3rd party remote call monitoring.
Why Changing the Standard of Quality is Critical to Succeeding in Customer Service
How does your organization define quality? It's an ambiguous word as it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. And how do you define it if the standard by which you compare changes over time? This is a tough area to get just right, especially in the call center industry. If your standard of quality does not match that of your customer, you're missing out on key opportunities.
Call Monitoring Has a Place in Customer Relationship Personalization
Today, a lot of companies are finding new and unique ways to use analytics and machine learning to help personalize their marketing and customer support messages for their customers. Customers expect personalization today, and they have little patience being treated as one of the herd. They expect it for good reason: most companies today have a font of information about each individual customer, and a generic message makes the customer wonder, "Why do I allow the company to collect all that information if they're not going to use it to make things easier for me?"
Train Contact Center Agent Groups to Understand Negative versus Positive Language
When we have a problem with a company and need to pick up a telephone to correct it, we expect empathy from customer support agents. After all, that's what they're hired for…to solve our problems, and to do it in a way that doesn't offend us. While some people are deliberately confrontational and antagonistic, most customers are simply eager to resolve the issue as fast as possible. They understand that the person on the other end of the call doesn't make the rules about returns, shipping or extra fees on bills.
Supporting the Multi-Lingual Customer Base is Critical Today
Discussions surrounding the typical call center and the challenges that tend to define operations generally land on multichannel management, scheduling, adherence, metrics and the customer experience. What can easily get overlooked is the changing face of the consumer, one that doesn't always speak English, but still needs the same level of care.
Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Customer Service Experience
This is where DigitalGenius comes in, with its "Human+AI" Customer Service Platform. The solution offers deep learning algorithms that pull from massive amounts of data including customer service logs and transcripts. Information is then fed to a contact center's existing platform, providing each customer service agent with a "personal" AI to help them handle specific and unique requests.
Big Data - It's Either Valuable Consumer Information or Noise on the Server
According to Gartner, 70 percent of the world's most profitable businesses will be managing their processes with the use of real-time predictive technology by the end of 2016. Those companies are able to accurately predict business will change the game in every industry.
Courts Split on Meaning of California Call Recording Statute
Going forward, court cases are likely to focus on the meaning of a "confidential communication" under the statute. It may hinge on customer expectations of privacy during the call, or even the purpose of the call. (Bartnick, Costin and Klausner point out that the Ninth Circuit recently concluded that there may not be an objective expectation of privacy for calls to customer service representatives to dispute charges.)
Quality Has Become More Important Than Ever
Quality is an important end goal for any product or service. For businesses, quality makes its possible to grow sales and a loyal customer base. These two pieces are important to success. Without them it's hard to keep a business profitable and moving ahead. Contact centers, which have traditionally been key to keeping customers happy with a business are now starting to focus heavily on having tools in place that help them to deliver consistent quality.
Do You Have the Right Technologies to Personalize Customer Transactions?
Call quality monitoring and feedback programs can also help companies learn all they need to know about their customers. With so many channels available today to communicate via, some companies are having a hard time maintaining the kind of quality that leads to personalization. Third-party remote call monitoring solutions providers such as BPA Quality can quality check each channel - telephone, email, chat and even social media, to be sure each communication is offering the kind of personalization customers expect. It can also make sure that are asking the right questions to make the most of the information customers are offering in each transaction.
For the Best Customer Service Experience, Forget Price
The bottom line is really all about the cost of the relationship overall. Yes, you have to consider price, but you have to balance value. If you're getting the bare bones in your contact center partner, it's going to come out in the way you manage your customer base. Make sure the final decision matches your customer service strategy.
Customer Experience Metrics Come First in the Contact Center
Likewise, metrics to measure employee performance can help you understand your training, engagement and motivation procedures to keep employee turnover low. If attrition is too high, better employee engagement programs may be needed. It's not simply about workers' happiness in their jobs: high turnover costs companies dearly in terms of labor and administration, and drags down the quality of support and the experience customers expect.
Scorecards: What's the Big Deal?
Scorecards continue to play an important role in today's contact center - even as it undergoes numerous changes. Regardless of the contact platforms, or is a human or robot is doing the communications - there will always be a need to measure performance and provide management with proof that what the call center is doing, is working.
Video Customer Care: Not Your Grandpa's Contact Center
Technology isn't the only driver, however. There are business reasons to consider video as a viable option in the contact center. Businesses need to continue to consider differentiation; tracking new KPIs helps improve performance; budget control is shifting; and digital interactions are becoming more of the norm, requiring a better connection with an agent than a call with hunt and peck instructions. Video Customer Care: Not Your Grandpa's Contact Center
Keep It Simple When It Comes to Social Customer Support Metrics
If you're going to embark on social customer care - and most organizations should be doing it already - it's important to not create unnecessary problems for the contact center. By starting simple, companies can build up their social initiatives to meet customer needs rather than company needs.
Pulling in the Same Direction: Is the Call Center Going the Same Way as Sales and Service?
There's a lot going on in the call center, and many businesses out there just don't understand what it's doing. Getting beyond this lack of understanding, and rebuilding operations accordingly, will be vital in making sure that the call center is on the same page as sales and service. This in turn will make the best customer experience and improve the likelihood of customers coming back for more.
TCPA Reform on Table at Senate Hearing
While the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been around since 1991, reform of the law was discussed this week at a U.S. Senate Committee hearing to raise awareness about how businesses have been abusing it.
Call Centers Watching Utah Case Carefully
At the trial's start this past Monday, Shelby tossed out several FTC claims, including that the companies made certain misleading statements when calling to solicit donations for the Firefighters Foundation and the FOP.
Analytics Takes a Big Leap Forward
Back in the day, you'd call a call center, ask a question and usually get an answer. Nowadays, every bit of your conversation is parsed, analyzed, saved and used to help the company better focus its marketing and selling efforts. There is real value in everything you say.
Pay Attention to the Right Areas of Performance, or Lose the Game
Fantasy sports: The reality is the pastime is intriguing and the prospect of winning big just for playing along has attracted more than a few to the game.
Ready to Open Up a Collections Operation? Here's How to Prepare
Sometimes it seems like having an internal apparatus designed exclusively to collect those outstanding invoices could be a smart move.
Call Center Entrepreneurs Prove the Value of Innovation
Entrepreneurs often develop specific systems to help address problems, or go looking for already-developed systems to do the same thing.
It's Not Too Late to Improve the Contact Center
As businesses are discovering in fairly large numbers these days, any time to improve the contact center is the right time, and benefits are often seen fairly quickly afterward.
Insight: Automation, Internal Chat Can Elevate Contact Center Efficiency
What we used to refer to as call centers are now morphing into contact centers as businesses leverage not only voice, but also other mediums such as chat, email, text, and even social media to reach out and touch their customers.
Altitude Software's New Contest Asks a Question Few Contact Center Staffers Hear
Calling attention to the lives of contact center staffers will put a humanizing face on an ordinarily faceless voice on the other end of a phone.
Carrot Cars Looks to Magenta Technology's Echo for Better Dispatching
Call management tools (including better call monitoring), online booking and reporting tools add up to a better customer experience, which improves the chances of repeat business.
Bank Learns Costly Lesson About Calling in California
Consumers can generally agree that the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, more commonly known as the TCPA, has somewhat impacted unwanted calls, or at least provides redress for those who think they get called too much, or didn't know they were being recorded.
In India Call Center, the 'Airing of Grievances' Comes to Life
We don't know if the Indian government was inspired by American TV or not, but they're about to launch a national call center devoted exclusively to citizen's complaints.
Call Center Agents Need to Know You Have Their Back
Letting employees know you're on their side has psychological benefits,and helps with worker retention.
Insider: Even the Smallest Companies Need to Monitor Their Calls
While many SMBs may not be able to afford the fancy analytics software that larger enterprises use, it's still necessary to have something in place to assure that outgoing calls are monitored for compliance and other regulations.
Third-Party Centers Set to Benefit from Contact Center Growth
If it seems to you that the contact center industry has suddenly exploded everywhere, you wouldn't be far off. New data from leading market researcher Technavio proves the point.
Call Monitoring Tech Hangs over the Heads of City Traders
Audio communication monitoring systems are designed to automatically monitor recorded audio sessions. The goal is to be able to use them for the compliance purposes, speech analysis and transcriptions.
MiaRec Adds an Automatic Recording Announcement Feature to its Software
Call recording has evolved greatly since the hardware-based solutions organizations deployed to archive conversations between them and other parties.
Lawyers: Declaratory Ruling on Autodialers Still Unclear to Telemarketers
The commonly used telemarketing technology known as an auto-dialer is gaining a reputation as being the tech that launched a thousand lawsuits.
Integrated Platforms Offered for Contact Center Streamlining
Knowlarity Communications is the leading player of cloud telephony in Asia. By replacing traditional communication hardware systems with cloud based marketing automation and communication tools, the company has revolutionized the way small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises communicate.
A.I.-Powered Search Set To Help Call Center Customers
As artificial intelligence becomes more intelligent and capable of aiding people in completing their daily tasks, its viable applications grow exponentially as a result.
The Four Steps to Good Query Development with Speech Analytics
Queries are an important tool when it comes to speech analytics. They help end-users refine ad hoc searches through a list of pre-built possibilities.
What Does the Call Center Want in 2016? You May Be Surprised
What do call center workers want as we go into 2016? The answers, as found in a recent online article, make a strange kind of sense, and one that call center managers should be watching closely.
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of IVR
While there are enhanced IVR solutions out there that promise to enhance what IVR can do-visual IVR comes to mind-there's only one way to make IVR more efficient: By making IVR more intelligent.
New Level of Call Center Monitoring Arrives
Already well-known in the field of performance evaluation, transcosmos recently brought out a new call monitoring service designed to further improve call center operations.
Lawmakers Get One Right: Fighting to Keep Call Center Jobs Here
In this era of battling presidential candidates and angry sound bites, a piece of legislation that would affect all Americans has been flying under the radar.
Call Monitoring Can Help You Better Understand Your Customers
Call monitoring can be an invaluable tool for any situation in which customers and businesses communicate via telephone.
Call Monitoring Gets Even More Granular
In the call center industry, the ability to monitor and parse calls can pay big dividends. Sales people can be monitored (Hence the phrase, "This call may be monitored for quality assurance"), and a lot can be learned from what was said. Add in the ability to track down an archived call by a simple phrase or number, and the value is easily seen.
How Call Monitoring Goes Hand in Hand with Programmatic Advertising
It's well known how call monitoring can help contact centers improve the customer experience but, according to a published report, a new approach to call monitoring can help inform advertisers' programmatic ad buys.
Contact Center Monitoring Experience Just Got Better
Unified contact center technology solutions provider Noble Systems Corp has released the latest version of its Harmony contact center management solution.
Contact Center Monitoring Experience Just Got Better
Unified contact center technology solutions provider Noble Systems Corp has released the latest version of its Harmony contact center management solution.
Truecaller Will be in Future BLU Devices
Our phone number is one of the most identifying pieces of information about us, and in many cases it ends up with people or organizations we want nothing to do with. That may change.
New 'Altitude Strategy Center' Means Real-Time Benefits
Keeping old customers as current customers is a vital part of any business operation. The cost of attracting new customers is staggering, so keeping the old ones is key to maintaining profitability.
Call Recording: Not Just for Call Centers Any More
Communications is moving to the cloud, which gives us access to lower cost connections, streamlined collaboration and archived conversations.
Speech Analytics: The Indispensable Tool for Call Centers
By implementing call center speech analytics into a call center's business strategy, managers of call centers are able to identify specific customer behaviors associated with positive outcomes.
SlimWare Utilities Selects Transera for Improved Customer Engagement
Contact centers have always been an essential component of businesses, but with the advent of the Internet, social media and big data analytics, they are proving to be more useful than ever.
New Predictive Analytics Tool Gives Better Insight to Spoken Word
A new tool uses a combination of predictive analytics and machine learning systems to take large amounts of recorded conversation and analyze such, looking for patterns in the system to apply to future calls.
Speech Analytics Takes Call Monitoring to the Next Level
In an effort to improve the quality of customer support offered today, many companies use monitoring coupled with data analytics to keep track of customer journeys.
J.D Power Certifies Aflac's Call Centers
Insurance provider Aflac has announced that it has achieved certification by J.D. Power for its phone customer service.
Call-Tracking Software Offers Big Advantages
A new report has generated several key findings, starting with the fact that no amount of call tracking would ever fully prevent spam.
Speech Analytics Evolves to Become Mainstream
According to many analysts and experts, speech analytics has become one of the fastest growing segments of the call center technology market.
Call Centers Still Fighting the Good Fight
If customer service is so important, why is it paid the least?
Call Recording Tool has a Long Memory
A new call recording tool is simple, and free.
New App Aims to Keep Callers Happy
There's a new app put to make customer calls go more smoothly. What's not to like?
India BPO Raises Its Game with New Call Center Solution
A leading global provider of customer service technology has announced that its suite of contact center solutions has been chosen by one of the leading BPOs in India to enhance the customer service experience for a major European telecom company.
Key Call Center Management and Metrics Require the Right Technology
With cloud contact center solutions and on premise ones alike making major headway across the industry, management tactics and advanced metrics that were previously hard to attain are now possible with less overhead, as well as no additional hardware or technical issues.
Call Center Team Leaders; Heal Thyself
If you haven't actually worked for one, you've probably heard of the team leaders from you-know-where: Those difficult people who can make just showing up at work a nightmare in itself.
Outsourced Call Centers Mean Unexpected Quality Developments
A new report notes that there are a lot of misconceptions about the outsourced call center, and addressing these means getting the most out of outsourcing.
Amicus Briefs Challenge Recent Changes to TCPA
A number of companies in the financial, retail, information technology, and utility industries have filed eight amicus briefs - documents filed by an appellant on behalf of amici affected, in this case, by a law - to challenge the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) altered rules that affect the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
One 'Call Monitoring' Effort We Could Do Without
As most everyone in the call center business knows, "call monitoring" serves a valuable and much-needed function. The best way to stay on top of your business and keeps employees on task (and message) is to monitor your calls, and offer help or constructive criticism where needed. As the old saying goes, "We can't know where we're going if we don't know where we've been."
Five Secrets for Better Call Monitoring
Metrics tell part of the story when it comes to the contact center; they show if agents are resolving calls quickly enough, if they are upselling, and other important facts.
Call Monitoring, Other Efforts Pay Off in the End
Companies wishing to pivot their metrics so they focus on the quality of the customer relationship should be seeking to boost first-call resolution: the number of calls in which a customer's issue or problem is handled in a single call.
Why Choosing a Third-Party Call Monitoring Service Makes Sense
While the first impulse often is to monitor agents internally, there are several reasons why contact centers would be wise to engage a third-party call monitoring service.
Call Centers Upping Fight Against Fraud
The burden of protecting customers' account data has been somewhat intensified for card issuers recently, who need to beef up their security measures in anticipation of the growing levels of fraud.
Quality Monitoring Needs Chat, Social Media Listening in the Contact Center
Sometimes monitoring protocols can overlook newer forms of customer interaction such as chat and social media customer engagement.
How Does Your Contact Center Stack Up on Social Media Support?
There's a reason that the call center has been replaced by the "contact center"; consumers no longer expect to only be able to reach companies by phone.
Proper Data Use in the Contact Center is Harder than You Think
Efficiency is critical for contact centers, which is why most contact center management knows the importance of metrics to help weed out every last bit of inefficiency and improve productivity.
Inbound-Calling Certification Seeks to Boost Agent Skills
Quality agents a top priority for business, as even the best products, sales and marketing can come to naught if customer service agents are not up to snuff.
'Quality' Matters to Customers, So Choose Wisely
It may seem like a no-brainer, but more and more companies are discovering just how important the matter of "Quality' is to a customer. According to a recent Aspect Consumer Experience survey, some 76 percent of respondents said they viewed customer service as the true test of how much a company values them.
Up Your Contact Center Game for the Looming Holidays
They're as predictable as Thanksgiving turkeys and New Year's champagne: the flood of calls into contact centers as the holidays get ever closer. Those who run such centers also have an annual ritual: Making sure they're ready.
Make Sure Contact Center Agents Have the Training They Need
Managing today's contact center requires employees who both understand the technology and their increasingly diverse job responsibilities.
Call Center Solutions Can Also be Profit-Generators
The call center is the hub of the customer experience. The success lies in the information garnered from the software you use.
Good Customer Experience Starts with the Support-Agent Experience
When it comes to ensuring a quality customer experience these days, smart companies have begun tracking and mapping the way customers get from Point A to Point Z.
New Business Execution Management Platform Launched
Business Execution Management Platform puts business leaders in the driver's seat in this digital age by delivering the strategic insight and oversight required to make more informed decisions.
Call Monitoring Market Primed for Growth
There's good news for those involved in the call monitoring and analytics businesses. According to new research, that market is set grow substantially in the next five years.
Old Tech Means New Opportunities for Call Centers
It might seem like an oxymoron, but the prevalence of older technology in use today is actually an opportunity waiting.
The Slowly Expanding State of Speech Analytics
It is no secret that speech analytics is not in widespread use among global call centers. In fact, one quoted adoption rate of about 20 percent, makes the market look dismal. But change is coming.
Optimize Your Workforce: Benefit Customers, Customer-Support Employees
Born in the contact center, workforce optimization helps companies ensure they are making the most out of their human resources, and allows them to check on adherence, quality and worker performance.
Zappix Launches Multi-Language Support for Visual IVR Platform
Zappix, a provider of smartphone visual interactive voice response (IVR) products, just announced multi-language support and localization capabilities for its visual IVR platform in response to the company's increasing global expansion and success.
Hear That? Speech Analytics Rising in Importance
We've all heard the term "speech analytics", but how many really know what's involved in using it effectively? There are a lot of ways to parse the information you can get from SA, and it helps to have an expert break it down for you.
Why Retailers Are Spending Their Money on Big Data Analytics
Integrated analytics tools have been around for quite some time, and most companies use them for their primary function of collecting and organizing customer information.
Change Learning Practices to Help Your Team Improve
Technology isn't just changing how we learn and assess in the traditional classroom; after all, it has the potential to disseminate learning much more widely than ever before.
Hear That? Speech Analysis is Getting Bigger
While the speech analytics market was worth about $233.16 million in 2014, that number will nearly triple by 2019, hitting an estimated $614.13 million.
Proper Call Monitoring Should Assure 'Scripted' Responses Don't Sound Like It
Providing agents with scripts is an important part of the call center operation as it helps the agent guide through interactions efficiently. But they need the freedom to go 'off script' occasionally.
As Call Recording Evolves, So Should Companies
In the business world, there are a number of innovations that have been cropping up. Call recording is one of them, and is only getting more important.
Serco Global Services Americas Finds Value in Call Monitoring Systems
Serco Global Services Americas is fairly well known throughout the hospitality and corporate travel fields as a contact center outsourcing operation.
Fail to Learn, Learn to Fail: The Upcoming Trends in Knowledge Management
While most of us would simply like to be able to hire people who already know right out of the gate and understand the "what and how" of any current business, there's usually some level of gap in between current and needed skill sets.
The Automation of Many Call Center Jobs Not Far Away
The shift to automation in the BPO and call center sector is being driven by the development of mobile internet technology. Web-based apps are eliminating the need to have a human being at the end of your connection. All you have to do is think of the last time you used a live teller at your bank. According to Citibank, 85 percent of transactions can now be carried out at an ATM or online banking; customers only go in the bank for complex matters.
How a Beer at an Airport Turned into a Customer Service Revelation
There was once a man who called himself "The Professor," though those in the know knew him better as Craig Antonucci, BPA Quality's chief customer officer. Such work requires frequent travel, and recently, afforded Antonucci the unique opportunity to note how one beer at an airport bar turned into a groundbreaking lesson in customer service, which he subsequently related on the BPA Quality Blog.
Five Things to Remember about What Customer Experience is Not
In the rush to determine just what goes into a customer experience, it isn't always considered just what a customer experience is not.
'Robo-Calling' Getting Closer Scrutiny by FCC
In response to consumer complaints, the FCC is asking telephone companies to begin offering services to their customers that will allow them to block calls placed by an automatic dialer.
County Turns to New Jail Call Monitoring Software to Boost Efficiency
The issue of calls from jail has long been a difficult one. The balance of protecting people from the potentially illegal activities mentioned in calls against the value of inmates being able to call family and friends is tough to strike.
Are Some of History's Greatest Rock Tunes the Secret Answer to a Great Customer Experience?
A strange question? Maybe, and yet, there's something to this notion. Some of the biggest names in rock over the last 70 years or so are generating some noteworthy concepts about customer experience. Though the answers may only prove obvious from a certain point of view, looking at it from that particular scenic overlook generates a lot of interesting concepts about the nature of the customer experience.
Call Recording Rises in Importance
While there's plenty being said these days about the omnichannel customer experience-and with good reason-there are still a lot of customers turning to phone calls as the go-to means to contact a business.
Birch Adds Call Monitoring and Recording to its TotalCloud PBX Feature Portfolio
As more organizations migrate to hosted communication solutions, they need to ensure these services are able to meet the regulatory compliances that land lines were able to provide.
Leading Firm Brings its Contact Center Expertise to India
COPC Inc. is a Florida-based global consulting firm, whose main offerings are performance improvement services for in-house and outsourced contact centers, vendor management organizations (VMO), business process outsourcing (BPO) operations, face-to-face environments and field service activities. As such, the company is well versed in contact centers and the critical work they do, and also knows what needs to be done to help those companies raise their game.
Revisiting the Call Center as a Possible Profit Center
It's long been assumed that the call center was a cost center, and as such, investments made in this space were not seen as something that could further the business and often didn't earn a place of priority in the budget.
Buckle Up: Call Monitoring Can Be a Rough Ride
Anyone who has ever called a contact center has heard this message or some variation thereof: "Your call may be recorded for training and quality purposes." Did you ever wonder what actually happens if your call happens to be the one they pull out of the queue and start dissecting?
New Call-Recording Partnership Debuts
New MiFID II regulations taking effect in 2017 will require all of a financial institution's calls in London on both landlines and mobile phones to be recorded and stored for at least five years.
Be Careful What You Say: Voice Biometrics Added to Tax Office
Talking to the tax man is stressful enough. Now the Australian government has raised the stakes by adding Nuance Communication's voice biometrics in place of security questions.
When Striving for Quality, Put 'Service' First
The word "service" gets a lot of talk, but somewhat less action when you're talking about a call center. Yet it's especially important to focus on service where the customer is concerned, a lesson that many have yet to learn.
Quality, as Defined by Our Friends Overseas
Like other intangibles, 'quality' is not something that is easily defined, but most folks know it when they experience it. It leaves a feeling of satisfaction, and is a strong reflection on the positive aspects of a brand.
VA Revamps Call Center to Improve Service for Veterans
As we clean up the remains of our 4th of July celebrations, it's appropriate that we examine what's happening to help promote support of our country's veterans. For Augusta's Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center, it means a focus on improving the overall experience.
For Customers, 'Quality' Should be a Given, Not a Gift
"In the world of customer service, the customer is king." We've all seen different iterations of that statement, but it all boils down to one succinct truth: Without customers, you're out of business.
Transform Your Call Center with Remote Call Monitoring
Contact centers today continue to be plagued by the need to improve performance and meet quality service standards.
Lawyers Comment on Interconnected VoIP Provider Ruling
With decades of experience dealing with governance, transactional, regulatory and legislative matters in the communications industry, a recent VoIP article goes into detail only the way lawyers can.
Can Leadership Coaching Benefit Your Organization?
Coaching in the business world can teach the skills needed to grow a business, the ability to raise targets, and focus time and attention on what really matters.
Even with Good Agents, Customer Service Takes the Whole Team
One of my most interesting friendship stories is how I met a good friend of mine via the call center. I was a customer, and he was an amazing customer service agent.
Is Your Customer Experience Part of the Winning Team?
Something that is true in almost every aspect of our lives, but really seems to be realized when we think and talk about sports, is the fact that we are all part of a team.
Contact Center Roadblocks: Remove Them, and Profit
Contact centers today have a lot of moving parts that need to be supervised. They need to ensure that call queues don't get too long, wait times don't creep up, and average handle time (AHT) is kept under control.
FCC Proposes Changes to Empower Against Unwanted Calls
The FCC receives thousands of complaints every month on both telemarketing and robocalls. Last year, the FCC received more than 215,000 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) complaints.
Empathy: Helping Handle Customers with Even the Smallest of Problems
There is evidence that no matter how great a company's support is, customers will always find a way to complain about something. It's human nature.
Even as Social Media Rises, Phone Calls Still Hold Their Own for Customer Contact
Social media is rapidly becoming a major front on which many customer issues are handled, but a new report says that the old ways-particularly the telephone-are still best.
Careful Monitoring Can Head Off Bigger Problems
To ensure the proper approach to customer interactions, call center management must implement proper training and quality monitoring.
New Rollout Aims to Boost Call Center Software
The contact centers that will be most successful are those that realize the critical function that agents hold. Agents need user-friendly desktop tools to make that happen.
When is Customer Service Like 'Spinal Tap'?
For those of a certain age, a film from the 80s called "This is Spinal Tap" evokes a lot of memories, both for the humor it provides and the inside jokes it makes about earlier rock bands and their various tribulations. For those unfamiliar with it, the film is a farcical look at an imaginary band and its journey to fame, and eventual flameout.
Monitoring What Callers Say, vs. What They Mean
Call centers are starting to realize that closely analyzing what callers actually say on a call can pay big dividends down the road.
Monitoring of Another Kind Also Pays Dividends
Not all monitoring processes are created equal, however, and taking a business process approach to monitoring will ultimately yield the best results.
For Optimal Results, Know Your Customer
Many businesses still get omni-channel customer service wrong because they don't understand when and why customers will use a given communications channel.
Are you Ensuring a 'Quality' Quality Assurance Program?
The word "quality" is bandied about quite a bit in the contact center industry, but it appears it's used so often that it may have lost its initial impact. If everything is labeled as a "quality effort," does it become so watered down that it's essentially useless?
Close Monitoring Pays Bigger Dividends
It's a common move for the customer service division to invest in call center software as a way to better manage all interactions.
Getting Customers is One Thing; Keeping Them is Another
Lots of companies know just about every trick in the book to getting new customers. Yet not so many know how to really keep those customers, once they're on board. Those who don't pay a heavy price, as the cost of getting new customers far exceeds what it costs to keep those you have. Research firm McKinsey notes that 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Are you treating your people right?
Like Everything Else, Call Center Software Needs Regular Updating
A current business challenge is that not all call center software solutions are designed with an understanding of your market or the activities that take place throughout the day.
Updated Version of Web-User Interface, Call Recording Software Debuts
A provider of contact center solutions and call recording software has announced the latest version of its contact center call recording and quality monitoring package.
FCC Commissioner Joins Chorus of Voices Demanding Clarification of TCPA
Many companies and telecommunication organizations believe it's time to revisit the TCPA in an effort to clarify some of its regulations.
Good Ideas Involve the Team, Not Just You
In the 3rd party remote call monitoring space, there is talk about the customer experience and what decision makers can do to create a positive environment for those who patronize their businesses.
New Enterprise-Grade Business Communication Options Launched
The addition of the cloud to any businesses' arsenal of options is both a blessing and a curse: A blessing, because obviously there are more choices available, with more security at a better cost. And a curse as well, because there are indeed LOTS of options, and no one wants to pick the wrong one.
Call Monitoring Making Strides in Healthcare Industry
While few people may think of the call center as being on the forefront of cutting edge technology, when it comes to large-scale commercial or government communications, many technologies were actually developed for the contact center.
Good Customer Service Comes Down to One Thing: Experience
While many organizations have adopted and continue to adopt solutions to better help streamline customer service processes, the main goal of customer service is not just the end result; it's the entire experience.
The 'Robots' Are Here, and They're Working
Not only is intelligent process automation taking on a bigger role in business, it's also working pretty well, too.
New Analytics Suite to Optimize Digital Channels' Performance
A global leader in digital business optimization has rolled out a new cloud-based analytics suite that provides organizations with real-time insight into the performance of digital assets to improve customer experiences.
Simple Math: Engaged Workers = Big Dividends
It's come to be commonly accepted in the call center industry that people will be hired, trained … and then leave.
Philippine Call Center Industry Posts Strong Growth
Despite all the noise about call centers cutting back on off-shoring and moving back to the U.S., one overseas market is still holding its own.
Cloud Solution Ideal Fit for Customer Service
Whitney Bank, a banking subsidiary of Hancock Holding Company serving several states in the southern U.S., has selected Noble Systems Corporation's cloud-based unified communications (UC) suite to enhance its customer service.
Chasing Down that Elusive Quality: 'Caring'
In the call center world, there are only so many tricks and techniques you can teach an agent before setting them loose: how to engage the caller, when to move in for the sale, how to close the deal, and more. But for many agents, there is also an indefinable quality-some call it empathy-that sets them apart from their peers and makes them superstars.
New App Allows Active Call Monitoring by VoIP Business Owners
One of the megatrends in the past few years has been the move from computers to smartphones, with operations typically done from a desktop or laptop computer migrating to tablet and phone.
Selling is Important, But 'Sell Yourself' First
But that doesn't just 'happen.' Successful companies are making a strong effort to differentiate themselves from the pack, to brand their product and to 'sell themselves.' It's a bit of a balancing act, but those that master it can reap the rewards.
Contact Center Coaches Need to 'Up' Their Game
Anyone who has ever worked in a contact center knows the quiet feeling of dread when the supervisor walks over and plugs in their headset, in the middle of a call. The employee starts thinking of the worst possible outcomes, and immediately becomes acutely aware of what they're saying and how they're saying it. But it really doesn't have to - nor should it - be this way.
A Truly 'Visionary' Company Takes a Leap of Faith
It's often been said that when we lose one of our five senses, the others become sharper to compensate for that loss. BPA, a global leader in independent-quality evaluation, customer insight and people development solutions, decided to test that theory in real life while also providing better service to its customers.
Noble Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Solution Gets Chosen Again
One of the most important features of the Noble Enterprise Cloud is its built-in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
NewTek Introduces High Quality Skype with TalkShow VS-100
The act of video and call monitoring just got a bit more creative-and contact centers should take note. NewTek, a company that revolutionized the video industry with the Video Toaster, seems to be on track to do the same thing with its new TalkShow VS-100 system. It uses Skype TX to allow TV studios and live video producers to take Skype calls and add them to live video feeds in broadcast-level quality.
Cloud-based VoIP Makes 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring a Snap
VoIP enables contact centers to save some serious cash on telephony and infrastructure costs by providing voice, video, and other communication services like 3rd party remote call monitoring through IP-based networks, rather than through costly traditional wireline services. But these days it's not just VoIP getting the attention-cloud and VoIP are fast becoming an unbeatable pair for businesses and contact centers looking to cut expenses and ramp up their services. For VoIP providers, hosting through the cloud saves money, offers a great range of scalability, and improves call monitoring for regulatory purposes.
3rd Party Cloud Call Monitoring Comes to South Africa
In a move that will change the face of 3rd party remote call monitoring in South Africa, Call Cabinet has launched its cloud-based Atmos solution. The offering enables companies to comply with data and consumer protection requirements using HTML5, Web-based technologies to log and record customer service calls.
ServiceTitan-Dwyer Group Partnership Will Boost Mobile Collaboration
A report released by Forrester last year revealed that the adoption of software as a service (SaaS) is spreading across all industries, and it is not limited to just one enterprise. A survey conducted for the report showed a dramatic increase across the ERP, finance, industry applications, BI, and supply chain sectors.
Swisscom Taps Crealog for Mobile Call Recording
Call monitoring headlines tell us that Swiss telecom company Swisscom has tapped Crealog to record mobile phone calls and SMS along with other related data, a service that will help financial institutions to record and retain communications with their customers.
How Bolder Thinking Ensures Quality with Live Call Monitoring
While most millennials choose emails, text and video chat, the vast majority of other demographics still prefer picking up their phone and calling an agent at a call center. In the past, monitoring these calls required supervisors recording the calls and going over them or eavesdropping on agents as they were interacting with customers
Companies Must Defend Customer Culture, or Pay the Price
With 3rd party remote call monitoring, it is possible now for companies to make sure their employees are acting appropriately and living the company values and culture that upper management expects.
Bastian Solutions Introduces 3rd Party Logistics Solution
The push for 3rd party solutions, such as 3rd party remote call monitoring, is on the rise as more and more businesses realize the operational and cost benefits that hosted solutions can offer.
CashCall Wins Battle in Call Monitoring Court Fight
In the business world, 3rd party remote call monitoring is quite the asset. This is why a recent court ruling is a rather big boon for a company known as CashCall. Late last month, a California appellate court upheld an earlier ruling that decertified a class action lawsuit that was alleging CashCall had engaged in improper monitoring of the company's telephone calls with customers. The case will likely serve as a kind of model for other lawsuits in the state of California that are going to be coming.
Customer Loyalty is Earned Through Customization and Personalization
Most companies today understand that their customers aren't all the same, but you'd never know it from the way they market to them or offer customer support. A one-size-fits-all approach is common, and customers are expected to change their behavior and preferences to fit the company rather than vice-versa. It has become obvious that in this multichannel era, this approach isn't going to work going forward, and that companies need to adapt better to their customers.
Why Companies Should Still Invest in Monitoring and IVR
The customer service sector was built on telephone communications. While we are certainly progressing more toward a mobile and Internet-centric era, and while we're seeing the rise of the multi-channel customer experience, nothing will ever quite replace a good ol' phone when a customer really needs something.
Successful Customer Service Strategies Hinge on Measurement
Any company that wants to be around for the long haul knows that customer service is the lifeblood of the business. But all too often, company owners take the approach of serving customers on the most basic level: answering questions, putting orders through and the like, often with an emphasis on cost-control and volume.
Happy Holidays Not on the Table for Many IT Professionals
With the remains of Christmas dinner now cooling in refrigerators all around the world, carefully-chosen gifts opened and some slated for return, and the end of 2014 now in sight, Ipswitch recently returned to a survey of note from last year. Specifically, it launched its second "Happy Holidays?" survey targeting IT professionals in the United States, and discovered that, for many, the holidays wouldn't be quite so happy thanks to issues at work.
Voice Biometrics Can Help with Call Center Fraud
Despite technological investments, call center fraud is still a concern, particularly for call centers whose business is in finance or other industries that deal with sensitive information.
Hosted Solutions Show Promise for Businesses in 2015
Hosted solutions and services are one of the biggest trends to ever hit business. They offer easier and more affordable access to even the most sophisticated programs and databases, creating new opportunities for companies across many industries and offering smaller organizations a chance to get the same tools as their larger competitors. Services like 3rd party remote call monitoring give companies a way to ensure quality in their call centers, as well as happy customers at the other end of the line.
BPA Quality Contributes to Growth in Call Monitoring Market
Many call centers record some or all customer calls, but lack the resources to actually utilize this data to improve customer service. Enter 3rd party remote call monitoring.
Qualcomm, vitaphone Join Forces for Remote Monitoring and Telehealth
Contact centers aren't the only places taking advantage of 3rd party remote call monitoring services today. Telemonitoring technologies give businesses the ability to track all kinds of information through hosted services, making it more cost effective and providing a wider monitoring reach. And while contact centers can use remote monitoring to follow agents' exchanges with customers, assess agent activity throughout the day, and so on, e-health solutions are also beginning to adopt the technology.
Contact Center Growth Areas Identified by Research Firm
Sometimes it seems that the tech industry in general and the contact center solutions area specifically, not only has too many acronyms but actually relishes the opportunity to add more. Indeed, witness how fast we have moved from "multi-channel" to "omni-channel' or in the more distant past from "call centers" to "contact centers."
UK Town Installing New Home Care Worker Monitoring System
In Nottinghamshire, U.K., a new electronic service has been put in place that will specifically attempt to guarantee a high standard of care for in-home visits. The electronic recording system will make a free phone call to a 3rd party remote call monitoring station that has been specifically set up for the purpose of monitoring the quality of care.
Technology Advancements Fuel the Changing Face of Call Centers
Customer service experiences are one of the most important aspects of attaining success for businesses across all industries. Therefore it follows that call centers are constantly searching for ways to improve in this area, especially as new technologies and communication channels continue to emerge. A recent piece in CustomerThink highlighted the five most important technology trends of the past year that are driving changes for call centers everywhere.
Wheelings & Dealings: Qualfon Acquisition of Center Partners get nod as Small-Market Deal of Year for 2014
For those who are frequent visitors to the Contact Center Solutions Community, you know that we like to report on recognition that community members get. However, recognition can cover a lot of ground so not always does it involve a company receiving an award for providing great customer services.
Patent Office Attendance Scandal Shows Why Freedom Also Requires Accountability
Studies from Stamford University researchers and others have consistently shown that telecommuting employees are more productive than those who stay in the office. But that's only if the employees actually work, which is a problem for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO is currently embroiled in a scandal where several of its employees who telecommute committed attendance fraud.
DICE Provides New Solutions for Remote Monitoring Centers
Call centers and the businesses that run them must have security measures in place, just like any other organization. For call centers receiving personal and sensitive information from customers, such as credit card and Social Security numbers, that security is vital. Remote call monitoring solutions-one way to help ensure that these exchanges are protected from unwelcome ears-must be comprehensive and include coverage of all types of mobile devices in the multichannel age.
CashCall Wins Battle Against Class Action Lawsuit for Call Monitoring
In a blow to those who feel they were illegally spied upon, the Fourth District Court of appeals recently ruled that a lawsuit against payday lending company CashCall cannot move forward as a class action suit. While the court did not rule the company could not be sued at all, it did say that any lawsuits brought against the company when it comes to charges about illegal call recording and monitoring will have to be made individually.
Call Monitoring Essential in a BYOD World
The mobile workforce seems to be growing across all enterprise verticals, and with so many crucial business calls and exchanges relying on these wireless connections, it makes sense that ensuring smooth operations should be a top priority for most company leaders. In order to do so, companies must enlist the help of remote monitoring systems that can track calls for any issues or discrepancies.
Comcast Modem Causes Traffic Jam for Telecommuters
One of the nice perks of telecommuting is avoiding the gridlock that often happens during peak commute times. And with 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions, as well as IP-based phone systems, it's easier than ever for companies to offer workers remote capability without sacrificing productivity.
With Voice Networks Moving to IP, the FCC Plots Rule Changes
More and more, we're seeing individuals and companies alike make a major change in the way communications are done. It wasn't so long ago that, when a person needed to get in touch with someone else, the first move was toward the phone. But now, we see businesses and people alike make moves more toward the computer or the mobile device, and that's not only changing how people get in touch, but also the means to do so. That's leading the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make some changes in the rules relating to such systems, which are currently under consideration.
Companies Can't Abandon Costs When Improving the Customer Experience
Customer feedback is vital for businesses to determine if they are adequately meeting the needs of their consumers. While obtaining insight into the customer experience and doing everything possible to ensure consumers are happy should certainly be a priority, businesses must also remain aware of costs associated with the process.
Riverbed, Optus Team Up to Enhance End-user Experience
Riverbed Technology, a company that provides application performance infrastructure solutions, recently announced an agreement with Optus, an Australian end-to-end ICT and managed service provider and telecommunications company. As per the terms of the agreement, Optus will offer Riverbed SteelCentral Application and Network Performance Management (ANPM) solutions as a managed service offering. The solutions will help companies improve end-user experience by quickly identifying performance issues of business critical applications.
Vocalcom Announces Cloud Call Center Solution with Easy Setup
Vocalcom recently announced the availability of its new cloud-based call center solution. The comprehensive package supports multiple communications channels and provides tools for managing operations and tracking performance, such as through remote call monitoring.
Bsuinesses Need Social Media Customer Service Agents
Social media can be used as a channel for customer service and interactions. This idea of using social media as a customer service tool is slowly catching on with companies because there are many advantages that come with it.
Using Personalized Emails to Solicit TCPA Opt-ins
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 was passed by Congress to protect consumers from telemarketers. With this law, telemarketers had to get consent from consumers to place artificial or prerecorded telemarketing calls to a residential phone line or wireless number. It also applied to sending text messages or placing calls to wireless numbers using automatic telephone dialing systems.
Common Contact Center Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Call center management can be a frustrating task, with angry customers, frustrating call switch systems and improperly trained agents can create an almost unworkable situation. Successful call centers however are not the ones that avoid dealing with these problems in the first place, but the ones who have a plan to deal with the common situations arise.
New Benchmarking Program Created in UK for Customer Service Providers
Customer service operators provide solutions for companies across many different industries to answer a wide range of questions regarding a particular product or service. Delivering this service efficiently and courteously ensures customers get all the answers they need, but poor customer services can result in high customer attrition rates.
IntelligentResponse Call Center Solution Launches
For call centers today, agents require a host of services in order to keep up with customer demands and remain effective. While 3rd party remote call monitoring is one way to ensure agent success, there are many other tools available that help improve services. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems, for instance, are used by businesses around the world to manage customers and alleviate contact center agents by directing callers to an automated attendant that directs callers to the right extension.
Jacada Unveils Multi-Channel Desktop Agent
Jacada has unveiled its Multi-Channel Desktop Agent, a lightweight alternative to Avaya's EMC.
More Contact Centers Embracing the Cloud for its Huge Benefits and Savings
Cloud technologies offer huge benefits, cost savings and operational efficiencies across the board. But some markets are migrating to the cloud at a faster pace than others, and that largely has to do with what the cloud can do for them.
Mspy App Allows Users to Monitor the Smartphone Activity of Others
With the massive number of applications and gadgets that monitor your activities, we're getting used to people knowing where we are and what we're doing at any given moment. The problem arises when we don't want certain people to know where we are or read our private texts or emails. The line between privacy and sharing information is getting thinner and thinner.
BPA International Places on Inc. 5000 for Sixth Year in a Row
For the past 33 years, Inc. magazine has been ranking the country's 5,000 fastest-growing private companies as a way to look at which industries are most important to the American economy. By seeing which entrepreneurs are excelling in which industries, investors can have a much clearer picture of where to invest their money. It has also granted early exposure to several businesses as they were growing, including Dell, LinkedIn and more. Now, remote call monitoring provider BPA International has made it onto this list after a period of rapid growth - for the sixth year in a row.
Mobile Internet Down? Software Most Likely Culprit, Says Report
A recent report conducted by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) found that two-fifths of mobile Internet outages happened because of software bugs-a significant increase over the 2012 total of just 15 percent. Anecdotal evidence suggests this may also be a problem in the U.S.
Talkdesk Nets Fresh Funding, Offers Pricing Data on an Unusual Idea
The call center is generally the forward-facing part of an operation. Customers call into it as a way to get answers to questions or solutions to problems, and sometimes, the call center even works in an outward direction to interact with potential customers. But a call center can be an expensive operation that takes a lot of time and effort to set up. For smaller companies, the call center might have seemed like an impossibly expensive dream, but with Talkdesk, the dream is much more achievable, and for a better price than some might expect.
The Web is Driving More Callers than Ever to Call Centers: How Do You Ensure Quality?
It's a bit odd that in an era of modern, omnichannel customer support technologies, it's the telephone that has been garnering a lot of attention as of late. While it may not precisely be the nineteenth-century technology invented by Alexander Graham Bell - it's a little more high tech than that nowadays - the premise is still the same. Customer uses his or voice to engage with an agent at the other end of the line. Agent solves problem; customers and agent thank each other and say "goodbye."
Why Bother Focusing on the Customer Experience?
It's a question that many businesses have asked: "Why should my business worry about the 'customer experience'?" It may not happen often-the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center suggests it happens "every now and then"-but it's a question that likely makes some cringe just to hear it. Yet at the same time, it's a question to answer.
Telecom Monitoring Provider Announces T1 E1 Analysis Board
A supplier of testing, monitoring, and analysis equipment for telecommunications networks recently announced the addition of a new product to its lineup.
Lack of Call Monitoring Leads to NCAA Penalties
Recording conversations initiated by the customer can oftentimes spur privacy issues, but remote call monitoring can also help resolve a diverse range of issues-as seen in the case of the NCAA's two-year investigation conducted with Georgia Tech's cooperation.
Stealth App Monitors Remote Workers, Helps Improve Service
Now that much of the global workforce is able to complete work from remote locations through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it makes sense that businesses would want to know what their employees are really doing outside the office. Are they completing work like they are supposed to be? Or are trips outside business walls just an easy way to play hooky while simultaneously being on the clock?
UK Telecom Introduces Paid Priority Answering at Call Centers
Some customers may actually be more equal than others - if they can pony up the dough. For a price, one U.K.-based business is offering the chance for customers to jump to the front of the line to have customer service agents answer their calls more quickly.
How to Find Your Cash Cow in the Internet of Things
Remote monitoring is likely to be a huge component of the IoT, as multiple devices all communicating with M2M technology need to be observed and controlled. As such, the software behind remote monitoring is expected to be another strong market. Remote service monitoring is usually sold as a monthly fee by those who offer the service today, and that is not likely to change soon.
Fonolo Doubles Revenue, Makes New Partnerships
Fonolo, which serves contact centers and their evolving communication needs, announced this week that is has achieved record growth and formed two new partnerships with Avaya and Twilio.
Better CS Turns to Bright Pattern for Improved Customer Interaction
Better CS, a business process outsourcer (BPO), was looking out for a cloud contact center solution to help retailers reduce losses from credit card chargebacks. After a comprehensive study, the company has turned to Bright Pattern's Cloud Contact Center Solution.
BPA Quality Moves to New Facility
Call center operators around the world are upgrading their facilities in order to address the new touch points in which customers are able to use to contact help centers, as well as improving the working environment for their employees. This includes centers in the Philippines, India and elsewhere. BPA Quality in the U.K. is also undergoing a makeover by moving to a new 10,800 sq. ft. facility.
Airline Call Centers Missing the Mark on Quality Interactions
According to a recent post by 3rd party remote call monitoring company BPA, there is a slight problem with quality care in the airline call center industry. Airline customers report that they are receiving a quality customer interaction only about 50 percent of the time. Strengths tend to lie in order taking and asking for a reservation and credit card information, which is really the easy part of the call. Weaknesses were identified in branding and closing the call politely.
How Workforce Optimization Can Improve Agent Performance
Every company is constantly looking to improve its efficiency to stay on top of global competition and the external business factors that impact an organization's activities in a big way. Many strategies have been formulated in the past to improve efficiency, but the dynamic nature of businesses entails constant innovation. One of the more recent trends is to use workforce optimization (WFO) as a tool to improve the efficiency of a company's operations.
UK Companies Still Not Embracing Social Media for Customer Enquiries
In spite of the rapid adoption of social media as a tool for marketing, one area remains woefully neglected among United Kingdom companies - responses to customer enquiries. In fact only 15 percent of the nation's leading companies even respond to tweets via Twitter, suggesting businesses aren't recognizing the potential of social media platforms to provide customer service and build customer loyalty, according to a report from Webhelp UK.
Q'ligent's Vision Offers Analysis, Monitoring for Linear TV
Q'ligent provides monitoring and visualization solutions for such diverse organizations as ad agencies, broadcasters, content distributors, network operators and regulators - through cloud-based monitoring.
Proxy to Include LTE Security Gateways by Stoke in its Network Solutions
The 2014 HOPE X was a hacker event that just took place in New York City over four days, which according to its site has been around since 1994. These events take place globally year-round by many different groups to discuss the many ways in which the vulnerabilities of software and hardware can be exploited. This doesn't include hackers financed by criminal organizations, and governments with sophisticated software and hardware specifically designed to breach personal as well as public and private entities.With so many threats facing organizations, it is important to protect each gateway that could potentially be exploited, including mobile networks.
Building Customer Loyalty: Not as Easy as it Seems
Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult to keep for a number of brands in the United States. While it's easy to deliver a single pleasant experience, maintaining a consistently satisfying relationship with customers is no simple task.
New Mobile App Helps SMBs Monitor, Maintain Customer Loyalty
The global payment processing company First Data is introducing Perka, a cloud-based customer loyalty application, for SMB merchants to increase customer personalization and connection. The app will be available on First Data's Clover station, a tablet POS that was also bought by First Data in 2013.
Why the Annual Performance Review Doesn't Work for the Call Center
If there's one particular day a year that the average employee dreads most, it's the annual performance review. This is the day every worker knows you sit down with the boss and he or she placates you with a little positive language and then proceeds to spend the rest of the time telling you about all the mistakes you made in the last 12 months. Since the review happens only once a year, some of your mistakes are being aired so far after they supposedly occurred that you can barely remember doing what the boss says you did. Sound familiar?
Anturis Releases New IT Monitoring Solution
Anturis has announced Version 2.0 of its enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting cloud service, with Parallels Plesk integration designed for SMBs that do not have advanced IT departments or a large IT budget.
Can Measuring Quality be Just a Matter of Common Sense?
Quality is a word that's thrown around a lot lately. Quality content, quality products, quality customer service, quality user experience; the word can be attached to so many different concepts that it's easy to think that maybe quality doesn't mean quite what it used to. BPA Quality, meanwhile, took a closer look at the concept from its point of view as a Global Quality Monitoring Firm, and noted that perhaps the concept might well stem from certain common sense measures.
SneakPro Sneaks into Smartphones, Plays Detective
Monitoring software may not be new but it never extended to mobile devices. Now, with smartphones and tablets becoming popular, the time had come to introduce such apps and software in these devices. Enter SneakPro - reportedly the most proficient cell phone monitoring software in the market.
Workplace Monitoring Could be Businesses' New Best Friend
Big brother is a very real concept that is becoming more tangible each and every day-no, I am not just talking about the NSA. Whether big brother is the government, a boss or a friend posting a video on Facebook, one's life is constantly monitored for better or worse. Businesses have turned this into an insightful way to improve the way they function, not to mention the bottom line.
Want to Offer Better Customer Service? Keep Agents Sharp and Happy
Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than calling into customer service, only to speak with an agent who isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. When a customer has a problem, they want a solution. Having to talk to an agent who is supposed to be helpful yet is anything but will only turn the customer off and is a surefire way to lose business.
How 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Can Help Identify Burnout
The contact center industry is nothing if not dynamic. The fast-paced excitement of never knowing for sure what you will encounter on a call can motivate many. Whether the role is in answering the phones, making live calls or interacting with the 3rd party remote call monitoring provider to ensure interactions are on target, the pace doesn't tend to slow.
International Rugby Board Turns to 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Sometimes contact center technology can surprise you. Take, for instance, 3rd party remote call monitoring.
Access Health CT Data Breach Highlights Need for Monitoring
Any company that handles personal data is vulnerable to the threats of security breaches. Security and data breaches happen all the time, every day, across companies of every size; most are typically under-prepared when they face a breach. Breaches, which may or may not involve the theft of information from a malicious insider or criminal attack, can be costly; in fact, according to data breach statistics, it is among the most common and costly security failures in the U.S.
Webroot Integrates with New ConnectWise, LabTech Software
Webroot, an Internet threat protection provider, today announced new integrations with ConnectWise's professional services automation (PSA) software and LabTech Software's remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.
Poseidon2 Remote Monitoring Devices for IT Environments Log Data, Send Notifications
Monitoring IT environments is essential, as a continuous check on temperature, humidity, power and other parameters help IT admin staff to prevent downtime, which will otherwise affect productivity. Downtime in IT environments even during system upgrades is reduced to a minimum. Manually monitoring various elements of the environment constituting of computers, racks, air conditioners and the room itself is time consuming.
Cognia Cloud Call Recording to Help Card Data Security
Today consumers have many options when it comes to paying for a product or service, but this convenience comes at the risk of having card payment data compromised. All you have to do is look at the security breach Target experienced during the holiday season in 2013. That incident was responsible for the theft of 40 million debit and credit cards as well as the personal information of 70 million customers. As businesses face the challenges of enabling card payments on mobile devices, online and over the phone, ensuring the safety of the customer data is becoming more difficult. When it comes to accepting card payment over the phone, businesses can now use cloud technology to monitor and record the transactions.
Language Commissioner Condemned Swinton Insurance for Keeping its Staff from Speaking Welsh
We know that Welsh is one of the Brittonic, or British Celtic languages that is spoken natively in Wales, but did you know that it is also spoken in the Welsh colony in Chubut Province, Argentina? Here is something that I did not know until recently, there is a Welsh Language Commissioner and her name is Meri Huws.
Ghana Dispute Highlights Need for Trustworthy Remote Call Monitoring
Call monitoring is only as useful as its level of accuracy. For many industries, call monitoring is a requirement more than a luxury. It ensures compliance, and it presents a record if ever there is a dispute. Real-time call monitoring also is a useful tool for adjusting agent performance on the fly and ensuring better customer service.
SKF Delivers Cloud-based Monitoring System
In today's global manufacturing environment, organizations have to manage their resources effectively throughout the lifecycle of the product. If these resources are not managed properly, it becomes very difficult to deliver value while maintaining cost of ownership that is profitable. Therefore, all the machinery must be used to maximum potential throughout the entire lifecycle while minimizing cost of ownership through operation and maintenance. One way of optimizing machine productivity and efficiency is with proper monitoring.
Choosing the Right 3rd Party Verification Solution
The technology we use today has made many of the tasks we perform more manageable. This convenience is used not only by law abiding citizens, but also criminals who take advantage of the readily available information out there to commit crimes. One of these crimes is fraudulently transferring telecom accounts without the consent of the legitimate owners.
Schindler, Verizon Moving on up with LTE-driven Monitoring
Verizon will be bringing 4G LTE network coverage to augment Schindler's Remote Monitoring (SRM) service. This in turn gives a better range to SRM, which is part of Schindler's advanced maintenance program offerings.
Attendance Monitoring Ensures Better Use of HR in the Contact Center
In the contact center, few functions are more important than scheduling, workforce management and performance management. A good scheduling solution ensures that the right people are on the telephone (or other media, such as Web chat or email) at the right time so that customers don't need to wait to have their problems or queries handled.
GL Communications Provides Diverse Testing Solutions to Improve Voice Quality
Echo cancellation is used to improve call quality, which in turn can vastly improve the quality of data collected from 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions. One company, GL Communications, provides many testing solutions for echo cancellers (EC) and acoustic echo cancellers (AEC), in order to help companies keep their voice quality in good running order.
China Plans to Use Military Monitoring Tech for Pilots
While it's important for call centers to monitor agents for performance and compliance, extensive surveillance in the United States is still kept in check by privacy laws.
Why Monitoring is Critical for the User Experience
What would it mean to your organization if you could install and monitor a communications system from the ground up? The Tampa Convention Center is about to find out, thanks to an agreement with Smart City. The two have signed a deal for the communications provider to provide telecommunications and Internet services for trade shows and other events that take place at the center.
Survey Reveals IVR is 7 Times Cheaper than Talking to a Live Agent
When interactive voice response (IVR) systems became available in the '70s, DMTF (dual-tone, multiple frequency) IVR allowed customers to use touchtone phone to access information. Today advanced technology with automated speech recognition lets customers access recorded messages with greater simplicity. The benefit of IVR is it gives organizations the ability to provide reliable customer service interaction without having to use service representatives, thus saving the organization a considerable amount of money.
Improving Call Hold Times and IVR Can Prevent Customer Exodus
When businesses set up IVRs for their call centers, they typically hope that such automation will improve efficiency, only to find out later the opposite was the case. By making a few changes, companies that rely on call centers can improve their customers' overall experience and avoid losing them to competitors.
Call Monitoring, Analysis Give a Boost for Lodging Industry
As anyone who's called into a contact center may know, call recording and monitoring technology provides customers with an outlet to give feedback, both positive and negative, as well as save it "on the record"-so to speak. By having this information recorded and stored, managers can analyze the data for future products, services and overall performance analytics. This sort of information is crucial in improving customer service, but it also lends to enhanced business success.
At-Home Agents a Risky Proposition? Not with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Chances are you have already assessed the risks of employing the at-home agent, but let's look at statements provided in the white paper, produced by CGS, a global provider of technology solutions. The author of the paper, Tom Christenson, suggests that at-home agents present significant business risks. Problems cited in the paper include reduced efficiency, lower customer satisfaction scores, deep morale challenges and a lack of community association with the brand.
Why You Should Consider 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
In conversations with your favorite call center, you've likely been told your call will be recorded for quality and training purposes. In fact, you've heard it so often that you probably tend to ignore the message and move on. However, when the ignoring process happens on the side of the business, it can mean a slap on the wrist and large fines.
AdRem Makes Small Business Simpler with NetCrunch Monitoring
I grew up working in a family-owned small business and went on to manage a small nonprofit for about a decade. Though I was thankful for the success of the endeavors I worked for, I was also acutely aware of a void that seemed to exist between a successful small business and a successful large business. It was a chasm which sucked time, resources, attention and energy away from things that could have propelled the organization forward, allowing it to leap the gap.
Ahmad Software Technologies Intros Free Voice Logging Software System
Call recording is becoming increasingly important as a part of remote call monitoring, with technology changing and working habits becoming more mobile. Call recording is currently used in training, auditing and is increasingly important for business continuity planning.
Is Your Script So Rigid You Could Lose a Customer?
The call center script is one of the most important tools an agent can have on-hand before completing a customer call. At the same time, it is also one of the things that can limit opportunities or cause a customer to simply end the call. Without the right approach to the development of the script, outcomes can quickly fall short. The use of 3rd party remote call monitoring can help, but you have to be willing to make some changes.
Sinclair Voicenet to Supply and Install New Voice Recording System for North Lincolnshire Council
North Lincolnshire Council recently selected Sinclair Voicenet, a provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions, to install a NICE voice recording system designed to help capture, manage and store calls for two different departments.
VPI Empower Suite Now Rated Avaya Compliant
VPI, a provider contact center performance analytics and compliance recording solutions, recently announced that the latest version of its VPI Empower Suite is now officially certified as Avaya Compliant. VPI is a dedicated Avaya DevConnect Gold Partner and is eligible to submit its products for compatibility testing by the Avaya Solution Interoperability and Test Lab. Avaya engineers develop comprehensive test plans for each product to verify whether they are Avaya compliant.
Altitude Announces Enhancements to Real-time Analytics Solution
Altitude Software, a provider of unified customer interaction solutions, recently announced the availability of new performance management features in Altitude uCI 8, the latest major release of the company's customer interaction management suite.
Third-Party Remote Call Center Monitoring Can Help Pinpoint Upselling and Cross-Selling Best Practices
If you run or manage a contact center, you know at least one universal truth: Some agents are simply better at pleasing customers and getting them to spend more than others. While you may have a number of agents that do an acceptable job and cover all the bases, they can't quite replicate the magic that these super agents seem to have. You may have tried to determine what it is that these agents do that average agents don't, but it's often not easy to pinpoint these qualities.
Keeping a Cool Head During a Customer Service Disaster
When a public relations disaster occurs, it's important for companies to sit down, clear their heads and offer a reasoned, coherent and responsible recovery that is deployed consistently enterprise-wide. In other words, picking up your smartphone and sending out a bunch of angry, ranting Tweets before your blood pressure has returned to normal is probably not a great idea.
Jabra Announces the Launch of BIZ 2300
Jabra, a provider of hands-free communication equipment and solutions, recently announced the launch of its much-awaited Jabra BIZ 2300 range of headsets, designed to meet the ever changing needs of the modern-day contact center. The new headsets are said to enhance noise cancellation by 50 percent while being 20 percent lighter than other competitive products. In addition, Kevlar cords make them highly durable.
Meet the Customer Expectation Challenge with Call Monitoring
The 2013 Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI) has been released, and the results are not good. CFI Group's seventh annual customer satisfaction report found that customer satisfaction with company contact centers have dropped just over 10 percent since 2012, with a score of 69 out of 100. This is in stark contrast to the record high of 77 just a year before, and the lowest rating since the CCSI began.
HireIQ Chosen by DependableIT to Enhance Its Recruitment and Hiring
HireIQ Solutions, a provider of innovative analytics and virtual talent acquisition software, recently announced that its InterviewIQ virtual interviewing solution has been deployed by DependableIT, an operator of a 15-year-old contact center, to screen technical support professionals. HireIQ's innovative digital interviewing and predictive analytics applications are designed to help companies make better hiring decisions reduce the critical time-to-fill interval, lower recruiting costs, and increase employee retention and performance. HireIQ Solutions are specialist providers of innovative analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions.
Broadcast Your Quality: Accreditation and Third-Party Monitoring Benefit BPO Providers
For companies running their own internal contact centers, the necessity of seeking third-party accreditation or quality monitoring may not seem terribly important. For companies hoping to sell their services in customer support or help desk functionality, it's a different story.
Lone Star Customer Service Stays Bright During Freezing Winter Weather
Texas, the Lone Star state, isn't normally affected much by severe winter weather. Nevertheless, it had a rare taste of it late last month when freezing rain, snow and plummeting temperatures whipped across the state. Schools were closed and business shut down. But, the Houston-based logistics and fulfillment company Zoyto remained unfazed and work went on as usual thanks to Bright Pattern's next generation virtual contact center solution, Service Pattern.
Join the Quality Monitoring Renaissance
Today's customers are more demanding than ever. In an era of mobility and social media, they have come to expect highly-personalized, near immediate responses to their questions and complaints across any and every channel they choose. In fact, a recent study conducted by Omnibus Research found that consumer patience has shrunk from an average of 10 days a generation ago to an average of just 10 minutes. Contact centers have thus been placed in an increasingly difficult position as they try to keep their agents up to the task.
Market Force Releases KnowledgeForceSM Customer Intelligence Platform
In an effort to help consumer-facing businesses offer an enhanced customer experience, Market Force Information, a provider of customer intelligence solutions, announced the official launch and general availability of KnowledgeForceSM, a customer intelligence platform designed to allow users to spend more time fixing customers' problems and less time finding them.
3CLogic Announces Channel Partnership with Interplay Analytics
3CLogic, a contact center solution hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), has recently announced a channel partnership with Interplay Analytics, a consulting firm that seeks to help organizations improve contact center performance and customer service. Through this technology partnership, called Interplay3c, organizations will both reap the benefits of AWS cloud and leverage inbound, outbound and integrated contact center solutions. Furthermore, clients will be able to access the contact center consulting and research services of Interplay Analytics.
SDL Launches SDL Customer Experience Cloud
SDL, a provider of customer experience management and analytics solutions, announced it has launched its SDL Customer Experience Cloud, a unified suite of offerings designed to help marketers create and deliver personalized customer experience across multiple channels, devices and languages.
Adjusting to the New Business Norm Means Treating Customers Like People
A business needs to start thinking like a human, not like a corporation, if it is going to win the next round of business evolution. The technology exists now to make the connection between consumer and business much tighter and personalized, and consumers are now informed enough to know it. In fact, they expect it.
ASC Partners with Sinclair Voicenet
ASC has entered into a partnership with Sinclair Voicenet. This partnership looks to help both companies increase their market share and enhance their portfolio of solutions. Under this partnership, both companies will target small and medium contact center agencies that have about 200 seats.
BenchmarkPortal Certifies Wolters Kluwer's Contact Center as Center of Excellence
BenchmarkPortal recently announced that the company has certified Wolters Kluwer Financial Services' Customer Contact Center as Center of Excellence. The certification was earned after a thorough comparison of the company's operational metrics against similar metrics of peers and major competitors through BenchmarkPortal's global database for consolidating contact center metrics. Subject matter experts from BenchmarkPortal then reviewed and audited the key data, determining the contact center's qualification for the Center of Excellence certification..
Quality Monitoring Helps Prevents Losses from Bad Customer Service
Lousy customer service is one of the plagues of modern existence. It involves spending endless hours each year, waiting on hold, or being transferred from department to department or individual to individual. Chances are, just when you think your problem has been solved, next month's bill arrives and there it is: the same mistake. So you pick up the phone again, call again, and vow never to do business with that company in the future.
6 Things Your Call Center Must Include
In today's connected world of smartphones, social media, text messaging, and Web browsing, customers have never been more vocal - and ears have never been more willing to listen. Contact centers thus may feel lost in the sea of new digital customer touchpoints and interaction avenues.
Temkin Group Honors Oracle with 2013 Customer Experience Excellence Award
Temkin Group, a market research and consulting firm that helps organizations accelerate customer experience transformation, has recently honored Oracle with its 2013 Customer Experience Excellence Award (CxE).
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: ForeSee's 2013 Shopping Trends
Christmas is "the most wonderful time of the year," or it is until the time to shop for gifts arrives. But if it seems like online shopping has reduced you to an abominable snowman fighting a blizzard of shipping fees and help centers, take solace - the ForeSee end-of-year survey has proven you aren't alone.
Vehicle Protection Association Against Unethical Vehicle Service Contract Call Center Practices
An initiative from Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) now comes as relief to thousands of customers who have been affected by the unethical practices followed by some of the vehicle service contract call centers in the country.
Perspective Group Adds CustomerCount Surveys to Its INTUITION Brand Marketing Service
Customer communication is a vital component to the success of any business. Understanding this, Perspective Group, a PR and multimedia company globally for the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, has recently added CustomerCount online surveys to its INTUITION Brand Marketing Service.
The Contact Center is About R&D, Not Just Customer Care
Many brands see their customer service operations as part of the cost of doing business, but this is a mistake. Customer service operations definitely exist to help customers with their needs, whether it is handling a problem or helping with a product. But assisting the customer is only half of the job for the contact center. Equally important is the feedback that comes from customer interactions.
BenchmarkPortal Announces Deadline for Entering 2014 Top 100 Call Center Contest
BenchmarkPortal, a call center consulting services group, has announced that the entry deadline for its 2014 Top 100 Call Center contest is January 31, 2014. To participate in the contest, participants must complete the company's 16-KPI call center benchmarking survey. They are expected to submit performance data on key operating metrics such as abandonment rate, hold time and average call time.
Serve Your Customers Better with Robust Call Monitoring
For years, the contact center has been considered a necessary evil. No one wants to build and staff a contact center - it's expensive and time-consuming. Yet, since customers expect support, there is no way to avoid it.
AudioCodes SmartWORKS PLUS to Enable Call Recording for Calabrio ONE
AudioCodes, a provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies, announced that Calabrio, a provider of workforce optimization solutions, has implemented AudioCodes SmartWORKS PLUS to expand call recording capabilities in Calabrio ONE.
Measure Call Center Metrics that Serve the Customer, Not the Call Center
Most contact centers measure something. It might be average handle time, it might be service levels, or it might be something else. Generally, however, companies measure things that are important to contact center…not the customer. Customers don't care about average handle time; they simply want their problems solved.
Cultural Differences Define Trends for Lodging Complaints
Consumers always have something to complain about; they did it yesterday, do it today and will continue to do it tomorrow. But, the way Britons deal with complaints seems to be at variance with how Americans tackle theirs - two different cultures of complaint.
Do You Need 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring During the Holidays?
Delivering on higher levels of customer service is a challenge when tensions are high. This is especially true during the holiday season when the call center is inundated with customers seeking help. While agents are scrambling to deliver on expectations, customers are building brand perceptions based on holiday treatment. Can 3rd party remote call monitoring help?
Together Housing Group Deploys intelligentDesktop Contact Center Solution from mplsystems
Together Housing Group, a provider of affordable rented homes across the North of England, has selected the intelligentDesktop solution from mplsystems to optimize customer service operations across its five contact centers.
Customers Want Contact Centers to Understand the Context of Their Prior Interactions
What's the most important criterion of a great customer experience? Is it a knowledgeable agent? A fast pick-up of the call or Web chat session? A positive outcome for the customer? While all these factors may play a role, new research suggests that the single most important element of a great customer experience is an agent who understands the context of the customer's call or other contact.
Creating Customer Roadmaps - The Key to Limiting Churn?
What is the barometer of success for a company - growth, profits, productivity? All that and more perhaps, but the bottom line is that the company's customers are the ones that determine and define its health. Hence, customers need to stick around; and to prevent churn, they need to be happy. This is where analyzing and understanding customer journeys could be of great use.
Utility Companies Are Increasingly at Risk of Customer Churn from Poor Quality Customer Service
Let's face it: the importance of a company's need to provide high quality customer service varies by industry. If you're selling a commodity - books and DVDS, for example, or clothing - you had best knock customers' socks off with the quality of customer service you provide. It's simply too easy for customers to go elsewhere. If you're an electric company, on the other hand, you know customers don't have much of a choice. It's tempting to cut corners in customer support in order to save money. After all…what are people going to do: live in the dark if they don't like your service?
Putting Together the Complex Puzzle that is Customer Engagement with Call Monitoring
As companies today look for ways to broaden profit margins and boost efficiency, many have turned to the idea of employee engagement for help. Recent studies have found that one in seven American workers is either actively disengaged from, or neutral toward, his or her job, shocking boardrooms across the nation. It's obvious, even to those without management backgrounds, that employees who don't care about their jobs aren't going to help a company light its industry on fire.
U.K. Telecom Operator to Benefit from Eckoh's Speech Recognition Apps
Running contact centers smoothly is a challenge; and in this digital era of social media, mobile devices and multichannel interactions, the task is even harder. Hence, it becomes incumbent on businesses to replace legacy touchstone systems with intelligent call routing service applications that will simplify the customer experience and also deliver more in the bargain.
The Pros and Cons of Offshore Call Center Outsourcing
The outsourcing debate - it's one that continues to concentrate its force in a number of industries, especially the call center arena. For a number of years, the favored strategy was to outsource the customer service division to an outsourcer overseas to greatly reduce the cost of customer interactions. When 3rd party remote call monitoring was applied to check for quality performance - the desired outcome was not always there.
ALLNET to Distribute VXi Headsets in Europe
VXi Corporation, a manufacturer of telephone headsets, announced that it has signed an agreement with ALLNET, a German distributor of information technology and unified communications products, under which ALLNET will now distribute all of VXi's products.
CardWorks Servicing Deploys Noble Systems' Enterprise Contact Center Platform
In an effort to bolster the management and performance of customer contact center activities, CardWorks Servicing, LLC, a privately held servicer of bankcard card products, has deployed contact center technology from Noble Systems, a provider of unified contact center technology solutions.
Report Finds Most Contact Centers Quality Monitoring Isn't Immediate Enough to Improve Operations
Most companies today do some kind of quality monitoring in their communications. Whether it's recording sales calls or customer service calls (or both), there are few companies with more than just a handful of employees that don't monitor, at least to some extent.
Cincinnati Bell Selects CTI Group's Hosted SmartRecord to Complement BroadWorks Solution
CTI Group, a provider of carrier-grade telecommunications solutions for fixed, mobile and converged communications, announced it has been selected by Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS) to move its call recording to the cloud.
Boosting Agent Retention is a Win for the Call Center and Its Customers
It's no secret that attrition in the call center industry is high. Across the entire call center industry, agent attrition averages about 30 percent each year, with some companies reporting turnover rates that exceed 100 percent. It's one of the biggest problems facing the contact center industry: such high turnover is expensive, and it costs contact centers a great deal of money to continually recruit, hire and train agents.
How to Overcome Objections to 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Does call recording make you nervous? Are you more likely to hold your tongue if you know the call is being recorded? If you're calling a company because you are upset with their lack of response or the way they have handled a situation, the answer is likely to be no to both questions. If you're the agent on the other end of the line, however, that monitoring could mean the difference between comfortable employment and reprimand.
CRMnext Enhances Its Smart SLA Management Functionality
Customer Relationship Management product company CRMnext is aiming to help customer service and sales teams keep their commitments to customers by enhancing its smart SLA Management functionality.
Town of Bay Harbor Utilizes Call Recording to Better Serve Community Members
The Town of Bay Harbor in Florida announced that it has recently implemented a customized Oaisys Tracer and Talkument call recording solution from TelOnline, a provider of specialized telephony solutions, for its call center management capabilities. The solutions will be used by the Town of Bay Harbor authorities to store, play back and review their telephone calls.
Best Practices for Customer Surveying
Customer surveying is one of those concepts that most organizations agree is a great idea, yet a minority of them actually engage in it. Talking to one's customers to find out their likes, dislikes, wishes and preferences is one of the best ways to ensure that you're delivering the highest possible quality customer service. Many organizations assume they are providing acceptable service, and are shocked to find that customers believe it to be sub-par.
Things Will Go Wrong, but You Can Still Do Right By the Customer
Perfection is a state of flawlessness that simply doesn't exist. We can all get pretty close to perfect, but the fact of the matter is, there will be errors, defects and mistakes, and that is certainly true if you're a business providing a service or product.
DKSH Malaysia Selects Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
DKSH Malaysia, a Market Expansion Services provider, recently announced that it has selected the Unified Contact Center Express solution from Cisco to streamline contact center management and processes for DKSH agents in Business Unit Healthcare.
Contact Center Quality Starts with Complaint Resolution
What makes a high-quality contact center? Is it their technology? Is it their customer support personnel? While both of these things play an important role, it's obviously the quality of customer support that makes a great contact center. And what this feature often has at its core is how the contact center handles complaints.
Survey Reveals Consumers in the UK Waste Two Days Each Year Due to Repeated Complaints
New research for KANA Software has revealed that each year consumers in the UK sacrifice the equivalent of 2 full days by having to repeat themselves to different call center staff to get their issue resolved.
The Right Touch: Managers That Can Motivate Agents Build Successful Call Centers
Building a well-run contact center is both an art and a science. It's a science because it depends on technology, by and large, to communicate with customers through a variety of media, and provide agents the information they require to complete customer calls. It's an art because a lot of the success in the contact center business involves recruiting the right agents, training them and motivating them. There is no way to master this latter process from a technology manual or an FAQ list. It's a touch that some managers have, and some simply don't.
65 Percent of Brits Have Been Rude to a Call Center Agent at Least Once
Aspect Software recently released a new report which reveals that 65 percent of Brits have been rude on the phone at least once when interacting with a call center. The report also revealed that those under 35 hailing from the North of Scotland were most likely to be among the most patient people within the UK when it came to customer service interactions.
How 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Can Help Agents Determine the Mood of the Caller
How easy is it to determine the mood of the person on the other end of the conversation? For any married man, just the tone and pitch of his wife's voice gives him some insight into what he should expect for the rest of the day. For those who are not involved in an intimate relationship, however, picking up on such cues may be a little more difficult. Companies that offer 3rd party remote call monitoring, however, have discovered some easy tells.
Call Centers Should Help Customers Escape 'On-Hold Pain', Says Aspect Software
Call center interactions are not always that exciting; and for many us, the experience has been frustrating, having to hold the line for a long time or deal with inexperienced agents who are not able to address our issues in an efficient manner. All of this affects the productivity of a caller.
Loyalty Requires Consistent Agent Performance
For years I used a commercial printing company that did not offer the lowest price. I did so knowingly.
GetApp Reviews Deskero, a Social Customer Service App, and Awards Maximum Rating
In today's competitive economy, it is crucial for businesses to come up with customer service strategies that will allow them to retain their customers and keep their business ahead of the competition. "Traditional" customer service strategies are not enough; companies must adopt "modern" customer service strategies that could generate feelings of confidence about the company in a consumer's heart.
Intelemedia Upgrades its Analytical Reporting Service
The best businesses use detailed data analytics to make real time decisions about teleservices staffing, media buys, customer experience, sales projections and more. The more detailed the data, the more actionable it becomes to for decision makers.
How to Build Customer Rapport
Agents have an important job to do in the call center - manage customer interactions. Sometimes that means answering a simple question, while on other occasions it may mean spending the time solving a bigger problem. If solving that problem can lead to a sales opportunity, building rapport with the customer is critical.
Customer Service Increasingly Important in Healthcare as Reforms Implemented
As health insurance exchanges begin to open nationwide as a result of recent changes in the U.S. health-care sector, customer service technologies - particularly call monitoring solutions - have never been more appropriate for the industry.
DMV.us.org Launches Campaign to Review Customer Service Standards
DMV.us.org, an organization that provides driving records to commuters all over the United States, has announced its plans to start a campaign to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current customer service standards.
Even the Feds Want Better Customer Service
A recent bipartisan bill passed via the House aims to improve the customer service of federal agencies. Yes, even the feds are looking to improve upon their customer service.
Continental Service Group Selects Nexidia Interaction Analytics
Continental Service Group, Inc. (ConServe), a provider of accounts receivable management services in the higher education, government, and commercial markets, has chosen Nexidia Interaction Analytics, a provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, to better manage collector performance while keeping up with federal compliance regulations and delivering exceptional customer service.
Liquid Voice Launches Upgraded Version Of Enterprise Call Recording Solution
Liquid Voice, a UK-based developer of software solutions for call recording and business analytics, recently launched the upgraded version of its Enterprise Call Recording solution for real time consolidation of speech recognition, dashboard reporting and associated analytics. The new version includes options to integrate the platform with AVAYA's voice recognition engine and an additional feature to identify user programmable phrases.
Does Culture Affect the Customer Experience?
The idea of great customer service means different things to different people. One individual on the phone may find any kind of wait time unacceptable, while the next individual may accept it as part of the process. Another consumer may insist on personalized service, while the next one may feel the personalized approach is an invasion of privacy. Who's right? They all are.
Enacomm, Call Analytics Roll Out Latest Solution for Customer Call Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting
Enacomm, a provider of voice processing infrastructure and solutions for the call center industry, has partnered with Call Analytics, a provider of software applications that analyze the self-service caller experience, to launch the latest version of Virtual Interactive Analyst (ViA).
Uncovering the Negative Language in Your Contact Center
Though we may not be fully conscious of it all the time, language has a powerful affect on our moods and preferences. In the call center, it's easy to go wrong with a customer simply by using a poor choice of words. Forward-thinking contact centers call this "negative language."
CDS Global Extends Partnership with Rodale
CDS Global, a company that offers end-to-end business process outsourcing solutions, recently extended its partnership with Rodale, publisher of health and wellness lifestyle magazines, to include customer service for the publisher's brands.
How 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Can Help Create a Positive Culture
In the call center environment, there is consistent talk regarding the importance of the customer experience. It often serves as the priority focus in training and coaching sessions, as the customer is the main source of revenue. What can't be overlooked, however, is the benefit such a culture creates for the agent base.
Surveys Serve as Next Logical Step in 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
The performance of the call center is often top of mind for company leaders, as this constant drain on resources must be delivering the anticipated value. This is especially true if the call center does not generate revenues directly. Agents interacting with clients can impact revenue generation, however and must deliver the anticipated quality experience. Failure to do so is easily captured with 3rd party remote call monitoring.
LiveOps' "Power to Delight" Advertising Campaign Kicks Off
LiveOps, a provider of cloud contact center and customer service solutions, has launched an integrated national advertising campaign. Starting this week in North America, the campaign will run through the end of the year.
Stay Monitored for Customer Satisfaction
There is truth in the saying "you can't please everyone," but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try, especially when it comes to your customers. An annoyed or inconvenienced customer can spell bad news for business, which means it's vital to keep them satisfied. One of the best ways to do that is through proper monitoring services, to ensure that agents are providing the best help, and customers get quick and effective results.
The Power of Customer Interaction Analytics
Customer service is an extremely powerful market differentiation tool. Studies have shown that whether or not a customer returns to a particular business hinges largely on the customer experience. A poor customer experience results not only in the loss of a future customer, but other customers as well, as brand detractors are likely to share their negative experience to friends, family, and the general public. That is why it is so important for businesses to harness customer interaction analytics tools.
Listening to Your Customers Helps You Build More Promoters and Fewer Detractors
Successful businesses strive to build a lot of things: impressive infrastructures, a strong marketing program, a good product or service. One thing the most successful companies build, however, is more net promoters among their customers.
Steps to Improving the Customer Experience
The customer experience - it's what the call center should be all about; but it often gets left as an afterthought when key performance indicators are focused on call handling time and number of right contacts in an hour. When customer service forms the foundation for the culture, however, the call center has an opportunity to create a whole new and satisfying experience for the user. 3rd party remote call monitoring often plays a role, offering the organization the opportunity to capture the customer's experience with a bird's eye view.
Measure Jargon with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Jargon - it's something that every industry has and every customer tends to abhor. If industry insiders want to have their own language, they need to keep it among the natives. Those of us on the outside are left to feel as if we really are on the outside and don't matter to those on the other end of the line. If this is the perception created in the call center, the chance of pushing away the customer is great.
Best Practices for Managing the Quality Interaction in the Call Center
Managing the customer interaction experience is the primary focus of the call center environment. How that interaction is managed is often the deciding factor when a customer chooses to either continue doing business with that brand, or moving on to the competition. Best practices suggest a focus on the former, protecting a loyal customer base and managing effective interactions.
Customer Service is More Important than You Think
Common wisdom would suggest that although customer service is important, it is not usually the deciding factor for consumers when it comes to choosing a product. Price, naturally, is the ultimate influence. However, a new survey conducted by CreditDonkey, released this week, demonstrates that customer service plays a much larger role than common wisdom would otherwise dictate.
You've Determined Your Net Promoter Score. Now What?
Do you know what your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is? While customer support organizations track a lot of metrics, this one is generally used by only the most cutting edge of companies. It's the rate at which customers share their positive opinions about your feedback with others: colleagues, friends and social media contracts. It helps you understand how your customers feel about the products or services you provide.
Is Time Really Money? Call Monitoring and Cost Per Call
To many people, the customer experience is an ambiguous, subjective concept. In a way, they are right. However, there are various ways to try to quantify this idea, and call centers have focused on a number of metrics to try to nail down exactly what needs to be done to improve customer service.
Healthcare, Insurance and the Customer Experience - They Can All Get Better with Monitoring
When we talk about quality customer service, we often think in terms of the local retail store, the consumer goods call center or the restaurant where we get our favorite meal. But what about the healthcare industry - does it matter whether or not your healthcare provider handles your case with the right level of customer care?
Effective Customer Engagement Requires Robust Quality Monitoring
The world is more technologically complex than it used to be, particularly when it comes to customer support. Once upon a time, when you sold a customer a television, for example, all the customer had to do was plug it in, adjust the antenna, and turn it on. Today, the home entertainment system nearly requires a Master's degree in engineering to get working properly and maintain. The same goes for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and even kitchen gadgets and appliances. This has upped the ante for customer support centers when it comes to the knowledge and skill of their employees.
Why 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring is in High Demand
Every company claims that customer satisfaction is a priority, but how many actually make the important investments to ensure customers are actually satisfied? How many times have you called into a large company call center, received the recording that your call is very important to them and at the end of the interaction, you felt you were anything but important?
Internet Service Providers Rank Lowest in Customer Satisfaction Ratings
The American Customer Satisfaction Index has released its quarterly update on U.S overall customer satisfaction, which examines the implications of new customer satisfaction benchmarks for top U.S companies in a variety data, voice, and video service industries. It turns out that Broadband Internet Service Providers have the lowest customer satisfaction ranking of any industry in America.
Improve Your First Call Resolution Rate with Call Monitoring
The benefits of a highly satisfied customer are considerable. Recent consumer research and plenty of case studies have shown that poor customer service drives away business, while good customer service spurs greater spending and return visits. What, then, can call center managers look to assess performance and make positive change?
'Pick Up the Pace; Somebody's Watching!'
Third- party remote call monitoring is a great way to obtain actionable feedback on the performance of your call center agents. Sampling live calls and measuring agent-customer interactions against specific standards set forth by expert analysts is a fantastic way to ensure that your staff is creating the best customer experience possible. In fact, data and reports generated from 3rd party remote call monitoring has been shown to have tangible monetary benefits for companies that choose to leverage it.
Contact Centers Need to Watch Their Step When it Comes to State Call Recording Laws
If your contact center is like 99 percent of contact centers, you record or monitor at least some of your calls. You may have different reasons for it: to do agent evaluations, to train new agents, to keep agents on their toes or simply to resolve "he said, she said" situations. Alternatively, you may be in an industry that requires all calls to be recorded and kept, like financial services.
Are You Providing "Zombie Customer Service"?
If you don't collect customer feedback in your call center, how do you know you're getting it right? The answer is: you don't. A new term for doing the same thing day after day without soliciting opinions from customers has a new name: it's called "Zombie Customer Service."
Effective Call Monitoring Can Lead to Tangible Monetary Benefits
Recently, TMCnet listed the ways in which call monitoring can benefit your business. It turns out there is now concrete evidence to support these claims.
Do We Need Call Recording Disclosures Any Longer?
It is well understood that in most situations, it is ethical if not also legally necessary, to inform callers that they are being recorded during a call. That's why contact centers that record customer calls inform the caller that the call may be recorded.
The Business Benefits of Call Monitoring
Call monitoring provides businesses of all kinds with data, trends and actionable items that can be used to help guide daily operational activities. In the call center this type of scoring and feedback can help increase the performance of the agent and customer service experience.
BPA Provides an In-depth Look into its Training the Trainer Programs
While most call center training programs focus on training the agents, BPA has found that it is even more important to train the technical staff who will be working with the agents.
Every Call Center Needs BPA's Remote Call Monitoring
Remote Call Monitoring is a hot topic in the call center industry, as it gives businesses unbiased, transparent and objective reviews on each call. This is vital to understanding an agent's performance level and each individual customer experience, which is what defines the call center industry: one on one interaction between the caller and agent.
Advanced Monitoring Expected to Improve Customer Experiences
The availability of powerful, next-generation visualized monitoring tools could greatly improve experiences across all customer touch points. Kolmisoft plans to fully integrate billing software MOR and 5gVision, an advanced VoIP and SNMP monitoring system, to enable this capability.
MortgageSAT Revolutionizes Customer Satisfaction Measurement
The MortgageSAT, a customer survey and analytics solution designed to capture consumer feedback, is now available from the STRATMOR Group, in partnership with the GFI Group. This innovative tool will allow lenders to measure and respond to the satisfaction of its borrowers.
LogMyCalls Offers an Affordable Outbound Recording Solution
Capturing outbound calls gives organizations a tool for monitoring the performance of their employees, marketing campaigns and company and public compliance while they are on the phone.
How 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Relates to Social Media
As much money as companies spend time developing a brand and pushing specific messaging out to the target market, it would stand to reason that consumers would form a perception of that brand. If the call center in place to support issues or service questions does not deliver on the value of that brand during customer interactions, that perception is quickly tainted.
The Importance of Monitoring Social Media
Call recording is an essential tool for call centers that want to provide their customers with top-notch quality care. With such capabilities in hand, organizations are able to provide feedback about agents and supervisors based on live or recorded calls and measure the customer interaction based on their individual criteria. This monitoring process will help call center's increase their agent efficiency and optimize the workforce by managing their performance levels, creating satisfactory customer experiences across the board.
Free Video Call Recorder for Skype
There is so much data in the world, and if analyzed properly it can be used to help any industry predict growth levels and trends that could ultimately increase revenue and productivity levels.
InsightSPI Announces Debut of Business Analytics Solution for Oracle
InsightSPI, a specialist provider of business analytics and business intelligence solutions, has launched Insight for Oracle EBS, a configurable packaged solution for Oracle ERP users.
How Speech Analytics is Changing the Call Center
Although text - in terms of social media, e-mail and online chat rooms - have added yet another layer of intricacy to customer service, voice is still the most important factor a part of understanding customer experience in call centers. All of this data, if effectively measure and analyzed, can provide organizations with the utmost metric tools to measure almost any part of their contact stream. To achieve such customer experience analytical levels CUnet, a provider of postsecondary education market, has chosen Callminer's speech analytics software to make sure that its affiliates are efficiently representing its client brands.
CallCopy Updates its WFM Suite
For the call center industry, the most important aspect is making sure that customers are satisfied, which is why workforce optimization (WFO) solutions are essential. Features like call recording and speech analytics are some of the best recommended tips for supervisors who are looking to train and monitor their agents, as it gives them them the ability to playback conversations between customers.
Truphone Mobile Call Recording Helps Financial Institutions
As the mobility trend surges on the market, it is vital that companies create products and solutions that incorporate mobile capabilities, and thanks to BYOD, especially if they are work-related. Providers have begun creating communication solutions and software for mobile devices that they are being used for occasions that require security and privacy, like call recording.
How Call Centers Can Use WFO Solutions to Enhance Customer Service
In any industry, the most important aspect is making sure that its customers are satisfied, whether it is for a retail service, contact center or VoIP provider, the customer experience is the most vital part of having a successful business, which is why workforce optimization (WFO) solutions are essential.
Mobile Devices in the Call Center
The most important aspect for any type of business to succeed - whether it's in retail, hospitality or the medical sector, for example - is for the consumer to receive the best quality customer service care, especially when communicating over the telephone. If supplied with a mobile device, these agents are essentially equipped with instant access to unlimited information, and when applied correctly, has the potential to find a solution to whatever issue at hand, literally.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Specialist BPA Hires New Vice President
Although the entire world is still recovering from a devastating economic depression that has left many people jobless, the recent surge in contact centre development has begun to produce solutions to one of the largest issues at hand: employment.
A High Quality Customer Experience Comes from Symbiosis between Marketing and the Call Center
In an era in which budgets are shrinking but call centers are expected to improve the quality of multichannel customer service for ever more demanding customers - customers who are now used to instant resolution of problems and take to social media to air their complaints to hundreds or thousands of friends - the pressure on customer service organizations is growing.
Munich-Based ANDTEK Enters Agreement with Value-Added Distributor CCMENA
Munich-based unified communications specialist, ANDTEK GmbH, has entered into an agreement with value added distributor, "CCMENA" Dubai, according to a report in AMEinfo.com. CCMENA will now represent ANDTEK in the Middle East and North Africa, in a pact to help ANDTEK significantly strengthen its presence in the this region of the world.
How 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Contributes to a Customer-Centric Contact Center
It would be easy to assume that the customer-centric approach is standard in the contact center as this industry is focused on customer service. But without making this strategy a priority, the activities in the contact center may be fully focused on the initiatives of the center or the organization and not the customer experience. To achieve real success, the center needs to be focused on the latter, measuring what really matters when it comes to the optimal customer interaction.
NexxLinx Announces Outcome-Based Routing
NexxPhase, contact center technology subsidiary of NexxLinx, has introduced Outcome-Based routing, bringing technology in alignment by having the best-skilled agent handling the most important transaction.
Mobile Customer Service is the Future, But Not Every Contact Center is Ready
Customer service is on the move. Not just are customer expectations changing, but the customer himself literally is mobile in many cases.
Hitting the Right Call Center Metrics Starts with Training and Motivating Agents
Most call centers - even small ones - keep track of their metrics. Things like average handle time, hold time, idle time, service level adherence and first-call resolution can help a call center understand where it needs work and can lead to better operations and improved customer relationships.
Abercrombie & Kent Teams ip with Red Box Recorders
Abercrombie & Kent, tailor made and luxury holiday specialist, has selected Red Box Recorders, the voice and data recording specialist, to implement an advanced call recording solution at the company's central contact center in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
CSI's Virtual Observer Call Insight Speech Analytics Implemented in ACSI Headquarters Contact Center
Coordinated Systems' Virtual Observer Call Insight Speech Analytics has been implemented in Automated Collection Services, Inc. (ACSI) headquarters contact center.
Can 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Help You Dominate the Market?
The customer service team has an important task: to deliver the best possible customer experience. If members of this team do not know where they are in the lifecycle of the customer, it is that much harder to create the desired experience. Fortunately, 3rd party remote call monitoring from companies like BPA can help in the process.
Third-Party Collections Company FBCS Opens Second Call Center
Business is booming in the collections industry, and many third-party collections agencies are finding themselves in a position to expand operations. The latest is FBCS, Inc., which has announced the opening of its second call center in Cape May, New Jersey.
World Travel Holdings Picks Fonolo Service for its Cruises.com Customers
Fonolo is a company specializing in cloud-based solutions that improve the way call centers interact with their customers by replacing hold time with a call-back. Fonolo's cloud-based call-back service provides a convenient and intuitive interface for callers and a secure, seamless process for call center agents.
Nexidia to Exhibit at DBA International Annual Conference
Nexidia to Exhibit at DBA International Annual Conference
SpectorSoft Releases New Version of SPECTOR 360
Provider of employee monitoring solutions SpectorSoft Corp. has announced the availability of SPECTOR 360 7.5, a corporate user activity monitoring solution
Third-Party Call Monitoring Is Where Smart Call Centers Turn to Ensure Quality
Smart organizations today know that their most important asset is their customers. For this reason, the first touch point of the customer - the call center - is critically important, and if a company doesn't maintain quality there, it can be presumed it doesn't maintain quality anywhere.
Think Customer Frustration Has Nothing to do with Jargon, Culture and Tone? Think Again
The call center is one location where jargon is common. Managers want to measure FCR, the IT department manages the backend of the ACD and customers often complete specific steps of the transaction by way of the IVR. While these acronyms are common in the call center setting, customers don't understand the terminology and -- for the most part -- don't care.
Trident Leverages Virtual Observer to Provide Necessary Information for Making Informed Decision
Trident has said that it has discovered Coordinated Systems' (CSI) Virtual Observer (VO), an emerging call recording and quality monitoring solution, to prove that it provides -- or in some cases does not -- the necessary information for the customer to make an informed decision.
Telax Increases Security Options for PCI Compliance
The Telax Hosted Call Center has received some pretty significant enhancements that will provide increased security options for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance on the cloud-based contact center software.
Vocalocity's Call Monitoring Wins INTERNET TELEPHONY's 2012 Product of the Year Award
Vocalocity has won the INTERNET TELEPHONY's 2012 Product of the Year award for Call Monitoring.
Improving Quality in Offshore Call Center Outsourcing with Third-party Monitoring
While the reports in the industry press about the demise of offshore call center outsourcing are plentiful, most industry insiders and analyst agree the issue is overblown. Yes, there have been some notable returns to U.S. shores of formerly offshored call center business. But offshore outsourcing is here to stay, even if the locations change from decade to decade. (See InformationWeek's recent article, "Five Reasons Outsourcing Is Here to Stay.")
BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Takes the Guesswork out of Call Quality
The quality assurance process can sometimes be a bit daunting, and not many companies would attest that it's an easy program to manage. Within the contact center, there's a lot that goes into successful call monitoring. But ensuring consistent, high levels of service doesn't have to make managements' heads spin. In fact, with BPA 3rd party remote call monitoring, it's more like cruising on auto-pilot.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Quality Remains Priority in Face of Tragedy
When Hurricane Sandy set its destructive sights on the East Coast of the United States, many a city was ill prepared for the wrath she would leave in her path. Citizens and businesses throughout the impacted region have not only endured damage to property, but many are still left without power and limited access to things they once took for granted.
Why 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Improves Quality of Experience
The message provided on the call center interaction that assures the customer that the call may be recorded for training and quality control purposes may give the customer pause as he or she wonders if that monitoring actually takes place. For call center organizations seeking to adhere to industry standards or to improve the Quality of Experience (QoE), 3rd party remote call monitoring is essential.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Partners Need PCI Compliance
Believe it or not, even those organizations providing 3rd party remote call monitoring must be PCI compliant. Call centers should always confirm that an outsourcing partner is PCI compliant, or they run the risk of incurring penalties from $5,000 to $100,000 per month. Any company that processes or stores credit card information must be PCI compliant to ensure security breaches are not a probable risk and payment card data is not compromised.
Gain Perspective on Your Call Center Operations from the Outside, Not the Inside
If you run or manage a contact center, you probably think it runs to the best of its abilities. You may believe your customers are getting a good experience, your agents are as happy as they can be, and your operations are relatively efficient.
Call Monitoring Solution Helps Agents Take Ownership of Self-improvement
There are a number of ways to monitor agents in a call center. 3rd party remote call monitoring, for example, allows an independent company to handle agent monitoring, listening to calls, writing reports and making recommendations. This system works well for many call centers, but other companies want their agents to take ownership of their own performance, and would prefer to work the call monitoring procedures into the weekly workflow for agents, as a form of self-assessment.
In Multilingual Call Center Operations, Understanding the Language Isn't Enough
While the call center business has always been challenging, in today's globalized business environment, it has become even trickier. Your customers may speak a dizzying array of languages. While many of your agents may be bilingual, it's likely that you are using outside resources to help cover the languages you simply cannot handle in-house.
Are Your Call Center Agents Using a Negative Tone with Customers?
You run a call center. You've trained your agents, written a stellar script and adopted the latest technology to improve call flows, queuing and customer databases. But your customers are still unhappy with the quality of their interactions.
Why Call Quality Metrics Matter for Remote Call Monitoring
Call centers are a large investment for companies of all sizes. Because it's such a hefty investment, businesses need the assurance that everything is running as smoothly as possible. One surefire way to see results of hard earned investment is implementing a third party remote call monitoring solution. What a third party remote call monitoring solution can provide to call center managers is metrics.
New Contact Center Solution Allows for Agent Monitoring and More
The demands on today's call and contact centers have certainly evolved. In the dynamic world of technology and communications, they require more robust solutions, cloud connectivity and the ability to remotely monitor calls and agents. To meet these changing needs, EvolveIP has created the new Evolved Call Center solution, which allows for all of this functionality and more.
New Report Highlights Risks of Global Business Process Outsourcing
While many companies are finding cost savings in business process outsourcing - indeed, the growth of the global BPO industry attests to this - many industry experts have taken to discussing the risks and urging companies to examine them before making an outsourcing decision.
BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Included in Inc.500|5000 List
BPA International, a provider of 3rd party remote call monitoring software, announced it has been ranked No. 2863 on the 31st annual Inc. 500|5000 list of nation's fastest growing private companies.
BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Protects the Online Customer Experience
Per data conveyed in a recent Monetate infographic, the customer perception of a brand is heavily influenced by their online experience. In fact, 65 percent of those surveyed said that an online experience had led them to rethink their feelings on a particular brand or product, and nearly 90 percent relayed that a bad experience resulted in them taking their business elsewhere.
Marshall Electric Selects QAD On Demand ERP SaaS
QAD Enterprise Applications is a complete suite to support the requirements of manufacturers all over the world. QAD Enterprise Applications includes functional suites, which address business processes.
BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Uses Calibration to Ensure Consistency
When a customer dials in to your contact center, whether it is to place an order, handle a problem, or ask a product question, they expect uniformity in their experience. All experiences are a reflection of your company, no matter what the issue. How do you ensure that each unique call is processed in a consistent manner? BPA 3rd party remote call monitoring can make a difference, and calibration is a big part of that process.
VisayaKPO Finds Success with Interactive Intelligence
Even the newest companies can face challenges that require an overhaul of one form or another. Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing Corporation (VisayaKPO) saw this happen after only two years in operation. The company's focus is on the contact center and business process needs of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The challenge, however, was that VisayaKPO was using a contact center with limited tools and features and was quickly outgrowing the hosted solution.
ZL Technologies Unified Archive - a Universal Solution for Unstructured Data?
The big data explosion has enterprises scurrying to find ways to use unstructured content to their competitive advantage. Although organizations are aware that 'big data is big business,' it is indeed worrisome that organizations are unable to effectively tap these new resources.
Fourth Completes Acquisition of US-Based Adaco Inc.
Fourth, a premier provider of completely integrated cloud-based solutions for the hospitality industry, has successfully acquired Adaco Inc. a major supplier of SaaS based purchasing and inventory control solutions to the hotel sector in the US and other countries.
GlobalWise Reports a Rise in the Number of Installed eDocs
GlobalWise Investments, Inc. and its ancillary, Intellinetics, Inc recently reported an increased number of installations of their eDocs platform. The eDocs platform, which was developed by GlobalWise in association with Sycle.net, has turned out to be very popular in audiology clinics.
Gartner Names Xerox Help Desk as an Outsourcing Leader in Magic Quadrant Report
Xerox provides training and support for the customers' internal Help Desk to keep their troubleshooting centralized and get them back on track faster. Priority access to the company study senior support specialists means that they are ready to help solve the issue quickly, even when things become more complex.
Important Information in IT Tickets
No doubt you've had to call the IT Help desk at least once or twice during the course of your career. Perhaps you even work for one, and help other people who call in daily with the oddest problems. Either way, you should know the importance of ticket data. It keeps records of the conversation, noting problems and attempted resolutions to pass the information on to management and other agents. As such, it's vital that they be filled out accurately.
OAISY's Talkument and Tracer Solutions Integrated with Toshiba's IPedge IP
OAISYS has announced the enhanced integration of its Talkument and Tracer call recording solutions with Toshiba's IPedge IP business telephone system.
Why 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring is a Good Idea
Agents are potentially the most valuable asset within the call center environment. At the same time, these individuals can also cause the most damage when they fail to deliver the right customer experience. Properly training agents for the successful call center demands 3rd party remote call monitoring. Fortunately, BPA offers agent monitoring to easily identify areas where agents shine and where they may need a bit more coaching.
Why You Should Outsource Your Call Monitoring
Outsourcing comes with many advantages when it comes to the call center. When it comes to call monitoring, outsourcing has its benefits in addition to the many that come with relying on a third party to handle specific services, such as cost and efficiency savings as well as reduced overhead.
TantaComm's New Platform Provides 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Capabilities
Call centers are important touch points for customer engagement and now, when the voice of the customer is louder than ever, it is important to have call center agents that are responsive and well trained. One of the best ways to improve agent communication is to keep track of their calls using 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions. One company that has released a new solution to help call centers monitor agent performance is TantaComm.
Help Your Contact Center Agents Boost Their Listening Skills
Most call centers strive to keep their average handle time down. But while they do that, they also have a mandate to minimize errors, keep customer satisfaction high and maximize benefits from every transaction. So how do you do all these things? Isn't it counter-intuitive?
BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Helps Create Both Satisfied and Loyal Customers
Everyone is looking for customer satisfaction - it's a key point on which we base our buying decisions. Companies should be consistently asking how they can continue to keep customers interested in the brand and satisfied. Others are looking to keep their satisfied customers loyal. At times, the only way to do that is to keep them excited. Can 3rd party remote call monitoring such as that provided by the BPA help?
Monitoring Helps Call Centers Prepare For the Journey to Customer Loyalty
What's the best marker of success for a call center? Key performance indicators like average handle time and first-call resolution? Keeping call queues short and agents busy to the optimum degree? Meeting the schedule and adherence better than 95 percent of the time?
3rd Party Call Monitoring Needs to Focus on the Customer, Not Call Center Protocol
In today's world of automation, more customers just want to talk to a real person. They want someone they can talk to, someone who understands them and can help them with their problem. And isn't that the ultimate goal of a call center agent?
Accurate Always Provides Accurate Call Recording, Always
There are several ways to measure the success of a company. One might consider profits or growth or volume of sales. But sometimes analysts can get lost in matters of dollars and cents, forgetting that business transactions are really about people, and the most successful companies are often the ones with the most satisfied customers. So, for a company like Accurate Always, having a 99.5 percent customer loyalty rate is both a point of pride and a signpost of success.
NetSuite Broadcasts a Number of Outdoor Retail Customers
NetSuite Inc., a company primary dealing with cloud-based financials / ERP software suites has signed up a number of new customers across outdoor retail brands and these include HydroFlask, Solio and X-1. Both companies have opted for the NetSuite cloud business management software, which helps in easy management of financials, inventory, warehousing and third party logistics (3PL), order management, CRM and B2B and B2C sales. The latest clients join the ranks of other reputed brands including Mountain Khakis, Ibex, GoPro, Ruffwear, Optic Nerve, Liberty Bottleworks, Outdoor Technology, Nuun, Terry Bicycles, Julbo, Buff Headwear, PROBAR, Surftech, Bamboo Bottle and more.
Aumtech and Global eTelecom Introduce K.A.R.E.S
Businesses focus on customer service because news of bad customer experiences travel quicker than good. One way that businesses can improve their customer relationship management is with the new K.A.R.E.S (Kwick Acquiring & Retention Enterprise Solution) from Aumtech and Global eTelecom, Inc.
SolarWinds Announces Upcoming Release of SolarWinds VoIP &Network Quality Manager
SolarWinds Inc., a provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, will be releasing SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager, formerly known as SolarWinds IP SLA Manager, to help IT professionals maintain the highest level of VoIP network performance and voice quality.
Geomant Announces the Availability of Lync Call Recording Solution Powered by Verba.
Geomant, a UC software developer and system integrator specializing in Microsoft-based technologies, announced the availability of an enterprise call recording solution based on the Microsoft Unified Communications platform -- Microsoft Lync. The announcement was made at the recently held Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.
Cordys Poised on the Threshold of Immense Growth
As part of its growth story, Cordys, a global provider of software for business process innovation, has extended its footprint into Australia. The company has opened an office in Melbourne and appointed software veteran, Steve Thomas as the director of ANZ operations.
Nexidia's Formula for Analysis of Collected Data Finds Favor with Ovum
The way the customer is being heard is undergoing a transformation as surveys, e-mails, chat and even social media sites have thrust themselves into the communications arena. The traditional voice of the customer has thus expanded beyond contact centers, giving birth to interaction analytics technologies, a project worth pursuing, according to Ovum.
prairieFyre and AudioCodes Provide Contact Center Solution for Microsoft Lync Customers
prairieFyre Software has completed field verification trials for prairieFyre Contact Center for Microsoft Lync and AudioCodes SmartTAP 2.0 call recording for Microsoft Lync.
Kofax Releases Business Process Management Software Kofax TotalAgility 6.0
Capture enabled business process management (BPM) solutions provider, Kofax has launched the latest version of its BPM and dynamic case management software Kofax TotalAgility 6.0 with key enhancements.
Wolters Kluwer Releases New Regulatory Change Management Solution
In a move to help companies steer clear of regulatory fines when doing business in the U.K, information services provider, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services recently announced the extension of ARC Logics for Financial Services suite to include its new Regulatory Change Management solution.
Indosoft Adds OrecX to the Q-Suite 5.7
Indosoft has integrated call recording functionality from Orecx into Q-Suite 5.7 to offer reliable network voice recording option for its call center software.
TCN Releases First Ever Call Recording Pause/Interrupt Feature for Hosted Predictive Dialers
TCN, Inc., global provider of cloud-based virtual call center technologies, has released the first ever hosted dialer feature that allows clients to pause and interrupt call recording-to ensure customer privacy and legal compliance.
Mattersight Algorithms Match Customers with the Best Agents
Lots of companies offer 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions, but there is just one company out there that claims to take customer/employee interactions and collate contextually accurate data from them. That company, Mattersight, has spent over 500 people years developing its algorithms with the goal of matching each caller to the agent best suited to deal with his or her concerns.
The Benefits of Sending Your Call Monitoring Out to Third Parties
These days, every company is feeling the crunch. It seems there is not enough time or personnel to handle all of the various aspects of running a call center. For example, in the busy world of healthcare, many call center managers have difficulty finding time to implement call monitoring programs to ensure quality and compliance. But quality monitoring should be a priority in order to ensure agent productivity and customer satisfaction, so what is a busy call center to do? Well, one option is to outsource call monitoring to a remote 3rd party provider.
Board of BPA Worldwide Approves Changes in Web Traffic Auditing and More
The board of BPA Worldwide has reportedly approved amendments to several rules, most of which will go into effect with the June 2012 reporting period. BPA Worldwide, which is based in Shelton, Connecticut, audits the circulation of business-to-business and consumer magazines.
Third Party Remote Call Monitoring Ensures Positive Customer Interactions
Customer engagement is essential in sustaining business longevity and profitability. This digital age is breaking down communication barriers through the likes of social media and unified communication devices - game changers as the old rules of communication no longer apply.
Sound Telecom Uses Call Monitoring Metrics to Honor Super Agent
This month, as Marvel's Avengers have ruled the box office, superheroes are on the minds of many Americans. But sometimes people can be super without the ability to summon lightning or the benefit of a super soldier serum. In fact, by using techniques like 3rd party remote call monitoring, companies like Sound Telecom can recognize Super Agents - even when they don't work for SHIELD.
IntegriShield Promotes Fair Advertising through New Call Monitoring System
Experts in compliance monitoring in Kansas City, Mo. recently developed a system called IntegriShield, designed to examine the numerous portals of ad space online - and in conversations in call centers - to ensure the depiction of a given brand is consistent with advertizing laws and the visions of companies themselves.
Technologies that are Changing Customer Service and the Call Center
While call centers have not been a favorite for many businesses, they are nevertheless considered a necessity, especially as customers continue to influence major business decisions. Despite being on the receiving end, call centers are innovating and inspiring businesses to think differently.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to Drive Improvements in Customer Experience
As the economy works to right itself and consumers begin spending again, one element that continues to take the spotlight is the idea of the customer experience. Companies leading this experience in their fields are dominating, while others struggle to capture what's left of the market.
Angry Customers Vent Through Social Media, Study Shows
What do you do when you have an unbelievably irritating customer experience? Ten years ago, you might have written a letter to a company executive or fired off an angry e-mail (knowing the chances it would be answered would be low). More often than not, you fumed quietly and told a few friends.
In Call Center Operations, Don't Make Average Handle Time Your Creed
Sure, overly long calls may cost you money. The longer an agent stays on the phone, the longer the call queue gets, the fewer the calls that agent takes and the lower your sales per call figures may be (if your contact center is engaged in any kind of selling). But in the end, isn't efficiency and call quality more important the number of minutes that have ticked by since the agent picked up the call? If the customer thinks he's getting "the bum's rush" off the phone, aren't you going to well and truly damage the customer relationship?
Tips to Inspire Agents Beyond 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Your call center agents are the first point of contact for the individuals making a connection with your organization - are they energized and motivated to deliver on your performance expectations? It's one thing to use 3rd party remote call monitoring to be sure they're meeting the standard, but what are you doing to drive results?
Finding the Right Sample Size for 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Determining what constitutes a valid call monitoring sample is a matter that generates considerable debate. Different people will offer a variety of opposing answers to the question, but the only one answer actually is right, according to Craig Antonucci, VP Client Services at BPA Quality, and that is "as many as it takes to improve performance, while not exceeding the cost of quality."
Using 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to Improve Customer Contact
The moment of customer contact is intensely critical to any business. Actions taken in that moment will determine whether or not that customer becomes a loyal, repeat customer, a non-aligned consumer with no allegiance to your brand, or, worst of all, a disgruntled and hostile former consumer. Businesses should strive to avoid that last category of consumer altogether, especially in a world where the Internet has given every consumer a worldwide platform to broadcast negative information about your business.
ContactPoint to Provide 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to AskPatty.com Retailers
3rd party remote call monitoring is a critical tool that is extensively used by organizations worldwide in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase business efficiency.
The Many Benefits Related to 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Most tasks people complete nowadays are tracked, especially if you are talking about what websites you frequent on the Web. However, with 3rd party remote call monitoring, agent's calls are recorded, archived and then analyzed to focus on specific areas necessary to build, repair and maintain a monitoring program that will create a quality customer experience in the end.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider BPA Powers Mystery Shopping
Seeing the importance of these unannounced visits, BPA, a provider of 3rd party remote call monitoring, has hopped on the mystery shopping train that allows companies to view improvements that need to be made before customers decide to visit another store instead.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Can be Enacted on Smartphones, By Employers
Your employer has just given you a new corporate phone to use in your office, but did you know your company could be using 3rd party remote call monitoring for every interaction you have? Although you might not be aware, your employer is actually allowed, by law, to monitor your e-mail and desk phone while you are on the clock. They can even track your Internet use if they have the time.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring: GL Enhances PacketScan via 'Calls of Interest' Capability
GL Communications (News - Alert), a provider of test, monitoring, and analysis equipment for Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), wireless, IP and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks, has launched new PacketScan software with unique triggering and search capabilities that can help to make 3rd party remote call monitoring easier.
Customizing 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring: a Huge Call Center Advantage
Being able to make your 3rd party remote call monitoring solution your own sounds like a no-brainer when it comes to seeing ROI, right?
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider BPA Quality to Enhance Robust Services
With over 24 years of experience and currently serving over 175 different clients, BPA Quality knows a thing or two about efficient 3rd party remote call monitoring. Today, the company revealed that it will be expanding its innovative offerings to continue to grow its footprint within language monitoring, Mystery Calling and Mystery Shopping.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider Powers Many Crucial Training Services
3rd party remote call monitoring can help organizations to gain better visibility into how their business is operating. But, without efficient training processes in place companies that leverage 3rd party remote call monitoring will have an extremely tough time seeing a return on their investment.
Do You Know 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring is Happening Right Now via Your Smartphone?
Let's be honest: after you grab your house keys and wallet, what is the next thing you need for the day? Your phone of course - whether it's an old school flip phone like mine or an Apple iPhone with all the bells and whistles. However, do you know that marketers are tracking your behavior through 3rd party remote call monitoring and analyzing every website you land on, every picture you take and virtually every move you make on your phone? According to a recent article featured on cbs42.com, cell phone companies know that you use your phone constantly and are storing your information to determine how they can better appeal to you via ads and promotions.
What You Need to Know about 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
BPA's 3rd party remote call monitoring solution, called BPA Remote Call Monitoring, offers users access to innovative capabilities including 24/7 secure access that utilizes various encryption processes, IP filters and user security methods; customized toolbox dashboards for organizations of all sizes; unlimited reporting; and online access and storage of audio, data, current reports and archived reports - all of which can be easily and quickly customized to individual business requirements and needs.
Eco-Safe Systems Raises Customer Satisfaction, Debuts 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Capability
In today's business environment, 3rd party remote call monitoring has become a critical tool to promote excellence and understand true performance within the organization. It is extensively used to drive customer satisfaction and increase business efficiency.
LabTech Offers 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring and Management in On-Demand SaaS Solution
LabTech Software, a provider of a remote 3rd party remote call monitoring and management solution created with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in mind, recently unveiled LabTech Cloud, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. In line with the debut of LabTech Cloud, the company will be introducing additional cloud computing technologies while will help partners significantly reduce operational costs while simultaneously raising profitability.
Mobistealth Upgrades Nokia Spy Software with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Mobistealth, a provider of phone surveillance solutions, has unveiled the latest version of its flagship app Nokia Spy Software line with has multiple innovative features including 3rd party remote call monitoring.
ADP Acquires Ma Foi Randstad, Gains Access to High-Growth HR BPO Markets
US company Automatic Data Processing (ADP) has acquired Ma Foi Consulting Solutions' Randstad Holding's Indian payroll business. ADP has acquired it to access the high-growth human resources business process outsourcing (HR BPO) markets.
Network Operations Centers Opens, Powering 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring and Other Capabilities
Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., 3|SHARE has just revealed it will be opening a Network Operations Center (NOC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The new center will give the company's engineers the ability to use 3rd party remote monitoring for customer sites around the world, and provide remote CQ5 support. In addition, system set-up, 24/7/365 health monitoring and remote problem solving will also be powered via the NOC.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring More Effective with the Right Approach
The quality interaction that generates a positive action - something every call center agent should strive to achieve on each call. Just how effectively are your agents at meeting this demand? If you have a 3rd party remote call monitoring program in place, you likely already know the answer. If not, it may be time to put such a solution in place to ensure all agent activity is optimized for the same goal - customer satisfaction.
Points for Improving Customer Satisfaction in 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
3rd party remote call monitoring can be used to not only drive customer satisfaction but also dramatically increase business efficiency when used correctly. A recent study from BPA International, written by Craig Antonucci, director of Client Strategies, MBA and professor of Decision Sciences, points out some of the ways this is done.
Enghouse Interactive Launches Software with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Functionality
3rd party remote call monitoring is needed to ensure that call center agents are providing the best overall customer experience. Keeping in line with this idea, Enghouse Interactive, the company that powers the CallRex suite of IP call recording and call center solutions has just released version 4.2 of its software. With this new release, companies that are leveraging Microsoft Lync can gain access to multiple management solutions.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider Offers Benchmarking
Quality customer service - it is something every call center organization strives to achieve. In fact, a number of organizations will tout their ability to deliver on high expectations, but are these claims accurate? Is the company actually measuring the experience for the customer by monitoring calls? 3rd party remote call monitoring is a critical tool to promote excellence and understand true performance.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring: LabTech Software Integrates Reflexion's Suite of E-mail Services
Like 3rd party remote call monitoring, remote application monitoring is gaining relevance. While 3rd party remote call monitoring helps companies ensure the quality of calls and improve customer service, remote app monitoring helps them manage their IT apps in a secure and efficient manner.
Why BPA Makes Sense for Your 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Within any corporate environment, it can be a challenge to know whether or not each company representative is truly delivering the optimal experience for each customer when on the phone. This is especially true within the call center where agents are handling several hundred calls a day and quality could be lost without a priority placed on 3rd party remote call monitoring.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring This Year; Predictions for 2012
Founded in 1988, BPA International offers over 100 clients' invaluable information, helping them to enhance their call center operations. Specializing in 3rd party remote call monitoring, the company offers in-depth insight and analysis into improving overall performance. I recently had the chance to speak with BPA about trends they have seen in the market this year, where the company is headed in 2012, their predictions for the call center market overall and how 3rd party remote call monitoring will be transitioning in the New Year.
Call Trunk Integration Extends Capabilities of 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
If you're searching for a way to leverage 3rd party remote call monitoring in your organization, you might be excited about a recent Call Trunk innovation.
Top 5 Reasons to Implement 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Quality in your call center operations is likely one of your key initiatives, but how do you stay on top of the multiple channels and interactions? Fortunately, 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions can help you ensure all activities are in line with expectations. Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons to implement monitoring and what it can do for your environment
OAISYS Launches Call Recording Solution Version 7.2 with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
OAISYS, a provider of contact center management solutions has just unveiled version 7.2 of its Talkument and Tracer call recording software solutions which allow users to easily leverage 3rd party remote call monitoring.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring: Achieving Call Calibration without Headaches
If you run or manage a call center, you'll know that 3rd party remote call monitoring is critical as it lets you know a number of basic things including are you serving your customers they way you want, are you serving your customers they way they want, are your agents effective, are they trained properly, what are their strengths - so you can better use them - and what are their weaknesses (so you can avoid putting them in those scenarios)?
Huawei Unveils eSpace Cloud Contact Center that Includes 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Capabilities
Huawei, a major telecom equipment company in China has launched the eSpace Cloud Contact Center Solution in order to virtualize cloud platforms and improve 3rd party remote call monitoring, thus increasing productivity levels within call centers.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Solution Can Be Built According to Individual Needs
Companies around the globe depend on a reliable system will that will enable them to complete 3rd party remote call monitoring, and create and expand on a quality customer experience. Thankfully, BPA's BPABuilder.Toolbox just does that and is comprised of multiple solutions that will help a company to continue ongoing success in the future.
Mystery Tools from BPA Enhance 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
The concept of 3rd party remote call monitoring is an important one within any environment in which corporate representatives interact with customers. Remote call monitoring can be as simple as recording a call for quality purposes, or as complex as mystery calling and shopping to determine the effectiveness of the agent.
3rd Party Call Monitoring Provider BPA Quality Joins Jobs4America Coalition
BPA Quality, a global contact center quality services provider offering services such as 3rd party remote call monitoring, mystery calling, mystery shopping and performance management has begun working with Jobs4America Coalition, an organization that is made up of business leaders who are working tirelessly in an effort to bring jobs back to America.
3rd Party Call Monitoring: Harris CapRock Enhances Customer Service Program for Improved Network Monitoring and Management
Harris CapRock Communications, a provider of 3rd party call monitoring and fully managed communications for remote and harsh environments, announced it is completing the development of AssuredCare, its comprehensive customer service and network management program.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Keeps Rail Ticket Retailer on Track
The need to maintain quality in the contact center is unquestionable. The way to get there is open to discussion. Yet, one solid, proven method that all would agree is essential to the quality equation is call monitoring. The only question here is whether the monitoring should occur on site or by a 3rd party remote call monitoring service provider.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider LabTech Software Teams up with Axcient
LabTech Software, a provider of a 3rd party remote call monitoring and management solution and Axcient, Inc., a company that powers data backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB), have joined forced to seamlessly integrate the company's innovative offerings.
Vocalocity Unveils New iPhone and Android Apps Supporting 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Vocalocity, a provider of cloud-based phone services for small businesses has just unveiled the iPhone and Android command and control functionality that enables real-time 3rd party remote call monitoring to take place.
The Importance of Surveys within 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
3rd party remote call monitoring is a segment of BPA's suite of call center quality products which helps provide accurate feedback to both agents and supervisors through listening to either recorded or live calls, and then closely analyzing the customer interaction based on the company's individual standards. These observations can then be utilized to elevate the level of performance of the agents who connect a call center to its customers.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring and How BPABuilder Benchmarking Helps Call Centers' Stand Out from the Competition
To be considered a best-in-class call center operation, many organizations often rely on 3rd party remote call monitoring. When using 3rd remote call monitoring, call center managers and corporate management alike can get a great understanding of what is transpiring inside the operation, due to the fact that monitoring solutions act as the "face to the customer," without having to spend the resources on personnel or technology implementations, upgrades, etc. to keep themselves current on the interactions between their agents and their customers.
Culture Matters in 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
In a multilingual market, it's critical that call centers have the ability to cater to a variety of customers, regardless of their native tongue. Likewise, it's critical that 3rd party remote call monitoring technologies can support multiple languages and truly understand the customer experience.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Made Easier with Capabilities Powered by 3CLogic
3rd party remote call monitoring in a contact center can help to dramatically improve agent performance as well as increase efficiency of overall operations within the center. Today, 3CLogic revealed it would soon be unveiling new functions that would enable call centers to leverage the preferred method of communication customers feel most comfortable using.
BPA's 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring is Only as Good as Your Training
Can you put much faith in your 3rd party remote call monitoring efforts if you don't have the right training in place to equip your agents for performance in the first place? Fortunately, 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA offers extensive training services to help make your monitoring efforts more effective.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Enhanced with Calibration Tool
Quality is a term used often in the call center space, mainly pertaining to the service delivered to the customer. Without a clear description of quality, however, it can easily refer to poor levels of customer service delivery instead of optimized interactions that drive positive results. How do you ensure the latter instead of the former - by implementing 3rd party remote call monitoring.
Reasons to Outsource Your 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
A commonly asked question by customers of BPA Quality, a provider of 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions, is why they should seriously consider outsourcing quality call monitoring when they already possess a designated team that can complete the task. The company offers customers the same answer every time-that it is a way to conduct completely unbiased evaluations while cutting costs.
It is Imperative to Your Call Center to 3rd Party Remotely Monitor Your Call Center Agent's Performance
Yes, it is necessary to implement 3rd party remote call monitoring within any call center to accurately monitor your call center agent's performance. There you go. Next question?
Labtech Software Updates Its 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring and Management Software
LabTech Software, a provider of remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), has just released LabTech 2011.2, the latest version of their 3rd party remote call monitoring and management solution. The new remote monitoring and management includes increased speed, improved management functions, newly developed reports and improved connectivity to end-users.
Looking for a 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Provider? How's Your RFP Process?
As a contact center manager, you have a lot to juggle to ensure that your company is providing an effective environment that nurtures a motivated staff, great customer service and high performance. To achieve these goals, you often have to rely on 3rd party providers and their technology solutions. 3rd party remote call monitoring is one key element to have in place to assure the quality of performance for all of your agents.
Utilize 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring for Performance Improvement
The idea of call monitoring in the call center is not a new one, but perhaps your approach should take on a new persona. Are you monitoring calls for the purpose of storing those calls or are you monitoring to truly improve the quality of your customer interactions? 3rd party remote call monitoring can play an important part in your strategy if you truly want to improve your outcome.
DataSift Announces Partnership with Moreover Technologies
In an effort to expand its partner community and specialist industry services, DataSift, the real-time data filtering platform and licensed re-syndicator of Twitter, has joined hands with media monitoring application developer, Moreover Technologies.
TrustYou Secures $5 Million Series A Round and Acquires Dallas-Based ReviewAnalyst
TrustYou, a major player in social media monitoring and semantic technologies for the online reviews and social commerce space, has secured a $5 million Series A round and has also acquired Dallas-based competitor, ReviewAnalyst.
Converseon Acquires Social Commerce Marketing and Analytics Platform, Social Graphiti
In an effort to expand its social listening and intelligence-based technologies into social commerce, Converseon, a social media organization, has announced the acquisition of Social Graphiti, a social commerce analytics and marketing technology platform. As part of the agreement, founder of Social Graphiti founder, Vidar Brekke, is now Chief Product Officer at Converseon.
TranslateMedia Offers Dedicated Multilingual Buzz Monitoring via New Site
TranslateMedia, a London-based translation services agency offering services to global clients, has announced the launch of their new Web site, "Multilingual Buzz Monitoring."
RightNow Expands Customer Experience Suite with New Twitter Capabilities
RightNow, a provider of customer experience management solutions, has announced the availability of the latest release of RightNow CX, the customer experience suite with added social media capabilities.
Medimix CEO Named to Top 100 Most Influential People List by PharmaVOICE
Citing his vision and passion for innovation, Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International and VoxMed, has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in the life sciences industry by PharmaVOICE, which delivers views, opinions, and insights of executives who are shaping the direction of the dynamic life-sciences industry.
Telvista Launches Social Media Center in Dallas
Telvista, who provides contact center solutions to Fortune 1000 clients, has launched the company's new Social Media Center in Dallas. The Center, overlooking the 600-seat contact center, will serve as a control room for a team of analysts monitoring social media for the company's clients.
IBM Announces New Mobile Software to Accelerate Social Business Adoption
IBM has announced the launch of its new mobile software to assist organizations to adopt social networking using mobile devices.
CloudTalk Introduces 'Let's Talk' - New Mobile App For Private, Social and Business Messaging
CloudTalk, developer of social communications platform, has announced the release of a mobile application called "Let's Talk." The company has developed the new application to enable users to message on a private, social and professional level. "Let's Talk" allows users to either carry out private conversations or to establish social and professional discussion groups on a "by invitation only" basis. The "Let's Talk" application has been made available for free download through the iTunes App Store.
Social Media Turns Evil, Misuse Leads to Increased Risk of 'Flash Mobs' in Philly
Social media plays an integral role in our lives and benefits us in many ways, every single day. However, in recent times, its misuse has led to an increased risk of "flash mobs" in and throughout Philadelphia.
Moreover Technologies Rolls Out New Versions of Newsdesk Media Monitoring and Sharing Solution
The award-winning Newsdesk media monitoring and news sharing solution from Moreover Technologies, industry leaders in online media monitoring and business information gathering, will now be available in three new versions - all designed to be deployed across all industry types and sizes.
Zero 360 Introduces Latest Innovative and Economical Social Media Monitoring Tool
Zero 360 Marketing has announced the release of its latest social media monitoring tool for businesses and private individuals who would like to keep a tab on their online reputation. The new software has been designed to compile and evaluate the numerous comments that come in from more than 80 social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
Social Intelligence a Double-Edged Sword to Businesses, Says Business Ethics Expert
With social media intruding the work space at an inconceivable speed, companies become wary of the adverse consequences it brings to their organizations. Social media activities bring a number of challenges to organizations. Security concerns are cited as one of the most severe challenges organizations face through the extensive usage of social media by employees. It may also affect employee productivity and create damage to online reputation in some instances.
Business Library for Social Media Launched by Sysomos
An online content resource and business library has been introduced by Sysomos, allowing the power of social media and social media monitoring to be leveraged by professionals in many disciplines. White papers, reports and webinars can now be accessed via the Sysomos business library for social media, as well as use case examples and application ideas. Developers of products, customer service and sales professionals will be also able to access other unique content through this library.
More Cities Added to Social Media Masters Schedule
Five new events have been added to the Summer/Fall 2011 calendar of Social Media Masters. Social Media Club, a top association of Social Media Professionals globally, in association with Sensei Marketing, specializing in customer acquisition and social engagement for the enterprise, brings the premier event series for advanced social strategies and tactics, Social Media Masters. Top brands and marketing professionals can benefit from this premier event series.
Capgemini's Social Media Management Service Helps Businesses Benefit from Online Social Interactions
Capgemini, a provider of IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has announced the launch of a new Social Media Management service to help businesses take advantage of online social interactions.
SocialShield Announces Appointment of New Chief Safety Officer
SocialShield, an online monitoring service dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe on social networks, has announced the appointment of Steve DeWarns as chief safety officer.
CrowdControlHQ: Social Media Monitoring Important to Improving Brand Reputation
With the relevance of social media growing among businesses, social media monitoring tools become necessary in determining how a brand can fully understand its fan base and implement successful outreach strategies for the future, according to recent findings reported by CrowdControlHQ, a provider of dedicated online reputation management software.
Spanlink Unveils Mobile Social Media Application for Cisco CIUS Tablet
Spanlink Communications, a Cisco partner that specializes in designing, implementing and supporting contact center and customer collaboration solutions, recently announced that it has developed Spanlink MobileMiner, a mobile application for Cisco's SocialMiner software. The app was specifically designed for the much anticipated Cisco CIUS Tablet, which is set to be the first enterprise-class business tablet.
Crimson Hexagon Signs with United Talent Agency
Crimson Hexagon, one of the leading providers of social media monitoring and analysis for marketing, brand insights and market research professionals, recently announced that it has signed with Hollywood talent and literary agency, United Talent Agency (UTA), for representation and has now added the agency to its client roster. UTA will advise Crimson Hexagon on business development in the entertainment and media sector to help the company with its overall expansion strategy.
Automate Customer Support with SafeSoft's Call Center Software
The call center industry is based on providing customers with excellent service. Hence, call centers are always on the lookout to hire talented individuals who are aware of their responsibilities and have a strong skill set in providing outstanding service. Another important requirement for contact centers is to have a strong suite of call center software features that are customized to help their team of agents and also improve all facets of phone-based campaigns by an automated and accelerated outbound dialer and better lead tracking.
PeopleBrowsr Intros New Social Media Analytics Tool
PeopleBrowsr, a provider of social media marketing analytics for brands, announced the release of PeopleBrowsr Platform 3, the next-gen social media analytics, monitoring and engagement solution for brand marketers.
Pyramid: European Operators Must Make Full Use of Mobile Social Networks
Pyramid Research recently published a new report that revealed that operators must take full advantage of the power of social media to build their business. Stats show that Facebook user penetration has grown significantly and now reaches almost half the population in some European markets, such as the U.K. and Sweden. Operators will have to learn quickly how to make full use of mobile social networking by using a combination of devices, access and content.
Pyramid: European Operators Must Make Full Use Mobile Social Networks
Pyramid Research recently published a new report that revealed that operators must take full advantage of the power of social media to build their business. Stats show that Facebook user penetration has grown significantly and now reaches almost half the population in some European markets, such as the U.K. and Sweden. Operators will have to learn quickly how to make full use of mobile social networking by using a combination of devices, access and content.
VMS Adds Premium Content Offerings from LexisNexis
VMS, providing corporations, PR firms, ad agencies and marketers with media monitoring, management and analysis solutions, covering print, broadcast and electronic media, as well as social media monitoring, has added access to content from LexisNexis, enhancing its print monitoring offerings.
ListenLogic Debuts Reputation Management System
ListenLogic, a provider of Social Business Intelligence that helps brands manage reputation, engage with customers and drive innovation, announced the launch of Reputation Management System (RMS), a real-time intelligence technology and Integrated Social Intelligence Platform that is designed to offer help in identifying corporate reputation issues, drive social outreach, and manage communications.
Parents Can Now Monitor Children With Cell Phone GPS Tracking
Today, kids are no longer glued to the TV. Technology advancements have provided them with the latest gadgets such as tables and smartphones that allow them to download a number of different apps. Many children spend more time on their handheld devices than in front of the television.
CrowdControlHQ Advises Marketers to Identify Key Social Media Influencers
As social media is gaining an all-time relevance in Internet space, it's time for brand marketers to identify the best strategy in leveraging them for their brand marketing campaign. CrowdControlHQ, a provider of online reputation management software, advises brand marketers to implement social media-oriented management software to successfully plan their future marketing strategies.
Revealing the Reasons behind Customers' Answers to "How Am I Doing?"
It takes a lot of guts to ask the question, "How am I doing?" It opens the door to a world of potential pain, but at the same time, isn't it better to know what others think so you can do something about it? A lot of people think it is.
Coms Intros New Call Recording Service
Coms, a provider of Hosted VoIP Systems for UK businesses, announced a new call recording service that enables companies bound by compliance regulations such as the Data Protection Act and FSA Rules - to legally hold conversational records for only £15 ($24.7 approx) a month.
Virtual Conference on Best Practices in Quality Assurance and Speech Analytics
CRMXchange and the Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) have again teamed up to bring together the leaders in contact center practice and technology innovation at a Virtual Contact Center Conference June 8-10.
VirtualLogger Announces Screen Capture and Analytics Add-On for Legacy, Standalone, and VOIP Recording
Screen capture, one of the fastest-growing areas of call recording and quality monitoring for call centers, has usually necessitated the disruptive and expensive purchase of the feature from the call center's existing call recording provider. VirtualLogger made this a thing of the past by offering highly cost-effective screen capture that can be easily added to most existing call recording and quality monitoring systems, as well as recordings from open-source VOIP systems.
BPA Quality Training Covers the Whole Contact Center
Since the dawn of the concept we now refer to as "the contact center," business management has recognized that a strong training effort was necessary if the foray into this way of marketing and providing customer service was going to work. As the front line to the customer, the obvious subject of training is and always has been the contact center's agents. But agent training, while critical, is not the only area that can benefit from training, some of which can be easily overlooked.
BPABuilder.Mystery Calling Provides Unique Perspective Contact Center Activities
Quality monitoring has long been the cornerstone of well-run contact centers and the provision of top-flight customer service. Contact centers that have had the greatest success and benefit from quality monitoring recognize that the goal is never to "catch" agents doing something "wrong," but rather to provide them constructive, objective feedback information that will ultimately enable them to provide callers with an outstanding customer experience.
Fonality Boasts One Billion Cloud-Based Contact Center Calls
North America's fastest growing business communications company Fonality, recently announced its one billionth contact center phone call - a milestone reflecting more than 4,800 deployments as the adoption of Fonality's cloud-based contact center solutions continue to change how fast-growing businesses deliver exceptional customer support.
Fonality Boasts One Billion Cloud-Based Contact Center Calls
North America's fastest growing business communications company, Fonality, recently announced its one billionth contact center phone call - a milestone reflecting more than 4,800 deployments as the adoption of Fonality's cloud-based contact center solutions continue to change how fast-growing businesses deliver exceptional customer support.
CosmoCom Nabs Software Award for Contact Center Reporting
CosmoCom's advanced, real-time contact center reporting and quality monitoring application, CosmoDashboard, has captured yet another honor - this time a 2011 Long Island Software Award (LISA), recognizing innovation and excellence in software development by Long Island-based companies. The award is presented by the Long Island Software and Technology Network (LISTnet).
Business VoIP Service Provider Broadview Networks Named Top 5 Provider
The global economy suffered a significant blow in 2008 when the market took a dive, leaving many companies scrambling to maintain their pre-recession revenues and budgets. The result is many of these organizations have had to tighten their budgets and limit their access to key functionality. The good news is that cloud computing and business VoIP service is enabling these organizations to still leverage next generation technologies, even when operating on a shoe-string budget.
City of Pensacola Implements CallRex Call Monitoring Solution in Contact Centers
Third party remote monitoring is a tool a number of companies can leverage to try and drive improved efficiencies, streamlined performance and higher levels of quality customer service. Telrex, an Enghouse System company, offers the CallRex suite of IP call recording and contact center optimization solutions to meet the growing need in the broader market.
Call Monitoring to Supplement your Customer Service Strategy
In any business operation the staff handling your communications might as well be your company's face. They'll have the most bearing on the customer's perception of service and if they're not doing their job you stand to lose business. The best way to ensure all agents are meeting their obligations is to employ a call monitoring strategy that can hold them to your company's high standards.
BPA Offers Social Media Monitoring - the Next Generation of 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
What is the best approach to 3rd party remote call monitoring? Is it simply hiring a company to listen to your agents on the phone, or is it important to take it to the next level? This is the concept in this BPA report as the company focuses not only on 3rd party remote call monitoring, but also secret shopping, social media monitoring and more.
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Selects CTI Group
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT), one of the UK's busiest NHS Foundation Trusts, with more than 900,000 patient contacts every year has selected and deployed CTI Group's Proteus Enterprise call accounting solution to monitor, analyze and report across its entire telecommunications network in London.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring from BPA Helps Drive Customer and Agent Satisfaction
The call center space has long benefited from 3rd party remote call monitoring as it provides a platform supervisors and managers can leverage to capture call data for accurate and actionable feedback for agents. BPA offers its BPABuilder data to enable these call center leaders to deliver high quality feedback and reporting.
Versadial Announces SIP Trunk Capabilities for VS Logger Call Recording System
Versadial Solutions, a provider of call recording software solutions that allow recording of analog, digital, T1/E1, ISDN or VoIP lines, announced it has integrated Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk with VS Logger call recording system.
Take the Mystery Out of Your 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Should your customer service quality remain a mystery? Not if you want to be sure your customers are satisfied and continue to purchase from you. This is the concept behind 3rd party remote call monitoring as it provides you with the opportunity to capture the true interaction between your employees and your customers. BPA offers a method that can be deployed to ensure your employees are interacting as they should with your customer base: mystery calling. Known as BPABuilder.Mystery Calling, this BPA solution is designed to complement the BPABuilder.Remote Call Monitoring Service. As a 3rd party remote call monitoring solution, BPABuilder.Mystery Calling can deliver a unique and different perspective for call center activities.
Third Party Remote Call Monitoring Boosts Agent Performance
Call centers are staff dependent businesses that require a careful eye when determining agent performance expectations. To fully understand what you're getting out of each agent, it's essential to track the metrics of your calls on a consistent basis. BPA Quality's BPABuilder Remote Call Monitoring platform allows managers to do this with flexibility . The BPA suite of Call Center Quality Products focuses on providing accurate and actionable feedback to agents and supervisors while delivering high quality feedback and reports.
RSUPPORT Unveils New Remote Solution for Mobile Devices
RSUPPORT has announced the launch of new remote solution for smartphones and tablet PCs, "RemoteCall + mobile pack."
Areas to Monitor in Your Call Center
A recent study by Craig Antonucci for BPA International, titled "Why Quality Monitoring is Important for your Call Center," touches on some areas you should be monitoring in your call center:
Can You Drive a Strong ROI with Call Monitoring Solutions?
Monitoring for quality in the call center is something that has been going on for years, and has gained considerable traction in the last decade. Rarely can you call into a call center and not be greeted by a voice informing you that your call may be monitored for quality assurance or training purposes.
CRM Week in Review
The news from the CRM, call recording, quality monitoring industries this week. Developments from leaders in the CRM field produce high quality call monitoring solutions for any size business.
Call Monitoring Most Successful with a Proven Plan in Place
Monitoring within the call center has long been a focused approach to ensuring that customer service performance goals are met and that supervisors can have some control over the outcome of the center. Even with proven benefits to the practice, however, there are still some who question why call center agents should be monitored or what quality monitoring solutions should be implemented to ensure the task is completed efficiently.
AvMed Selects Panviva SupportPoint
AvMed Health Plans has selected Panviva SupportPoint, a major player in Business Process Guidance (BPG) systems, to optimize its member services call center operation and drive even higher levels of member satisfaction.
Aspect on Quality Monitoring
Quality monitoring (QM) is hot: as organizations discover that it can help them retain customers and revenues and reduce costs by uncovering where total performance can be improved through targeted listening and viewing of agents' interactions with customers.
Middle East Looking Increasingly Cloudy for Service Delivery
Cloud service delivery "has hit critical mass, with a majority of organizations already riding the wave." And the Middle East is waking up to the benefits of cloud computing as well.
Call Center News of The Week
This week the call and contact center space was alive with talk about new programs, new customers and new regulation. The stories came from some major players in the field including Zeacom, Spectrum Corp and InContact.
Call Monitoring Helps to Drive Measurable Benefits to the Call Center
Every customer calling into a call center has heard the message: "This call may be monitored for quality improvement," or some variation. The point is they are receiving notification that call monitoring is taking place within that call center. But some may be wondering - does call center monitoring really work?
Focus on the Base (and Basics)
There are mounds of research and studies that measure overall customer satisfaction and loyalty as it relates to customer service and support experience. Last year, my company went a little deeper, examining this correlation specific to different levels of tiered, subscription-based support services (bronze, silver, gold or some similar categorization). We conducted this study using customer feedback within the B2B software provider industry.*
What Remote Call Monitoring Does for Your Business
In order to make the kinds of crucial business decisions necessary for optimizing agent performance and customer service, a call center organization needs the proper call monitoring software. The folks at BPA Quality recognized this necessity, and so created BPABuilder.Remote Call Monitoring. The BPA suite of Call Center Quality Products focuses on providing accurate and actionable feedback to agents and supervisors while delivering high quality feedback and reports.
New Research Finds Top Performing Companies are Enabling Operational Intelligence in the Contact Center
A new research has found that top performing companies are enabling operational intelligence in the contact center. Aberdeen Group in its paper, "Unlocking Business Intelligence in the Contact Center," noted that performance improvement opportunities are often locked in the potential business intelligence that can be mined from both unstructured data and structured transactional data collected in call center and CRM applications.
New Boundary Technologies, Digi International Offer Remote Monitoring Solution
New Boundary Technologies, a Minneapolis-based provider of remote monitoring and control software solutions, announced it has expanded the technology partnership with Digi International, a provider of device networking solutions for businesses.
Tektronix Exhibits New Quality Monitoring Products at SCTE Cable Tech Expo
Tektronix, a provider of test, measurement and monitoring solutions, announced it will display an extensive range of new and enhanced products and solutions for video, audio and content quality at the SCTE Cable Tech Expo, October 20-22.
Contact Solutions Continues Call Monitoring Growth Trajectory
Contact Solutions, Inc., a provider of on-demand contact automation solutions including IVR, email/text messaging and web transactions for business and government, has doubled its call volume to 2 billion over the past 18 months.
Williams County Sanitary Picks Aquavx to Monitor Operations of Sewer System
Aquavx, a provider of advanced remote monitoring solutions for water utilities, has announced that Williams County Sanitary in Ohio is leveraging Aquavx to monitor enclosure temperature, flow, run times, wet-well levels, and general operations of an existing sewer system.
How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Can Increase Your Business
They might seem a little outdated, but customer satisfaction surveys are far from useless. In fact, BPA Quality has built a whole system around utilizing information from customer satisfaction surveys to increase a business' sales and efficiency.
JDSU Provides Support to Chunghwa Telecom for Migration to LTE
The Telecommunications Laboratories of Chunghwa Telecom has selected the JDSU Signaling Analyzer Real Time to monitor and analyze the end-to-end performance of its 3G/HSPA wireless network, to ensure the highest quality of voice and data services, and to support the carrier's upcoming LTE/4G trials.
Noble Systems Makes Available Mobile-Friendly Contact Center Management Tools
Provider of contact center technology solutions Noble Systems has announced the availability of mobile-friendly contact center management applications for the Apple iPad and other mobile devices.
Progressive to Hire 200 Representatives for Call Monitoring Center
Ohio-based insurance company Progressive has said that it intends to hire around 200 customer sales and service representatives by year's end for its Colorado Springs call center.
BPA Quality Takes Third Party Remote Call Monitoring to Social Media
One of the most recent additions to the monitoring space where BPA Quality is concerned includes the far reaching spaces of the social networking phenomenon. Not only are companies establishing a presence on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, customers are also posting comments about companies and the news can either be good or bad.
Third Party Remote Call Monitoring in the Call Center
If you run a call center or contact center, is it important to monitor your agents? If you agree that it is, how do you implement quality monitoring to drive results? To do so, you must balance the need to measure outcomes with the necessity of measuring the behaviors and activities that support, drive or even undermine those outcomes.
BPA Quality Touts Measuring the Subjective for Call Center Improvement
It's interesting to hear a call center provider talk about its philosophy of how the company goes about its business. BPA Quality officials say that the challenge as managers is to "move the barometer of performance from poor or average to outstanding."
BPABuilder: Third Party Remote Call Monitoring Software Built for Customization
The BPABuilder is a good way to customize your company software, as it includes features to track, trend, report and create the stimulus to "build your Quality Customer Experience," as company officials say.
BPA Quality Offers Free Advice on Building Effective RFP's for Call Centers
Building proper Request for Proposal processes can help your business improve efficiency and save money. BPA Quality's Director of Client Strategies, Craig Antonucci offers some free advice in a white paper about how to develop RFP practices that can best help you choose which company's offerings match your requirements.
To Coach or Not to Coach? BPA Answers the Question
The debate about whether or not call center agents should be coached through their work experience continues to dog managers and supervisors. On one hand, many believe that coaching call center agents does not effectively maximize time or money. The other side of the fence believes that in order to eventually maximize productivity, a supervisor must invest in the coaching of his or her call center agents.
Interactive Intelligence Enhances Offering for Credit and Collection Industry
Interactive Intelligence, a global provider of unified IP business communications solutions, has enhanced its offering for credit and collection industry.
Monitor Your Call Center Agents, Says BPA Quality
BPAQuality, a supplier of 3rd party remote call monitoring, has produced a white paper answering what some feel is a rhetorical question: Should you monitor your call center agents? After all, it costs time and money, can't you just, you know, get good people, train them, give them the script and let 'em rock? In heaven it'll be that way, yes. Down here, no.
Outsourcing of Call Monitoring Centers Varies Depending on Brand Size
A study by life sciences consulting firm Cutting Edge Information has found that outsourcing of medical information call centers varies depending on brand size.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys Help Enhance a Healthcare Worker's Productivity
Capturing real-time patient satisfaction feedback is a useful tool for companies looking to explore their CRM options. Whether it be remote call monitoring, or contact centers, or hospitals, customer satisfaction surveys are a valuable resource.
Businesses Can Monitor Consumers' Opinions about a Brand Using Social Media
Social media is no longer confined to the idea of friends and acquaintances using it to keep in touch with each other. Today, it has moved to the realm where corporate houses are using it to promote their services, and keep abreast of the latest development. With the help of popular social media sites such as Twitter, and Facebook companies are monitoring their brands, making such sites cost-effective tools for branding and marketing, and companies such as BPA Quality provide the tools for social media monitoring.
New Apps Available in Social Media Monitoring
New application for social media monitoring of Facebook by parents.
BPA International Re-Brands its Trademark Name
BPA International, a provider of quality monitoring and other quality research contact center services, has announced the re-branding of its trademark name.
IdolStats.com Predicts Winner of Season 9 American Idol Using Attensity360
Attensity Group said that it has monitored millions of conversations on the social Web to predict that Lee Dewyze would be the season 9 American Idol.
Drishti's Ameyo Contact Center Suite Delivers Value for PIMS
The IPS call center, known as the PIMS, delivers support for a leading Japanese conglomerate. PIMS is diversified in a number of markets, operating for companies located in Japan, the U.S. and Hong Kong. This multi-national enterprise relies on Drishti's IP-based Contact Center Suite Ameyo to power both inbound and outbound processes.
Britain's NFER Picks UPS Systems' REMO Tool for Remote Monitoring
The National Foundation for Educational Research, Britain's largest independent provider of research, assessment and information services for education, training and children's services, has selected UPS Systems to "avert disaster with its remote monitoring tool REMO, and reduce the organization's costs," according to NFER officials.
Cytta Foresees Great Economic Opportunities in eHealth, Remote Monitoring
According to Gary Campbell, president, Cytta, a company focused on bringing eHealth solutions to the market, currently the U.S. spends more on health care than any other country in the world, especially in the remote call monitoring sector.
Control Products to Showcase Remote Monitoring System at Upcoming Industry Event
Control Products, a leader in electronic control technology, design and global manufacturing, will be unveiling its new product that combines wireless water detection technology with remote monitoring capabilities, Wireless WaterAlarm, at the AHR Expo 2011 at the Las Vegas convention center. This product can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes.
3rd Party Remote Calling Monitoring Provider BPA Talks Call Center Coaching: White Paper, Part 2
Last week, we examined the application of coaching within the call center, relying on the 3rd Party Remote Calling Monitoring Provider BPA's White Paper: Agent Coaching - Why and How to Make it Effective by Craig Antonucci, Director of Client Strategies for insight into maximizing the value of coaching in such an environment.
3rd Party Remote Calling Monitoring Provider BPA Talks Impact of Coaching in the Call Center: White Paper
The call center and its agents can be very valuable assets to the organization, as long as they operate efficiently. One of the best proven tools to drive efficiency in the call center is coaching agents to improve their time, call resolution and customer service.
Calibrus to Provide Ongoing Third Party Verification Services for Large Customer
Calibrus, Inc. has entered into a contract to continue to provide ongoing third party verification services for one of its largest customers.
UniVoIP's Virtual PBX Analyzed by DigiNet President
Mark A. Miller, president of DigiNet Corporation, a Denver-based consulting engineering firm, has written a recent profile of UniVoIP.
New Boundary Shines as Quarter Century Vet in Remote Call Monitoring & Equipment Industry
New Boundary Technologies, a remote call monitoring and equipment management provider, has officially been in the software industry for 25 years now. The technology innovator has pioneered real-time data acquisition programs and Internet solutions for laboratories, universities, government facilities and businesses.
InfoShore Software Private Releases a Remote Call Monitoring App for Mobiles
InfoShore Software Private, a company dedicated to developing innovative software solutions, has announced the release of SpyBubble, a security application, a remote call monitoring-type system for mobile devices.
Third Party Calling Software's Life of Intrigue and Danger
Third party calling software isn't normally thought of as a particularly exciting, intriguing technology. But that's just because nobody was using it the right way until now.
Medtronic's Carelink Network Remote Monitoring Reduces Time to Clinical Decision: Medical Trials
Medtronic, Inc., a provider of solutions for in medical technology that help millions of people around the globe in alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life, has announced that according to the results from the CONNECT trials, its Medtronic CareLink Network has shown a significant reduction in the median time to clinical decision for cardiac resynchronization therapy-defibrillator, or "CRT-D," and implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, or "ICD," patients when monitored remotely, in comparison with the standard in-office follow-up.
Call Monitoring Proves Necessary in Many Business Deals
It's no surprise that call monitoring is prevalent in almost every telephone, systems or service provider's business deal.
Third Party Services Help iPhone App Run Smoothly
Third party remote calling and its accompanying services are essential to many industries. Devices like an iPhone, which is already crowded by applications, need something to tie in all the elements.
Nortel CVAS Expands CVAS VoIP Third Party Partner Program
Nortel Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions has expanded its CVAS VoIP Third Party Partner Program to address service providers' need to support a number of devices, applications and access types from different vendors. The program integrates a range of devices, applications and services with Nortel CVAS' portfolio of carrier softswitches, application servers and gateways.
Rockford Files Now on Interactive Intelligence
Rockford Mutual Insurance, a property and casualty insurance company, has reported "increased efficiencies and reduced costs" in its claims department after deploying content management and workflow products from Interactive Intelligence.
Secure Third Party Communication Addressed by Entrust Release
Whether you're a contractor, vendor or trusted party, secure communication with various outside partners is critical to any enterprise's comprehensive security approach. But it's a complex process. To help simplify it, Entrust provides capabilities for secure external communication via Entrust Entelligence Security Provider 9.1.
Lead Generation Budgets Up, Third Party Calling Successful: Report
Yes, it's still a lousy economy - what, pouring a trillion dollars of taxpayer money out on pet pork barrel projects doesn't immediately make everything all better? Slap me silly, boys, who would've seen that coming?
BPA Discusses Benefits of Request for Proposals (Part 3)
Editor's Note: Requests for proposals, or "RFP," or a request for a quote, or "RFQ," is a process companies implement to put out outsourced work for bid amongst competing providers. In many industries, including the telecommunications industry, these requests are used to organize the process of selecting service providers for various duties within a company. Craig Antonucci, 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International's director of Client Strategies, breaks apart the process, weighs in on the pros and cons of the systems and offers insight as to how these strategies work.
CRM Week in Review: Five9 Reports 'Best in Class' Research, SIP Print Releases Colocation Program
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.
The 'How' of Request for Proposals: Expert (Part 2)
Editor's Note: Requests for proposals, or "RFP," or a request for a quote, or "RFQ," is a process companies implement to put out outsourced work for bid amongst competing providers. In many industries, including the telecommunications industry, these requests are used to organize the process of selecting service providers for various duties within a company. Craig Antonucci, 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International's director of Client Strategies, breaks apart the process, weighs in on the pros and cons of the systems and offers insight as to how these strategies work.
The 'Why' of Request for Proposals: Expert (Part 1)
In the contact center industry, these RFPs and RFQs are in high demand. Today, an organization looking to employ outside services will release an RFP or RFQ that calls for any prospective suppliers to submit bids for business, with in depth details of the conditions of the actual work assignment.
CRM Week in Review: BPA Expands to U.K., Verizon Call Center Upsets Neighborhood
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.
CRM Week in Review: BPA Expands to U.K., Verizon Call Center Upsets Neighborhood
Welcome to the week in review for the customer relationship management, or "CRM," industry. Below are some of the top stories that came across the TMCnet news wires this week.
Going International: BPA Talks What's Ahead for U.K. Business
When a company limits its geographical base, in terms of expansion and potential business connections, the opportunities available to a specific provider are often not as elaborate.
With Customer Satisfaction in Mind, 2009 Proves Successful for BPA
In continuing with last week's discussion, I sat down with 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International's director of Client Strategies, Craig Antonucci, to find out more about BPA's progress in the seemingly difficult 2009.
BPA Comes Out Strong in 2009, Despite Recession: A Preview
As 2009 is slowly closing in, many companies are looking back at the year's performance and contemplating whether the economic recession affected their total year outcome, or whether they managed to stay afloat in these harsh times.
An Unconventional Approach to Training Call Center Agents
While there are many necessary steps to take in order to properly manage and accurately track a company's call monitoring system, including the decision of how much – and what – to monitor, according to 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International, there are other pieces of the call center puzzle that need to be put in place.
What Parameters to Set When Monitoring Agents Calls
After last week’s discussion on why outsourcing for companies looking to implement a call monitoring system is a must, it’s evident that enlisting the assistance of a company like 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International and its services, operations will run smoother and goals can be met at a more accurate pace.
Call Monitoring: Why it's Preferable, Why Outsourcing is a Must
And, while there are many ways to monitor the activity of sales agents and customer interactions, according to 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International, the most effective way to measure call center quality is through call monitoring.
BPA Offers Advice on Managing Operations and Staffing Successful Agents
Enlisting the services of 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International does more than just improve sales for any company within the call center industry, telecom field or customer relationship management, or "CRM," spectrum.
BPA's Call Monitoring Helps Improve Sales
By utilizing 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International's services, customer receives a full circle way to see all facets of the operational process.
BPA's Agent Training Essential to Successful Operations
3rd party remote call monitoring provider, BPA International offers training to sales agents in a contact center that leave them prepared, educated and confident to begin a career in the contact center or CRM industry.
BPA's Agent Evaluation Software Allows for Agent Feedback and Increased Productivity
According to 3rd party remote call monitoring provider, BPA International, research shows that there's a direct correlation between the frequency of coaching and feedback, and the performance of sales agents.
BPA's Customer Satisfaction Surveys Facilitate Information for Users
According to 3rd party remote call monitoring provider, BPA International, traditional customer satisfaction surveys have provided general feedback along the lines of how customers perceive agents in terms of personality, demeanor and delivery.
BPA's Face-to-Face Benchmarking Allows Contact Centers to Review Operations in an Unbiased Platform
Discussed last week, 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International's competitive review feature in its BPABuilder Toolbox offers users a how-to on delivering the appropriate quality of service, or "QoS," to its customers.
BPA's Competitive Review Gives Users Competitive Insight on the Competition
BPA International, a provider of 3rd party remote call monitoring, a software service that gives organizations sample recorded or even live calls between the agent and customer, as a way to improve on in-house operations or customer delight, offers more than just a call monitoring system for its customers.
Ensuring Quality Service with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Maintaining a call center's standards can be quite difficult when trying to assess the various forms of communication throughout sales agents and their customers.
BPA Toolbox Includes Remote Monitoring, Additional Modules for Quality Customer Experiences
With 3rd party remote call monitoring, the company's trained professionals sample recorded or live calls between agents and customers and compare them to a set of standards - then scoring them to provide actionable feedback on performance.
BPA Talks 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Call monitoring plays a vital role in the contact center today as a focus on customers and their experiences has increased. Through call monitoring, it is possible to measure and maintain quality, improve training and sales, and ultimately achieve success.
Call Monitoring Market Grew 14 Percent: Report
According to the "2009 Quality Management/Liability Recording (WFO) Market Share Report," the market has grown by 14 percent from $2,389.1 million in 2007 to $2,724.3 million in 2008.
Pick Remote Call Monitoring to Succeed
In order to figure out how customers are being handled, and what they want, many companies are turning to call monitoring solutions that record communications which can be played back later for quality assurance and training needs.
Leading Experts Comment on QM Market Trends
Quality monitoring (QM) solutions have become central to contact center performance. These tools capture the interactions between your customers and agents and in doing so are invaluable in ensuring excellent customer-retaining service. QM also obviates fingerpointing in disputes with electronic records of what was said.
Global Study: State of the Network
While this news is positive for this industry, the study also determined that some companies are not adequately prepared. In fact, 75 percent of the organizations that are rushing to roll out new network technologies do not have the tools and visibility necessary to monitor and troubleshoot performance problems.
Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Market Growing: Datamonitor
A new and pioneering report by Datamonitor, "Trends in Knowledge Process Outsourcing – Growth Opportunities in High-Level Processes" discusses the market, the main players active in the sector and analyzes how the recession will impact demand for KPO services. It also assesses how providers of KPO service providers can best position their offerings to take full advantage of the sector's potential.
Contact Center, Enterprise Performance Management Solutions Sales Healthy Despite Slowdown: New DMG Consulting Report
Amidst the economic doom and gloom, new research from DMG Consulting, the 2009 Contact Center and Enterprise Performance Management Market Report reveals a bright spot: growing sales of contact center and enterprise performance management solutions.
Improve Call Center Performance with Remote Call Monitoring
To help call center managers improve the services delivered by their agents and to better train agents, many turn to call monitoring as a solution. This can be a cumbersome task for managers who are already overloaded with other roles to perform. This is where a third party call monitoring provider can be utilized to help the contact center get the maximum benefit out of call monitoring.
Emerging Contact Center Analytics Apps Reduce Costs by 5 to 10 Percent
A new report by DMG Consulting reveals that two new classes of applications: customer experience analytics (CEA) and desktop analytics (DA) applications are delivering cost savings of 5 percent to 10 percent to organizations.
DMG Consulting: Workforce Management Market Grew 7.4 Percent in 2008
Adoption of workforce management software for the contact center is increasing, as more companies are recognizing the advantages it brings for managing complex multi-site, multi-channel (phone, email, IM/Chat, fax, mail, etc.) and multi-skill contact center environments.
WFO and Call Recording Help Companies Stay Afloat in Sinking Economy
WFO solutions improve productivity as well as deliver better services to customers by making it easier to manage, train and run the organization. This strengthens loyalty and drives ongoing revenues for the company without increasing costs.
Managing Quality in a Fast-Growing Organization
Clearly, maintaining quality is critical in every aspect of a company's operation, but in few areas is it more important than in the call center. The reason is simple: because it is often the initial customer "touch point" – that is, one of the first areas of a business with which a customer makes contact. Accordingly, the call center carries the burden of providing a company's first impression.
BPA Demonstrates Sound Business Vision in Hiring Visually Impaired
Then, it hit the team like a bolt out of the blue: What about people who, for one reason or another, have heightened listening skills? People who are particularly sensitive to sound or motion. People who use their sense of hearing as their primary source of sensory input.
Quality Management and Liability Recording Market Returns Strong Performance
Innovation is significantly driving market growth and new offerings for the mid-market and increased sales of relatively new WFO applications are also contributing to the increase. Such applications include speech analytics, surveying/feedback, coaching and performance management. There has also been a substantial increase in professional services revenue.
Save Your Call Center with 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
Call monitoring is key to improving a call centers performance because it provides an inside look at the operations and helps to uncover areas needing improvement.
Study Identifies Strength and Changes in Interaction Recording Market
The practice of recording interactions between companies and their customers has been in place for many year within the contact center. These organizations use such practices to evaluate performance, improve coaching and training, assess processes, and event conflict resolution.
Beat the Competition with Remote Call Monitoring
Remote call monitoring is used to analyze calls that are recorded remotely and provides an objective view of performance and how it measures up to the competition.
BPA Drives Effective 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring
In order to maximize the benefit of the process, call centers often look to third party remote call monitoring providers. One such company that has been helping the call center to improve performance through mentoring is BPA. Its agent evaluation software solution allows agents to take a role in their own performance improvement.
Hosted On-Demand Call Center Software Strong in a Soft Economy
In order to battle rising costs, call centers have to look to alternative solutions and applications to ensure efficiency without capital investment. One area where this is possible is hosted on-demand call center software.
Research Shows Strong Growth in Quality Management and Liability Recording Market
The contact center industry has long relied on quality management and liability recording solutions to ensure that they are not only following mandated procedures, but also that they are performing as expected to deliver measurable results.
Remote Call Monitoring: The Importance of Scoring Calls
There is no more important a place to focus on customers and their experiences than in the contact center.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Helps Promote Positive Change
Anyone who admits that they enjoy criticism, even if it is done constructively, has most likely never experienced it. After all, no one likes to be told what they are doing wrong or that they could be doing something better. Most managers know this and as a result, look for ways to help an employee improve, without creating a negative situation.
3rd Party Call Monitoring Can Improve the Whole Organization
The idea of the Third party remote call monitoring may seem to some like another way for "Big Brother" to keep a close and watchful eye on their activities. Sure, it may be intimidating, but the benefits to the entire organization can be significant.
Top 5 Reasons Why Third Party Remote Call Monitoring is a Must
Today, we will look at the top five reasons why third party remote call monitoring is a must for the call center to ensure efficiency and best practices. These top five reasons include:
The Benefits of Outsourced Call Monitoring
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring from BPA International includes services that range from analyzing calls that have already been recorded on a clients recording system to recording calls remotely in their research center. Calls are scored by an experienced team of researchers and the results can be easily accessed though the Web.
3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Improves Call Center Business
Call monitoring, when done frequently, is also beneficial to companies as it increases the times agents are coached and presents them with feedback in a more timely manner—further improving their skills and the service they provide to customers.
BPA International Honored by NDEAM
In a bid to increase public awareness of the contributions and skills of American workers with disabilities, the month of October has been designated by Congress as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. (NDEAM)
BPA International Positioned to Help Companies Overcome Call Monitoring Shortfalls
Call monitoring has long been an effective tool in the contact and call center as a way for managers to capture interactions to measure performance, identify training opportunities and evaluate processes. Such monitoring is also finding demand in other industries as well as organizations are beginning to understand the value of this type of monitoring. And, while great benefits can be gained from such practices, relying on the right vendor is essential.
Third Party Remote Call Monitoring: Measuring Skills Objectively
3rd party remote call monitoring is perhaps also an appealing offer for many of todays rapidly expanding operations and busy professionals as it leaves the time needed to analyze already recorded or live calls, up to a team of professional researchers.
Speech Analytics Fastest Growing Application in Contact Center History
Speech analytics have become an important tool in the contact center in a short amount of time. When properly implemented and monitored, such solutions can drive better customer satisfaction and productivity in the center, thus facilitating an increase in agent satisfaction and performance of the contact center overall.
Third Party Remote Call Monitoring Offers Value to the Call Center
There are many companies to choose from that offer third party call monitoring. BPA International offers services that range from analyzing calls that have already been recorded on the client's recording system to recording calls remotely in a research center. The results then can be accessed through the Web.
Call Recording Can Help to Improve Call Center Processes
Call recording is one of the most powerful tools available to call centers in that it enables center managers to monitor agent performance and identify training opportunities. Another area of opportunity is that of process improvements.
Call Recording in the Call Center Can Facilitate Coaching and Training When Done Effectively
Call recording is a great tool to use in the call center in that as it enables center managers and supervisors to effectively monitor a conversation between an agent and a customer. This call recording also presents an effective coaching and training tool that can be used to empower agents to be better equipped to perform the tasks involved with their jobs
IP Telephony Makes Call Recording Feasible and Affordable
Call recording and monitoring used to be a practice and technology available only to call centers and large enterprises as traditional communications in a circuit-switched world presented economic obstacles to the full integration. Now, with IP telephony, functionality that was almost impossible to integrate in a TDM environment is easily accessible for nearly every organization.
Monitoring Complete Customer Interactions in the Call Center Leads to Optimal Performance
The call center leader must be able to focus on the complete customer interaction in order to drive overall contact center performance. By closely monitoring and evaluating the complete interaction, the call center can gain extremely valuable information and data that can be used to improve performance and help drive revenues.
Quality Call Center Monitoring Provides Significant Benefits
Proper and quality call monitoring can provide significant benefits for the call center, but it is up to leaders to establish what and how monitoring should be implemented and what they hope to gain from such a solution.
Call Recording Provides Effective Coaching
Call recording can serve beyond a tool for remaining compliant and helping to solve customer complaints, to also be a solution for training employees using effective real-world examples.
Call Recording Proves Excellent in Fraud Prevention
Call recording is a tool often used in the call center to monitor and track the performance of an agent. It is also used for call center managers to be able to identify areas of coaching and training potential for the agent. Call center recording is also implemented as a measurement tool to gain a better understanding of the customer’s perception of the company and the service that is offered.
Why Call Recording?
To achieve compliance and improve performance, both call recording and call monitoring are taking on a growing importance in the market and especially the contact center.
Start with the 'Must Haves' When Searching for Workforce Management Solutions
Proper forecasting and call center scheduling of employees to handle customer issues from multiple communication channels can be complex to the point that it consumes nearly 100 percent of that manager’s time and 100 percent accuracy is literally impossible.To help combat the challenges that these managers face, many contact centers implement workforce management solutions to better manage employees and projected workflows.
Verizon Wireless to Open Call Center in Alabama
Verizon Wireless will open a new $44-million state headquarters and call center facility in Huntsville, Alabama, and in doing so create 1,300 new jobs for the region, company and state officials announced on Thursday.
Remote Call Center Monitoring Provides Bottom-Line Benefits
Most consumers who use the phone to communicate and have contacted a company via their contact center have probably heard the recorded message that their call may be monitored for training purposes.
Find Your Customer’s “Why”
One way to address customers complaints is to understand their “why”—why do customers call you in the first place?
Philippine School Offers Scholarships for Call Center Students
Philippine School to come up with a scholarship program for 100,000 young Filipinos to bolster the country's position as a center of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.
Call Center agents to grow 38% in 2007
The number of call center agents in Central America will rise by about 8,000 or 38% to some 29,000 by early 2007
Telco's Debut in Europe
According to a recent Datamonitor Market Research report, traditional contact centers no longer meet advanced customer needs.
Only 3% Get Call Center Positions in Philippines
Of the 400,000 new graduates who look for work annually in the Philippines, only 11,526 or 2.89 percent are accepted in BPO companies and call centers.
Forrester Looks at CRM Best Practices. Part 3: Pitfalls
Define CRM objectives and the business process changes necessary to meet the objectives before considering a technology purchase.
Flush With Cash, NICE Could Be Shopping for M&A Targets
NICE Systems is likely shopping around for ideal acquisition candidates now that it has filled up its coffers.
The Ten Commandments of IVR
The IVR Cheat Sheet for Businesses is a listing of tips businesses can use 'to make their IVR systems more user-friendly and efficient.'