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Going International: BPA Talks What's Ahead for U.K. Business

By Kelly McGuire, TMCnet Editor
January 11, 2010

When a company limits its geographical base, in terms of expansion and potential business connections, the opportunities available to a specific provider are often not as elaborate.
But, when that same company broadens its professional horizons and expands internationally, the possibilities for productivity and success are endless.  
The same goes for 3rd party remote call monitoring provider BPA International’s director of Client Strategies, Craig Antonucci, told me in a recent interview that although the company has offices in both the United States and the United Kingdom, it has yet to really hone in on what the U.K. offices can offer.

Until now.
“We have always been an international company, but with recent additions to the management and talent we have, we will now be able to take advantage of our international presence,” Antonucci said, adding that he just returned from the U.K. office and the international market was exiting.
“This coming year, we will begin leveraging this global presence in marketing, operations, IT and branding,” he said. “We will truly become for the first time a harmonious international operation.”
But why is an international presence so necessary in today’s economy?
“The contact center world is a multinational business. A company cannot sit idle domestically and think they will be able to compete long term servicing the global economies,” Antonucci said. “Whether we are dealing with outsourced partners in the Pacific Rim, or conglomerates in Europe, we have to have the ability and flexibility to address the different cultures, languages, customs and business styles.”
And, with BPA’s 20 solid years of international business connections, the foundation will serve as a jumping off point to meet a worldwide customer base.
Going forward, BPA hopes that the expansion of its international customer base, contracts and markets will modify its business model, with its various offices using their strengths to hone in on specific expertise in desired areas.
“Additionally, we will look to conduct more International business served by both locations, providing our clients a wider range of service and delivery options, as well as the ability to customize our services to their cultural needs,” Antonucci said.

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Edited by Kelly McGuire