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Customer Satisfaction Surveys Help Enhance a Healthcare Worker's Productivity

By Deepika Mala, TMCnet Contributor
July 02, 2010

Capturing real-time patient satisfaction feedback is a useful tool for companies looking to explore their CRM options. Whether it be remote call monitoring, or contact centers, or hospitals, customer satisfaction surveys are a valuable resource.

Opinionmeter is one of the well known companies that offer technologically advanced customer satisfaction survey tools for health care to gather and measure patient satisfaction at the point-of-care.
A number of innovative, interactive devices that help clients to capture real-time patient satisfaction feedback immediately following service administration are offered by the company.
A healthcare worker's productivity is enhanced by this immediate feedback with real-time examples of positive or ineffective patient interactions.
Opinionmeter, with more than 40 years of experience in the market research industry, has worked with countless companies worldwide including healthcare sector, retail, financial services, entertainment, leisure, transportation, education, conferences & trade shows, government and many more.
Developing effective patient satisfaction healthcare surveys in conjunction with medical facilities around the world to improve patient service recovery and healthcare worker productivity is one of Opinionmeter's core competencies.
According to John Maio, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland Medical Center, 'The Radiology Department is the first department at the Oakland Medical Center to use the Opinionmeter. Radiology uses the Opinionmeter to survey staff and members about satisfaction and customer service. The Opinionmeter is a positive tool to help reinforce positive behavior and motivate change… The Opinionmeter helps us set and achieve our customer service goals. I'm wild about it.'
The healthcare facilities, with the help of company's real-time patient surveys are allowed to collect point-of-care feedback quickly and efficiently. Instant customer service recovery is enabled by capturing real-time patient satisfaction survey alerts. It also provides immediate improvement in the patient experience.
Patient surveys, with patient feedback becoming a clear priority at healthcare organizations around the country, are rapidly evolving into a standard component of any hospital stay, doctor's office or clinic visit.
The patient satisfaction survey is deployed through a variety of handheld portable devices, such as personal digital assistants, mobile tablet surveys and mobile phones. The health care satisfaction survey, in an outpatient clinic or doctor's office setting, loaded on a freestanding unattended touch screen kiosk, may be the most appropriate method for self-administered patient entry.
Online healthcare surveys, more infrequently, are sent to the patient's email address for response at their earliest convenience. However, Opinionmeter believes that capturing the primary response data at the point-of-care provides the most unbiased insight into a patient's subjective attitudes, evaluations and reactions immediately following a specific point-of-care event.
Hospital staff, through Opinionmeter's resource library of automated reporting tools is empowered with the necessary information to have a positive impact on patient satisfaction outcomes and concurrently improve healthcare worker productivity.
Detailed trend analysis, along with low-score alert coverage, to monitor patient satisfaction levels and staff productivity gains over time, is provided by continuous feedback.
In related news, Opinionmeter has enhanced its web-based SurveyManager application to include additional HIPPA compliant security requirements, along with many new training and survey related features.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Juliana Kenny