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Call Monitoring Proves Necessary in Many Business Deals

By Kelly McGuire, TMCnet Editor
March 12, 2010

It’s no surprise that call monitoring is prevalent in almost every telephone, systems or service provider’s business deal.
So, when Panasonic (News - Alert) Systems Networks Company of America, a business telephone systems provider, announced that its communications assistant productivity software, is now available for the KX-TDE system platform, I had a hunch call monitoring would be involved. 

And, I was right. 

Out of the long list of features, one is multi-site networking and call monitoring. Specifically offered with server version of software, this proves that call monitoring is an essential “must have” on everyone’s capabilities list. 

According to Bill Taylor (News - Alert), president of Panasonic, efficient communications are critical to running a successful business, whether small or large. 

The reason call monitoring is so imperative in system offers and packages like Panasonic’s announcement is because it offers a way to develop superior call quality, unlike any other. 

3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International, another provider of call monitoring software, says that with these types of services, customer service and the maximization of sales opportunities can elevate. 

“This versatile application suite enables employees to communicate more effectively with one another as well as with customers to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue and strengthen a company's competitive position,” Taylor said.

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Edited by Kelly McGuire